Thursday, April 7, 2011

Can I Get a Witness?

I haven't listened to RaGE in quite a long time.  Since the beginning of the year, I've had only one punch-out moment on The Hardline and haven't been inspired to switch over during commercials.  Don't know what possessed me to do so today as I sat in traffic.  But I briefly switched over.

Greggo's voice sounded terrible.  He didn't sound addled, the content of his remarks made sense (but were not of particular interest).  His voice was terribly hoarse and -- I can hardly describe how it sounded -- just beat-up somehow.  A couple of times he simply could not finish sentences because his voice trailed off into crackly air.  Richie and Sybil, the latter apparently having some gig at the Texas Motor Speedway where RaGE was doing a remote (although I only listened for a few minutes -- if I've got this wrong, apologies), made occasional reference to it. 

Then, just before they went to break, Richie invited people at the remote to stop by and say hello to him and "punch Greggo in his other eye," or WTTE.  Suggesting that Greggo had some unfortunate encounter that caused some injury to one of his eyes.

Does anyone know what, if anything, is going on with Greggo, these days?  Is this another laryngitis flareup?  What's the poop? 

(PS:  I must have heard three ads where they talk about The Fan not sucking as much as it used to, and at least one of them talked about how Hammer screwed up at The Ticket and is now not sucking at The Fan.  On the one hand, it's clever to be modest in a hip kind of way.  On the other hand, too many reminders of past suckitude makes overall station decisionmaking seem deeply flawed.  So I dunno whether it's a risky attention-getting strategy that works (because it makes me think about The Fan), or whether it's a pathetic and failed effort at charming self-effacement (because it makes you think that sucking is their customary mode of broadcasting).  On balance, I think it's very slightly cool that they admit that they formerly sucked and invite you to determine whether they still do.)

Anyway, if we have any regular RaGE listeners out there, Your Plainsman would be grateful for a report.


Corby's D-Bag Friend said...

His voice went out yesterday and he gave it the college try today. No big deal.

He had a bicycle accident last weekend (almost hit by a car) which caused a crash and a black eye.

I'm a P1 that punches out of the Hardline a lot due to Corby.

Anonymous said...

When I punch out these days I turn the dial over to Granpa Urine. His Ranger talk and related guests are pretty solid. As to RAGE... I don't like it one iota (or perhaps I should say Whitt). Greggo has been reduced to nothing but a punch line (more so than even his latter Ticket days). And Whitt not only is an awful on air personality, he seems like a jerk. Put both hosts together and you have a duo of stupidity. Neither man appears to be intelligent, on any level. Plus they can't decided if they want to imitate the Hardline or the Russ Martin Show. The former is obvious, while the latter can be seen in the cast of characters who are all on air at all times... cackling, fake laughing, etc... It's a crap show.

The Plainsman said...


That Greggo, he's really unlucky.

The Plainsman said...

Anon, after months of flipping over from time to time, I have to agree re RaGE. It just hasn't found its way.

I don't listen to it enough to form an opinion about whether Whitt is a jerk -- the small amount I hear doesn't leave me with that impression, but I can see that a steady diet might. And I also agree that the show is really noisy, these four or more characters all talking over one another. It sounds like a bad morning show, kind of manic and artificially energetic. It's not a pleasant listen, especially when Greg sounds like a seal with throat cancer.

I try listening to Grandpa, but it always gives me an intense craving for a Whataburger.

The Plainsman said...

Who did the Drive-Thru Juando voice?

Dude said...

I turned on Whitt after a comment he made earlier this week. He was rereading text. Some listener texted about his doucher look. He responded back, but his final words got under my skin. Something to the effect, I have my own column,blog, radio show. If that makes me a douche, I rather be that than making $10 an hour at home depot." TOOL

Anonymous said...

It's been fairly well known for years now that Richie Whitt is a hack and a douche.

Anonymous said...

I believe Gordon is doing the Juando voice. I think he pre-recorded the bit.

Greggo is the very opposite of unlucky. The man shouldn't have a job in radio, period, after all the crap he's pulled. Perhaps that's why he sits there and takes Whitt and co.'s barrage of bulsh directed his way. Well, that and he might be too fuzzed out from the "meds" to realize the extent of their sustained ridicule and/or defend himself. Whatever the case, the show is not well conceived or executed. And I can't believe that Gilbert has his fingerprints on this. I thought Gilbert was smarter, better than this.

The Plainsman said...

By "unlucky," I meant that it's really amazing that the guy's voice is always going out and he's suffering various injuries. I had intended my tone to be ironic -- fail.

If a major, huge radio host was injured in an automobile accident, would it have made the news somewhere?

Re Juando: I had considered whether that might be pre-recorded Gordon. If it was, it was a very skillful production job. The timing on the interruptions, pauses, talking-over, all of it was very convincing. Pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

Of course it would have made news. This is nothing more than the pattern of behavior (little lies, big lies, needless lies, half-truths, tall-tales, etc.) ever repeating itself. Whitt's been an enabler from day one. He'll continue to do as such. Same with Richard Hunter. Oh, sure, they "mean well." If you mean by "mean well" they'll keep buying the stories and backing him up as long as they believe there is something, anything, to squeeze out of him in order to further their careers. Which shows that both men are delusional and the Ticket is smart. But please, don't think that I'm portraying Greggo as the victim. He's not. Not by a long shot.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Rage. It does do a good job of bringing me into a Rage because Whitt is one of the only radio personalities I've ever heard that literally irritate me to a point I can't listen.

I gave Rage a try a handful of times during Ticket spot breaks but until they change up that program or find a couple of new hosts in the afternoon, I'll never tune in during Rage again. I'd honestly rather listen to Ticket commercials.

T4 In Rockwall said...

@ the last Plainsman statement: That's one of the reasons why Gordo is my favorite host up there on the 'Lil Ticket. Not only does he do many impersonations, he is a pretty good actor, which leads to great timing and bits.