Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Happy Thanksgiving to All Confessors

Hope it is a safe and happy one for you all and that you can spend it with loved ones other than the ones with stars on their helmets.

While I have liked hearing The Hardline this morning, I could not believe that they replayed "Thanksgiving Loves the White Man," composed and performed some years back by Corby Davidson.  I suppose they play it every year, but I've never heard it before.  Hitting a woman -- an "Injun 'hore" -- with a rolling pin and a frying pan wasn't funny in the 90's and it's not funny now. 

The Ticket lost countless timeless drops in the move to Victory but for some reason this ordure survived.

If The Musers are listening, they must be horrified that their hearty laughter at this bilge -- it was when Corby was on with them in the morning for some reason -- has been preserved for the ages.

CONFIDENTIAL TO JEFF CATLIN:  Get this piece of crap out of heavy Thanksgiving rotation.

Other than that -- pretty good little show.


Anonymous said...

This is exactly why Corby's outraged voice for social justice act rings so hollow.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm on the East Coast and now a marginal P3 at most. I get some of the Muser's in the morning and some BaD during the workday, but almost never get to hear the Hardline anymore.

Man, where is Mike? I've read the comments saying how much Danny and Corby have taken over, but I had no idea.

Now I know it was a Thanksgiving show and I was happy the boys didn't pay attention to the clock, but I kept thinking, "What does Mike think of his show being this, whatever this is?"

Also, I thought the same thing about the Corby Thanksgiving song. I doubt we will ever hear it live again. Hopefully the Unticket picked it up.

Thanks for the blog. It is always a fun read!

Anonymous said...

You're wrong, pman. It was hilarious in the 90's and it's still hilarious now.

Anonymous said...

Pman = concern troll. Yep, that's about right. Between that and the failure to ACTUALLY address the Twitter bs of certain JV, and now this. Grow a pair, Pman, or give it up. Seriously, man.

slinky said...

No Plains, you're 100% right! I don't like it either, but for different reasons. I actually fall into the category of being tired of too much p c nonsense and people being overly sensitive about everything. No...for me, it's just like all of Corby's bits, just insulting and not funny. People are way too sensitive about racial humor tho. An SNL skit a few years back had Tina Fey, Keenan Thompson, and someone else, telling somewhat insensitive racial jokes. Keenan's joke was "How is a Mexican and a queball alike? The harder you hit them, the more english they get!"
Tina came back with "What's the difference between a pizza and a black man? A Pizza can feed a family of four!" So, you have jokes like that on SNL...and, sorry, they're funny. Lighten up people. No...Corby's stuff just isn't funny. How this guy has sustained the lengthy career he has is nothing short of miraculous. Luckily, it sounds like I may have missed another righteous reverend Corby's Teacher-student sex story.

Boo! said...

I would like to propose that my fellow confessors lookout for THL "right?"...As in, the host makes a point and then punctuate it with "right?"

Have fun with that one.

The Plainsman said...

@ Boo! Dan McDowell is the all-time "right?" champeen. If you based a drinking game on that you'd have passed dead away by the third break.

The Plainsman said...

@239: Show my post and your comment to your girlfriend/spouse/any female you hope to impress. She will admire your position that people who are revolted by comedy stylings featuring beating women with kitchen implements are "concern trolls."

Anonymous said...

The Thanksgiving song was offered at a time before we had completely lost our minds over political correctness. I don't think there's any way Corby tries to present that song for the first time in 2016.

I know a lot of stuff got lost in the move, but are there any bits from the past that they are forbidden to play?

Breakfast Quesadillas said...

Concern trolling to the nth degree. That being said, I never understood the allure of keeping a one-time throwaway unfunny bit for so long. Corby seemed to have another song about Eddie Najera "swimming up the Rio Grande to Nor-Man" where he played for the Sooners.

Nonononever said...

You could also do the drinking game to "look, I get it".
I was going to mention this on the last thread where a confessor brought up the point the the Catman or whoever should let the U ticket do whatever (I think). I agree. The Grateful Dead and other bands had some pretty good results when they let their fans bootleg all they want.

Anonymous said...

I agree with our mighty Plainsman here. If you think the PC Police are the ones deeming this bit out of its era, then you might be the issue. I remember hearing it live and thinking it was over the top. Beyond that, I didn't find it remotely funny. Corby has his supporters but I just don't find him witty or amusing. I'll give that to Dan and Gordo even if I find them offensive at times.

Playing that clip at this point will be viewed irresponsible by some but for me it was just dead air. I switched to XM.