Monday, July 2, 2012

What is Pants Finnegan Trying to Tell Us? -- Listening Too Hard

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I was fascinated by Gordon's "Pants Finnegan" "new Ticker guy" character back a week or so ago.

WARNING:  I am about to overinterpret this.  Punch out here if you don't like wild MTC speculation.  We KNOW you don't like non-MTC speculation.

Unnecessary Question:  Why did Gordon create this character?

Obvious Fact:  Pants doesn't resemble any current Ticker guy, or any guy currently on The Ticket.

Sketchy Observation:  He might be teasing guys on other stations, but when he does things like that, it is usually done in the context of some kind of conversation with that other station or overhearing of the other station's broadcast.  (See "The Touchdown Brothers.")  There's no reason to make the guy a Ticket guy.

Over-Analysis:  Let us assume that Gordon has reasons for what he does.  A stretch, I know.

So if Gordon is (1) not making fun of a Ticket guy, and (2) not making fun of someone at another station, that leaves only -- he's pre-emptively making fun of someone he thinks might be coming to The Ticket.

The San Diego reference and bombastic delivery = Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton, currently featured on the "Corby Davidson, The Ticket" drop.

Over-Conclusion:   The Ticket is steeling itself for the introduction of new voices -- maybe not Hacksaw, maybe not a Ticker guy, but some bombastic sports talker like the ones we don't listen to on other sports-talk stations.  They are not happy about it.  Gordon is staging a pre-emptive attack.

(By the way:  I happen to like Hacksaw.  This site has recommended that The Ticket hire him. (See The Ticket Should Hire Lee "Hacksaw" Hamilton.)  I lived in San Diego for a few years and seldom missed his late-drive/early-evening show.  And he was a first-rate Chargers PBP guy.)

There is my extremely speculative take on what Gordon's Pants Finnegan is trying to tell us.

I ran "Pants Finnegan" on Google Images and this is
the first item that appeared.

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ausgang said...

First off, I'm glad you've move on from the last topic. Hopefully the same can be said of your commenters.

The Ticket did have a host like the one you speak of: Rocco Pendola. And while you weren't around during his brief-ish but tempestuous stint, believe me when I say that he did not, in any way, fit in with the gang. However, your postulating begs the following two questions: Why would this happen? Who would be replaced?

Now perhaps, assuming you're onto something here, Gordon is "preparing" for what very well might be the new (and local/regional) nighttime and/or weekend programming that could be coming our way by means of the CBS merger/partnership that's on its way? I've heard nothing whatsoever during any show that gives the slightest indication that a host or hosts might be moving on. Moreover, the same can be said for any indication whatsoever that another voice is on his or her way. If this were the case, then the only way I can see it happening is if they cram in another show between The Musers and Norm or Norm and BaD. This, of course, would mean the shaving off of hours from The Musers and possibly The Hardline. And I can't imagine advertisers or the CTO being particularly keen on losing those dollars - as a new show would no doubt bring in less advertising revenue.

Anonymous said...

Or it could be that Gordo has grown up a bit and realizes that he doesn't have to mock the people he knows in order to be funny.

The Plainsman said...

Good points from aus and Anon. I just somehow got the feeling as I listened that that character was created more for the benefit of his colleagues than for us. It had an "inside" feel to it.

Lets bury the Josh ALS story said...

Now Plainsman that's more like it! I went and listened to said Pants character, and I love it when Gordo comes up with new ones. Its so interesting to hear faint resemblance to other characters. This one specifically has a resemblance to Gordo's character (whose specific name I cannot remember) who will come to Jub/Junes and bore them with stories about his weekend etc that no one cares about. Anyone remember the name of this one?

Shaggy said...

There is an actual new ticker guy named Bruce LeVine. I guess he also does Stars postgame.

Anonymous said...

The bit is playing off a new sales guy in the company

The Plainsman said...

A new sales guy? Now that would be extremely inside, even for Gordon. Why would he make him a Tickerman? Maybe because he already has the Chris-Chris character? Dunno, just seems unlikely.

Bruce LeVine. Wow, that name is familiar to me. Is that the right spelling? Let me see . . . yeah, there's a sports guy in Chicago named Bruce Levine, and I think he pronounces his name "le VINE," like a grapevine. Don't appear to be the same guy. LeVine looks like he's been around for awhile -- doesn't seem a likely candidate for Pants Finnegan.

The Plainsman said...

I think I just heard that The Ticket is going to carry a ballgame after the Top Ten tonight. Anyone know if this is going to be a regular feature, or is Dan Patrick on vacation?

The Plainsman said...

Article about Donovan's swimming lessons by Leslie Barker Garcia on page 2 of today's (7-3) DMN "Arts & Life" section. The whole "brothers don't swim" angle, which is the very most interesting angle of this story, is barely touched on. Otherwise, a nice account.

Shaggy said...

DP is definitely not on vacation. Erin Andrews is on with him today.

The Plainsman said...

Interesting. Wonder if there's a CBS connection here.

By the way: Confessors, check me on whether I'm right about The Ticket running a ballgame after the Top Ten. I thought I heard the promo say that "we're spying on the" Angels? A's? Some team that we're interested in beating was going to be one of the teams on the broadcast. But I was only half-listening so may have something wrong.

charlie0712 said...

yes Plainsman, they are playing the Angels game. They did it last week a time or two also. I don't know why just noticed that they were.

Anonymous said...

Okay, this site is getting weirder by the day. First the ALS stuff, and now "some team we're interested in beating"! You do know that the Rangers are fending off the Angels for the division lead, yes? They play a sport called "baseball." It's a sport that SPORTS RADIO 1310 The Ticket follows rather closely these days. Also, you have a blog dedicated to a station and you think you might've heard of one of its on-air hosts (Bruce Levine)? You're pulling our legs, right? C'mon, you must be.

On another note, I don't get the whole Donnie's learning to swim thing going on. It reminds me of some of my male professors in college. They would get real cutesy/little boy acting when they'd announce to the class, for what I can only guess to be "I'm so educated and brilliant and yet I'm a klutz in every other aspect in life, and isn't this cute!?!?!" purposes that they just figured out how to operate the weed whacker, and that they did it all by their lil' lonesome self. In other words what's the big deal. Great. Donnie's learning to swim. White men can't jump, blacks don't swim. Whoopie. It is bad, not BaD, radio if you ask me.

Ron said...

Put me down for overthinking the Pants Finnegan bit.

As for Donovan learning to swim, I would rather hear about that than talk of golf, tennis, or soccer.

Anonymous said...

I can assure you Gordon is making fun of a new sales guy in the cluster. He claims he created sports talk radio in San Diego. Quit overthinking stuff like this.

birq said...

When will all the Anonymi get it through their thick head(s) that overthinking is what this site does?

2:23 Anon, you're an idiot. The Ticket playing Angels games is just plain weird. It makes a lot more sense to play the Top 10 or Yahoo (or CBS or whatever the network is right now) than Angels/Giants or Angels/Tigers or whoever it is. Yes they're a team in our division, but what kind of listenership is that going to have? What good does this do advertisers? Who's going to tune in an Angels game other than an Angels fan, and they're already going to be streaming the local feed or watching it on dish.

Anonymous said...

The Ticket doesn't care about advertisers in between the hours of 9PM and 5AM. The Angels game is a non-issue.

Anonymous said...

One thought about the Donovan swim thing: I heard the initial bit when Corby set it up with "Dirk" at the Cooper Clinic who teaches Corby's kids to swim. It is (1) an innocent bit, (2) a paid ad by Dirk and/or the Cooper Clinic, or (3) Corby finding a way to get free privileges at the Cooper Clinic for the promo. I'll vote #3.

Anonymous said...

4. Corby score-boarding us by mentioning how he works out at the Cooper Clinic.

I vote 4.