Sunday, November 27, 2016

Fred Garvin, Man About Town, on Ticket Advertising

Confessor Fred Garvin, Man About Town, emailed me some thoughts on some themes regular Confessors will find familiar.  I know not everyone is anxious to read more about Ticket advertising on this site, and most of these ads have been dissected here before, but I am very thankful, in this season for being thankful, for contributions from readers.  And Fred has some interesting takes, not all of which I share, but, hey, that's why they make vanilla and Cherry Garcia. 

But I do like the "sci-fi collectibles" line and the Jimmy John's ads featuring Ed.

Okay, okay, I'll try to give advertising commentary a break for awhile, although I may not be able to resist a new post on not-known-as-The-Bulldog Kelly McClure sometime soon.

*     *     *

I’ve got a few random thoughts on Ticket advertising.

First, do no harm: There are two Ticket sponsors whose advertisements make me want to spend lavishly...on their competitors. First is Meador Dodge Chrysler, etc. (“We simply do it better, at Meador.”) This is the satirical one: Unethical sales guy sticks the customer with exotic, needless up-charges, while the customer complains futilely, sounding vaguely like one of the grown-ups in the Charlie Brown cartoons.

ANNOYING. Not funny. Over-the-top in a way that would make Jim Carrey blush. And played way, way too often.

The second one is Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House. The guy isn’t the problem. Gina Cook is the problem. (Don’t throw shoes. I know that some people like her, but she’s nails on the chalkboard for me.) And the problem is her barely contained giddiness at how funny she thinks she’s being. Each commercial, she’s on the verge of “breaking,” as they say in show biz. Breaking is normally fun for the audience, because we’re laughing, and we get a kick out of watching the talent try not to laugh, too. But it’s less fun when we’re not laughing, and instead are wondering, “Why does Gina think this is so funny?” (Side note: Gina doesn’t have the vocal timbre to say, “Crab claws...yeah!” at 75% of her maximum volume. My recommendation: Let the dude say it, or drop the line altogether.)

Now please don’t get me wrong: I love humor in advertising. I’ve found the Jimmy John’s spots (fast delivery, fast talking) amusing. And there’s the one ad with the line, “Please don’t handle the sci-fi collectibles.” But those ads are smart and know their audience. The Meador and Del Frisco ads are pedestrian and tone-deaf. Revise and resubmit, please. 

Bart Reagor, are you okay? We haven’t heard from this guy in a while, and it’s got me wondering if he decided to take a mental health break in the country. ‘Cuz those ads he was doing a while back were getting downright weird. There was this bit: “You like the Internet? Remember when we didn’t have that? Remember when we would just stare at our computer screens and wish the Internet would be invented? And then it got invented, and we all liked it? Do you remember that?” And how about the stuff where he sounds like he’s trying to talk his girlfriend out of dumping him: “I’m one of the best guys you’ll ever meet. Give me a chance. Don’t be a hater...” I sometimes wonder how many of these spots are cut with Bart speaking directly into the mirror.

Learning from your mistakes. Occasionally, I wake up in the middle of the night, screaming, thinking about that first Kelly McClure “bulldog” spot. Wow, was that bad. I did the math once, and she said the word “aggressive” 2.4 times per second in that thing. She also invited you to check out her pics online (which of course I did, purely for medicinal purposes, and while she’s lovely, the “hire me b/c I’m hot” pitch is kind of insulting). The whole campaign was in your face like whipped cream at a pie-eating contest. It also reinforced a lot of ugly stereotypes about lawyers.

Thankfully, Ms. McClure has toned things way down. I like the softer Kelly.

All I can say is, well done. Good things happen when you’re not too proud to learn.


Cody Patterson said...

Confessor, you just lost a reader...

Anonymous said...

I had the occasion to attend a football game at A&M Commerce and discovered that Meador is one of the above the fold sponsors. Complete with video ad on the scoreboard. They simply do it better.

On a general note, I've never understood why a sponsor thinks they add some sort of urgency to their advertising by reciting copy points over the phone.

James said...

Greggo just tweeted--while the Ohio State active shooter is still at large, mind you--that the shooter might be Jim Harbaugh. I know the ticket, and its former hosts, can push the envelopes of bad taste at times, but I think that one crossed a line.

Anonymous said...

I would like to invite advertisers to realize it's 2016 and to not waste their time giving a phone number 3 times. I'm not calling, guys. Eff that. Give a website, make sure it's an address that's verbally understandable (Looking at you, Meador), and I'll peruse it if interested. No way in hell I'm talking to your over-aggressive sales staff or disinterested receptionist.

Cody Patterson said...

I would like to add onto what Anon 1:42 said, also give Facebook or Twitter account. No one in 2016 is going to call somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Pdude, you need to get acquainted with the red that plays Demelza on the PBS Poldark series. Top shelf talent fo sho, yo.

Anonymous said...

I've really been enjoying the higher level of interest in detail, x's and o's, in game analysis the guys on the ticket, but especially the hardline, have been putting into the cowboys this season. Of course it's much easier to care about such things when your team is the toast of the league, but it's nice to see they've upped their game compared to recent years.

Anonymous said...

Her name is Eleanor Tomlinson.

Anonymous said...

I'm convinced that this site has written more about ticket commercials than actual ticket programming. they are commercials people, change the station! there's other good stuff out there to listen to then people trying to sell you stuff!

Ed said...

Similarly, you as a consumer of MTC content have the option to simply close your browser window, rather than posting a rant about the people who post rants about commercials

It's the P-man's page, no one is forcing us to ingest the content herein...

Anonymous said...

If you are a P1, you listen to the station a lot. If you listen to the station a lot, you hear a lot of advertising. Some of it in heavy rotation. It's content, just like what happens between the tickers. Fair game to comment on, IMO. The irony is, some of us would never do business with the people who are paying the freight because we're sick of their ads.

I can't stand the current Southwest Airlines commercials but I'm not going to stop watching Fox Sports programming.

The Plainsman said...

Agree, 1117, but I gotta say: I LOVE those two dancing guys on the SWA ad, crack me up every time.

Anonymous said...

The weather's getting colder... Your foundation might be shifting.
The weather's getting warmer after all that cold... Your foundation is probably shifting.
Record highs last weekend... Your foundation is in grave danger.
It's pouring outside... Your foundation is screwed.
Are your doors sticking? Foundation problem.
Did your doors recently stop sticking? Foundation problem.
It's 70 degrees, sunny, and calm... Your foundation will likely split in half just to eff with you.

Anonymous said...

I agree with ya Plains. It's beating but the mullet dude kills me.

cactusflinthead said...

I never did get my $2500 Bernie Madoff dashboard bobblehead. No troll sweat either.

Did the 1212 Loop 12 guy make you want to buy your cheap furniture somewhere else?
Bad commercials are amusing. It's the doorbell for the sell your house bunch that makes me pound the steering wheel.