Sunday, April 28, 2013

Early Newbury Thinkings

In the recent past and in the last thread, Confessors have sung the praises of David Newbury and wished for the day when we might hear him more permanently.

I join both sentiments.  He brings the kind of hard-core wonk sportsiness seen hitherto only in Bob, sometimes Norm.  Maybe another one or two over the years that aren't coming to mind.  

The following are not misgivings, just observations:

(1)  He's not a Tickety guy.  He plays nothing for yuks, which may be a breath of fresh air, but he conveys the feeling that he does not entirely approve of other participants doing so.   I'm unsure whether he would be an effective solo host, but I would think that any more Tickety co-host would have to be pretty strong and mature.  Recall that matters did not go smoothly with David and Matt McClearin.

I'm thinking David Moore, another guy I could stand to hear a lot more of. They could call the show "Welcome to the Boomtown," or, perhaps just "the Boomtown," to which they could "welcome" listeners at the outset.

Look it up.

(2) He's a Sturm-Sports-Bully starter kit -- again, quite possibly a good thing.  Sometimes falls into forest-for-the-trees syndrome, however.  Not keenly interested in alternative viewpoints.

Having said this, hoping The Ticket continues to find opportunities to showcase him.

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ausgang said...

Good observations, Plainsman.

I agree with the Newbury For A Permanent Host Position campaign. But I also share Plainsman's concerns. I like sports wonkery. I like Newbury's style of it. Though I wonder if I would feel the same way if he had an East Coast accent? There's something about the Shorty Defazio/Touchdown Brothers type of 'tude and voice that rubs me the wrong way, regardless of the substance of their thoughts. Yes, I'm aware that's a prejudice on my part. And there is the forest for the trees issue that David has (which he has in common with Donnie, by the way). David has an opinion; one that he has thought through carefully; one that he arrived at by research and analysis. In short, he's invested in the opinion. And because of this, he isn't terribly interested in what anyone else has to say--unless they agree with him and want to add onto the opinion. As well, he can become audibly frustrated and exasperated with others (and not just with that weird and well, I'm going to call it like I see it, immature fool, Matt McClearin). Neither knock, I would guess, is something a PD sees as a little wrinkle that can be ironed out. So he would either need his own show or a partner who can challenge and soften him. Moore would be ideal. But that isn't going to happen. He's tied with Wilonsky; and in my opinion, he prefers the more social/pop culture inclined pop psychology musings of IG than he would sports wonkery.

As much as I'd like to hear Newbury on a regular basis, I'm not sure if there's a spot for him other than Ticket Sports Sat/Sun, Cowboy pre/post shows, and special programming like the draft. Well, there's one other possibility. It's a reach. But what about Newbury as the Norm in waiting? A tacit understanding that when Norm retires or is forced out, that slot is his. Again, it's quite a reach.

cactusflinthead said...

Voting for saddling him with someone who is always ready to goad him and be the contrarian. Wonks by their very nature need to be challenged often on their data. Norm has the ability to distance himself from the data and laugh at it and himself. Can you imagine Newbury doing the name game? I suspect part of his frustration was with Jerry and the Cowboy's inexplicable trade and picks. If it was with Donnie or Corby or Bob then so be it, I welcome it in fact. A lot of the time I wanted him to shut up. When Corby blurted out "What's the point?" in regards to analyzing what the Cowboys/Jerry might do next it summed up the pointless nature of trying to figure out what is going on in that comedy of errors they call a war room. Trying to find a pattern in the wanderings of a june bug might be more productive.

I got a grin from the latest (last?)Stars post game show and the Blogs! I don't think they are going anywhere until proven otherwise.

Norm will retire when he is physically incapable of hobbling up to the studio or they pry the microphone away from his lifeless hand.

Anonymous said...

If "What's the point?" sums up the pointless nature of what is going on, then why is the station spending the money to cover the draft? I think Newbury's reaction to the Corby's and those with that attitude is justified. If they aren't there to try to figure out, analyze, and report what's going on, then what exactly is the point? Is Corby right? Probably. But the same thing can be said for the entire sports analysis business. Which includes the talk radio side of things. If that's the case, then dump the sports and go all guy/lifestyle talk, like the old Live 105 station was. Go all Bubba the Love Sponge or Howard Stern all the time. Truth be told, I think a lot of the younger demo would welcome it.

After listening to The Shake Joint, count Jake and Sean (especially Jake) into forest for the trees/Newbury camp. If it isn't metrics-based, Mr. Kemp isn't interested in hearing about it. I'd like to see Jake paired up with someone older and more experienced. I think he could benefit greatly from it. He's definitely got a lot of upside to him, but at times his inexperience and age is glaring. Very Dylan the Teenager. The implicit "You just don't understand what I'm getting at here because you see things in an antiquated way" bit he throws down whenever he's disagreed with grows tiresome. He needs to be paired with someone whom he respects and sort of fears.

cactusflinthead said...

The point is that Jerry has his head so messed up that no amount of analysis will be sufficient to plumb the madness. Other picks and other teams? Sure, they make reasonable decisions. Well, some of them do. Jerry does not.

Anon sounds a whole lot like lovin who sounds a whole lot like John from Plano. I like fart drops and baby arms mixed in with my sports talks, thanks. Hearing Bob hoping for another wheels off decision by Jerry in hopes that it would draw Jub offsides was one of the more memorable moments of the weekend. Sports Sturm and Uncle Norm like bits as much as anybody. Norm was the one that coined the drop uncoached "Bits are fun." yessir they sure are.

pDubLahey said...

@ anon (3:28)
I agree with your thoughts on Jake. I'm a huge Jake P1, and I believe he has bunches of potential and just needs a bit of molding. He is pretty new at on air, after all.

@ Cactusflinthead
First of all, I like your style, Dude, and second of all, you hit the nail on the head with your thoughts on Newbury, as well as Bob. I think that's what really the Cobra needs more than any show prep or some such. "The Adventures of Jerry the GM" can sit on it; I wanna hear Danny and GenX Davy talk Rangers and/or Mavs, and then I wanna hear some Heloise and "Dallas" talk. And I have zero interest in watching "Dallas" but I Love hearing the fellas' thoughts on methane pressurization and so forth.

We're all black friends!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that both DubLayeh or whatever or however the hell you spell that and cactusflinthead are definitely younger voices.

If the way of the future is embracing chaos. Count me out. And you can bet your ass that those who love the chaos will sooner rather than later count their collective ass out too. Unless you dig the fun times that the Grubes is My Leader/Rowdy Hatin' Walt forums begat. If you do like that sort of stuff, well then have it.

Anonymous said...

You ARE the reason radio is nose diving. You want ALL of your entertainment to be immediate, dumb, dumber, and in your (s'cuse me, in YO) face. You are the perfect consumer idiot. You think you're in control and smart. But you're not. You are a stooge. A useful idiot.

Anonymous said...

Been reading Newbury's Twitter feed. He might come off as this or that to some of you, but if you read what he's saying to others, he seems pretty humble. Seems like a guy that's really passionate about a sport in all its facets, and is willing to make declarative statements he'll stand by.

Isn't that what we want in our sports analysts?

Anonymous said...

lovin'everyminuteofit here.

No, That wasn't me. I stand by my thoughts. If I have something to say, I say it.

So I'll say something: Someone said in the last thread that they thought I was duckandcover. You know what? I think cactusflinthead is duckandcover. Know why? Because (and here's a compliment your way) s/he is well written and s/he seems to not be able to let anything go. I mean you're either gonna agree or s/he's gonna keep posting to you either agree to disagree or shut up. AND this cactusflinthead can't let anything go. S/he will pick up a disagreement from one thread and bring it to another. JUST LIKE DUCK DID.

So come on, cactus. Fess up. Or better yet. Quack up. Shit. You're like Rich Phillps, you're a Sports Duck. Admit it.

cactusflinthead said...

Nope, I am the same person I have been since I turned up here. Same 40something that does not listen to Ron and Don or Stern or any of the other radio shows you mentioned last time.

I have never felt that sports was served best by the same dry analysis afforded by the mentality of a soils professor. It ought to have personality. We are not discussing Algonquinian things. Yes, I do know the reference. You had heaps and plenty of dry as toast analysis from Newbury. If you can't stand the shtick along the way, well sucks to be you then, because there will be plenty of that at the Ticket whether you like it or not. Norm and the name game are going to be part of the presentation.

The Plainsman said...

I'm a fan of sabermetrics and have been since I started buying those Bill James annuals years ago. No doubt that data mining has helped some teams and anyone who wants to be competitive had better have a cruncher.

What's fascinating, and what guys like David N need to bear in mind (and maybe he does -- I'm not intending here to be critical of him), is that the same universe of numbers doesn't always tell the same story. There's still an enormous amount of subjectivity in which parameters are tied to which elements of performance, which guys have the character and skill to perform to their past numbers -- lotsa things. Especially true, I would think, with very young men who have never played a down of pro ball.

And I'm always reminded of that scene from Godfather II. The Mob had Havana all figured out, all the angles covered, all the dollars and cents leveraged under the watchful eye of Hyman Roth (Meyer Lansky). Investing in casinos under Batista was a sure thing. The money poured in from the Teamsters and wealthy connected guys and who knows who. Michael Coreleone arrived in Havana with a suitcase full of cash for Roth.

But Michael, being driven through the streets of Havana one day, saw a young man being pursued by cops blow himself and a couple of the cops to smithereens rather than be captured. And Mike thought -- hmm, something's afoot in Cuba, something heartfelt and powerful and beyond the Mob's radar. He declined to invest and you know the rest.

Sports and all other human endeavors share the same characteristic. The numbers and angles and odds only take you so far. It's the people who can spot the sizzle at the margins of those oceans of data who are going to win in the sabermetrics game.

Where you azzoles been?

Anonymous said...

The comments section was closed. Go look at the later comments from the last thread. A panic has begun. Better let the masses know all is OK in MTC Land.

Anonymous said...

I should say that the comments section on this thread has been closed since sometime Sunday morning. Now that you've posted, it's back open. Like I said, you have some concerned Confessors. Check out the previous thread.

T4 In Rockwall said...

I can make a good guess where some of these Anons are from, but I won't put a name in type because I've seen them report back at this place and they feed off of it anyway. I'm assuming that's where the 3:03 post from today is from. If I'm wrong, forgive me, but that's why I don't visit said site anymore.

Now, let's get back to good Ticket talk.

T4 In Rockwall said...

I do have to admit that I like when THL comes back from a commercial playing classic country. It's right up Mike and Danny's alley, but I'm sure it annoys Corby to no end. They just played some Kenny Rogers...greatness.

BBQ said...

I just saw this:

@SkinWade 97.9 the beat will be so great with the Ben and Skin Show. Can't wait!!
Retweeted by Jeff Wade

I was tipped off at the radio-info dfw board.

There was also a rumor that Chris Arnold will be leaving for The Beat as well. But I haven't seen anything about it since the original Tweet-rumor. So I doubt there's anything to it. Then again, as CA would say "Ya neva know."

Seeing how Skin Retweeted the info, I wonder if this is true? Just because Greggo said B&S were going to take over their slot doesn't mean it's true. After all, this is the same Greggo who had no idea he was in danger of getting fired.

So if B&S end up somewhere else other than The FAN, what happens to their PM drive? Surely they aren't considering keeping K&C Masterpiece there? Those guys are still doing their weekend show. What PM drive show also works weekends...mornings??? Besides, while they're aren't terrible, they are not PM drive material. At least not yet. I can't imagine Spittle and CBS would go that route.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone hear Junior's HSO on the NBA player who came out of the closet? I didn't hear it on the Top Ten. I'm always interested in Junior's HSO's. If anyone can recap what he said, I'd be much obliged.

The Plainsman said...

BBQ: So Ben/Skin not going to The Fan. The DFW sports-talk landscape is in greater turmoil than we had imagined, after all the hoopla about B/S going to Fan PM drive.

But isn't this interesting?? A honkin' sportsy show on an R&B/HipHop station. Legacy Confessors will recall this site's speculation on "Who Will Create the First Black Ticket"? ( (Phrase that pays from that article: "And maybe I'd do it the same way that white sports-talk got started -- put an evening sports show on an urban station and see what happens." Although I confess (of course) that I did not have in mind two of the pastiest hosts out there. Any notion of what time of day B/S will be broadcasting?) This doesn't get the job done, but it's a really fascinating and, I think, bold programming move.

If it's true.

858: Junior was very skeptical that Jason Collins could be classified as an "active" player -- which is where the big deal supposedly is in all this hoopla -- since, as an aged free agent, he may well have played his last NBA game irrespective of gender preference. I agree that this was ho-hum the minute it hit.

Anonymous said...

I think some of you guys need to calibrate your sarcasm meters.

Shaggy said...

Yeah, Ben and Skin are not going to 97.9.

If you follow them at all, you know that they will be shouting their new job from the rooftops, not re-tweeting a random joke tweet.

The Plainsman said...

Hey, thanks, Shaggy. I had a feeling someone might be gigging the Twitterverse, but I was actually at work and didn't have time to follow up, and thought I'd take the opportunity to flog an old post. More errors from Your Plainsman.

But -- weren't B/S supposed to have started on The Fan by now? I can't recall what we were told.

And I still think a RB/HH station putting on an evening sports call-in show, or maybe a morning one -- when are RB/HH listeners least likely to want to hear music? -- is a great idea.

Shaggy said...

Ben & Skin's non-compete expired at midnight monday night/tues morning.

Anonymous said...

Ben said they would start on early may.

My guess is they start mondat

BBQ said...

Just to clarify, I didn't claim B&S were going to The Beat. I was only "reporting" what I'd seen on the radio-info DFW board and what I saw on Twitter (directed to, by the DFW board).

A quick look at The FAN's page shows the following as their lineup (notice there is no PM drive--sorry K&C fans):
New School

Elf & Slater

Gavin & Chris

If B&S's non-compete expired Monday or Tuesday, or even today, wouldn't The FAN be shouting from the rooftops about their new PM drive show? Specially if it's debuting as soon as Monday. After all, it's their most important show. We saw how RaGE was promoted for 4 years; they were the end all/be all for the station. I can't imagine the new show won't be, either. Maybe they are FAN-bound, but if they are (and I tend to think they are), once again CBS is going about something in a screwy way.

Birdie said...

I noticed the same thing, BBQ. Also notice how the evening show is not called The G-Bag Nation. It's the Gavin and Chris program. That wasn't the way it read on the site two weeks ago.

PURE speculation on my part, but I think B&S are going to 97.1. I also think 97.1 made a run at Chris Arnold, and that The FAN gave him equal billing with Gavin, both in title and in salary, in order to keep the only show of theirs that garners good ratings (yes, yes, yes, we all know how they get those ratings: they're going up against, well, nothing, really--but ratings are ratings and they bring in advertising $$$). Furthermore, and in reference to Mike's "we'll find out soon enough if we can go up against those boys" (referencing East Coast shows), I'm thinking Francesa will soon be, ahem, gracing our airwaves via syndication. The guy just got Sirius XM Stern money from CBS. You think they gave him that kind of dough only to be broadcasted in the NYC metro-area? No way. Besides, B&S already failed on The FAN. They failed under Gavin Spittle's first go around. You mean to tell me that he was brought back to, let's call it what it is, save/salvage the station and his first major move is to get rid of the failed "flagship" show and replace it with a now twice failed duo who already failed once before on the same station? I don't think so. Spittle wants to keep his job and hopefully climb up the chain. B&S on The Beat (or anywhere else but the 3 sports stations) makes perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

Birdie, you can't be the same person who has a little birdie. Can you be? Can't be, because there's no mention of a little birdie.

Whatever it is, you make some interesting points and observations.

I wouldn't mind Francesa coming here. I think Mike R vastly overestimates the appeal of THL brand and vastly underestimates not only the talent of Francesa but also the huge amount of sports fans in this area that don't listen to terrestrial, local sports talk and who would listen to Francesa. There are SO many out there that listen to him and others like him via the internet and Sirius. The Ticket is a big deal. So's THL. A big deal around these parts and one that other parts of the country have tried to emulate, mostly unsuccessfully. For some reason, it seems to be a Texas, but more specifically N Texas, thing. Though it has worked well in Houston. Most of the sports stations around the country that tried to adopt The Ticket formula either out and out failed or eventually reverted back to generic hardcore sports talk (with a bit of the goofy stuff). That speaks to the talent of The Ticket hosts. It also speaks to the taste of the majority of sports talk listeners. Contrary to what a lot of you guys and The Ticket hosts say, most sports fans want to hear hardcore, caller-driven, sports talk. Francesa would provide that here. While there is some of that around, there is no one on his level. I hope it happens. I think it'll upset the apple cart a bit. The Ticket, and more specifically THL, could use some upsetting. THL needs to be pushed. It would be a win-win for us all.

pDubLahey said...

I love Ben and Skin; it was the only thing I looked forward to when 1310 goes to break. I could see B/S on the Beat. They have a long and well-documented love of hip hop, and it could serve them well to tweak their format.

@ 11:47
I too share a fascination to see how THL would fare against a legit, big-time national show. (plus they could replace e-news with the Fake Mike Francesa Show. "We got a new pope? the cardinal from Argentina is new new pope? I don't know how to say his... Brojolio?)
I agree that healthy competition would push THL and that would surely be a win-win-win.

To your point about the tastes of the majority of sports listeners, while popularity does seem to indicate that, how many alternatives from the ESPN cookie cutter do we have? It's an interesting chicken-or-egg scenario. I suppose I'm in the minority, but I love listening to the Ticket for not just HSO's but straight-up humor. My thirst for comedy and entertainment is the main reason I listen. Rangers/Cows/Mavs are a very big part of my life too, and the Little Ticket usually strikes a "just right" balance for me. Bill Simmons and Grantland have achieved success on a national scale with a similar approach to the Ticket (equal emphasis on sports, pop culture and humor; constantly willing to take risks or express new ideas; and contains detailed and nuanced niche sports coverage, usually from a fan's perspective.)

I theorize that a big reason for Ben and Skin's lack of success is that they were plucked from the Ticket, and they then tried to fit their esoteric shtick into that broad, classic hardcore caller-driven sports talk model like one of them round pegs. I hope they can find a proper venue. I know I'll be tuning in irregardless.

Nip Nip, Weiner

Steve said...

Well, BaD destroyed Jim Rome locally if that gives you any indication of how things will go. I'd be pretty shocked if Francesca made any headway here in the event they do bring his show in but I haven't actually ever listened to it so I'm obviously making some assumptions. The nationally syndicated shows have a pretty poor track record going against the ticket.

It's worth pointing out that it's not just the market (Texas or DFW) which is the major reason for the ticket's success. Everyone that tries to copy their formula locally fails as well. I lean towards agreeing with Mike R that it's just a very precise formula which they're able to pull off and others can't quite capture the magic.

DA said...


The case could be made that Francesa took a pay cut to remain with WFAN and CBS. The money is nearly identical to the his previous three year contract. However, his Sunday morning NFL preview show will now be syndicated over the CBS Sports Radio network, plus, CBS finally placed WFAN on the FM signal for simulcast in NYC earlier this year, as opposed to just running on an AM clear channel, Class A signal.

To whomever said that "Dr. Carlton Maxwell" was a tired character who was never funny last month, I totally agree even before the Jason Collins announcement.

Anonymous said...

There's more chatter on Skin's Twitter feed that's indicating The Beat. He's not denying it. Their Facebook page is saying their non-compete is up and that an announcement is on its way. As well, they are asking for listener input as to what the new show ought to be like. Meanwhile, The FAN's site makes no mention of B&S or any show for their pm drive.

Sounds to me like B&S aren't going to The FAN. Though obviously I could be wrong. I'd lay bets on either The Beat or some other avenue. What about satellite? Crazier things have happened. I mean, Big Dick Hunter's Wild Ass Circus was chosen by Rick Dees to become syndicated. Now, that one didn't work out too well, and quite frankly I can't imagine B&S faring well either, but it did happen nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

@pDub You make a good point about Rome. However, Rome at that time was on television everyday. That's what he was known for. Moreover the sort of sports fan I'm talking about no longer sees Rome as an upper echelon personality/analyst. Francesa is a different animal than Rome. Always has been. The thing is, there are more fantasy sport/stats geeks sports fans now than ever before. The market for that kind of listener is huge, and due to The Ticket's success it pretty much doesn't exist in this area. In short there is a very sizable market out there that is untapped. Spittle and CBS know they can't do what THL does; they know that at best they'll always and forever fight to be a distant 2nd at best. To try and corner the hardcore sports fan by way of a Fracesa would be a smart and possibly extremely fruitful move.

As I'm typing this, THL is talking about Francesa. And not in an unflattering manner. They know better. Funny.

Shaggy said...

There has been no additional chatter on Skin's twitter about 97.9 since he RTed that initial tweet a few days ago. What are you talking about?

The Plainsman said...

Ben and Skin must be larfing up their sleeves at the speculation they've unleashed. Here and elsewhere,

Unfortunately, sooner or later they'll have to broadcast.

I know zero about Mike Francesa. I see "hard-hitting," "serious," "egotistical." And hugely successful, Talker magazine (sometimes referred to here) naming him No. 1 on the list of 100 most important sports talk hosts in the USA. Well, if he does go against The Hardline, all those who have advised us that they've been yearning for serious competition for Mike and Corby will have their chance to see if MF fits the bill.

I'll bet anything that if a Big Name pulls up next door, you will see a noticeable uptick in show prep at the very minimum, and much less of Checkout Mike.

Actually . . . I've always really liked the Rome radio show. I was living in San Diego when he started doing weekends there. Very interesting that he did not succeed here. Before my time.

DA said...

Francesa's show runs Noon-5:30 Central. Adding him to a DFW FM station will ruin any local advertising which they currently have. Why run along with him?

I somewhat understand that The Fan may have to "take a chance", but when there already are two national shows on your own network ready to plug-in :Doug Gottleib from 2-5P and Chris Moore and former Longhorn Brian Jones from 5-9P, there is little reason to use Francesa when the nation can just go to and hear his show on the internet or stream from their phone.

Also, CBS Corp. had record Q1 revenues this year but you can read to see that CBS Radio revenue was flat compared to 2012.

slinky said...

Everyone keeps talkin about "pushing the Hardline". Trust me, THL are not going to get any better. THL thrives because of no competition, and good ol Ticket loyalty! The only "push" the Hardline will get, will be out the door once their act grows too thin.

The Plainsman said...

Great stuff, DA, keep it up. Really pleased that we have someone with some industry knowledge checking in on these topics.

I'm not so ready to dig terrestrial radio's grave -- still lots of folks who get their radio via car radios. So I probably find it a little more sensible that a nationwide satellite/online star would be popped on the air -- perhaps delayed in DFW -- to try to bust The Hardline's dominance.

DA said...

@The Plainsman
Detroit and the rest of the auto industry does not see uses for the typical in-car AM/FM terrestrial radio past 2020.

As I said a few topics ago, if FM tuners are activated on US smartphones, which the radio industry just got Sprint to do, there is greater hope.

And know this about Francesa. His demo has gotten younger not because of the move to FM (a move which reportedly is to be fully complete in January 2014 due to the Yankees wanting to stay with CBS and also finally be on FM), but in part to his show being aired on the YES Network, so kids can record it and put was used to be a mystery on YouTube. His blunders are open to all.

Adding a NYC host to a DFW station goes away from the current CBS format for content: Go Local on FM and National on AM. They have done that fully in two markets in which they have multiple sports stations like Detroit and Tampa/St. Pete.

As far as The Ticket, sadly, I love the NFL Draft and listened to their delayed coverage while watching on TV and was still glad I did. Our "College Football blowhard" did blow since if a player did not play either TCU or OU this season, he was left to just say, "Who???" Escobar played TCU while they were in the MWC, so he should have known about him.

cactusflinthead said...

One of the strongest cases against abandoning terrestrial radio airwaves in favor of Wi-Fi or 4G-streaming is the current limits of new technologies: In most U.S. markets, there is inconsistent wireless coverage; and using cellphone data plans is becoming more costly as telecommunications companies tighten unlimited options.

From The Detroit News:

Look at those coverage maps for your phone. There are some big blank areas out there in the hinterlands. I can pick up the Ticket all the way to the outskirts of Brownwood. I hit dead spots on the phone every other valley. The Ford guy summed it up well when he said that drivers want more options. You can't depend on 4G out there in the boonies.

The Plainsman said...

DA, that article did not support your statement beyond the quote from one non-manufacturer analyst, and actual car guys seemed to think that radio was here to stay, albeit in different forms. (Ford "has no plans" to eliminate AM/FM.) True it may be that delivery may be through different technologies (yes, several non-terrestrial), but consumers still want overwhelmingly want radios in their cars and it's doubtful that demand will vanish in the next seven years.

But our disagreement, which is pretty mild all things taken, probably misses the point -- the issue here is content. Who will listen to what when? "How" may be up for grabs and changing technologies will no doubt affect how we listen to our favorites -- but the point is, there will still be favorites -- ad/subscription money will flow there, and away from the content that doesn't grab the ear.

I can no longer recall what this has to do with Ben & Skin, and poor Newbury has been forgotten entirely.

The Plainsman said...

Heh, CFHead, you and DA cited the same article. God, I love this joint.

Speaking of this joint, April was our best month ever. We've come a long way since MTC's daily hits were in the low single digits.

Thank you, RaGE.

DA said...

@The Plainsman and cactusflinthead:
The first productions cars with USB were out in early 2006, years after mp3 players and the iPod were common. Detroit and the rest of the auto industry cannot be five years behind as they were with that technology and know it.

To Anon 6:31P:
What satellite slot would Ben & Skin be able to obtain? The only one I could see would be nights on Mad Dog Radio, an XM station and the slot currently with Dino Costa. Costa has been with Sirius/XM and Mad Dog since the start but his contract is done this year, he elected to move back to the Rockies (Wyoming) from NYC in 2012, and has butted heads with Russo and higher management. Doing a show in DFW does not really assist Sirius/XM.

Lastly, to go back to Francesa, WFAN in the AM only format was still in the top 10 of radio stations in terms of ad revenue. For the third year in a row, WTOP in DC, an all-news station was #1 while in the #9 overall market. WFAN was #9, and except for WTOP being owned by Hubbard, rest of the top ten is all CBS and ClearChannel with those stations all in the top 3 markets (NYC, LA, Chicago). Cumulus is not in the top 10.

DA said...

@The Plainsman:
Remember, The Ticket's demo of white men is still getting older, and remaining on the AM dial hurts them more and more each year.

Tim Brando's twitter rant on Monday didn't help much of the demo even within southern sportstalk radio. Then again, nobody listens to Yahoo! Sports Radio or watches his show and the repeat on CBS Sports Network