Friday, December 23, 2011

A Merry Christmas to All Confessors

Here's a  little gift for you, a very cool video passed along by David P.  If this doesn't tug at your sports heartstrings, check your pulse.

A safe and happy holiday to all. 

     -- Plainsman


James said...

Great clip! Thanks for sharing, and have a great Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you, Plainsman. And same to all of my fellow MTC readers and posters.

birq said...

'Preciatecha, pal. Really 'preciatecha. Merry Christmas to you and your'n.

Anonymous said...


East Texas P1 said...

I have a suggestion. I started to put down all the Dallas references in this clip but quickly found this was too parochial.

There are lots of stuff / events that I recognize but most I don't.

My suggestion: Post one or two events that are your favorite and why. Include why this is your favorite and/or ISO more information.

For me: This is my observations.

1:03 Is this Sandy Koufax?

1:08 Munich Olympics. I was around 15 years old when this happened and it had a big impact on the history lessons of the time.

3:45 Black guy crying. I know I have seen this face but don't know who he is or context.

I think if each viewer of this blog posts the time stamp and their knowledge of the event it will add a more comprehensive overview of the video

Here is one of my additions.

Thank you Santa Jesus that my family is well.

Anonymous said...

@East Texas P1

Now I am crazy. What on earth are you driving at?

Anonymous said...

Everyone head over to Unticket. ap and dywpp have outdone themselves with the Joe Buck nationally televised nods to The Little One. I know, I know, we all wanted to strangle Buck as he overtly rooted for the Cardinals while announcing the World Series, but damn it if he doesn't "get it" when it comes to our favorite station.

ap said...

Operation 'tell a friend about the ticket' was a rousing success :)

Anonymous said... about some New Years predictions?????

Anonymous said...


Thoughts concerning Dry Dock... Part I

Gordie and the Deuce: Funny and uncomfortable as all get out. Doocy laid out the blueprint on how to effectively combat Gordo's guerrilla warfare. Good chemistry, even better times.

Rhads and Followheezy: Solid. Rhads has become a better radio broadcaster. He doesn't yell into the mic nearly as much as he once did. Nor does he try too hard to Ticket schtick it up, again, like he once did. Followell was his usual bad a self. Sure, he's going to give us a glass is (more than) half full view of the Mavs, but I think we can all understand why. His Cowboy talk has been chock full of HSOs, and that's a good.

Black and Quack: I agree with Plainsman where Dick Hicks is concerned. He's a consummate pro. Yes he can grate from time to time, but overall his HSOs are on point and fearless. Donnie Doo, I cannot say the same. The man is overexposed. There's been WAAAAY (to use one of his annoying traits) too much airtime for our man Donnie Doo. Between BaD, Cowboys post, fill in for the morning drive, and B&'s much too much. I like Donnie, but he's a one trick pony. While it's evident that he's been working really hard on his football knowledge (especially draft history, personnel from other teams, etc.), he just doesn't add anything meaningful to the conversation on a regular basis. He finds an obvious or emotion based point and keeps ramming it home, over and again. And even when he has a really good point, again, he won't relent, he won't move on; he applies it to everything, or he keeps returning to it. The CTOs need to curb his on air time. He doesn't need to be involoved with so many shows. No one else up there is, why him? I can appreciate his work ethic and industry, but like Nell Carter used to sing: "Gimme a break, I sure deserve it."

Soul Patch: Why they were tapped to do morning drive is beyond me. Poor decision. It's not a bad show, but it's not strong enough to fill those shoes. Heck, they had baiscally run out of content by the end of their alloted time. Scott H has a pleasant voice and fairly good sports chops. For the life of me, I'll never understand why the show is named after a spot of (passe) facial hair. I don't understand a mid-late 40-something with multiple piercings, but hey, whatever floats your boat. Like I said, he (and the show) ain't bad. Matt McClearin is an entirely different animal altogether. Wow! I mean, from the prom, the teenage bride, the UFOs, the notion of sex, love, conception, and being well-adjusted, the wearing a kilt, mooning your family, and not realizing the when you don't wear underwear your junk will be showing as well, and finally, the Christmas fisticuffs with his brother over him sticking an olive in his bro's ear while trying to squeeze the juice out of it (hello Freud!)... while his mother is crying. Again, Wow! An odd duck for sure, and I'll leave it at that. (I'm sure he's a nice guy, but nice guys can be weird, too.)

Anonymous said...


Part II

CDS: When the Bros Sirois talk sports, I listen. I think they are the true up and comers around The Little One. What I dislike is their infatuation with their own sense of humor. When they go into schtick, especially extended schtick, it's overkill. Because they're brothers, they both sound similar. Furthermore they both speak very rapidly (something they need to temper). And when you have two people who sounds a lot alike, speak rapidly, and constantly finish each others thoughts/talk over each other, radio chaos ensues. They need to work on this. It's when they get too "cute" for too long that this most usually occurs. I wish they 'd be more sports oriented. I think that by doing so, they're star would rise faster. Don't get me wrong, they can be funny. But, like their rapid speaking, temper it; find the golden mean. Oh, and I know that Mike works for Norm, so I see where it comes from, but they are guilty of "Over Norm." You don't need to do your own Norm drops or imitations at every turn. While they can be funny when well placed, they get stale when repeated time and again. Besides, no one can hold a candle to Gordon in that regard.

Can't wait for p.m. drivetime BaD. A foretaste of the future perhaps???

Shaggy said...

The Soul Patch really has got nothing. As generic as it gets. Today was my first time listening to them for a moderate length of time, and it wasn't good. They are exactly what other stations across the country come up with by trying to copy The Ticket's sports talk/guy talk formula. And it's nearly always bad.

Agree about Cirque. I also think they have something, but they are way too schtick-y. They are an almost exact carbon copy of Ben & Skin when they were on The Ticket. They would constantly be laughing at their own and each others' jokes, but they werent all that funny. I think B&S have grown a lot, but they do still suffer from thinking they're a lot cooler and funnier than they really are.

DinosaurMex said...

Anyone know what Jake got a Masters in? Where? Anything other than some sort of pop culture studies at UTD or UNT would shock me!

Jake said...

M.A. in Journalism from The Mayborn Institute at UNT. Unlike most journalism schools, they let you (at least attempt to) construct your own degree plan. Most people still primarily focus on writing-based courses like feature writing and long-from narrative workshops, but I took none of those. My degree focused entirely on two things. The first was looking at how media and society interact and impact each other (how concentration of media effects policy outcomes, etc.). The second part was focused on how technological innovations are changing the way media companies operate. And that's the part I wrote my thesis on. I interviewed 30 people who worked in management positions in the newspaper industry in the 1990s. I asked them about the challenges they faced trying to innovate, looked for certain recurring themes, and identified a few tactics that seemed to work well with regard to getting resources diverted to a then still emerging technology (the digital medium).

Of course, I fully understand your implication that I am some sort of moron incapable of completing meaningful academic work. But, if you are by chance honestly interested in the work, I would love to send you a copy of the paper to see what you think. After spending 100s of hours working on it, its a bummer sometimes that only my committee and the reader have ever read it.

Also, those 100s of hours of work are the reason I wanted to respond to your comment. I understand full well that as we in this business try to "find our voice" on the air, people are going to rightfully criticize and I have always appreciated the way this forum handles voicing that crit-ch-cism. But after sleeping four hours a night for three months, and then sitting at a table with a group of professors grilling me about my work for 90 minutes, and successfully defending it, I felt the need to explain.

The Plainsman said...


Not sure what prompted DinoMex's question. Did your Masters come up on the air?

I don't know about the Nation, but I would like to read your thesis. If I may, please email it to I promise not to quote selectively from it for improper purposes -- I'm really interested in the subject.

And thanks for the information, although prompted by what may have seemed a slighting reference. As you say, when you're a public figure you take the good with the bad.

My own skin has grown considerably thicker as the MTC hits have kept on coming.

Again, I very much appreciate you checking in.

DinosaurMex said...

Jake, thanks for the info. I was only joking around about the pop culture stuff, honestly. Congratulations on your degree! Well done!

Plainsman, the question was asked because Jake and Dan were discussing Jake's graduation party yesterday on BaD.

Shaggy said...

Jake jumped offsides like Lawrence Taylor on crack.

Anonymous said...

Naw, Jake didn't jump offsides. He just defended his hard work. I honestly didn't mean for my comment to come off as it did. Like I said, well done, Jake. The thesis sounds interesting, but to be honest, it's way above my salsa blooded dinosaur brain!

DinosaurMex said...

Oops. That last anonymous was me, DinosaurMex.

Anonymous said...


You are in fact the man. I've long thought that you, just like Mike and Cash, may in fact be the future of The Ticket.

Mad respect, brah! "100s of hours" and a review panel sound more like a doctorate than a masters, but what do I know, having bailed out of my EE program at TAMU to start a family?