Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Wishing All Confessors a Merry Christmas

Keep it safe out there.  May dip into the archives for the next week or so but hope to be back soon with some fresh material.  Your ideas and contributions always welcome.

A special thanks for keeping things light and clean and civil during the no-moderation experiment.


ATXp1 said...

Please, please, please no more 4.5 hours of Norm and Donnie in AM drive.

holdthepicklesholdthelettuce said...

Right back atcha, Psizzle.

Can't wait for dry dock to be over. I will say that Brady Tinker isn't bad. Rhads seems like a great dude to pal around with, but damn he grates on the radio. John YELLS A LOT Rhadigan. Ludwig was amazing. I just hope his ending comments regarding makeup don't come back to bite him on his ass.

TSJ as a daily show would be a beating. Sean is annoying but speaks well. Jake is not annoying but often speaks like a teenager.

Well ATXp1, if you don't like 4.5 of the stupidly named show The Invasion of Norm and D, then don't tune in Monday. 18 straight hours of it.

Anonymous said...

A drinking game for this year's Norm-a-thon: A shot of beer each time either one of them says "man." You'll be piss drunk in an hour, tops. So huge. So grown. So street.

Shaggy said...

How many?

KP in Dallas said...

Please tell me I'm not the only one who hates Rhadigan. He's so bad I just turn off the radio during his shift.

cactusflinthead said...

I wanted to sit in the truck to listen to Ludwig so bad. Somebody tell me what he said!
I got much lulz from customer service Rhads. Even more from Mrs Blotto's left nipple.
I don't hate drydock entirely. Unless they go over the same stuff I have heard for the last three and a half months
take a wild ass guess what that refers to

Merry Christmas! Air your grievances!
all you dirty pi1s

Anonymous said...

I'm a BIG fan of "Not a Podcast" Justin Montemyor and Machine! They are funny and entertaining. Seem like regular guys.

I've come around on Jake as of late. (Except for his political or social commentary). But I should say that's EVERY host. But I cannot listen to Sean. They have zero on air chemistry. I can't stand when he interupts Jake and at times its constant. He just starts talking over him until Jake gives way. Then he wanders aimlessly in vain search of a coherent thought. He will take both sides of an issue in the same breath. He refuses to let the game come to him.

And then there's TC. There was a segment on BaD radio a couple of months ago that gives some great insight on him. Since he was a teenager he has called his parents by their first names. He claims since that time that he has no respect for authority. Go figure! This might explain Florida. When you quit the "little one" typically you ARENT coming back...especially when you left scortched earth. Then he gets his job back?! If that woulda been most of us we would have been VERY grateful to get that job back. He then can't get a ticker correct and won't sit near the cough button and seems to have an attitude about ANY constructive help. He better never quit again cause he isn't going to find another company to coddle him this way. Had he handled his return back AND the RAGONK thing different it would have gone a LONG way in rehabilitating his image. But he just isn't that self aware.

I'll never wish for anyone to lose their job so I wish the fail would make Sean and TC their own show and an offer they couldn't refuse.

Anonymous said...

Well, merry Christmas to you, 12/24/930pm

I think Justin and Machine have something. I think Jake has something. Perhaps not as much as either Cat or others think, but yes, he's got the goods. I also think Sean is good. But not as a host. I'd lay down good duckets that Sean would go far in a management position. He knows what it takes to make a genuine Ticket host, one that can actually succeed. He, however, is not one. I'm sorry to say that, truly. Sean AND Jake grate. The difference is that where Jake can be coached, be corrected (because no matter what vibe he might put off, I guarantee the guy will do whatever it takes to succeed), Sean cannot. Sean is a mid-30s guy going on (in his mind) 55. In other words, he's not only "got this," but he's also more than willing to let you know just how much he's "got this" and how you don't "get it." The comments he makes over and over on Diamond Talk, Twitter, TSJ, and the rest attest to what I say. BUT I honestly think he'd make a great higher up, a CTO. Because he DOES know what makes a true Ticket host/talent.

Now having said all that, I don't think it really matters how good the JV, the potential in house replacements for the Varsity are. Because by the time the Varsity are in need of being moved on, the entire format itself will have morphed into something else. We're seeing it now in so many different ways. The most glaring one is that the entire sports media industry, as we've known it since the early 90s, is RAPIDLY going away. Consumption of games and analysis is changing at breakneck speed. Don't laugh when I say this: ESPN will most likely be irrelevant within 5-8 years from now. Write it down. Take it to the bank. Now apply that to sports/guy talk--specially on your local AM/FM dial.

Merry Christmas.

slinky said...

Love Rotten Radio! I will absolutely listen to the whole thing. Only time we can catch the greatness of the old classic Ticket.

Anonymous said...

December ratings looking much more like they used to in DFW. No more Cowboys and Rangers propping up the Fan?

artbell'sissues said...

Well well well, my my my. So the Boys are in a fretful, the Rangers are a distant memory for now, and lo and behold, ALL The FAN shows are rapidly falling back to their ratings norm for the last few and some years.

So, is it because of the Cowboys/Rangers factor? Is it a streaming numbers thing? Is it that non-stream/local flagship related ratings increase The FAN was experiencing--charitably viewing it as due to the talent and/or audience taste--has for whatever reason fallen off or dried up? A combination of all or some?

I wonder if Fish will be opening his loud mouth (on-air and on Twitter) about this book? Doubt it. I also wonder if whether we'll be getting GBag FAN Fans leaving comments on how they're "crushing it" vis-a-vis Norm and Donnie and BaD? Doubt it.

The trashing, regardless of the reason, is most severe. THL, for all its flaws-and they are numerous-is slaying it like the old days, at least they are numbers wise. GBag vs BaD....(holding a) Bag (of nothing) is a more apt name for the former.

I think 1:04 am is right about ESPN and where sports talk is going. But until it gets there, The Ticket is king around these parts.

Anonymous said...

@1:09 PM

Reports of the Ticket's ratings demise appear to be greatly overblown.

All of the naysayers said the competition's ratings had nothing to do with the Rangers.

The Ranger games starting anywhere from 12-7 pm apparently did have an effect on Bag & BS ratings-especially during the pennant race & the early PM playoff games.

The numbers don't lie...and I'm not kidding.

birq said...

Merry Christmas to you too PMan, and all the Confessors. I have to agree that Norm and D in drive time was dreadful. Donnie has a good mediating effect in every combination he's been a part of except with Norm. Norm is still doing a solo show for the most part, and it doesn't make for a good drive time, when you need some fun mixed in here and there.

Nonononever said...

Man, I hope ESPN doesn't go that way. It would destroy everything Star Wars and Marvel is doing!! Noooooooo!!!

Gopher said...

It will be interesting to see what Donnie brings to the Norm-A-Thon.

The Plainsman said...

As a Ticket guy I'm pleased to see them back on top across the board. But I think we have to remember that radio ratings the past few years have been fickle and in some cases demonstrably unreliable in markets across the country. Sometimes the ratings go down, sometimes they go up, in both cases inexplicably. This book, Ticket supporters can crow -- next book could see another downswing for no apparent reason and we'll be wringing our hands again. I'm mildly skeptical that having a broadcast franchise for a major sport has a material affect on the ratings of the shows (as opposed to ratings of the actual games). But maybe.

Hey, I've liked Norm and Donovan.

Justin and Eli were an interesting pairing today. I liked it. I'm OK with the Justin/Machine NAP, haven't been punching away from it, but today's show was much more balanced than NAP's usual presentation (which tends to be seriously, seriously Machine-heavy).

The Plainsman said...

And I like Sean Bass with Jake, too. Just not hearing the issues that some of you are.

I will say this:

Either he needs to get into his mic, or whoever twiddles 'n' tweaks when he and Jake are on need to poke his levels up, because it always, always, sounds like he's broadcasting from the doorway while Jake is pulled up to the table.

Michael said...

The SportsDay app has some good qualities. Listening live isn't one of them. I prefer the TuneIn app. And I use this URL to listen live. But the URL appears to have changed. In case other P1s are doing the same thing, you can create a new custom stream with http://4883.live.streamtheworld.com/KTCKAMAAC.aac. I haven't tried but I'm sure it will work with other apps as well.

Anonymous said...

Awesome--thanks for the link, Michael!

Shaggy said...

Time for Norm to be put out to pasture.

Arky P1 said...

I will say this for TSJ. There have been and still are far worse fill in shows. I can listen to TSJ without wanting to punch out and I am not even that big of a Sea Bass fan.

Regarding Rhadigan, I really enjoyed him teamed up with Dave Lane over the summer dry dock. Teamed up with anyone else not so much.

Justin Montemayor is a good good! Really enjoy what he brings to the table.

Anonymous said...

Best thing about the Normathon aside from all the money it raises for charity is that it keeps Jack Kemp off the air. What a disappointment to tune in this morning and hear that presentation. Would much rather hear "Not a Podcast". Big fan of The Machine and Justin.

I hope Norm's bottom is ok.

KP in Dallas said...

I just thank the lord we're not getting any more Rhadigan this week. He's absolutely the worst fill in host in Ticket history.

The Plainsman said...

I still like Norm but it was clear by around 4:30 that he was fading fast. Next year he should be persuaded not even to attempt 18 hours straight, but to aim for a planned exit. They can still call it a Norm-a-Thon.

Rhadigan: He's a good change of pace. You know what's really good? Mike R and Rhads together. Two old-timers chewing the sportsy fat.

Justin: The thing about him is that, unlike some other JVs one might mention, he never sounds like he's trying to sell you something, never trying to come across as something he's not. As a result, he's always a solid presence who complements his co-host. I would like to hear him solo sometime, give him a chance to shed some of his deferential ways (really, Justin, on NaP the phrase that pays for you is "I'm not finished").

Anonymous said...

Based on the lack of credible rationale for the hatred, I sense a lot of the Jake bashing can be broken into 2 categories IMO:
- People roughly his own age that are jealous of his rise up the ranks
- Older P1s 45 and up who have an acute case of good ole day/get off my lawn syndrome.

The guy brings a fresh perspective combining a high level of analytical knowledge with a witty sense of humor and pop culture currency. Not a bad combo plate in my estimation.

I had the pleasure of meeting young Jake last Sunday and he is very cool in person. Good dude...N

Anonymous said...

@11:03, I agree completely. Jake is a good dude who has always been very nice to me through personal interaction, twitter, email, etc.

Chris K said...

I'd second your comments on Justin. Him and machine do a good show, they have bits that feel very ticket stickish but seem new and fresh at the same time.

On another note, since it's not my money or time I think cumulus needs to up our host salaries and eliminate vacation days, dry dock has been harder on me than usual this year for some reason.

slinky said...

I've never been a big fan of Rhadigan either! I put him in the same useless category as Mike Fisher.