Monday, May 7, 2012

Mike on Fire


We heard something Friday we haven't heard in a long time.

Animated Mike.  Magnificent Mike.  Dominant Mike.

The discussion related to the fans' expectation for this year's team.  Corby and Danny were more or less giving the Mavericks a pass, taking the position that they remained grateful for last year's magic run.  It's not like they weren't disappointed by what looked like it was going to be a speedy exit for the Mavs (and so it proved to be, as of about ten minutes ago), but they were giving management the benefit of the doubt on the Cuban/Nelson cap strategy.  I don't want to be critical of Corby or Danny or misrepresent their position; their point of view is one you hear a lot, and, as I say, it's not like they didn't care whether the Mavs' won or lost.  In fact, I believe Danny, and maybe Corby (I forget) were predicting Mavs' first-round success. 

Mike begged to differ.

Actually, "begging" doesn't begin to describe it.

He was angry.

I wish I could quote it in full, but it was absolutely smashing to hear.  He reserved his greatest bile for the notion that the top free agents -- the reason management was supposedly conserving cap space -- are going to be attracted to to this deadass burg.  He practically screamed that they are not.  They don't want to come to Dallas, he said, it's not a nightlife town that the posse-laden superstars will ever be attracted to.  He went on for some time with some heat, and it was by far the best radio I've heard from Mike in months. 

It was great to hear and it reminds the faithful that when this legend is engaged, he's unbeatable.  Would that he would spend some more of that passion more often grabbing control of (what I, at least, still cling to the thought of as being) his show.

Mike R is Disgusted

Not that anyone's looking to me for HSO's, but I am in complete agreement with him.  I was appalled at the effective dismantling of the World Champions and the short-sighted band-aid of the feckless Lamar that was mishandled from the second it became apparent that the guy was, essentially, a thief.  A cap-space strategy makes sense only if one has some reason to believe that today's free agent is going to find this team, city, owner, and coach attractive, and there are a lot of reasons to think that the Mavs offer none of those things.  My God, how many more years of Effective Dirk do we have left?   Long-time readers will have discerned that I spent some time in Chicago, and as a Bulls fan during both of Jordan's stretches with the team, six titles in eight years, hearing that it's somehow just too bad that management sacrificed this year but, wow, it was fantastic while it lasted -- it's really sad.  Hell, I was furious when Dirk showed up out of shape this year.  "Heart of a Champion," shit. 

WWNRAJDD? (What Would Nolan Ryan and Jon Daniels Do?) Not what Mark and Donnie did.  Bearing in mind that I understand zero about caps and the like, I will leave it to informed Confessors to instruct me (gently, please) on why this year's strategy was a good one. 

So:  I'm with Mike.

The Mavs' new long night has officially begun.


P2 in MI said...

While I didn't hear Mike's take, Bob brought up the good point today 'tongue in cheek) that if any other local athlete would have showed up for a season that out of game shape and in need of a week off during the season, he winks have been blasted. Dirk doing that almost make me think that he knew they wouldn't sign Tyson and others this season to gear up for this year's free agent class, and so he took the off-season off and celebrated the 'ship.

Shaggy said...

Has anyone else caught It'S Just Banter this week? They talked EXTENSIVELY about this comment from East Texas P1 from a couple of weeks ago:

"East Texas P1 said...
What is the deal with dogpiling on TC? Although there were a few pokes in the past it seems like the ball started rolling when Jake was named board op.

I think this is bullying of the worst sort and yesterday was the worst. Corby went on and on about the "weird" habits of TC and then covered it up by "...but I like the kid".

Jumping on a guy ON AIR(!)when he doesn't have a chance to defend himself is not right (as opposed to the hosts insulting each other).

Corby has shown, to me at least, that he can be a bully of the worst sort.

April 26, 2012 8:51 AM"

I invite everyone to listen to the IJB podcast to check it out. It starts at 44:18.

And apparently TC doesn't like this website. Sorry Plainsman.

And for TC and Jake, who obviously read and sometimes cortribute here...I'm a 40-year-old dude and I enjoy the podcast a lot.

Anonymous said...

I can't get episodes 130 and 131 to play. Is there a trick to getting these to play?

The Plainsman said...

Well, who can blame him? It's not much of a website, is it?

In fact, I've gone out of my way not to comment on TC, which he probably discerns as implied criticism. I've written a couple of times that it seemed to me that a very young guy who essentially seemed to be working for free (I'm not even sure that was legal) and was trying his darndest to make it in an extremely harsh employment environment didn't need any snarky observations from yours truly. It did seem there for awhile like the station was experimenting with giving him a more prominent role, and if that had taken place then sure, I'd have tossed out a few observations re his on-air contributions, but that initiative came and went.

With Michael Gruber's departure, things changed and TC now runs the Top Ten, so here is my first substantive TC comment:

I think TC is doing a real nice job with the Top Ten. A very nice job indeed. I have been impressed with his surprisingly (to me) professional delivery.

So, Shaggy: What did Jake and TC say about Corby's condescending remarks?

Shaggy said...


I downloaded them in iTunes.


It really is a long discussion. Apparently TC went to Danny and told him that he thought Corby had crossed the line, and since then Mike and Danny have gone out of their way to tell Corby to lay off whenever Corby starts in on TC.

But I suggest you listen so I don't misrepresent what TC and Jake say. I do think their discussion will most likely warrant a new post.

The Plainsman said...

Thanks. Tough to find time but, like they say, bad publicity is better than no publicity.

I'm reasonably certain TC has posted here anonymously once or twice to observe what a crummy site it is.

Shaggy said...

They never mention the site by name or reference you, btw. But it was clear they were referencing East Texas P1's comments.

The Plainsman said...

OK. How do you know he doesn't like the site? Not surprising, but what gave you that impression?

Anonymous said...

I was giving Corby the benefit of the doubt before, thinking that it must have been common joking with TC that he was just extending to the air. Probably should've known better; what a fucking douche (and I'm not one of his normal detractors).

T4 In Rockwall said...

His normal detractor is me...:)

blergoyen said...

Count me as another one of corby's normal detractors. I suspect corby's persistence in imitating TC as if he had a lisp, implying he is gay, and constantly reviewing and critiquing his diet, stems from the prank TC played on him some time back. I can't remember what the prank was, but corby really tried to big time TC on-air telling him he should "NEVER prank a MAJOR host" by calling him at home at 11pm. To my biased ear, it sounded like corby's emotionally-stunted ego took major issue with TC bowing up to him on the air, even if it was in jest. It also sounds like corby can't let it go.

ausgang said...

Anyone have a direct link to the particular IJB podcast? If you do, I'd appreciate ya pal.

I've said here many times how much of a bully Corby can be. He seems to pick on those whom he perceives as unattractive. Conversely he heaps praises or finds excuses for those whom he deems attractive. It's a fratboy phenomenon; one that many of them never grow out of. Corby hasn't (and by this time, never will).

I would hope TC would enjoy this site rather than dislike it. And I would hope we wouldn't negatively post under the Anon moniker. After all, if you're going to be in show business, the public eye, you better have thick skin. Let's face it, TC hasn't always been his own best friend while representing himself on air. There was a time (about a year ago) when he would pop on and pop off with palpable smarm and haughtiness. Especially during BaD. Again, he didn't do himself any favors. Since that time he seems to have reeled himself in and has done an excellent job both during his brief on air opportunities and with the Top Ten. I root for the guy. But like all of us, he has his negatives. At least potential negatives.

East Texas P1 said...


Anonymous said...

Is it just me or have the top 10 clips gotten shorter since TC took over??

birq said...

I've really been enjoying TC's work on the Top 10. I like his delivery and sense of humor. As I've said a few times before on this site, I really think he's got something, and I really don't think the environment of the Ticket's regular dayparts is the right place for him to be showing it off. Between the mix of overpowering voices and the piranha in the waters like Dan and Corby, I just don't think he'd be able to shine. IJB and the Top 10 allow him to be himself at his own pace, and I think it works.

Anonymous said...

TC is radio anthrax

birq said...

Anthrax was one of my favorite bands in the very early '90s, so I guess that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

birq is on to something. If TC is going to make his name in this business, it's not going to be at The Ticket. He can (and is) make it a great proving ground and starting point, but that place seems more toxic than ever.

ausgang said...

Just listened to the IJB podcast (thanks East Texas for the link). I have to say, TC comes off as pretty damn touchy. He sounds like someone playing amateur lawyer. Everything said must be parsed and challenged. I feel, a bit, for TC. I do think Corby's an a-wipe frat boy. But Jake is right, TC can be a jerk. At least on air. It doesn't mean that it's right to insinuate he's a pedophile. In fact, that's dastardly and slanderous. Whatever the case, TC has issues. And Corby is an a-wipe.

Interesting behind the scenes stuff, though.

Anonymous said...

Jeez. TC sounds like a rather angry young man. Self esteem issues galore. It seems like most everything discussed he makes at least one reference to his looks or diet.

ap said...

To be fair, I don't think it was Corby that initially insinuated that TC was a pedophile, it was Dan. I believe there were three insults against TC in BaD Radio's rotation early on in TC's career - old lesbian, pedophile, and one other that I forget. Dan offered that he'd stop calling TC one of those things, and TC opted for the one I've since forgotten instead of pedophile.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Corby picked up on the themes. I know he did where the old lesbian one is concerned. Hey, no doubt about it, Dan is also a bully. But with Dan it seems to be more of a self loathing thing. Unlike Corby's frat crap leftovers. I think Dan sees himself in TC and those like him, and lashes out. So yeah, Dan's a jerk too.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that he could say whatever he wants about Corby during his top ten shift to get revenge.

He should either take the matter up with Corby off the air or he should grow up and roll with the punches, not cry about it in a podcast.

Corby might be a bully. Bullying is something the more prominent characters at that station have done for almost 20 years. Bob, Dan, Corby, Gordon, even Rhynes and Greggo at times could be considered bullies. Get over it.

The Plainsman said...

ausgang, many welcomes. An excellent inaugural blast.

Yeah, I feel bad when guys don't like the site.

Actually, the pro/con TC stuff is pretty balanced among Confessors, it seems to me. And while my silence may imply disapproval, I really haven't said much about him. And as someone mentioned here, he's definitely toned down his act and my opinion of him has definitely turned northward with his performance with the Top Ten.

Does anyone remember how he did during the post-Chris House "audition" for the Top Ten slot? I didn't hear anyh of them.

The Plainsman said...


OK, I've listened to the podcast segment.

Yeah, he's definitely not a fan of the site. Although he obviously reads it. And likes it when people defend him, or call out his detractors. Who wouldn't?

I guess I need to declare myself on T.C.

First, I will heartily congratulate myself on withholding comment on my first and second impressions, since my third impression has been positive.

But yeah, of course, I was not an early T.C. adopter. In fact, as a guy who seldom heard BaD Radio way back when, I couldn't figure out who the heck he was when I'd hear this unfamiliar voice breaking in. In fact, I think I even asked The Nation who he was. Yeah, here it is, his first mention on this site that I know of:

Actually, my very first awareness of T.C. came from -- I could be wrong about who I was listening to at the time -- Junior Miller. Man, this was a long time ago. I believe he was commenting on some backstage goings-on at Ticketstock or some other Ticket event. He was talking (rather disapprovingly) about some intern who was behaving in what Junior, or whoever it was, judged to be a very presumptuous fashion. I wondered who this was, and eventually heard that it was some guy named T.C.

Didn't think much more about it.

I would hear references to T.C. from time to time, but didn't know much about him.

Then I started to hear him break in on the air.

Whoever commented above on his interjections when he was on the board or whatever task he was performing had it exactly right: He sounded like a guy who was a new member of an exclusive club who didn't quite know all the etiquette. I didn't mind the break-ins per se, but they somehow came across as tone-deaf. It's not that they were offensive, they just came across as more authoritative and self-regarding than this guy had earned. But I kept hearing them, and I started to wonder if this guy was some kind of up-and-coming star at The Ticket who was being encouraged.

My curiosity on what The Ticket had planned for him reached its peak when T.C. and Jake joined Mike on The Hardline one afternoon. I don't know what others thought about that presentation, but I thought it was surpassing strange. Jake seemed almost mortified to be there, almost invisible, and T.C.'s more enthusiastic participation . . . well, I didn't see what all the fuss was about. It wasn't terrible, but I didn't hear anything that made me think that the guy had earned the attention he was getting.

And then . . . .

The Plainsman said...


And then . . . The Prank.

Actually, The Prank pre-dated the Hardline appearance. This was the thing where TC called various Ticket personalities in the middle of the night asking for help developing bits for his upcoming Hardline appearance.

I have extensive notes on The Prank that I will spare you, since this is now long in the past.

I will say two things about The Prank: (1) It gave The Ticket something to burn many, many segments rehashing. I believe it was featured on every show. At least, it seemed like I had to hear about it three or four times over the next couple of days.

(2) I did not have a favorable reaction to The Prank.

After The Prank and the Hardline appearance -- I may be way wrong about this, but this was my impression -- I heard a whole lot less of T.C. on the air.

However: When he gradually made what seemed to me to be a comeback -- I wondered if he'd been in the doghouse for awhile -- what I did hear was a lot better. It was measured, appropriate, it fit in much better to the flow of the show. It didn't presume a level of broadcasting talent or showgram prominence that he did not (so far) possess.

And now, he's getting his shot with The Top 10, and it's pretty good. Real good.

So, T.C., sorry if you don't like the site, but you can see that you evoke a showy range of reactions. You've got some fans, some detractors. That's show biz. I was fully prepared to be a detractor at such time, if ever, as The Ticket chose to feature you (and I'm saving those old T.C. notes), but now that the CTO has entrusted The Top 10 to you, I'm coming around. We try to keep things fair and civil around here, and the people who comment here are largely careful and balanced auditors of the channel. I hope you'll find Confessors' remarks helpful to you, even if you don't much care for me.

And, unlike Jake on the podcast, I've never judged you to be in the upper 1% of assholes.

ap said...

I'm really looking forward to listening to this podcast now. The few episodes of IJB I've heard were all very insightful, and I would imagine that has continued if Birq and others are attesting to their quality here.

I remember your initial post about TC, Plainsman, where you went to great lengths to say "Look, this guy is trying to break in to the radio business, so I'm not going to say anything about him either way". I thought it was a noble gesture of you at the time. Still do. So it doesn't sit well with me to hear that he takes umbrage with your site and those who participate in it. Many ticket personalities use MTC to garner feedback, and some have even embraced it as a forum to share their thoughts. I like that things around here are civil enough to do that, especially for a site that allows anyone to post under anonymous monikers.

After three years, TC has finally broken into the radio business now. Unfortunately, he's stepped on a few toes along the way during his extended internship - jumping on the air a tad too often, taking on-air shots at both weekday ticker guys, disrupting a Rich Phillips live spot, downloading pirated movies using company bandwidth and that whole Corby prank thing. Fine; he's young, that stuff happens, but understand that people inside and outside of the ticket use those incidents to form opinions about you, and many of them don't listen to IJB regularly for additional input. I'd guess that TC's only proponents at the ticket are Dan McDowell, a sympathetic Danny Balis and perhaps an tacitly-approving Rich Phillips. And Jake, by way of the whole roomate/podcast thing.

It's completely fine if you happen to tick off a few people along your way; sometimes you take the Sturm/Scot Harrison/Mike Sirois approach of being a likeable dude that's willing to do whatever it takes to get your foot into the door, and sometimes you take the Rocco Pendola/Nasty Nestor/Dan McDowell approach of "I'll fart on the air and they'll think I'm a bloody genius" route. From what I recall, TC started with the former approach and morphed into the latter.

Trick is, if you opt for that latter approach, you have to be mentally tough enough to face your critics. And there really haven't been too many critics of TC here, at least not compared to some of the criticism I've read directed at other Ticket personalities. It really boils down to a case of "you've made your bed, now you have to sleep in it."

Corby's not going to let up on air, nor will Gordon. They're both professional jerks; that's why we simultaneously love and detest them. If that situation (along with the relatively mild criticism here) doesn't suit someone looking at joining the ranks of the ticket, then as Birq wrote, perhaps it is best to look elsewhere.

The Plainsman said...

Nice shot, AP.

Another reason I have withheld comment on T.C. over the past year or so: I could not figure out why he was on the air at all. The hosts, without exception, treated him like a special-needs nephew and to a considerable extent still do. Danny and Davey sent him out once to do interviews at one of their Orphanage remotes, and they had to feed him every question. The Ann-Margaret interview was agonizing to hear, with The Hardline egging him on with things to ask. I'm thinking -- is this just cruelty? What do the JV with actual broadcast chops think about this? What's the CTO plan here?

Thus my occasional reference to The Great T.C. Experiment.

But his performance on The Top Ten has, happily, inspired a positive reappraisal and I'm hopeful that he'll realize his career goals, whether at The Ticket or elsewhere.

Jeff Q said...

I wasn't a fan of TC in the beginning either. Looking back, I think that comes from Bob and Dan giving him such a hard time about everything and constantly making fun of him. I think it was a little tongue-in cheek with BaD Radio because they obviously like the guy or they wouldn't keep him around. Regardless of how they really feel, it set TC up as a punching bag to the P1s.

At some point, I started listening to IJB. After a while, I realized a few things:

1. TC on The Ticket: He seemed to really look up to the hosts, and could you imagine being brought on the air with a bunch of guys who have been doing it for 20 years? He's a fan of these guys and then he gets to actually be on the air! Gotta be some major nerves. And what do they do...rag on him the whole time...non-stop...and extremely personal.

2. TC on IJB: After listening to the podcast for a while, I really started seeing his true personality come out. He's in a more comfortable environment where he's not being constantly attacked on all sides...hosts, listeners, board ops and ticker guys....everyone. On the podcast, he comes across as an intelligent and witty dude.

My point is this: not everyone is going to like him (just like any other guy at the Ticket)but unlike the rest of them, he gets criticized for looks and his voice. He has the right to defend himself just like any of us would.

Anonymous said...

More tc and jake

ap said...

@Jeff Q - one minor note - BaD Radio was *incredibly* effusive of TC's hard work early on. They used to describe him as the hypothetical love child that would exist if one took Bob's best qualities and merged them with Dan's best qualities. TC showed a ton of initiative too, and responded very well to additional duties that Bob gave him, like reading his personal email. It wasn't all nut-kicking right off the bat; in fact, it was Jake that took the brunt of it when snippets of IJB were first played ("Some Old Eff" and "Super Gay").

Anonymous said...


Are you TC?

deezy said...

What ap said just above - except if you'll recall The Hardline sang TC's praises very, very early on as well (I can distinctly remember words like "initiative" and "drive" being used in Corby's early description of this "new intern TC").

And Plainsman, The Prank was TC getting ready for the 8:40 bit the next day, not a Hardline appearance, IIRC. Maybe that was a typo, and in any case it's a minor detail...but the genius of that incident was that TC was calling people at home for help with an upcoming bit...but they WERE the upcoming bit. Pretty freakin' original, if not well-received.

Corby's douchery during this whole thing is well-documented, so I'll leave it alone. Well, except for this one thing: his was the only truly assholeish response that TC received, but THE NEXT DAY. He seemed fine while it was happening, and then...very interesting.