Saturday, May 5, 2012

Can We Get a Report on Today's Mix 'n' Mingle Between George DeJohn and the TeeBox?

Was able to hear a little of the Train Station Fitness Show but wasn't near the channel at 8 AM.  Can we get a witness?


Anonymous said...

I'm interested in what, if anything, occurred during the mix. Though it wouldn't surprise me if there was no mix; that all future mixes, sans some sort of apology/agreement to be civil, are nixed as well. IMHO, DeJohn was completely in the wrong, and Rosen Rosen handled it about as well as one could without turning it into a truly heated argument. DeJohn came off like a jackass. A Youtube snippet, that's your "internet research"? What a joke. I've no doubt that he is very knowledgeable where fitness, diet, and working out is concerned, but the guy tries to be more than he is, and subsequently he can come off like a buffoon. We can't all be experts at everything, and neither is DeJohn. He also procures some of the most iffy guests this side of Coast to Coast AM.

Listened to MaSS today. It was OK. The producer, Krenek I believe?, gets way too much airtime. Toward the end it started to sound like the addled mess that CdS is. Far too many voices. I also found it amusing that in their last segment they decided to take on those who think MaSS is offensive (i.e., Catholics). They kicked off the defense with talk of benediction, the opening of one's / turning of one's heart toward sports, et alia...only to immediately claim that their intent was/is not to make fun of such things. Oh yeah, and I can't omit McClearin's response to those who find the name distasteful: "Meh." Like most things McClearin, yet another well thought out utterance. This coming from a guy who not only believes that the underlying emotional state in which a child is conceived bears great influence upon said child's happiness and psychological makeup, but also that space aliens both exist and have made contact with him. Alrighty, then.

ap said...

I tend to agree with Anonymous's first paragraph, especially when it comes to "Coast to Coast AM" comparisons. Incidentally, the mix worth listening to wasn't the Train Station / Teebox mix, it was the Teebox / Orphanage mix where they reviewed the 'altercation' in depth. The nice thing about the whole situation is that Rosengarden didn't appear to hold a grudge (or, if he did, it didn't come across on the air). Last week, he was audibly pissed off for the entire duration of the show.

I haven't heard MaSS yet, but Krenek is not a producer - he's a ticker guy. Not sure who produced; may have been KT or Mike Marshall.

"addled mess that CdS is" -- them's fightin' words, sir!

Anonymous said...

Killer is the producer of MASS

Shaggy said...

Interesting article RoseneRose wrote in March:

ap said...

Nice dig, Shaggy!

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who listened to it and thought that George's telling Craig to do some research "so that he could have an intelligent opinion" wasn't the same thing as telling Craig to "gain some intelligence" (i.e. calling him unintelligent)?

Or is that just semantics? To me, they are totally different things, but I guess what matters is if they're different things to George (they're obviously not different things to Craig.)