Thursday, November 26, 2015


A quick one for for you:

The Hardline is great this morning.  Funny, sharp, goofy.  Not smarmy, not snarky in the snide way that has sometimes wears.

I'm thinking:  Maybe the reason the Hardline has declined is that Mike is just tired by the time 3 PM rolls around.  Maybe the show would be better if he were operating on the front end of a good night's rest.

There is no chance of this, of course.  But they started talking about the sound of today's show and remarked that the show this morning was as silly as it ever gets, and they weren't talking about it like it was a good thing.

"Silly" may not be the right word for "good Hardline," but there is a patina of craziness on the showgram today that has been missing from the PM drive for awhile now.  I wish they could feel that and get that spark into the sundown hours.

Although I could have done without the rerun of "Thanksgiving Loves the White Man" and the references to violence against women.  At least they remarked on it with some remorse.  And no, the times weren't "different" when Corby wrote it.

Anyway, a good listen today.  Wish they could bottle that goofiness and uncork it afternoons.

Have a thankful day and don't drink and drive.

"If you see two of me, pilgrim, I'll take those keys."


Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for what you do to your body P-Man!

The Plainsman said...

And to you and your body, 904.

Warren MD in Fort Worst said...

It looks like the hammer has come down on the Unticket. The last post there says that full episode podcasts are no longer allowed and there are caps on future archived bits. (Also old episodes might be deleted soon.)

While I hate the fact this is potentially being taken away from the loyal P1's, I think its a smart business decision, as I know personally I'll just pot up old bits or old full shows to have something to listen to during afternoon drive.

Anonymous said...

He probably won't get the national pub that Norm got, but George had a few choice words this morning about Jerry's team.

The Plainsman said...

Warren, thanks for passing this along.

Here's a clip from the notice on The UnTicket site:

"The host I use for the 'Ticket Shows' full episode posts has locked me out from uploading any more audio. There are now caps in place and they’re minuscule. Therefore, I urge those of you who don’t have access to the archives to download whatever you want asap before they get removed. You can check the full list of posts to help narrow your search. Everything on there before 11/25/15 (dating back to February) may disappear.

"Also please take a look at the ad free version of the Hardline I’ve included below and let me know what you think."

A couple of things occur to me, neither of which is necessarily relevant to the UnTicket notice:

(1) The UnTicket has been an incredible resource for the P1 -- and to The Ticket itself -- for a long time. But it comes at a cost to the guys who put it together and keep it running and up to date. The cost is measurable in both time and bandwidth. I put a lot of time in on this site -- it varies, as you may have noticed -- and the Reddit guys undoubtedly devote a part of each day to keeping an eye on things over there. But we do it because we love The Ticket. The UnTicket guys did it first, did it longer, and devoted more of their tangible and intangible assets to it.

But there comes a time when a labor of love starts to seem more like just a labor, and when further investment is called for the eye starts to wander to potentially more fruitful avenues. That doesn't look like what's happening here, necessarily, but there is plainly an economic aspect to the change in policy.

(2) If I were a craven capitalist -- wait, I am a craven capitalist -- and I were looking for ways to make Cumulus more profitable, I would be leveraging my intellectual property (yes, even the current Hardline is intellectual property) to produce some income. To its credit, The Ticket and its serial owners have not squashed The UnTicket, letting it roll along as a kind of public service to listeners. But the day may be coming when some enlightened CTO will say "hey, it may be tough to make a buck on online content, but why don't we take over the podcast/linked-segment function, move it to the Ticket website and sell some ads?" And that would be the end of The UnTicket AND its archives.

Again, I don't think that's what has happened here -- if The Ticket wanted to squash The UnTicket's use of their copyrighted materials, they wouldn't do it by limiting some third party's storage policies. But it prompts the thought that even in the digital realm, the times are changing.

I met those UnTicket guys at a TicketStock a couple of years ago. Nice guys. Got a t-shirt out of it.

DA said...

Happy Thanksgiving to The Plainsman and to all Confessors.

Note, Kevin “KT” Turner was the latest guest on the Podcast About Sport Radio podcast hosed by Zach McCrite. It was only 27 minutes and started off VERY slow, since McCrite is a Jason Barrett guy. If you remember, I mentioned that Barrett was a sports radio PD in Philly, St. Louis, and last in SF who is a Spittle compatriot.

KT talked about the “recorded bit”, which is a reason why I've shied away from many of these threads as of late. Not much was mentioned about his time at The Ticket, but in the end, when asked about others in the business, KT was very, very complimentary to Gordon.

It was a Spittle/Ben and Skin plug, but I don't knock any of them for this attempt to market/differentiate, compared to The Ticket which still acts like... “they come to us”.

blergoyen said...

Thanks for the recap of yesterday's THL Plainsman. Unfortunately, it sounds like a more engaged version of the same with some muted extremes.

I'm still kicking myself for not getting that Home Equity Loan and putting it all down on the Panthers. I'm still baffled at how the Cowboys came out as a 1pt favorite against Carolina earlier this week.

The Plainsman said...

DA: What's a "recorded bit"? And why has it kept you from MTC's always-welcoming foyer?

The Plainsman said...

Weird: A Confessor left a comment about George's "muted" rant against the Cowboys today. I approved it but don't know where it went.

Anyway, I enjoyed George's twistoff quite a lot myself. Jerry's "Executive of the Year" award last year is just one example of the corrupt logrolling that characterizes Roger Goodell's Niffle. The Cowboys will not win anything of note as long as Jerry -- and, like George, I've concluded that Steven is no improvement -- is in charge.

Although . . . I kind of like Gene Jones's art at the stadium. The stadium itself is cold, stupidly-aligned, ugly (inside), and garish. But I do applaud the touches she's brought to it. That thing they featured yesterday? Like it or not, that piece was by Ellsworth Kelly, who is quite a big deal in the art world.

Anonymous said...

Are we still supposed to be holding onto our butts? I don't want to be caught unprepared.

KT said...

Yo DA,

I've never met Barrett. I Don't know if he and Spittle have connections. McCrite reached out to me about getting Ben or Skin on a few months back and Skin went on. He then asked if i'd like to come on at some point, to which I agreed.

To assume this was some Spittle/Ben/Skin thing is completely inaccurate. I know nobody cares, but just cleaning up some inaccuracies. Take care.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how loud our Paragon of Morality cheered when Joe Mixon scored his long TD run the other night. You know, Joe Mixon, the guy that punched a woman in the face on video.

Chris K said...

I wonder if the HL didn't sound better in the AM simply bc they had to prepare either the Tues or Weds prior as opposed to simply half reading the paper or watching the news through out the day then just rolling in for a show.

DRW1961 said...

I had to laugh this morning at the "We are all P1s" commercial where they were talking about listening to the What's on Mike's Mind segment.

Dan - "Corby should let Mike talk a little more."

Anonymous said...

Listen to Mike doing hockey talk! He got some of his game facts wrong, but . . . Good effort! Good effort!