Wednesday, December 28, 2011

DryDock Quick Hits

Been out of town and doing the Christmas thing with the fam, just barely keeping up with comments.

And then I tune in to my own site and find absolute gold in the last batch of comments.  I was going to cobble together some drydock quick hits but I find that Anonymous and Shaggy have beaten me to the punch, reporting more thoroughly and authoritatively than I could.  I hope I have their permission to repost their comments for further inspection by the Nation.

My reactions will appear in a comment.

First, here's Anonymous, Parts 1 and 2:


Thoughts concerning Dry Dock:

Gordie and the Deuce: Funny and uncomfortable as all get out. Doocy laid out the blueprint on how to effectively combat Gordo's guerrilla warfare. Good chemistry, even better times.

Rhads and Followheezy: Solid. Rhads has become a better radio broadcaster. He doesn't yell into the mic nearly as much as he once did. Nor does he try too hard to Ticket schtick it up, again, like he once did. Followill was his usual bad a self. Sure, he's going to give us a glass is (more than) half full view of the Mavs, but I think we can all understand why. His Cowboy talk has been chock full of HSOs, and that's a good.

Black and Quack: I agree with Plainsman where Dick Hicks is concerned. He's a consummate pro. Yes he can grate from time to time, but overall his HSOs are on point and fearless. Donnie Doo, I cannot say the same. The man is overexposed. There's been WAAAAY (to use one of his annoying traits) too much airtime for our man Donnie Doo. Between BaD, Cowboys post, fill in for the morning drive, and B&'s much too much. I like Donnie, but he's a one trick pony. While it's evident that he's been working really hard on his football knowledge (especially draft history, personnel from other teams, etc.), he just doesn't add anything meaningful to the conversation on a regular basis. He finds an obvious or emotion based point and keeps ramming it home, over and again. And even when he has a really good point, again, he won't relent, he won't move on; he applies it to everything, or he keeps returning to it. The CTOs need to curb his on air time. He doesn't need to be involved with so many shows. No one else up there is, why him? I can appreciate his work ethic and industry, but like Nell Carter used to sing: "Gimme a break, I sure deserve it."

Soul Patch: Why they were tapped to do morning drive is beyond me. Poor decision. It's not a bad show, but it's not strong enough to fill those shoes. Heck, they had basically run out of content by the end of their allotted time. Scott H has a pleasant voice and fairly good sports chops. For the life of me, I'll never understand why the show is named after a spot of (passe) facial hair. I don't understand a mid-late 40-something with multiple piercings, but hey, whatever floats your boat. Like I said, he (and the show) ain't bad. Matt McClearin is an entirely different animal altogether. Wow! I mean, from the prom, the teenage bride, the UFOs, the notion of sex, love, conception, and being well-adjusted, the wearing a kilt, mooning your family, and not realizing the when you don't wear underwear your junk will be showing as well, and finally, the Christmas fisticuffs with his brother over him sticking an olive in his bro's ear while trying to squeeze the juice out of it (hello Freud!)... while his mother is crying. Again, Wow! An odd duck for sure, and I'll leave it at that. (I'm sure he's a nice guy, but nice guys can be weird, too.)

CDS: When the Bros Sirois talk sports, I listen. I think they are the true up and comers around The Little One. What I dislike is their infatuation with their own sense of humor. When they go into schtick, especially extended schtick, it's overkill. Because they're brothers, they both sound similar. Furthermore they both speak very rapidly (something they need to temper). And when you have two people who sounds a lot alike, speak rapidly, and constantly finish each others thoughts/talk over each other, radio chaos ensues. They need to work on this. It's when they get too "cute" for too long that this most usually occurs. I wish they 'd be more sports oriented. I think that by doing so, they're star would rise faster. Don't get me wrong, they can be funny. But, like their rapid speaking, temper it; find the golden mean. Oh, and I know that Mike works for Norm, so I see where it comes from, but they are guilty of "Over Norm." You don't need to do your own Norm drops or imitations at every turn. While they can be funny when well placed, they get stale when repeated time and again. Besides, no one can hold a candle to Gordon in that regard.

Can't wait for p.m. drivetime BaD. A foretaste of the future perhaps???

Well put, Anonymous. 
Here is Shaggy's offering:

The Soul Patch really has got nothing. As generic as it gets. Today was my first time listening to them for a moderate length of time, and it wasn't good. They are exactly what other stations across the country come up with by trying to copy The Ticket's sports talk/guy talk formula. And it's nearly always bad.

Agree about Cirque. I also think they have something, but they are way too schtick-y. They are an almost exact carbon copy of Ben & Skin when they were on The Ticket. They would constantly be laughing at their own and each others' jokes, but they werent all that funny. I think B&S have grown a lot, but they do still suffer from thinking they're a lot cooler and funnier than they really are.

Gentlemen Confessors, you have my thanks.  I'll get the comments underway

*     *     *

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The Plainsman said...

Gordon & Doocy: Here is my STD on these two: Gordon has a serious, serious man-crush on Doocy. I'm frequently on record with my admiration for what Gordon puts out on a regular basis, but I gotta say his constant teasing and baiting strikes me as astonishingly self-revelatory. It has an almost fifth-grade boyish quality to it -- come on guys, you all remember the way you treated the first girl that got under your awkwardly-shaped skin: You couldn't express that first ache in words, so you did what boys do -- you launched a gentle attack in the hope that, at a minimmum, she'd notice you. Personally, I find it fun for about ten minutes. I'm not sure what Anonymous is referring to in terms of Doocy handling Gordon, so perhaps I missed some dramatic shift in the proceedings. Did he finally just lay out, as I think I may have tweeted for him to do? Having said that, I like Doocy as a plus-one, and when Gordon temporarily runs out of bait, they're good together.

Rhadigan and Followill: Like them too, and I agree that Rhads improves with every fill-in stint.

Rich and Donovan: Glad someone agrees with on Mr. Hicks. It's not a universally-held view in the Nation. I think the B&Q showgram is really quite good. I don't know if it is the same Anonymous who frequently complains about OverDonovan, but after I saw a few of these postings I started listening more carefully. And I must say I don't agree. I don't find him any more repetitive than several other hosts I can think of, and he's sports-knowledgeable enough for me (which may not be saying much). I suppose he's on frequently because there's a lot to fill in on DryDock, and it may not be easy to find guys to do the Cowboys pre/post game presentations with Bob and Norm. So I give high marks to this show as well.

Harrison and McClearin: I depart from Anon and Shaggy on this one. I like The Soul Patch and I like Scot Harrison a lot. Matt has improved as he's calmed down. He does indeed have his peculiarities and we recently had cause to speculate that he may not be a favorite among his colleagues, but he and Harrison work well enough together. OK, they're not the Musers, but I did not find myself getting tired of their show. I don't even mind the goofy name which lost its reason for being when Jean-Jacques Taylor departed for greener rib shacks. I'll have more to say about this soon.

Continued . . . .

The Plainsman said...

Cirque: I liked this show when it first appeared on weekends and I still like it, but I think it needs a lot more seasoning before it's ready for a weekday slot. I agree with the comparisons to Ben & Skin, right down to the guys sounding too much alike (i.e., "Ben & Skin Disease"). I don't know why this bothers me -- if the content is good, what difference does it make who's talking? But I haven't gotten used to it and don't hear enough Norm to be able to know when Mike is doing the talking. They're sharp and funny but too often the show gets manic and when two-alike-sounding guys are talking and laughing over each other the thing kind of falls apart. Throw in their generous attitude toward their producers/board guys getting some air time (which in general I applaud), and you can get a real aural tsunami). I don't want to seem too negative about CdS, but I think it's reached the point where it needs to . . . hell, I don't know, grow up a little, slow down. Good stuff, likable guys, some good bits, just needs a little radio discipline to give it that conversational Ticket cadence that distinguishes all of the daily shows and that distinguishes the station from all those other noisy sports talkers.

Bob and Dan in the morning and now drive: Those who have been with us for awhile will remember a multi-parter I did awhile ago on my Grand Unified Theory of BaD Radio. I've been listening as much as I can to bring those views up to date, and I'll unburden myself of an absolute sizzling STD in (I think) the next original post. One that, I think I can safely say, almost no one will agree with. So I'll save my BaD thoughts for that.

Hey, huge thanks again to Anonymous and Shaggy for carrying on in my absence.

The Plainsman said...

Here are the links to my series on BaD from August 2010:

James said...

I sorta agree, sorta don't. Rhadigan has improved, yes. But he's only improved from being awful to now tolerable. He has a long way to go.

Doocy: much better than I would have imagined, say, a year ago. I did notice that when a real sports topic was brought up, Gordo stepped back and Doocy conversed with whoever was board op at the time, which is fine. Gordo is quite good at what he does, and is smart enough to avoid being what he's not.

I like Donnie-doo, and have not observed any over-exposure.

McLaren and Harrison have voices which don't have character. It took me about two days be able to determine Rhines from Greggo, or George from Craig, back when I first started listening. I still can't pick the Soul Patch guys' voices out of a crowd.

The Plainsman said...

In reviewing my remarks, I think I was too hard on Cirque, focusing on the negative. I like Cirque quite a lot, mainly for its cheerfulness. Vocal homogeneity aside, the brother act works pretty well. Possible Norm replacement in the future? OK. BaD replacement in the event it moves to drive if Mike departs? Mmm, not yet.

Although Cash is fairly comfortably employed already, is he not? Mavs FX guy or something? Anyone have any inside on whether Cash would be interested in a bigger role at The Little One?

The Plainsman said...

Soul Patch: Just heard the rebroadcast of the "Scot's Grandpa" bit.


The single worst thing I've heard on The Ticket since . . . I dunno, maybe Corby's anal bleaching report.

When I hear stuff like this, I ask myself: Who's idea was this? Does someone owe someone a favor? Someone got some photographs of someone? I like old-people-sex-and-boogers humor, but this was utterly witless and worse, pointless, not connected up with anything (i) on the show, (ii) current sports or news, or (iii) the holidays. Gawd.

I do, however, applaud the Patch's reference this morning to Green Tail Shiner. (

ap said...

Wow, Plainsman, that has got to be the harshest critique I've ever read from you!

I'm listening to Dec 27th's BaD Radio / Soulpatch mix right now, so I'm mentally preparing myself for several days worth of fill-ins. It seems the SP is getting killed over twitter.

Should I bother listening?

The Plainsman said...

OK, just listened to 37 seconds of the 8:40 bit -- Matt's alien. Hard to know if it was amusing because it was 100% incomprehensible.

Did I read somewhere that Matt used to do standup? Have these past two disasters been his work product, writing/concept-wise?

That's one thing I never understood about fill-ins -- the felt need to do the same segments that the reg'lar hosts do.

I am a defender of The Patch, but as famous classical actor Edmund Kean said on his deathbed (also attributed to Edmund Gwenn, and repeated by Peter O'Toole playing Alan Swann in "My Favorite Year"): "Dying is easy. Comedy is hard." Not enough people recognize this.

It's why we should all say a New Year's prayer for the continued good health of Gordon Keith.

AP: Happy New Year to you and your incomparable chums at The UnTicket. I don't know what to tell you about auditing The Patch for clips. Aside from the bits, I've thought it has been plenty good enough; I haven't punched out until second 38 of today's 8:40 alien bit. If you're looking for hockey parity, you might clip their Stars segment from today for UnTicket puck fans. I'm not a hockey fan and I found it interesting.

Anonymous said...

Adding onto what Plainsman wrote about the SP: did you happen to catch the McClearin alien segment? What the hell was that? You couldn't make out anything the alien said because the effect they were using was dialed up far too high-which may have been a blessing, actually. Whoever signed off on having this show fill in for the important a.m. drive slot ought to be reprimanded. Poor decision.

Anonymous said...

I for one gagree that Donnie is being overexposed. I like Donnie's sense of humor, but I'm not too high on his sports talk. He's helped out a great deal by Norm on the Cowboys postgame show. I think if you had anyone else besides Norm or maybe Bob on that show, it would be a train wreck. Norm and Bob are good at working in others with less refined sports points than anyone else on the station. They sort of steer others toward shore. I have to agree with the anonymous that Donnie seems to be everywhere right now, and it might not be a bad idea if he takes a vacation. He does tend to dominate whatever situation he's in.

Anonymous said...

Listening to Gordon and Doocy was like trying to walk a mile in 3.5ft of water. Along with his affinity for Doocy, I think Gordo was uncomfortable manning the ship and reverted to a "happy place" to cope until it was over, each day unfortunately.

The soul patch is painful. The chemistry is bad. It feels like you have two friends from different worlds who both call and want to grab a beer. So you agree, meet them both at the same place, and exit abruptly leaving them there to get to know each other. They have nothing in common, but don't want to be rude by leaving. McClearin does a couple of shots, gets drunk and his dooooshiness shines through, leaving Harrison looking at his watch. I envision McClearin with a thought bubble over his head that constantly says, "I'm as talented and funny as the major guys here, they just got lucky." He has an inflated "FM-like" ego that is not warranted.

Rhadigan and Followill are the best of the fill-in couples. I agree, Rhadigan has improved.

Rich and Donovan are probably second best, but I agree again, too much Donavon. He was on from Noon to 7pm yesterday. He didn't need to be.

The Cirois brothers do suffer from some of the same lack of self-awareness that Ben and Skin did. They aren't nearly as abrasive, and they don't try as hard to prove how cool they are, but they do have some inside jokes that don't carry out to the casual listener or even the P1. Ben and Skin strike me as a radio version of Jay and Silent Bob. They know all the cool stuff, and aware of how not to be nerdy, but no one else thinks they are cool. The Cirois brothers have that to a lesser degree, but wouldn't be as draining to spend 5 minutes with.

Anonymous said...

It is 10:37 and CdS has only now FINALLY entered into something that is in any way substantive. And even it is related to some show bit that the vast majority of listeners who are used to hearing Norm at this time have no idea about. So far they've run around like chickens with their heads cut off. No one on the program is allowed to finish a sentence. It's like listening to someone with multiple personality disorder having a conversation with each personality. Sounds confusing, yes? Exactly my point. They keep laughing at things that make no sense, much less funny. I don't get it. I hope the regular hosts are all back in their time slots on Monday. There's a reason why CdS and the SP are weekend programs.

Anonymous said...

Second to last Anon: Great stuff. Your Soul Patch/friends from different worlds analogy was perfect. Though I think you might have strayed a bit when you wrote of McClearin's "I know I'm as good..." attitude. Maybe he does think that, but maybe he doesn't. Anyway, other than that quibble, everything else in your comment was a bull's eye.

The Plainsman said...

Yeah, some outstanding observations here. I'm more charitable to The Patch than some of you (although those 8:40 bits were execrable) but the comments on chemistry issues strike me as very supportable. And the CdS comments on frenetic overtalking and inside-y-ness match my observations exactly.

Man, one of you guys ever starts his or her own blog, I'm outta business.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous at 10:49 above - the reason I said that about McClearin is because I listened to him slowly devolve since he revealed his alien abduction. Once he got some attention from that, it's like he came out of the closet, and rather than being gay, he was really Ben Stiller's character from Dodgeball, mic-hogging on the weekend shows (pre-soul patch), and grabbing the "radio camera" from anyone else with a mic. I think only a big ego would actually try comedy characters and warped voices while subbing for The Musers. Its like someone trying musical parody/imitations while subbing for Jimmy Fallon. Only a bloated ego would think he could pull that off as a fill-in.

I know written words can come off a little harsh, so I should probably save most of this for my friends at happy hour. Sorry if it rubbed you the wrong way.

Anonymous said...

No offense taken. As I wrote, it was only a quibble. And, as I wrote, what you state may or may not be the case - though the way things are going bit-wise, your case might be a solid one. Anyway, great stuff, madam/sir.

KT said...

I posted this on twitter earlier and I figure I should here as well. I deserve the blame for today's Soul Patch 840 bit. As board op, the sound quality is fully my responsibility.

This is no excuse, but it is sort of a disclaimer. I'm obviously not as well versed with the harmonizer as say Grubes or Jer. That doesn't make it right though. No matter what, it is my responsibility to make the bit comprehensible, and I just didn't get it done.

I'm truly sorry, but I thought I should reveal the details because I don't feel like Matt or Scot should take it in the shorts for something that was my fault.

Be kind P1's!

Kevin Turner

Anonymous said...

Hey KT, thanks for letting us know. I think I can speak for most of us MTCers when I say that it's really neat when you Ticket guys check in here. I still have to say that I agree with one of the comments that it might've been a good thing that the sound effect garbled the bit. Who knows, maybe it would've been funny if the alien could've been understood.
Again, thanks for letting us know and stay hard, KT!

The Plainsman said...

KT, you're a man. Thanks for parting the curtain a bit.

Hey, it's live radio. We should all be grateful we don't have to put up with syndicated, pre-recorded stuff. (Except the marvelous Race Week CD, which should be syndicataed.)

MTC is a pretty amateur site, let's face it. We (I) don't know how radio works, so I hope no Ticket guy feels too defensive when we take off on something we've heard. Pay no attention to the hoi polloi (i.e., me).

With any luck, it will become a legendary bit.

Hey, about about re-doing it at 6:40 tomorrow, live, with all dials set for audibility?

I join Anonymous and, I'm sure, the Nation, in thanking you for checking in.

The Plainsman said...

I tell you what: People love to read about the Ticket JV and all of the mix 'n' match during DryDock. The holidays are usually slow around the old sod house, but yesterday and today the hits and page views have been very strong.

Let me also thank recent commenters for the civilized tone of the dialogue here. I have always been convinced that there was a substantial part of the Ticket audience that was thoughtful and who listened with care. Y'all are proving me right.

Lately we've had some excellent writers weighing in as well. My only wish is that more contributors would adopt a nom de MTC so we could get to know individual writers a little better. But you're always free to remain a faceless Anonymous.

'Ppreciate it, Confessors.

Anonymous said...

Y'all are nuts. Let me lay it out for you:

CDS: Kickin' ass. Perhaps not quite "there" yet, but clearly the best in the farm system, and damn close.

Black n' Quack: Professional, but strained. Two guys who are not used to creating lengthy content, and it shows. I like Donny, but he's got to be able to contribute more. Hard to justify his existence on the station these days.

Soul Patch: Horrible. Just Z-ing horrible. Someone please get rid of these clowns.

Rhads and Followill: Followill is great and continues to be (IMO) the poor man's Costas (and that is NOT an insult). Rhads has nothing. Will never have nothing. Please dump him in the same bin as MacClearin and Harrison, then eject it into space.

Gordy and The Dooceman: Fascinating. Not always great, but often very good. Doocy has always been great on the radio (and I say that as someone who is not really a fan), despite what some folks here contend. Gordon has shown he can make a show click as well as derail it. He's a grown man.

The Plainsman said...

Well, I'm certainly glad we have the last, and correct, word from the always-authoritative Anonymous.

* * *

I have been puzzling over what seems to me to be an overheated reaction to The Soul Patch. We all have our favorites and less favorites, but The Patch seems to excite some degree of hostility.

I don't get it. I'm listening to it this morning, and there is some pretty good stuff going on. (I don't recall hearing a replay of the "Matt's Alien" 8:40 bit, but I may have been in the shower. Did they skip it?)

I absolutely accept the sincerity of Confessors' reactions, but I wonder whether some of the criticism may be because both of the hosts have impressive radio pipes, and it gives the proceedings a very unTickety feeling. Personally, I never had a problem distinguishing between the voices, although I can see why some might. But as far as content goes, while it may not have the inherent interest of our usual weekday heroes, it's not a bad showgram and in some cases I catch a unique opinion or angle I hadn't considered before.

Chemistry: They haven't been at this too long so we don't hear the same familiarity of the weekday shows, but it seems OK to me. There is some "forcing" -- they need to learn the Ticket Gospel that the occasional unfilled pause or snippet of conversational dead air is OK.

So while The Patch may have a sound that the P1 might find too conventional, give it a chance and listen to what they're saying and consider whether at a bare minimum, it beats what's on the competition, and is coming along as a JV vehicle.

Anonymous said...

Donnie Doo is funny and underrated.

DRW1961 said...

I didn't really have much of a problem with the Soul Patch guys as most of you did. They seemed to have some pretty solid sports talk during the times that I listened. Mostly rehashing of stuff that has already been said, but still not too bad. They did sound like two "generic radio guys", but kind of reminded me of what the morning drive on the Ticket has been - "gentle musing" - not in-your-face comedy.

The one thing that bothered me the most was all of the talking over each other. The grocery store segment this morning could have been pretty fun, but everyone was trying to talk at once and it just turned into a big mish-mash of stuff.

My thought - if Norm decides to retire soon or Mike calls it quits and the Hardline gets disbanded, then the Soul Patch will end up in the weekday lineup and will probably be the 10-12 show. It will need to be reworked, they will need a good producer and a good third person to bring the yuck monkey stuff to the show, but they will be the show to move into weekdays. CdS is too juvenile; Rich doesn't want to move into daily broadcasting; everyone else that has filled in during dry dock has other jobs that they wouldn't/couldn't give up to do daily radio.

Anonymous said...

Plainsman, what follows is a prime example of what's wrong with the Soul Patch: Right before this morning's mix with CdS, McClearin pipes in--unprompted, from out of the blue--saying to the effect "we've only done 30 shows, so of course we're not going to sound like someone who has been doing it 17 years." He then (with Harrison now joining in to a lesser, more guarded extent) begins to address in a not so subtle way those who've been criticizing the program this week (I take it he means Twitter and MTC?). You've got to be kidding me. First off, if I were Cat, I'd be furious with him/them for such b.s.. Why? Because you don't tell the greater audience how others think you suck. Especially when you are a rather unknown product to the majority of your customers...and when in essence the first part of your statement said "look, give ME/US as many shows as the regular hosts in this time slot and we'll be just as good if not better." And that's exactly what McClearin (and Harrison by association) was saying--which speaks/gives credence to a suggestion that one of the above Anons made about McClearin's ego. Do they not realize that the majority of their listeners neither read this blog (but they should!) nor follow the same people on Twitter that they do? That means the majority of the listeners (and that also means those out of the majority who are enjoying the program) have no idea that there is a vocal faction out there critizing their program...but now you've let them know as such...and now you've given those who are passively listening, actively enjoying it, or on the fence cause to think "hmmm, maybe this isn't very good." A thin-skinned, amateur-hour move, to say the least!

By the above, alone, I think it's evident why the Soul Patch engenders the dislike from commenters that it does.

I do believe that you're on to something with respect to the timbre of the two hosts' voices, Plainsman. Let's examine our Yankee and/or golden throat hosts: Bob and Dan are not from here, but Dan's voice offsets Bob's radio god pipes. Recall, it took a lot of hard work on BaD's part to assimilate and ultimately become successful here. When Rhads, Followell, or Doocy fill in, each already has either a direct tie to the Ticket or the local sports scene in general; hence they fit in. And let's face it, Rhands's voice is more Dan than Bob, if one will. But when we come to the Soul Patch, on the one hand we get a host (McClearin) who makes you think you're listening to the Yahoo Sports overnight feed, while on the other you have a "pipesy" host who is obviously trying to suppress his Texas twang. This, I contend, is off-putting to many listeners. The listener appreciates and gravitates toward the genuine. Whether this last claim is fair or true or not (that they're not being as genuine as they possibly could be), I do think that it is the way things are. So, when you combine this with the example given above, perhaps you might now begin to see why many find the Soul Patch, ahem, lacking that soulful harmony a successful show requires? I do want to make myself clear here, I am not saying that I believe either Harrison or McClearin are disingenuine. I'm only saying, echoing in a way Plainsman's sentiment, that their vocal styles could very well (and I think that it does) turn off some listeners.

Anonymous said...

I heard the last hour or so of the Soul Patch and thought it was fine. The talk with the Sirois guys was funny and when they were thanking the P1's before that it didn't sound egotistical at all. Scot was the one that brought up that they weren't the Musers to which McClearin then agreed with that 17 years comment, so how that means that McClearin has this crazy ego, I don't know. Maybe he does but I never think that when listening to them. Seems like a lot of people have no problem with them but the ones that do, really let them know. I want dry dock to end but I wasn't bothered by their shows this week. I like them better than Rhads and Followill who has the most radio sounding voice I've ever heard.
I never even noticed their voices were "radio pipes" Soul Patch just seem like two guys hanging out and talking. I'd much rather hear them than the screech of Dan. I still don't know why they don't change the name. Soul Patch? That's more off putting than anything.

"Hollywood" Matt Shannon said...

Gee, I thought wrestling "smart marks" were bad, but some of these Anon trolls who think they know the radio business when they don't have a damn clue take the cake.

That is all.

DinosaurMex said...

I guess you do know how it all works, "Hollywood"? Enlighten us, friend. Because the sort of comment you just laid down is every bit the trollish comment that you purport to have snuffed out.

"Hollywood" Matt Shannon said...

How is my comment anymore trollish than some of the drivel I've seen on here? My problem isn't with people simply having an opinion. It's when people, such as yourself, get this high and mighty attitude that they think they know it all. That's all I'm tryin' to say. It's funny how internet tough guys can't handle it when others call them on their bullshit.

DinosaurMex said...

Sorry pal, no doing. I haven't written one damn know it all thing on this blog. Go ahead search it. I ask questions and make a few comments. No essays, no know it all. When you come on and tell everyone who has taken the time to give their thoughts they're know it all ding dong high and mighty trolls, insinuate that you do know what's what, neglect to enlighten us, then sign off, well that's what trolls often do. Sorry, man. That's the truth.

And what "bullshit" are you calling anyone on? "Hollywood," I think you've fallen into the wrong crowd out there in LaLa Land. Hit the rehab, buddy, fast. Talking tough in a combox isn't brave, chief.

"Hollywood" Matt Shannon said...

First off, I was addressing the trolls who post anonymously in my very first comment. I wasn't even talking to you till you decided to make this about you because you don't get enough attention in real life.

Sorry pal, no doing.

Anonymous said...

Your hits are up during dry dock because all of us Ticket spares are refreshing the site every 5 minutes to see if anything is written about us.


#truth #hungryforfeedback

DinosaurMex said...

Wrong, "Hollywood." You're obviously not a very insightful person. You came on here and inserted and insinuated your expertise at the radio game and how it goes. You then wrote in direct response to me:

"My problem isn't with people simply having an opinion. It's when people, such as yourself, get this high and mighty attitude that they think they know it all."

Like I said, you're not too insightful and you also don't pay much attention or either are aware of your own words. So, buddy, I'm gonna leave it at that...and at this: I'm done with it. You can come back with whatever zinger your heart's desire, no, really, whatever makes you feel like you "won" the thing. I won't bite on it. I don't care, chief. I'm not into flame warfare. I'm done with you.

Anonymous said...

Everything was fine until anon and "hollywood" started sparing. Trash talking through comments ruins this site for me.

ap said...

What's odd is that both commenters have posted insightful (as opposed to inciteful) comments before. I chalk it up to a bad day on the internets.

Thanks for the tip, Plainsman - I'll be listening to all of the SP's fill-on offerings after all. Day 2 of 3 is about to commence - "the faster I go, the behinder I get"

"Hollywood" Matt Shannon said...

I never once claimed I knew all about radio. I'm still learning everyday myself. I only noted that I hate it when people act as if they know it all when they don't have a clue. Then you decided to turn the attention to yourself and make this all about you. I'm sorry, but you're not a very insightful person. It's funny that you say you're not into flame warfare, yet you decided to dive right on in.

The use of inciteful was genius. Gave me a much needed laugh after having to put up with anonymous internet trolls.

Anonymous said...

"I have been puzzling over what seems to me to be an overheated reaction to The Soul Patch. We all have our favorites and less favorites, but The Patch seems to excite some degree of hostility.

I don't get it. I'm listening to it this morning, and there is some pretty good stuff going on."

I know this is going to be taken as simply "trolling," but I'm going to offer my opinion regardless.

It's because "The Plainsman" likes the milquetoast side of The Ticket. Nothing wrong with that, per se, but I think his opinions over the years have shown this to be true. And "The Soul Patch" is very milquetoast. It is the lame side of The Ticket. It is the polar opposite of Corby blackout drunk at a campout and spewing horrible radio gold. It's the opposite of pushing the edges as Gordon so often does. It's what make the ticket, "The Ticket." it's also, strangely, what "The Plainsman" seems to like least about The Little One.

"The Plainsman" sees no problem with "The Soul Patch," because if he had his way, this would be what The Ticket would sound like. Bland.

Anonymous said...

@"Hollywood" Matt Shannon

I never once claimed I knew all about radio.

But you're acting like you do. You're presenting yourself as the authority in this discussion. No one has claimed to be an authority here except you. This makes you a hypocrite, and you have no credibility.

NoGeo said...

With all this odd bickering between hollywood and dino we passed over a comment from one MKrenek, if that was truly him. My opinion he is doing quite good with his fill in time, i even feel like i might make a call for "more Krenek", but I have seen him on Cirque TV before and must say radio is definitely the place for him to be.

The Plainsman said...

As Danny would say, Good Lord.

I turn my back for a minute, go out for a spot of dinner with Mrs. Plainsman, and now this.

I believe a commenter above has made the correct observation. Hollywood has been a helpful and responsible commenter on this site in the past, and may have been having something of a bad day. DinoMex is a recent commenter who has NOT been a troll, and has in fact been a good citizen of the site, so not sure what caused Holywood to twist off. I have heard from Hollywood in a semi-remorseful tone, so let's dial this one down.

@Anonymous re "milquetoast." Yeah, something to that. Listening for hours at a time -- as The Ticket has ordered us to do -- I'd rather hear long-term solid content than sporadic bad-taste eruptions that might have some humor value to some listeners. As I've written in the pats, I think The Ticket achieves a pretty good balance with that for listeners of different ages and likes/dislikes. Just look at the commenters on this site. Some like the orifice humor, and some prefer more hard-core sports talk. Room for both on The Ticket, and room for both here.