Thursday, May 2, 2013

I Was On Jerry's Season Ticketholder Conference Call So You Didn't Have to Be

Jerry speaks.  Photo either taken by an extremely tiny human
or the angle was calculated to make Jerry appear magisterial, Olympian,
This morning Junior discussed the Jerry/Season Ticketholder call and hoped that someone who heard it would report in.  There's this article's hook to The Ticket.

Actually .  .  .  I'm not a Cowboys season ticketholder, but I was in office of a rather prominent Cowboys fan trying  to sell him some sodbusting services and he invited me to hang around and listen to the call.  This guy is a huge fan – he owns a fair amount of the old Cowboys Stadium – and is very sophisticated about matters football.  He's owned season tickets for decades. 

He's furious at Jerry Jones.

After the call, he's still furious.

Entirely understandable.  The call was a put-up job.

When my host wasn't speaking to me, he was talking back to the speakerphone.  "Listen to that," he said, incredulous.  "It's coach-talk.  He hangs out with coaches and thinks he understands football, but he doesn't."  Indeed, what I heard of the call – about a half-hour of it – was jargon-filled and sounded ludicrous coming from the mouth of someone who is supposed to be a general manager.   The voice betrayed the type we've all encountered, the guy who knows a little but not quite enough to realize how ignorant he is. 

Oh, but the best was yet to come.  The "call-in questions."

My companion had put himself in the cue to ask a question, and was advised that there were callers ahead of him in the low four figures.   At one point during the call, however, a voice broke in and asked my host what his question was.   The voice was very polite and respectful, friendly.  My host asked his question – a solid, knowledgeable respectful question about the offensive line – and the guy said wow, what a great question, I hope they get to you, and that was the end of that.

Then there were the calls.

Confessors, if all you knew about the Cowboys fan was based on the couple handfuls of questions they got to yesterday, you would swear that Jerry is universally beloved, highly respected by fans.   A majority of the calls I heard were taken were from out-of-town fans.  What they were doing with their season tickets was unclear.  One I heard was from a woman who giggled and flirted and couldn't believe she was speaking to The Great Man.   All of the questions, without exception, were beach balls to be batted back into the mesosphere  on the wings of Jerry's garbled rhetorical flights.  Nothing even remotely challenging.

It couldn't have been more clear – either Jerry had instructed the screeners not to let through any of the countless angry fans, or the screeners know where their butts are breaded and ensured that no typical season ticketholders got through.  

Proof:  I swear on my sainted Mother's Beasley Reece jersey -- one of the first callers thanked him for the three Super Bowl rings and the new stadium. 

At the end of the call, auditors were invited to record their question after the beep.  Now those would have been worth hearing.

If the call was intended to placate angry Cowboys fans, it was not only a failure, it was the next-in-line of the hundreds of exhibits to the indictment of the clownish administration of this once-respected franchise.

Why is this man smiling?

*     *     *

I've got a theory of why the Cowboys' business continues to thrive in the face of this incompetence.  I can summarize it in one sentence.  The theory is wrong, quite wrong, I'm certain, but I like it so remind me in a week or so to write about it.

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blergoyen said...

Great post Plainsman. I didn't know this call went on. But I can imagine it had the same positive spin as the Lehman Brothers shareholder's meeting in 2008.

I still remember the old guy that called in to the Musers (I think) when Jerry used to have a weekly call on The Ticket. He started off with the same language most angry fans do when Jerry cut him off and asked him (really told, not asked),"Did you like those three Superbowls? I hope you did. I hope you did very much." He'll say that out loud or in his mind to angry fans for the rest of his life.

James said...

Wow. That's an eye-opening post. Thanks for this.

Also, what in the world is "sodbusting"?

blergoyen said...

Head's up plainsman. You just got mentioned by name, "My Ticket Confession," by one of the Sirois brothers on Norm's show. I'd be curious to hear about any spike in your web views.

Anonymous said...

Greggo has resurfaced on Twitter. Good read on his timeline as he answered some fans' questions (@TCUWhiteTrash)

Anonymous said...

What did they say about it?

Anonymous said...

Sirloin gave a nice plug for MTC; explaining what the q&a session was about. After hearing that, Norm, in his ever blinders on way, went on to claim that this blaming of Jerry is a recent thing, and that it's our problem/fault. That according to our (us fans and the media) thinking, Jerry is solely to blame and that the coaches and players have no role in almost 20 years of mediocre to subpar Cowboy football. It was pretty amazing. It's as if he forgot that Jerry is the owner, president, and GM. In Jerry's own words: "I make all the final decisions: from the socks to the jocks."

I'm so glad that I realized several years back just how f'd up this organization is; how absolutely screwed it is. I follow the team, but I no longer live and die by them. It's a hell of a lot easier on the health. Took a while to get there, but no that I'm there, there I shall remain.

Oh, and for all of you out there that think once Jerry retires or dies things will get better. I've been saying this for nearly 5 years now and it's becoming more evident with every time he opens his mouth: Stephen Jones IS his father. When/if he takes over for Jerry nothing will change. Absolutely nothing. Bet the farm on it. He too thinks he's a football man. He too loves the sound of his own voice. And he too craves the spotlight and attention.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the summary; that's pretty cool. I refuse to give Jerry any of my money and I'm just continually shocked at how much people are willing to get fleeced to attend Cowboys games at the new stadium (between PSLs, parking, concessions, it's just insane).

I'll definitely check out Greggo's blog when he gets it up and running... it should be interesting. I just hope he doesn't think he's going to make money off of it.

birq said...

I just got caught up on Greggo's Twitter feed. Man, he's wheels-off. He's soliciting content for his soon-to-be-neglected blog from anyone and everyone, begging people to get specific about topics they want him to rant on. You'd think he'd have a whole decade's worth of material stacked up that he could release a piece at a time, like Full Disclosure in blog form. Of course 95% of it would be lies and exaggerations, but that's part of the magic of Greggo.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Brad Gilbert said...

Check out Greggo's twitter feed. You'll see that he said, in essence, "Someone give me some work, etc." A college (?) kid said he did a show, and they couldn't pay, but would love for Greggo to stop on. He agrees to it. As I am reading it, I know there is no way he does it. The college kid goes on in his twitter feed to promote a special guest...then later tweets how they had a good show in spite of their special guest not coming through. I never checked back to see if there was a reason given, but seems like the same - old Greggo.

cactusflinthead said...

After blazing through the anger stage at the man I am well into apathy. I can't gin up a good mad for Jerry any more without hearing one of his word salad pronouncements. That usually does the trick. I am glad I did not hear a long line of hopeful and happy Cowboy fans, that might have ruined an otherwise productive day.

I see no reason to believe that they will be appreciably better this year or any time in the next decade. Bracing for another year of mediocrity.

The Plainsman said...

Yes, it was a banner day around My Ticket Confession International Headquarters.

To the best of my knowledge, Mike S's utterance of "My Ticket Confession" on the air in reference to this site was a first. Mike, no need to credit the site if there's anything here you can use, but we appreciated it. Thanks a lot.

Dan once said he had a confession to make -- then he paused and said that it was "my ticket confession" -- a sly reference, but not in connection with anything appearing here. Rick Arnett has mentioned the site a few times, but he didn't have it in front of him and the name escaped him.

Of perhaps even greater significance is that I picked up Mike S as a Twitter follower, as well as The UnTicket. Increasing the possibility of retweets to a broader audience when something of interest emerges here (or I tweet a devastating bon mot on the events of the day).

Thanks again to Mike and Norm for a little pub. Glad I could provide some information of value.

slinky said...

Someone needs to hire Greggo. If nothing else, he's good radio. Listen to all the drops THL play. Thats about all they have these days.

Anonymous said...

Greggo is not good radio. Nobody in their right mind would ever hire that man again.

blergoyen said...

Part of Greggo's problem is that he was out of the spotlight for so long that everyone forgot about him other than P1's and maybe P2's. I don't think he did much to re-build any of that momentum, brand recognition or whatever you want to call it. When he got fired a week or two ago, 99% of the DFW listening audience didn't even notice. He's supposed to launch his super-blog today, and I'd be curious to see where that website ranks in terms of hits after the first week. Is there any way to see those numbers?

Anonymous said...

Greggo won't be hired again and he doesn't deserve to be.

Anonymous said...

The guy who wants to kick George's ass called in to Emergency Brake this morning. Coincidence?

The Plainsman said...

Missed it! Was listening, then a guy came into the corral and wanted my guidance on some sodbusting thing or other.

The question is: Was it the same guy, or only a Confessor who decided to assume his mantle, having seen the demand for E-Brake-George-ass-kick-threats on this site?

In any case, Your MTC accepts all suggestions of reference on The Ticket with due humility and eye-arching skepticism.

deezy said...

@907 - I heard it, but it sounded like a different guy to me (not as much of a good old boy, if you know what I mean). Also, rather than threatening George, voting, and hanging up, this guy threatened George, proceeded to insult George repeatedly, and not vote.

He elicited a giggle from the boys at the beginning, but that quickly turned into "ARE YOU GOING TO VOTE?!" I think this was a copycat.

Anonymous said...

Here's Greggos new blog:

Also per Sybil's Twitter feed, she's now on air in some capacity Saturday's at 9am on....The FAN.

Things just get weirder and weirder over there. Personally I think there'a about to be a big shakeup. I think you'll see some shifting of show airtimes to accommodate the nationals they'll most likely bring in.

Woo boy. Reading Whitt's Twitter feed is becoming every bit as sad and desperate as Greggo's. He's beginning to get into battles with people on a personal level.

My take on Greggo: He is what he's always been. Which is a guy with a lot of issues that underlie any sort of substance abuse/addiction issues. He likes to talk a lot about doing things. When he says he wants to or will do them (like the TCU college show last week), he means it. At the time he says it. Actually following through is a different story. There's that and the need to be treated special, all the while claiming to be an everyman. To be treated special, to be above the rules, and to be "understood" when he does things that he knows well and good aren't acceptable for anyone else. He is to be understood because he is special. He is the reason whatever is going on positive IS in fact going on. But, he'll tell you that he's not that talented. That others are way better. And again, when he says it, he means it. But every word spoken and deed done speaks to the opposite. All of this is what Greggo has done from the earliest days at The Ticket till now. I'll guarantee he's been like this since his high school days. We all have our issues and flaws. These are his. However 99% don't play them out in public view. No. Greggo will not work in this market again. Hopefully he'll find a job in another market. And hopefully his health problems will go away or at least ease. And hopefully wherever he lands, his drug problems will not follow. The other issues will indeed follow. Perhaps in a smaller market he will be able to thrive despite them. Good luck to you Greggo. I'll be reading your blog. We'll see how long it lasts.

The Plainsman said...

Anyone got a URL for Greg's website/blog? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Just posted it.

Here's the first entry. Uh. Wow.

Rules of Engagement
May 3rd, 2013

My fellow Americans (and selected guilties),
It is with great pride and anticipation that I launch Greggo’s Gigantic Blog and
Cafe. It’s an idea I’ve had for some time now. But while on radio, I didn’t want
to tip my hand juggling two media outlets. Those who do that are fools, and
often times rip off their readers or listeners. So I stayed away from blogging,
and especially podcasts. Well, now is the time. A perfect moment since I had my
ass fired anyway. Don’t worry bout that.

This blog will be smart, cutting edge, innovative, provocative and most of all
honest. You might not like what I say or write, but you can bet it’s the truth.
Unvarnished. The painful truth. No one to censor me. No one to edit me. It’s
from me to the blog. No middle men – bring it the fuck on.

This will be simple. I see us being very interactive. Gone are the days of talk
radio where the listener is involved. Direct contact via phone calls are
antiquated. With social media of today, everything is instantaneous. I will read
all entries and comments. I will respond to all…if.. IF you follow our rules.

As in:

-no generic opinions without resolution. In other words you can correspond like
this…”your blog sucks”! That message will be deleted. You will have to include
“why” it sucks and what YOU would do to make it better. No lazy and snipping

-no knee-jerking. That’s for me. Allow me to hang myself. I want to keep the
Cafe diners healthy and safe…(BTW… all visitors to Greggo’s Gigantic Blog and
Cafe will from now forward be known as the “Cafe Clan” or “Cafe Diners”, whichever
catches on first)

-You might read or hear some cussing. I make no apologies. Cussing is a part of
life ( although my mom would argue that ideal). Sometimes cussing helps drive
home a point in colorful prose. I always felt constricted on radio cuz of
cussing mandates. I will also allow cussing from the Clan. Just make it clean
cussing. Lets try and stray away from cunt, that’s such a dirty word. No use of
the N word. I don’t use it, you shouldn’t either. Except for the black man. Just
like mainstream society, the black man gets an exemption.

-everything is inbounds. No topic out. We will tackle any controversial subject.
My thoughts will be well defined as time passes. I just dig it when someone
CHANGES my mind on a topic. Good luck, I’m very well dug in.

That’s about it. I’m not much on petty rules. My life and past will continue to
be an open book. Nothing off limits. Bring it the fuck on!!!

Your friend in Blogland,

East Texas P1 said...

@Anon 12:48 Took a quick look at Sybil's twitter and did not see a reference to Saturday. However, I do remember when RaGE got fired she said she would still be doing the Saturday morning auto show that she has been doing for a while. Maybe that is what she is referring to.

Is paragraph one in the above taking a swipe at Richie? Being in radio and also having the Sportatorium blog?

I also don't understand how RaGE getting fired ends the Sportatorium blog. I didn't know the two were necessarily connected. Any input?

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that it is a swipe. Perhaps unintentionally so. After all, he was doing his "A Rare Medium Well Done" blog for CBS while at The FAN.

"Cafe Clan." Jeez-a-whiz. I know he doesn't mean it in the Klan sense, but damn Greggo....why?

"No use of the N word. I don’t use it, you shouldn’t either. Except for the black man. Just like mainstream society, the black man gets an exemption."

Wowzer. The last sentence is just, um, amazingly stupid to say. There's the obvious issue with it, and then, what, because someone in a freaking comments section claims to be black they can hurl around the n-word? Breathtaking. Gobsmacking.

I'm sorry, but Greggo's an idiot. He claims at the onset that this blog will be smart, innovative, etc. Any of you ever known an alcoholic, chronic drug user, and/or general life long f up? If so, then you'll know that the second "I'm doing real good. I'm kicking ass. When I say this I'm totally sober," you know right then and there whatever is about to follow, the exact opposite is where the truth is to be found. And you can be rest assured that they're drunk or high. Dang it, Greggo. Stop telling us how kick ass things are going to be. Just do it. You're off to a shaky start.

The Plainsman said...

I wish Greg luck with His early commenters seem quite enthusiastic and friendly, so perhaps he will be able to assemble a populous community of like-minded persons. It will be interesting to see if he monetizes the thing with Google Ads or the like.

I also wish him luck with the rules. Easier promulgated than enforced, and unavoidably subjective. After 550 posts, I could have offered him a few tips.

And by the way, folks -- I'm not interested in a war with the gentleman. Readers of this site will know that while MTC has commented on his vagaries it (like many Confessors) has truly wished him well at every stop and continues to recall his past entertainments with great fondness. I'm not saying you can't continue to post reactions to him here. But If you do have differences with Mr. Williams, you now have a very direct way of making them known. I am hopeful that we don't see his commenters linking to this site when his name comes up and starting some kind of fracas.

If that does happen, I reserve the right to step in.

In the meantime, Greggo, I wish you the best. You've got a lot of work ahead of you to keep a blog going. But you seem to like to write, so I'm judging that you have a better-than-the-average-jamoke chance of keeping it going.

Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Once again, here I am wishing Greggo luck on yet some other endeavor or recovery. Well, OK, Greggo I wish you luck. You will need it. You are in your 50s and yet you sound as if you've just broken the seal on your 20s.

Plainsman makes a great point: Anyone, at least for the present, has a direct means to engage and keep up with Greggo. So, unless there's a new twist to the story--for example, a new gig, a medical thing (I pray not), or something else actually newsworthy--perhaps we can finally put "Where's Greggo?" to bed? I feel as if many have never really gotten passed the original question all those years ago.

Brad Gilbert said...

While I would say that within a month, to two months, the blog will flame out and go silent, the beauty of a blog is that someone could post on your behalf. So, maybe the lady who was tweeting about Greggo during his last disappearance will step in and help him keep this going.

Anonymous said...

He's not even a day into it and it's already begun....

So full of it, it's not even funny. I bet he gets 4-6 blog posts at most. I'd put more money on zero.

GREGGO ‏@TCUWhiteTrash 1h
My apologies for tardiness..this is more complicated than I thought...I WILL get done..and I will draw from experience...
GREGGO ‏@TCUWhiteTrash 4h
.blog posted by sincere apologies..I'm new at this stuff...have patience..bear with me..and it'll be done soon..FUCK!!..I hate this
GREGGO ‏@TCUWhiteTrash 4h
Ok,ok,ok..the thing that burns my ass the most...TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES..server problems..bullshit,crap and more bullshit..should have first

ausgang said...

Alright, I get it, more Greggo drama. I guess that's what you'd call it. Even launching a blog (something my 11 year old nephew is capable of) seems to be a production. I'm sawreeee, but that's it (to quote Norm). I wish nothing bad on the man. I harbor no ill feelings (why would I). The best way I can put it is that I'm Greggo'ed out. I'm done with the story. Frankly, it's boring and tiresome, repetitive. If by now, you cannot see the cycle and pattern of behavior, circumstances, and outcomes (no matter what it pertains to), then I'd have to say that you aren't a very good observer of your fellow man.

Best wishes, Greggo, but I'm over it.

I'm more interested in where Ben and Skin will land and The FAN's game plan. As far as Ticket stuff goes, it's been so same old same old over there that there's not much to discuss. Unless you want to discuss overdriven/non-compressed microphones on each and every road show. Then again, it's always when we begin to feel secure that the s*** hits the fan (no pun intended-"fan"). We're due for a fouled up fan.

The Plainsman said...

I find overdriven mics fascinating.

The Plainsman said...

I didn't remember this. In fact, I don't think I was ever aware of it. Almost exactly a year ago:

Anonymous said...

He did get a first post up. After the rules one. It's pretty balls out, scorched earth. He says he'll continue it on Monday. I don't know what to say about his Twitter feed. If anything, it's one string of non disclosures and what sounds like home movies being projected from his head into the ether that is the interwebs.

Anonymous said...

GREGGO ‏@TCUWhiteTrash 2h
@BrantleyKade..I would welcome the idea of working with (or for)"Russ Martin...I think he and I could be great together...
Hide conversation Reply Retweet Favorite More

Damn. Now THAT'S a new low. He's that desperate, huh. C'mon Hammer, you're better than begging for scraps. Then again, I could see it happening. And I hate to say it but it might be the perfect fit for him. Hell, it might be the perfect fit for Whitt too.

YOKOYOLO said...

Russ Martin. Now you want an interesting story, Russ Martin is tough to beat. I remember when he was a DJ at KEGL or whatever 97.1 used to be back in the 80s. All the sudden he has this Sunday night talk-ish sorta show. He used to have this psychic on all the time who would say some pretty whacked stuff about his future. What was weird is that some of the stuff she'd say would happen. He'd then tell her and us how some of the bigger stuff she'd tell him off air was actually in the works. Stuff at that time he couldn't dream of ever happening to him. It did, in spades. Next thing you know he's got his own daily talk show. Next thing you know he's mucho successful. Next thing you know he's gone from this sweet and humble dude who worked hard and made it to about as big of a paranoid, drunken, coked out jackwagon you've ever seen. Then of course the downfall came. And now he's earning about a negative 100 in the ratings game. Somehow, someway, his show is still around. But man oh man what a story. I'd love to hear the WHOLE story, though. Come to think of it, he and Greggo swapping tales and trying to one up each other would be damn entertaining. At least in the short term.

slinky said...

A Greggo blog?! Yep! That will fail. Greggo is a radio guy. Go to Hammer's wiki page. Compare it to other Ticket host. Greggo is a certified [screwed up somewhat] personality. Apparently voted one of the best in the country. There's less people talkin about RaGE firing because at the time of Hardline firing, that was probably the top show in the whole friggin country! I'll bet a lot of these naysayer anon's are Ticket employees.

The Plainsman said...

Well, I said we weren't going to get into any squabbles with Greg and I don't expect to. But he's commenting on his sports-talk radio experience, so we can talk about that.

Yeah, he's burning some bridges, all right. I don't know how show biz works. I'm not sure that even a guy who blasts his former bosses by name, essentially calling them the worst people in the galaxy, couldn't get another job in the business. Ratings are hard to get. There still seems to be some residual feeling abroad that Greg could still do it, that he wasn't the main problem with RaGE.

So by no means clear to me that he's finished on radio, that someone won't take another chance on him. After all, while he had his unexplained absences and illnesses, he didn't flame out on RaGE. Unlike his other firings, this last one was for conventional radio reasons, not because he melted down. So unless he melts down in the course of this blog, he might yet end up on the air hereabouts.

He promises more detail on the decline of The Fan. Hoping it has detail and not just name-calling.

Anonymous said...

Tried to leave some questions for Greggo in the comment section, but it keeps telling me that my browser's javascript must be enabled in order to comment. Well, it is enabled. I'm thinking this is affecting all potential commenters because his rules of engagement has around 30 comments and the rant against The FAN's PDs has none.

If one of Greggo's posse is reading this, and I'm gonna guess that at least one of them does, please tell him to get the thing fixed.

Anonymous Ron said...

I see Greggo got some words of encouragement on his twitter from Mike Thompson. The Laddie?

GJW said...

I have never met greggo or anyone at the KTCK and I have been a p1 since day one . Anyone who is close to greggo and may have some influence with him should be concerned about his overall mental and physical well being .
I couldn't begin to speculate whether or not he can be gainfully employed again in this market .
Going " scorched earth " on a Blog
is not productive personally or professionally for him or anyone body .
Hopefully , my post and other well worded blog comments , will eventually Help Greggo put all this behind him , move forward and use the gifts he has been given to rebuild a productive radio career .
If nothing else , Greggos adventures will be a good read and an intriguing story to follow .

Thank you for the insight on
Jerry Jones's Cowboy Season Ticket holder conference call . It is clear that The Cowboys don't have a functional business plan or model to follow which will result in Long term success for the franchise.
At the age of 7 I attended the First Cowboy game with my Dad and two older brothers , which i feel qualifies me to say that the Cowboys hit their Zenith of success over 20 years ago , they are a fading comet , I don't know and am not connected with the Cowboys in Arlington hopefully there is a 7 year old kid attending a Cowboy game with his Dad after they pay $ 70 to park .
Thank You Plainsman for a well run Blog .

The Plainsman said...

GJW, you are welcome, thank you, and welcome to our pages.

Anonymous said...

@yokoyolo. Russ has actually been doing well in m25-54 since the move to afternoons. Not hardline good. But good enough to stay in business.

GREGGO. Its funny how the people with epic proportions of dirt on this liar don't smite him because they have integrity. So many people could burn his ass for good and don't because they value their employers and coworkers. Cbs gave him more rope and support than he couldve ever asked for. And still the company had to brush his scandals and betrayals to the side...until there were enough to show him the door. This might be the most selfish, delusional, and disloyal man on the planet.

As for the fan. There will not be a flip. There will not be national syndication or national voices. Many of you will be surprised at some of the upcoming moves over there. Not promising a blue ribbon, just better radio and voices. And no I'm not talking about b&s.

cactusflinthead said...

@ anon 1237

more better radio? show me, don't tell me. I don't particularly give a dang where B&S land but I eagerly await what replacement CBS might find for the drive time. ESpin got a big bag of nothing, show us something. Talk is cheap.
convince me. oh wait. I am an idiot and a stooge, never mind.

GJW said...

I must agree that the Hardline is getting stale and I find myself " surfing " more and more . There are times , that the Hardline still clicks , unfortunately it is becoming more frequent that I turn on music or an a competitor . Corby seems out of place and searching for an on air " niche ". His lack of overall knowledge of " Dallas " bites him more times than not . For example , " The Hardline " should know Boz Skaggs was Steve Millers Bassist , it's Dallas street lore . I think he looks silly more often than not , when he reminds the listeners that he really does not know all the " things " that have made Dallas , Dallas . That's not a shot at Corby , it's just a fact that growing up on interlochen and going to TCU doesn't create a very interesting or captivating on air personality .
B&S will have a hard time due to the " eccentric format of thier show " .
In the Big picture of DFW sports talk , The FAN just does not flow or deliver . ESPN , GAC , has gotten much better with Stretch / Mosley and I clearly get the feeling that the KTCK is trying hard to keep Corby interesting as Rhynes does his thing .
Greggo has some " hard times " coming his way , it's hard to be opinionated and a meaningful commentator , when you loose credibility in a market . Somebody needs to remind him that he's not a Hardass anymore only that he is one more guy on Radio Skid row . His cussing , his failure to honestly come to terms with his drug problem and his inability to interact with his proffeional peers is Old , boring and a distraction to whomever he is working with or trying to listen to him .

My KTCK Top Ten Show power rankings are ( 1 being the best )
1- BADD Radio
2- Norm
3- Musers
4- Shake Joint
5- Hardline
6- the field

Greggo will continue to stunt the growth of the Hardline as long as they let him be " the ghost of Christmas past " .
Greggo will continue his on and off air destruction until he comes to terms with his past and uses the experience as a platform to start over , and I mean start over .

Plainsman , I can't help but think of Monterey High School in Lubbock whenever I read or see you name . I didn't go HS there but I have driven by 50th and Indianna ? To see the statue of the Plainsman in front of the school .

Anonymous said...

ESPN is the one that's under the gun here. They still insist on running out Colin Cowherd and the Durrett show is a snooze. Throw in Galloway's pending retirement, and it's pretty easy to see that ESPN is destined to be in last place.

Anonymous said...

Just wonder at what point during the dog and pony call in show Brad Sham started beating his head against the desk he was sitting at.

BBQ said...

You have my attention. Since you are pretty much presenting yourself as a FAN insider, and you are anonymous, why don't you go ahead and tell us (or even give a pointed hint at) what's coming down the pike?

Don't be so hard on yourself. You're only a stooge. I kid, I kid. I'm with you. 1237 is talking big. We need convincing.

Birdie said...

I'm thinking 1237 might be none other than Gavin Spittle.

1237, whoever you are, are you saying that the reason RaGE was fired was due to off-air Greggo stuff? Or was it a combo of that and ratings? Or something else? Please elaborate.

I will say this: Since their firing, I've been reading both RW's and GW's Twitter feeds and now GW's blog. Daily RW douchery aside, he's pretty much taken a "it's a part of the biz, time to move on" stance about the whole thing. Greggo, on the other hand, has gone the "I (it's never "we") was blindsided, this is unfair, I didn't deserve this, I can't wait to give ya'll the truth" route. If you read his blog on the subject, you'll see this attitude to the nth degree. I also noticed that Greggo has on at least one occasion reached out to RW via Twitter to contact him. I don't know about you, but if you've been partners with someone for over 4 years and you both get fired, there's something going on when you have to use Twitter (and not a private message, mind you) to make a very public appeal for your partner to call you. Something ain't right there, people, and on a couple of levels. Very reminiscent of what happened after he was fired from The Ticket. Very reminiscent of his public "see, I'm trying" Tweets to Rhyner and others. Definitely a pattern here. The upshot is, is that I think there might be something to idea that RaGE's dismissal wasn't entirely due to ratings. The markedly different reactions by RW and GW speak volumes to my ears. Perhaps he'll say something about it in his next installment on the topic, but I found it interesting that nowhere in his blog entry about RaGE's firing does he bring up the possibility that his and RW's failure might be due to their just not being very good, or at least good enough.

GJW said...

Birdie ,I support your observation that something just wasn't " right " with the Chemistry on and off air with " RAGE ". The week prior to the dismantling of RAGE , there were innuendos and off the cuff comments regarding the future of RAGE on the Hardline . I ignored the on air comments as just some same old baseless shots fired at RAGE . Evidently , the comments had substance .
Whatever the case , RAGE was a hard listen , no continuity , no on air chemistry and some very lame attempts on RW part to copycat some KTCK bits on greggo .Having never met GW or RW , it was hard for me to grasp what the on air Rub actually was . In retrospect , I see that GW is burned out , bitter and not coming to terms with the fact that his schtick is toast RW rubbed me the wrong way on air and I assume he would be just as irritating in person .
I found myself listening to RAGE at the time , for the simple fact I like a good train wreck .
The FAN had committed a large budget to promote RAGE , its too early in the ratings year to pull the plug based on ratings alone - add up low ratings , grating on air personalities , a burned out bitter host combined with a cocky , clueless , self absorbed co-host , a big budget and a show full of " nothing " , a second year AVP of programming could have smelled disaster and had a chance to improve his own standing within the Corporate spider web .
Don't ignore the fact that there is no continuity at ESPN either , GAC stands tall because Randy is Randy in DFW . ESPN will discover that when he retires , oh ya , he picked ORB right on in the Derby , Thanks Randy .
If a show and a the shows host are good , the DFW market will support a 100 shows , if a show is forced and lacks substance or an identity the DFW market won't tolerate or support it for a nanosecond .
Free advice for The Old grey wolf , get Corby back on track as being Corby or rebrand him as something else ? right now he is neither fish or fowl ?
Yes Birdie , RAGE just wasn't a very good show and greggo is in a tough spot for an addict . I wish him well .

The Plainsman said...

I do think there was more to it than ratings. Especially since The Fan seems to have nothing with which to replace it -- just this big hole in PM drive with a show they won't even plug on the website. No, the dismissal of RaGE about more than ratings -- but ratings for sure to some extent. If the show were a smash, hosty problems may be overlooked.

I still think Greg's lengthy disappearance from the show was a last straw somewhere along the line, and from that point RaGE's fate was sealed.

Someone, somewhere in the CBS radio hierarchy said: I don't care if you don't have Ben & Skin locked, I don't care if you got nothing in the wings, I don't care if we've already recorded some new RaGE promos, the only thing I care about is to get those guys off the air -- uh, you can find something for Sybil to do if you want -- and I mean now.

Anonymous said...

Greggo said in his blog that he and Richie haven't talked, but he has no ill will towards Richie. Seems like Richie doesn't want to talk to Greggo, just like Rhyner doesn't want to talk to Greggo. See the pattern here?

The only people Greggo has are his apologists, and sadly that's far too many people. I have no sympathy for Greggo.

Shaggy said...

I'm fascinated by GJW's punctuation.

I find it very odd that Ben and Skin haven't made any kind of announcement about their future. They sure seemed pretty sure of where they were headed during their non-compete period. Now? Silence. Something is odd there.

Anonymous said...

I believe we hear the b&s boss sometime tomorrow on the fan. They haven't gone quiet on Twitter. They said early May weeks ago. Then they told us Bob compete expired april 30. Other than not wanting to start a new show mid week, I'm not sure why they wouldn't have started as soon as possible.

If they don't turn up tomorrow, then I have no more guesses.

Now why they let RAGE go 3 weeks ahead of a possible ben and skin start date, I don't know. Wanted the weekend boys to take the brunt of the RAGE fans backlash? Wanted to give them a shot in pm drive as a possible mid day show?

Maybe they change new school to a 9am end time, then elf and Slater (or k&c masterpiece) 9-12, the other 12-3 and Ben and Skin 3-7?

5 hours is a LONG shift. 2 hours is really short.

Anonymous said...

I don't think B&S are FAN bound. The moment their non-compete expired, The FAN would've went on a full press marketing and hype campaign. It's PM Drive for goodness sake, not some midday show. I think something else is in the works for B&S. Is it The Beat? I can see them going there, but I also see where it would be yet another failure and probably a pretty quick exit for B&S. Unless The Beat itself is about to have a makeover or revamp of sorts.

GJW's punctuation is fascinating. It would be one thing if the punctuation was part and parcel with disjointed and odd thinking, but it's not. And that's what makes it fascinating.

slinky said...

I always thot the 5 hour RaGE was a bad idea. It's too easy to get on each others nerves.

The Plainsman said...

Greg's getting off a flurry of sportsy posts. Content, content, content, that's what it's about. I'm fortunate here in that when I'm not writing much, we've got great contributors who keep the interest level up.

He is not getting many comments, and those few he's getting are insubstantial. That will change, but he'll have to work to keep the babyarm guys at bay, I have a feeling.

Awaiting his promised post on Gavin Spittle and the other guy he named as a The Worst Person Ever but whose name I've forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Beginning to wonder if B&S HAD a deal in place and were set to roll, only to have a wrench thrown into the mix. It seemed like a week or so ago they were ramping up the just hold on a few more days and we'll reveal all types of teases. Now, nothing.

Anonymous said...

Greggo's not getting comments because his comments sections don't work. It did on the Rules and Regulations post, but after that it went kaput. At least it doesn't work if using either Safari or Firefox. Since I don't have I.E., I can't say if whether that works or not. For some reason I'm thinking that many of the comments are Greggo and/or Greggo posse generated.

GJW said...

punctuation :
The practice or system of using certain conventional marks or characters in writing or printing in order to separate elements and make the meaning clear.
KTCK , GW , RW and the DFW sports talk scene in general is disjointed , dysfunctional and Odd by anyone's definition .
To approach the DFW Radio industry with a linear thought process would be a disaster and is the reason a vast majority of PDs fail .
Thank you for complimenting my unusual approach to an undefinedable cast of characters .
greggo will never find a " box " again that works for him ,
B&S are good , but thier eclectic style and audience will hold them back , ESPN is now the 300 lb. Corparate gorilla , incapable of executing quick , smart market decisions .
I have heard that there will be some DFW Sports talk consolidation that will encourage the sharing of industry resources for a common goal.
What came first ? The successfull on air radio personality that made $ or the Succesfull Radio station that made $ in spite of talented host?
BTW : In DFW , females need to stick to traffic and weather , not be co-hosts . On ir Drunks nd Bigots fail . A Succesfull show has " roots " in the market .
I got off on a tangent , Sorry about that .
The KTCK , ESPN , FAN triangle is just a great Subject tha never stops giving .

The Plainsman said...

GJW: I'll check out that statue. I don't recall licensing my image to Monterey High in Lubbock.

GJW said...

Greggos third and final post regarding his firing at the FAN is a tepid read at best . Confusing facts and emotions , B&S will not be filling the FAN afternoon drive , he puts himself above being a Cowboy DJ , when in fact , The FAN is smart to be kissing the Jones family rear end ( ratings and $ are hard to come by , the Cowboys bring both to the party ) greggos days as a radio gunslinger are over , The Ticket was the perfect storm for DFW Sports Radio .
Furthermore , he should never post a picture of his naked body , no offense to greggo , but he looks like Cat Stevens on LSD , it's a scary image - greggo , what are you ? Whitetrash or a whacked out waiter in Beruit ?
I did not think you old could dig a deeper hole - you have . Take a break , go to the Mountains for a while , rethink your situation , clear your head and then get back to work doing productive sports talk -

mr les white said...

I just strolled on over to Greggo's blog. "Look Out All You Lefties.
Several pics of bearded Greggo holding guns with some damn scarf thing wrapped around his neck.

"When I was in another life and made huge money, I invested in many guns..."

A poster replies:
Why carry? Are you saying you can’t kill a man with a rolled up newspaper?

Made me laugh. Out loud.