Saturday, February 19, 2011

Let the Call go Forth

First, thanks to the Nation for filling in wint some good observations for the last few deays.

Second, a thought:

I've been listening since around mid 2004 but I still miss a lot of the inside references.  There are surely thousands of older and especially newer listeners who have questions about some of the bits, drops, references, gags, bits.  I've run articles where I ask my qauetsions, and someone always has an answer.  Sometimes we hear from insiders like Grubes who fill us in.

I've got a little list going for a new article, but why should I haves all the fun?
Not Christy
 So if you have a question about The Ticket's legends, myths, any inside stuff, drop me a private line and I"ll collect them and we'll get some of these things straightened out.

The email address is:  Got a question?  Let me hear from you.

(And even if you don't have a question, if you have something you'd like to pass along that you don't want to put in a comment, feel free to contact me in this way.  Remember, however, that much as I would like to have a vigorous email back-and-forth with any of you via email, time just won't permit it in most cases.  It's why I don't do Facebook or Twitter for this site.  Thanks for understanding, and get those questions ready.) 


Anonymous said...

Or maybe one should put in their time if they want to understand all the "inside" lingo.

The Plainsman said...

How much time does one have to put in? I've been listening for 7 years and I still don't get stuff. The Ticket isn't an endurance contest or a private little club where only the day-ones who listen to every show are permitted entry. Come on.

Anonymous said...


Would you mind giving us some examples of inside stuff that you don't get? It might help us out in our contributions.

The Plainsman said...

I'd be happy to -- but I'm saving it for an article.

The Ticket is a festival of inside references. Just think of any drop, character, insde reference -- that's the kind of thing I'm thinking about. Check out this article -- this is the kind of thing I'm talking about:

Hope this was helpful, Anon.

Scott said...

An example... This is not an inside thing anymore, but, "Do you like this gig?" We all know that one, due to it being so huge. But, there are other drops, or references, that not everyone knows.... like, "the anus is on him"

The Plainsman said...

There you go.

Anonymous said...

the anus is on him i believe came from a sat morning golf program on the ticket when the host meant to say the onus is on him... im sure you see the mistake