Tuesday, May 8, 2012

There's An Extremely Lively Spontaneous Open Thread on T.C. Erupting in the Comments to the Prior Post, If You're Interested

Or, you can comment here.


Brent Tittle said...

Why would you create another thread to just get people to look at comments. Congrats you cover opinions of an AM radio station. The metroplex never ceases to amaze me. I wouldnt have know about your shitty site unless it was for IJB. Do yourself a favor and drink the kool-aid.

Jonaessa said...

Oh, the hostility.

Thanks for the lead, Mr. Plainsman. Sometimes I don't check the comments after a post has been up for a while. And I had no idea about this whole T.C. business as my listening has been limited to the morning and afternoon drives lately. I'll see what I can do about more midday office listening.

As always, keep up the good work!

East Texas P1 said...

Evidently this has been discussed at the station because Corby referenced it today in WTDS.

Interesting to see if they come back to this.

Anonymous said...

TC has a fatal flaw for the business of on-air talent. His voice. It lacks enthusiasm and effort.
If he's sour over any criticism, he needs to seek another career.
His max potential would be off-air producer.
His parents should have taken him to a Speech Therapist.

The Plainsman said...

Really, Brent? I don't believe the name of this site was mentioned on IJB. I was going to take down your comment to spare you further mortification, but no, I think it deserves a wide audience. Please pass along my regards to your fellow Razorbacks.

Last Anon: Now, now. The thing about The Top Ten is that T.C. sounds quite enthusiastic and speaks with expression I hadn't heard before. So give it a listen.

Anonymous said...


I have gave it a listen. I've thought about recording his work and prescribing it for my insomniac patients.

Btw, its not too late to get him to a Speech Therapist.

Anonymous said...

I once saw TC lift a doghouse over his head.

duckandcover said...

@Brent Tittle: Why would you take the time to comment on a site that you think so little of? Why exactly does the metroplex never cease to amaze you? What flavor of Kool-Aid ought Plainsman drink and why? Finally, why are you such a t-baby?

@Anon Who Keeps Recommending Speech Therapy: Aren't you a cruel person. Especially hiding behind the Anon tag while saying such cruel things. There is nothing in TC's voice that lends one to think he has a speech problem. Tone of voice and speech problems are not necessarily rooted in the same issue, they can be discrete issues. If you want to bag on TC's touchiness and apparent thin skin, fine. I have to say that I agree with you on that point. But the other is just plain mean spirited. Shame on you.

The Plainsman said...

There seems to have been a pent-up, long-felt demand for the ability to comment on T.C.

It's great to generate a spontaneous Open Thread on My Ticket Confession.

You know, I actually heard bhe last half or so of WTDS today, but I didn't hear any reference to the commentary on this site (I'm sure MTC was not mentioned, but I didn't hear any reference to T.C. at all). Can anyone advise what was said?

Shaggy said...

Dan: "Jay writes, today is my 10-year-old Ethan's birthday. When I have the Ticket on he says, 'Do all they do is make fun of people?' "

Ty: "Yes."

Corby: "oh no..."

Dan: "He wants to do radio when he grows up."

Tom: "He sounds like Dan Bennett."

Corby: "He sounds like TC complaining to Jake."

Ty (or Jake?): "Ooooohhhh..."

Anonymous said...

Off TC topic...

Why is it that when Gordon makes a fake hick accent (differing from his own natural hick -yet trying so hard to cover it- accent) he's given a pass to say the most awful things? I just heard this morning's Ed Carter bit. Hell yes I laughed out loud a few times. The Ed Carter character/caricature is WAAAAY over the top. But it did hit me, like it does when I hear many other comedic routines/riffs: these are this individual's thoughts. Isn't there some sense of "ownership" to these expressed thoughts? Are some of these thoughts sublimated or not so sublimated realities to this person? Just because a fake voice is being used, does really negate the venom spewed? Does it relieve the speaker of the moral dimensions of his/her words? And finally...I remember reading an interesting question here once, and I'm going to ask it anew: After nearly 4 years, why is it that Gordon has yet to cultivate an Obama impersonation? Isn't his mantra when confronted about his jerkiness is that he's an equal opportunity mimic and gut puncher? Like most things Gordon, it's a load of bulsh. A pseudo-intellectual of the highest order.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or is anyone else tired of Norm's "I don't mean this as any criticism of fill in the team/person" after the fact qualifier? Saying this after having ripped the team/person in question. Many times rightfully so. It's so f'n annoying. Is he really that scared, after all these years, to possibly offend potential guests or movers and shakers in his industry? Because that's what it comes off as. Ugh. I can't imagine Sirois' and Bass' frustration. Working with and listening to Norm everyday, both on and off air, must be a soul crushing beating of the highest order.

Anonymous said...

who has less oxygen in their lungs?:
david finfrock,
richie whitt,
tc fleming?

i'm going with tc cuz he sounds like a 90 y/o granny with emphysema.

the other 2 sound like dudes who just got pulled from the ocean after nearly drowning.

Anonymous said...

Saw Greggo on channel 21's The Fan Sports Show or whatever it's called. Jeez Louwheeze he looks like some freaked out, on the cusp of going postal, Dom Delouise. Yikes!

The Plainsman said...

There was an odd moment today during The Hardline. It was a segment about the TIME magazine cover about the woman who was suckling a child one would typically consider too old for that kind of thing. This sent Corby into a bit where he was imagining a hot like that woman on a date with Mike, taking him back to her apartment, and being faced with her eleven-year-old son stepping up for some teatage.

It was pretty funny.

But there was a point where Danny broke in demanding that they go to break. There was some uncertain vocalizing, and someone, Corby, I think said that there must be a bunch of executives back at the station.

As though the show were being vetted for naughtiness.

Every once in awhile there's an effort to clean up the station, or maybe it's just The Hardline. It usually lasts about a week-and-a-half.

Anyway, I didn't think that routine was so bad, or heading south when it got more-or-less cut off by Danny.

Anonymous said...

Hey Plainsman,

Why don't you create a message board?

The Plainsman said...

Hey, Anon:

(1) Google Blogger doesn't support message boards, to the best of my knowledge, but more importantly,

(2) My observation is that message boards tend to degenerate into name-calling and baby-arm references, and

(3) I don't have time to monitor a message board and barely have time to tend to this site, but mostly,

(4) grubesismyleader does a perfectly fine job providing Ticket message-board services.

But I appreciate all suggestions, and thanks for checking in.

Anonymous said...

In no way am I defending Brent but, this site was mentioned on IJB. That's how I heard about a thread dealing with the TC being a pussy issue. Which by the way, he is definitely being.