Thursday, August 11, 2011

Little Weak Jeremy and Anonymous – It’s Just Confession! (PART 2)

Hope you are enjoying the game and JJTaylor’s play-by-play on Twitter. 
Confessors Little Weak Jeremy and Anonymous continue their discussion:
Little Weak Jeremy’s Point 4:

So, reflecting on all I've said so far, my conclusion is that what makes the Ticket so special is not the knowledge of any one host, or even the comedy of one host, but the entire Ticket community working together to build a rapport and history that the listeners can appreciate and come to love more and more as they grow more familiar with these deep, long-lasting relationships that ALL the shows and hosts have with each other.

Anonymous’s Response to Point 4:

I couldn't agree with you more where your conclusion about the cohesiveness of the station is the key to its success. In fact, you sort of make my point about the "dangers" (that's too strong and really silly a term here, but I'm sticking with it) of the niche audience and where the station might be heading in the coming years. Just like you say, it isn't about the knowledge or comedy of one host, it's the entire thing that makes it special.

Little Weak Jeremy’s Point 5: 

So to say that CDS [Cirque du Sirois] would never be more than just a Ben & Skin, I'd have to ask you, what's wrong with Ben & Skin? And if Ben & Skin had been at the Ticket for fifteen years, don't you think they'd have become a part of this family too, over the course of compounds and campouts and Ticketstocks and EVERYTHING extracurricular that the Ticket does?

Anonymous’s Response to Point 5: 

There is nothing wrong, per se, with Ben and Skin. And there's nothing wrong, per se, with CDS. Personally, I'm not a fan of either show (sans BAS Mavs talk, at which they are very knowledgeable). The shows, to me, are much the same; and they are also much like the shows found on sports/guy talk radio throughout the country (all based on the Little Ticket, by the way!). BAS were a weekend show and that's all they were ever going to be unless one of the daytimers went away (and even that wouldn't guarantee BAS a spot); they knew this and that's why they left. Furthermore, even if they didn't move over to ESPN, they weren't going on campouts, etc. because those events are reserved for the mainstays. (They did perform songs at Ticketstock while at the station.)  So . . . CDS is in the same spot as BAS was, and I think you know where that's going - that is, if you agree with what I'm saying.

Little Weak Jeremy’s Point 6: 

As to not getting "that sort of humor" that prevails on IJB [It's Just Banter], I reply, what's more shocking: (1) anything Jake Z has ever said, or (2) the AVERAGE Gordo's Corner? I submit that unless you're a major curse-phobe, the answer is No. 2.

Anonymous’s Response to Point 6:

Shock value is not the issue here. The issue is finding it funny. While I'll readily say that Gordo can go way over the line and spew out garbage with no redeeming value other than, it seems, to see if he can annoy/get away with it, his brand of humor more often than not has some depth to it. From what I've heard of IJB, that isn't the case. I'm sorry, but "space is gay" was funny the first time or two; even the very first Ribby Paultz is still funny. But here's where the age thing rears its head.

Little Weak Jeremy’s Conclusion:

So, my point through all of this is that I think the Ticket will survive. Other stations may do a similar sports/guy-talk mix, but NOBODY goes above and beyond with the extra events, roundtables, and community-building exercises that the Ticket does all the time. This truly is a family, not just a collection of random hosts. I think when it comes time to add a new family member, it may take that new guy a little time to find his stride, but I have no doubt that the Ticket will continue even through the departure of the bigger names, if they keep the current model they have going right now. The family is all.

Anonymous’s Response to LWJ’s Conclusion:
I can't agree more with the first part of your summation. As to the second part, I hope that you're right. However, if The Soul Patch, giving Jake Z and TC a show, or the likes is any indication of where they're going, then I fear that you're, alas, wrong.

And that’s where things stood after Round 1.  Each followed up with one more comment each, which will appear as Part 3 in a couple of days.   Pretty good stuff, no?  Thanks again to Little and Anon.

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charlie0712 said...

This is a great discussion that I have a hard time explaining to my friends in TN where I live now. I've a P1 for about ten years now (I'm 25) and I listen to every minute I can throughout the day from my phone, assuming I don't have any meetings that go over the 45 minutes my app will save before stopping and I love every minute. I couldn't make it through a day without these guys yukking it up in my ear.

I grew up in Dallas until 18 when I got a job that required travel so these teams are mine and I get plenty of flack from my friends not from here. But I will say that I equally love the "guy talk" and the sportsy talk. Even if it's just these "normal" guys opinions, it gives me something to think about and lets me have conversations I would have no clue about otherwise. Even if I'm only half listening, like I believe AP said, I retain it through osmosis from just having it in the background. I thoroughly enjoy sports now more than I did pre-ticket. I always loved baseball and the rangers but hearing the opinions and details has given me more of a perspective while watching games.

The same is true with the Mavericks, I've always enjoyed watching it, but knowing the players and their backgrounds and all the stats and minutes that are discussed makes the experience of watching much better.

I do agree that the football talk can get out of hand. I enjoy the press conferences if not to get a glimpse into the writers minds on their questions and to hear whoever get his way out of really answering it. But if there's three segments in a row of Cowboys, even I'll tune it out a bit.

I've only listened to a few IJB but so far, I'm not totally against it. And CDS cracks me up and I like the mix of the two of them. They have the right amount of yuk and seriousness to keep me hooked.

Just my few thoughts on what I've read so far. Thank you LWJ and Anon for posting over and over to keep this discussion going.

The Plainsman said...

Charlie, I welcome you to My Ticket Confession at the start of a great commenting career. Thanks for the excellent blast.

When I saw the name, I had a flash back to a man I used to know who's name was Jon but whose nickname was "Charlie O." I was thinking that he was a fan of a hockey player with that nickname, but that wasn't quite right. I then remembered that it was this great Roller Derby star named Charlie O'Connell.

Then I realized that the "O" in your nom de Confessor was really a zero.

Shaggy said...

Hey Charlie, I highly recommend the TuneIn Radio app if it's available for your phone. It will record as long as you want it to. I can't listen during work, so I use it to record BaD Radio's entire show every day, then listen at night and/or the next morning.

Anonymous said...

Another great exchange. Where's part 3?

charlie0712 said...

I do use TuneIn Radio. I just don't record because then I can't listen to it until I stop recording.

The Plainsman said...

Part 3 coming soon.