Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mr. Miller v. Mr. Do

Your Plainsman has been off work the past couple of days after undergoing a medical procedure.  Nothing serious.  Old Doc Stone rode out on his buckboard and I'm good as new.  I took the opportunity to catch a little of the Bob-less BaD Radio.  Commenters responded favorably to the Followill pairing, and I thought today's Rhadigan plus-one (after the minus-one) was fine, what I caught of it. 

Our subject today is two different positions taken by The Musers and BaD, wondering what you think of it.

Junior devoted a segment to his belief that the evidence of the preseason points to Cowboy management chalking this year up as one for rebuilding.  Not that they've given up the playoffs; not that they won't try to win their games.  Just that they've looked over the team and decided that to be successful in the future, this year needs to be considered one where new, younger players adapt to new schemes and strategies, at the possible expense of a victory here and there.  He was very firm about this, and, I thought, persuasive.  In fact, this has been my own reaction to recent Cowboy news. 

Short-Track Driver Junior Miller
Donovan thought this was "malarkey," and a few other choice descriptors.  (He was not referring to Craig's argument in particular.)  He thought this was purely a cap move.  (One memorable line:  "If Gurode and Costa were both on this team on opening day, who would be starting?")   Possibly reflecting Jerry's reduced economic circumstances, but in any event, mainly economic in motivation.   He had support on this from Dan.  And, indeed, Jerry did refer to economics in his meandering remarks on the topic, and Jason Garrett himself mentioned business considerations.  Not a bad case there, either.

Aussie Exotic Dancer Donovan Lewis
I'm  not sure why both can't be at work here, but I'm more interested in what y'all think about how these guys made their cases, if you heard them, and anything else on your mind. 

As usual.

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birq said...

When it comes to things related to the Cowboys, I've learned that A) I can't tell what Jerry's trying to say and B) what I can decipher, I don't believe. If he says it's purely a "business decision", it means that it might be a business decision, or it might not. We should know by now that he's not going to tell us the truth. Maybe some of his lies are because of legal or contractual reasons, maybe they're to obscure a player's actual trade value or health status, or maybe he honestly doesn't know and is making stuff up. Regardless, a good 80% of what comes out of his mouth is gibberish and/or lies. I trust that man about as far as I could stretch his face.