Sunday, August 28, 2011

Non-Tickety Observation on the 105.3 FM Call of the Vikings Game

My non-Tickety observation is that it was terrible. 

Babe Laufenberg was doing the teevee color, so Brad Sham was paired with "Coach Joe" Avezzano and Steve Dennis. 

Is Coach Joe some kind of local beloved character?  I know about his coaching career, but is he known for being an astute observer of the local football scene?  The gags about him being techologically behind the times, and references to what school someone came from, and all the rest, was pointless, unamusing, repeated ad nauseum, and dumb.  I didn't hear one observation from him about what was going on on the field that wasn't obvious; his offerings were so generalized and cliched that I could have written them in advance of the game.  The highlight was where Brad was reading a lst of all the Cowboys who had carried the ball in the game, and when he was done, Coach Joe said "and a porridge in a pear tree." He's like Greggo, without the eloquence.

You know who he sounds like?  Hank Hill's neighbor Bill on "King of the Hill."  Hey, if he's some DFW deity that everyone loves, I apologize for the disrespect.  But man, he was awful in the booth.

Steve Dennis spent more time commenting on his own commentary and Tweeting than offering game observations.  On the TV I would see some cowboy headed off the field on a cart, and those three were larfing it up about some nothing or other. 

Hard to believe that The Fan could not have assembled better support for Brad Sham than that, or that they couldn't have directed Coach Joe and Dennis to do some game prep.  The broadcast was a trainwreck from beginning to end.


NOTE:  This was corrected from its first posting, as I had the channel entirely wrong.  Observations are the same.  Many thanks to Anonymous below for pointing out my error.

Shaggy below also suggests that the Cowboys select the broadcast team.  I had been under the impression that the Cowboys might have approval rights, but the network/station hires the broadcasters.  I'll be there's someone out there who knows.

If it is the Cowboys -- it doesn't improve the broadcast.


Shaggy said...

I assume the Cowboys dictate who works the game, not ESPN.

Anonymous said...

dude... the game was on 105.3 the fan... not on espn...

The Plainsman said...

Good Lord, Anonymous, you're absolutely right -- I flipped channels to check out the Rangers game, which is why I had it on my mind.

Thanks for the correction, I'm going to fix the text.

Anonymous said...

Greggo, eloquent? That's a laugh! But I do agree that Coach Joe sounds like he has cotton balls inside his mouth. Coach Joe, I guess, is a local sports celebrity (and bar owner). If memory serves, you moved here after the Cowboy Super Bowl glory days, right? If you had lived here during those years you'd probably understand Coach Joe's standing in the community. And also, you must remember that this is the Fan you're talking about. They'll hire ANYONE who they think will bring them some Ticket-like ratings. My God, they even have Chris Arnold working for them!

The Plainsman said...

That does explain it. Thanks.

The "Greggo/eloquent" thing is a gag. The point being that he does not EVEN have Greggo's eloquence [negligible though Greggo's eloquendce might be].

Anonymous said...

Coach Joe: the original mushmouth. I agree he's absolutely horrid on radio. I can't listen to that broadcast.

Anonymous said...

Thought Followill and Dan were great today. Same goes with George, Gordo, and Doucey.