Monday, November 30, 2015

BREAKING: Gordon Keith Wins Major Journalism Award

I don't know if he'll receive a leg lamp, but this is still pretty cool:

Gordon was awarded First Place for General Interest Column Writing in the annual Best of the West Journalism Competition.

From the Best of the West website:

Gordon Keith takes first place for his portfolio of columns, including “Shell of a former self,” “Missing the mark,” and “Slow dancing in their dreams.”

“Gordon Keith of The Dallas Morning News took my breath away. The heart of his stories beat lively in a reader’s mind. He distills the larger-world experience of being human – public ridicule, failing health, loss of a mother – through storytelling zest and insightful facts. His use of dialogue in columns – a man’s slow paralysis, or why Keith’s mother saved a shell from his boyhood – consistently hits an emotional bullseye,” the judge wrote.

The website also features a photograph of a shell that illustrated the piece about his mother.

Hope we hear more about this on The Musers tomorrow (if it was on today, I missed it).

Congratulations to Gordon.   He just missed the Pulitzer brass ring last year, and it would come as no surprise to see that honor following on this one in the not-too-distant future. 


Arky P1 said...

Congrats Gordo!! Very cool!!

Anonymous said...

Good on ya, Gordon! I give you a lot of grief in these comboxes, but it's only because I care.

Chris K said...

Im really glad he won this award. I have always enjoyed Gordo's writing going back to his days writing in Quick; I just assumed I was to dumb to appreciate good writing bc most of what I saw online was people ripping him and his articles. It's nice for a little outside validation especially when I remember that the article about his mother made me cry.

Anonymous said...

How many listeners will punch out tomorrow at Noon when the Corby and Sean Bass show kicks off. I know I will. One can only take so much preaching and "oh hell yeahs".

Anonymous said...

How about a Ticket promo with Ben and Skin saying they still listen to the Musers every morning?

deezy said...


Love it! Well friggin' played!