Wednesday, April 10, 2013

It Seems a Little Strange to Me

The Hardline is making fun of the lack of promotion for its trip to Chicago.

But really -- there's something very odd about this.  I can't put my finger on it, but I kind of get the feeling that this Chicago trip is the CTO tossing The Hardline a bone.  The Musers go on this cool and imaginative Texas bus tour, which is being promoted with a production-value ad.  The Hardline, the show claiming to be The Ticket baseball show of record, featuring a baseball deity no less, doesn't go to spring training.

The Hardline's Chicago trip is almost invisible.  I've heard one promo, and it's a zero-production-value rant by The Hard Ones -- just heard it again as I'm writing this -- about the lack of promotion.  Not only lack of promotion, but lack of logistical support for the trip itself.

Maybe it's a bit.  But it doesn't have that feel to it.

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Men and women, I'm completely booked, sorry for the lack of coverage lately.  Thanks to all for providing content via comments, especially information about the Morning News sports-broadcasting bracket.

I'll try to get back with something better soon.


Anonymous Ron said...

Least favorite Gordo characters:

Carlton Maxwell (today's 8:40 bit)
Generic Youth Minister
Sports Panties

DRW1961 said...

Totally speaking out of my ass, but I'm guessing that the Hardline was encouraged not to go to Spring Training this year. Wouldn't surprise me in the least if they wore out their welcome with some of their antics in the past years.

Has anyone noticed in the bracket contest that Rhyner and Greggo might be going against each other in the second round? Luck of the draw?

blergoyen said...

It would be interesting to see the MTC commenters' varied predictions as to the content for this Chicago trip.

I'll go out on a limb and predict corby will talk about forgetting his wallet on his way to the airport, going to the wrong airport, getting in a verbal scuffle with some lady at the airport, getting a bad room, name-dropping a non-celebrity who hooks him up with a suite at a better hotel, day after day of prior-night-excursion recaps, and many more unlistenable, uninteresting mishaps.

Mike Rhyner will talk about his take on all the events listed above and his review of the Steely Dan cover band he decided to check out the night before.

Danny will feign interest, silently read tweets and emails, and tell them it's time to go.

I doubt the CTO feels it necessary to promote this, as all the people that listen will listen again anyway.

Anybody else?

Anonymous Ron said...

Since it's a baseball trip I expect it to energize Mike and Danny. But there will undoubtedly be a Corby travel mishap.

TurtleCreek said...

The Hardline is trying to create fake tension between them and The Musers. Remember also fake upset Corby about shunning of Emergency Brake award. Note The Musers aren't playing the game which makes the fake tension seem like a desperate move to get attention. The Hardline is failing and these are desperate times for the struggling afternoon crue.

Anonymous Ron said...

Seems to me it's a common characteristic of all shows - being put out over poor funding, poor planning, poor engineering, poor management, etc. The Hardline is probably the most notable in this regard, but I think that mostly has to do with the crotchety demeanor of the Old Grey Wolf.

oliver'sarmada said...

TurtleCreek nailed it. It's fake tension. They've been doing this schtick for years now. I can't believe anything else would or could be made out of it by anyone who has listened to the station for a couple of years.

The Hardline Chicago trip hasn't been promoted because they themselves, until The Musers promos ran, had zero interest in promoting it. They made no "BIG ANNOUNCEMENT TOMORROW AT 5:10" or some such. Nope. It was all cool and hip and casual; typical Hardline schtick. The Musers (including their producer) actually promote what they do (well, The Hardline does when it comes to their bands--oh, but not Danny....except he still manages to put every one of his gigs in the Concert Calendar, the one he creates), but that's it. And let's not forget that the last Hardline baseball trip (nearly a week in NYC) was nothing more than a Cumulus paid vacation. One in which they did nothing, at all, except the minimum required to put on a show. And they barely did that. The Musers work hard; they are pros. The Hardline does not; only Mike is a pro, but he's so influenced by Corby and Danny, that he's become too cool for school to do anything other than the bare minimum.

Why should Cumulus promote their vacation?

deezy said...

Greg Williams has been "removed upon request" from the aforementioned sportscaster bracket. I wonder why? I'm serious, not being snarky.

slinky said... got it down brother, you got it down! Sometimes I feel sorry for Danny, with all that interest he has to feign! He's a good actor.

DA said...

CTO are in Las Vegas this week for NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) and doing their best to not have to discuss anything to do with both their debt, the possible purchase of CBS Radio, or how the FCC was holding meetings there to revitalize the AM band.

As far as the bus tour, the first thing which came to my mind after the announcement was that they are going to to what SiriusXM has promised "Opie and Anthony" to do with their show, but gets pushed back and they have the audio/video with management to illustrate it. However, with The Musers, it does feel which it would have the impact because they are just broadcasting their morning show in a town which they will have little to no connection with and then drive off to the next site. Outside of the recounting of their interaction in the bus the previous 18 hours, this falls a little flat since the shows are unlikely to have fan interaction, but of increase of Jub v. Gordo extended, personal tension will be worth it if talked about.

Anonymous said...

Do any of you actually listen to the station? They chose to go to Chicago over Spring Training. They did a segment last week about doing all the leg work for the Chicago trip. They were also mad about the Musers road trip promo virtually every break, when there wasn't even a Chicago trip promo made until this week.

deezy said...

No, we don't listen. I'm not a P-1 since spring of 1999, and _nobody_ here is a D1P1, save maybe yourself.

I was listening the afternoon that Mike talked about their not going to Spring Training (oh, wait, no I wasn't, sorry) and I don't recall them _choosing_ to not go. I don't recall them being all that upset over it, but I don't recall Mike uttering the words "We CHOSE to not go this year".

I really wish those of you who like to attack others would sack up and put a pseudonym behind your ire.

birq said...

They spent a segment talking about the new promos yesterday. I know they're doing a WWE-style fake outrage bit, but holy hell it's annoying. They come across as whiny malcontent babies, and it's not funny or amusing or entertaining in any way at all. My "needing a break from THL" phase is becoming an annual event. I just can't stand to listen to them anymore these days.

Shaggy said...

They've mentioned choosing Chicago over Seing Training a number of times over the last few weeks. At least 3 times.

deezy said...

Well, Shags, I left myself an out by saying "I don't recall", of course. Wink.

I stand corrected. I do not, however, take back what I said about the ire of anons - that S is life force-draining.

Anonymous said...

Well, he just did it. I have just turned off The Hardline for the last time. I will not listen to it again until Corby is no longer affiliated with the station.

Calling a group of people who are exercising their right to protest television shows they deem harmful a group of right wing Nazis is the last straw. I could give a rat's ass if the group is comprised of a bunch of idiots. Corby is disgusting. And what's worse, HE AGREES WITH THE GROUP WHO IS PROTESTING.

Good riddance, Hardline. Corby, one of these days your words might come back to haunt you in a court of law. I could say something else here, but it might be perceived as a threat. Believe me, I'm not threatening this idiot a-hole. I'm just saying that you can't forever speak so irresponsibly in a public forum about others and expect no consequences.

"Nazi." People like you, Corby, cheapen such words. Shame on you. Shame on you. You set a terrible example for your children.

ausgang said...

I just heard Corby's "Nazi" rant, too. I have to say that it was a pretty low moment in THL history. Pretty low, even by Corby's standards. I did notice that until the 2nd half of the story kicked in, neither Mike nor Danny peeped a word. Smartly so, I'd say. You'd think at some point, like maybe, I dunno, this point, Corby would be at the very least severely reprimanded. He's been spouting off some rather scorching politically tinged HSOs of late.

While I'm not going to shun THL until Corby is no longer on the show, I am at this time voicing a strong "please cut this crap out, now" protest. I can't imagine Mike being kosher with this latest outburst of the Snake.

It'll be interesting to see if anything comes of this. Though I highly doubt it will. But if the group he called a bunch of Nazis gets wind of it, and they've already proven themselves willing to take on network television, wouldn't you think they might come after The Ticket? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I get the sense that Corby says shocking things like that (about "the right") in order to balance out what some view as his racially insensitive and sexist comments. He definitely seems like the kind of guy that thinks that because he's a "progressive" he can make outlandish jokes and it's all good. Hence all the "this and that is so gay" but "I support their right to marry." Then he and Danny pile on Mike for not embracing the over the top characterizations of gays on television. Pretty interesting guy.

YOKOYOLO said...

That was just the Snake being the Snake. Was it smart or right to say? Probably not. But it's no different than what you hear on FOX or MSNBC or Rush Limbaugh. Yeah he's been more politically opinionated lately. Again, so what? He's that sorta guy. Love him or hate him.

Here's the rub on Corby: He rubs many the wrong way because he acts like an expert on everything. He shoots his mouth off without thinking or even knowing about a subject. Now the other hosts do this too. The difference is they'll at some point say they're talking out of their ass, they're no expert, or hey man this is just my opinion. Corby says it like it's a universal objective truth. Gordon is kinda like Corby in that sense except with Gordon, you get a guy who thinks about things and has a sort of filter he puts everything through before making an opinion known. Like the others, he too will at least leave the door open for alternative views. Yeah there are a few who make comments about pseudo intellectual Gordo. He's not. He's a guy who's trying to figure it out as he goes along. He's also an autodidact. The great thing about autodidacts is that they're interested in many things and will many times get past the surface level. The bad thing is that they self filter information that suits their views.

Look, if someone's gonna quit listening to THL because of Snake, I get it. But it's not like this is anything new. He's a WYSIWYG. There's no mystery to him.

atlanta rhythm section said...

Hey hey Plainsman. Look a like a you got yourself a new topic/thread to get rolling on: "Have We Had Enough of Corby." Look a like a many have.

Not me. Corbles is just being a shock jock. It's radio. It's theater, peoples. Lighten up Francis' and Frances'!

The Plainsman said...

Here I go out of my way to defend the guy in the last thread, as I seem to have to do with some frequency, and he goes and does something like this.

Would someone please alert me if The (Incomparable) UnTicket snags that?

Never would criticize a Confessor for bailing on a show/host he loathes. I think it would be very, very hard to sustain it for a long time. You're sitting in your car on 75, going nowhere, gotta listen to something. Maybe music, maybe NPR -- nah, not NPR -- hey, what's Richie and Greggo slinging today? Whoa. Let's just flip back to Grandpa Urine and check . . . whoo, sheesh.

Then whaddya gonna do?

But in the meantime -- I sympathize.

The Plainsman said...

823: Exactly, exactly what I have thought on many occasions about Corby and other hosts who play pretend-fun-redneck while hinting -- not all that convincingly, in my view -- of a true-blue progressive underneath. Yeah, you nailed it, thanks.

Anonymous said...

When I heard Corby's "right wing Nazis" comment, right after Danny said "That was Corby Davidson" I had to just punch out. Been listening to the Ticket since Skip Bayless said the very 1st words on the air, and I have not done that since the days of Rocco Pendola. It's getting that bad, which saddens me. It's kinda like going to your 30th high school reunion and realizing that although you recognize the names and remember the fun times you had, you now have nothing in common with these people. Oh we'll, evening drive time will give me a chance to listen to my music CDs.

Anonymous said...

You are all so dramatic with your "never listen again" propaganda. You'll be listening tomorrow and you know it.

Just Another P1 said...

These are six weeks old, but the ratings do not suggest the imminent collapse of THL. Sorry if they were posted before - I did not see them linked in previous comments. Not trying to take a side, just giving info.

D.A. said...

The Plainsman from @8:46PM

White men ages 25-54 will just turn to FM or use their USB port in their newer car to listen to other programming on their drive. Honestly, how much longer will AM radio be available in a new car and it's entertainment system? 5? 8? or 10 years?

Podcasts which they can download for free while at work will still be an issue for live radio, specifically AM

Anonymous said...

Mike has been giving the Corby disclaimer every day for years and years. "The most abrasive, polarizing figure in radio, Corby". It really shouldn't be surprising to anyone at this point that he's shock jocking it up since that's been his persona forever.

therrick said...

I listened to what Corby said, and it seemed like half things he usually says. It didn't shock me at all. I guess I have been desensitized to it.

blergoyen said...

It's not WHAT corby says, it's the ignorant contradictions that he's completely unaware of in his belief system. corby says alot of things that ring true in what greggo says. I'm paraphrasing, but I've heard greggo say , "All those people against gay marriage are complete idiots," and, "Cops should shoot first and ask questions later," in the same segment. Corby has the same ignorant, contradictory stance on race releations, etc.

Anonymous said...

The DMN Sportscaster Bracket is mildly entertaining...especially since Greggo pulled out because he would've faced Rhyner in the 2nd round! Someone from The Fan is probably going to win it all because they are all promoting this contest as if their jobs depended on it (probably true)

Dan's Beach Towel said...

Corby brought up the idea of skipping spring training and working out a Chicago trip a couple of months ago on air. I am pretty sure it was when they were discussing the 2013 Rangers schedule.I have no idea if they were being encouraged not to go to spring training or if they are just tired of going.
Corby says dumb shit all the time. At no point has he been framed as NOT being abrasive and over the top.

Anonymous said...

I just want to make sure I have this right, per some of you.

If I qualify anything I say and by extension, do, that I'm an over the top person, it's "all good"? Because that's what many of you are basically saying about Corby.

It's a pretty piss poor time we live in, it seems. Are there not limits to what can be said and how many times it/they can be said? Or are we all supposed to be "meh" about it? Oh, unless you "really" mean it? Whatever the hell that means. Thing is, I and many of you know what it means. 823 defined exactly what it means.

Sadly, I think many if not most of us have been desensitized to what ought to be offensive.

Hey 1058, think before you post. Or at least don't drink and/or smoke so much dope before you hit the publish button. Saying that you're no longer going to listen is not propaganda. Just so you know, there are some people that have limits to what and for how long they will put up with crap. I for one have been pushed over those boundaries. It doesn't mean I will stop listening to The Ticket. Only THL. Will it make one bit of difference to them, to their ratings, to any of you? Of course not. Will Corby read this and say "Hmmm, this person has a point"? Absolutely not. That isn't the point. It's not about being dramatic. It's about saying enough is enough. It's about saying I have standards; and while they're pretty damn low, they are standards nonetheless.

One final note. There's a difference between being abrasive and over the top and being ignorant and venomous. Corby has become the latter. Or rather, as the years have gone by and his success has grown, the latter has ever oozed up to the fore of his personality.

Anonymous said...

Bob and Dan just joked about asking to get out of their brackets.

Anonymous said...

Never thought I'd say this. My favorite showgram is now BaD. THL is stale and bores me to tears. Musers are great, but I dunno, I'm more into certain segments than I am the show itself. Like for instance I tune in for the EBrake or for Junior's Scattershooting or the 8:40 bit. Other than that I listen to the news on 1080. I really don't care about their take on sports anymore. It's all about feel, there's no meat. Only potatoes. If that makes sense. Well, it does to me. Norm is Norm. He's like listening to a Jimi Hendrix record. It's nice in small doses, every once in a while. BaD has it all. Meat and potatoes sports, bits, and interesting POVs on just about everything under the sun.

Here's a question that came to me today while listening (in a small dose of course) to Norm. He had the guy from Our Lads (creepy name) on. So companies like Our Lads have relationships with draftees' agents? If so, is there money involved?

deezy said...

I agree with everything you've said, 1218. I haven't quit THL, but I do agree. I didn't hear the segment that started this (I'm glad I didn't, because Holocaust/Hitler jokes/idiocy tend to make me angry) but the best thing that can happen with Corby is for a friend of his wife's to loan her a PBS live-footage documentary on the subject, and for his wife to force him to watch some of it (it wouldn't take much). Or hell, Jake's a polysci scholar, maybe he can tell Corby to cool it, and Corby out of his perceived (by me) respect for Jake will listen.

While I'm on the subject, maybe Dan's wife can put a video in his porn stash titled "(insert porn file name here).avi" containing footage of the Gestapo putting bullets in little Jewish kids, and he'll stop thinking the subject has any place in light banter as well.

None of that is why I came here, I'm afraid. I wanted to make two quick comments:
1. I've noticed that Mike no longer says "30 megabytes" on his Charter live spots - now he says "30 megs". Incidentally, that's the same thing the deep-voiced announcer says on the actual Charter commercials as well. Perhaps they've decided to eliminate any all confusion over the bit/byte thing (not because of anything that's been said here, but because it really is confusing to a lot of people?)

2. While we're on commercials, Danny really needs to stop mispronouncing Porsche ("porsh") in the Park Place Dealerships spots, a) because it makes him sound like a Chris Chris, and b) because it's just plain incorrect. The founder's name is Ferdinand "Por-SHUH". Period. Shouldn't he as KTCK's PPD "ambassador" know this?

3 (sorry). Is it me, or has the CAPTCHA gotten friendlier?

Anonymous said...

No one at The Fan is going to lose their job because of a dumb bracket. They don't care, its a joke. We found out about it the same way everyone else did. As for promoting it, they are just having fun with it, lighten up.

Anonymous said...

Who is this "we" that found out? You're the one who needs to lighten up, since it appears you can't see sarcasm with a hint of innuendo when it's right in your face. Now why don't you get back to your job at The FAN.

Oh yeah, the hosts will be losing their jobs soon enough. Francesca taking over RaGE before the summer's end. You know it and I know it.

deezy said...

Having listened to her talk to THL on my way home from work today, and now hearing her segment with D&M on The Top Ten, I'm starting to realize that I'm _really_ gonna miss Alexis.

I think back to how much I used to enjoy Barb Smith's laughter - I have a thing about contagious laughter, like Junior's when he cracks up - but Alexis just seems to be one hell of a cool chick (on-air, at least). I hope her replacement is a good one.

Anonymous said...

Anyone ever notice the Dan can't pronounce the word Program correctly? He always says pogrom, which given his fascination with Hitler explains a lot.

Anonymous said...

That's a Midwest/Northern thing. My dad's from Indiana and he can't say stolen correctly. Same with wash. It's stolden and warsh. They like to add and subtract syllables from certain words. At least he doesn't say compoooter like Sybil. But then again, he doesn't look like Sybil either.

Anonymous Ron said...

I was a little surprised at
Corby's (sort of) insinuation that Alexis was the only attractive traffic reporter they ever had. Kind of a slap in the face of those who preceded her.

And while we're on the subject of Corby, he could have used a little more grasp of the facts when he proclaimed that several presidents were at the '69 Texas-Arkansas game.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Anon Ron, but Corby and facts do not mix.

BBQ said...

The term Nazi was cheapened for the masses by Seinfeld (Soup Nazi episode). But it was cheapened long ago by progressive intellectuals who, having no real foundation from which to argue, would attack those who dared to differ in view in ad hominem fashion by calling them a Nazi. Whereas Dan is Seinfeldian, Corby is more along the lines of the progressive intellectual (though I'm not calling him an intellectual by any stretch of the imagination). The fact of the matter is, Radio Corby is an asshat. Like Richie Whitt, he's an unlikeable personality. He's a guy who says a lot of things. Most of which are wrong. But he has confidence for days, and so he states things with great conviction. Hence, Superlative Corby. Is he that way once the mics are turned off? I've no idea. I hope not, at least. Same with Whitt. I hope he's not that douchey in his everyday life. I do think, however, that Cat or someone ought to step in and, like Dan's boss in Youngstown, and slap a cease and desist on all Hitler and Nazi "ain't it a hoot" talk. It's not-a hoot, that is.

Me. I barely listen to THL anymore. I pop in for the Concert Calendar (which I must admit is dying a slow and painful death, but I keep tuning in anyway) and I'll drop by after a particularly meaningful Cowboy, Mavs, or Rangers game or issue has come up to see what Mike and Danny have to say about it. Other than that, I don't have much use for the show any longer. I haven't for quite some time now. Which is a shame, because for years it was my favorite form of media entertainment, period. Over any tv show, website, you name it. THL used to be the apple of my eye. Used to.

The Plainsman said...

Does anyone know why my hits and page views exploded todaoy? Did someone retweet Plainsman1310? WAIT -- I don't think I tweeted this post, so that's not it.

So anyone know whazzup?

(I can't get into Twitter tonight -- the worst sign-in software ever.)

atlanta rhythm section said...

I think wazzup is that obviously Ticket folk proper and from the looks of 701 FAN folk proper are VERY innerrestin' in what MTCers have to say about one Mr. Davidson's latest Snake-Looky Looky Here Comes Cookie-Shock Jock offering. Probably that and all the "done with it" Hardline chatter. It's like you and others have said, Plainsman: both emailers and commenters, though small in number, are seen to represent much larger numbers of opinions/feedback. This place is gettin' too big fo itz britches! Lovin' it!

The Plainsman said...

Ha, thanks ars.

Actually, I was getting a lot of visitors from Google, and in checking back it looks like people looking for info on Alexis, who was featured on a couple of shows yesterday.

I heard from a couple of Persons Who Know Things about Radio Things in the last few months who said that this site is "getting "traction."

So please, continue to Day-Confess Responsibly.

MTC has been around long enough and gets enough regular traffic that if anyone is looking for anything "Ticket" on Google, this site shows up at or near the top of the first page.