Monday, May 6, 2013

It's a T.C. Monday

T.C. has undergone an interesting transformation at The Ticket.

I'm not able to hear BaD as often as I'd like so my T.C. awareness was delayed.  Confessors have advised that he was a superstar intern for Bob and Dan, possibly because he would do personal stuff for them like operate their households, but also just because he was a great intern for a couple of guys who still resent the Thirteenth Amendment.   I heard a couple of references on other shows to a "T.C.," and the tone seemed to be one of bemused irritation.  I remember one reference in particular from Craig, who expressed unusual annoyance at T.C.'s behavior/attitude at Ticketstock one year.

That was a long time ago.

Then we would start to hear him on the air once in awhile.  I didn't get it, but I figured this guy was popular around the station, so OK, he must have something.  It wasn't so much T.C. that was the issue -- it was the way the hosts treated him, like some kid who'd won a contest to be Ticket Employee for a Day.  Patronizing.  I couldn't tell if the hosts liked him or didn't.  50-50.   But maybe their irritation was a bit, hard to say.   In those days T.C. was very, very passive on the air, leading to the T.C. imitations that we now hear from hosts, a timid, high-pitched voice that we don't hear anymore but lives on in the teasing of hosts.

But T.C. kept at it, dammit.  He got more aggressive about participating when he was board-opping or had some other behind-the-scenes role.  A lot of readers here did not like this, but I didn't mind it so much, I didn't think he was overly intrusive.  And often his remarks were on the button, or he had a good question, or he jumped in with an answer to a sports question.  He and Jake got a following for It's Just Banter (where, I understand, he expressed a strong dislike for this site).

Then, after Jake moved on from The Top Ten after Grubes's departure, T.C. got that chair.

And I think he's done a real, real good job with it.  He's developed a lively delivery, his intros are pithy and sometimes funny.

Today he's sitting in for Gordon on the Muser show, and I think he's done a fine job.  When I first heard he was going to be on, I thought we might hear more T.C. than we might have been ready for, but not so.  He's chosen his spots to jump in, and they've hit the right pitch.   I liked his zombie movie/TV theory -- it was quite literary -- and I really enjoyed his skyscraper/sky deck talk.

So, good job.

It's not entirely clear to me that he's got the right timbre for a full-time host job, but it's been a pleasure to see his hard work and improved delivery pay off in increased exposure.

*     *     *

In the last set of comments someone took a shot at my "overdriven mic" talk.  Well, too bad, because here's some more.   

I figure when you've got a new guy at a mic that was too hot to begin with it's hard to get it to sound good, but T.C.'s projection really is more than his mic can take.  He's coming out very fuzzy and loud.  This is not T.C.'s responsibility, and, at this point, I think we can rule out the sainted Jer or any other board op.  The equipment has just never worked right, it still doesn't, and twistin' and tweakin' isn't able to help.  Overall The Ticket sounds noticeably worse than it did before the Victory move, all shows.   Everyone's voice (except, oddly, Corby's and sometimes George) has a sizzle to it that is unpleasant to hear.   Today/Suck, where everyone's hollering, sounds like a Hendrix/Beck fuzztone feedback playoff.


ausgang said...

That wasn't a shot at you, Plainsman. I was only stating the fact that other than overdriven microphones, there really isn't much to discuss HSO Ticket-wise at the present. Namely, there is no crisis brewing or occurring.

birq said...

I'm with you on TC. I've always thought he has something and just needs a chance to shine in prime-time. He has the gift/curse of passiveness. It's a gift when the situation call for hanging back and considering shot selection, but it has always kept him from interjecting when and where he can use it to his advantage the most. I think a lot of the hosts have interpreted it as weakness, meekness, shyness, even bumbling ineptitude to a certain degree, but I don't have a problem at all with the anti-blowhard. The problem is someone has to make an effort to make sure that personality type gets heard, and by its very nature, it won't be that personality type. In an industry that leans noticeably toward the blowhard and sports bully, it's hard for him to come across in a favorable light. But, again, I think he has strong, valid, interesting opinions and a wit that shows itself through the snark from time to time.

Anonymous said...

More TC works for fact anything that equates to less Gordon is much overdue.

Stay hard. TC!

Anonymous said...

Its also a Greggo Why I Was Fired Monday. His latest installment is up (it isn't finished and he promises more to come). I don't know what to say about it. Actually, I do, but I'm not. It would only come off as nasty.

Town of the Cow said...

Have you seen my baseball?

Anonymous said...

I started listening to IJB about a year ago, and QUICKLY changed my tune on TC.

I don't know if it was teh Corby impressions or the other hosts piling on, but I guess I started to believe that was who TC really is.

Now I have no idea what kind of person he is in real life, but his on air and on pocast personality? I like him - he's smart and offers thoughtful opinions on a variet of topics.

He has definately gotten more comfortable behind the mic which is all you want for your younger employees.

On a side note - I guess we have our answer as to who Rhynes is mocking with his "Rank the drums" bit. I seem to remember some discussion here as to whether it was a shot of Junior or Greggo or maybe something else. Greggo's blog post todays says the new PD at the Fan told him in their first meeting his "Top 20 ___" segment was done.

Rhynes had to have gotten word of it and seen an opportunity to have some fun.

Anonymous said...

What the hell, I give up trying to figure this b&s deal.

KandC Masterpiece back on today

The Plainsman said...

121: I wasn't aware of the Greggo list bit. I'll bet that's what Mike R was aiming at. Funny, wish I'd gotten the joke at the time. If that's right, then Mike R was paying more attention to RaGE than he let on, and apparently thought that enough P1's were flipping over from time to time that it was a worthwhile gag. Or maybe he was doing it for the benefit of his colleagues and not, uh, us.

mavhorncow said...

Long-time-first-time here.

Plainsman - I've figured you out finally: you're a relative of TC! You've touted/praised/promoted him for as long as I've been reading this blog (2.5ish years) it seems, expressed unrestrained excitement whenever he is given additional duties, and defended him to the death during his e-brake meltdown moments. I certainly don't mind him and think he's a fairly cerebral contributor, but you really seem to love him with all your heart, and I respect that.

All ball-busting aside, I really enjoyed his review of past HSO's segment during Gordo's corner. I think that bit has a lot of potential if he were to keep doing it.

Shaggy said...

Plus, the name of the blog is my Ticket Confession! Get it? T-icket C-onfession? TC!!!!

The Plainsman said...

A big hearty MTC welcome to you, mavhorncow, and you could not possibly be more wrong.

For the longest time, this site took an express hands-off attitude toward T.C. owing to his youth and inexperience and because I had no interest in smacking around a Ticket newcomer who was trying hard to make it in a difficult milieu for new voices. Most readers understood this to be exactly what it was, which was me holding fire on a Ticket guy whose on-air contributions were, to put it mildly, distracting. And they seemed to have a presumptuous air about them.

T.C. sensed this, too, which is probably why in the past he has indicated he is no friend of this site. Regrettable, but understandable. You can't please everyone.

Since those early days, I absolutely do think he has improved a lot owing to his own hard work and desire to succeed, and my more recent observations here have reflected this. (Confessors are also less negative about T.C. than they used to be.) Over my time as a listener I've changed my mind on Ticket on-air guys -- notably Rich Phillips -- and T.C. is another who, it seems to me, has earned the opportunities he's received.

"Unrestrained excitement"? Yeah, I guess that explains statements like "I'm not sure that he has the timbre for a full-time host job."

In any event, I'm no relation to T.C. That I know of.

Shaggy said...

Anyway, I thought TC was great this morning. I'd be down for him as a permanent fill-in host for any of the regulars on vacation.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Just Another P1 said...

Give us something. You can't make statements like that and expect them to hold any weight on their own. I am not asking for the whole story, but you should consider an anecdote of sorts to justify your stance.

The Plainsman said...

309, your comment was not vulgar and at another time might have been left up. I'm going to be extra sensitive about accusations directed Greg Williams's way relating to statements made in his blog -- actually, pretty much any accusations against anyone -- unless pretty clearly sourced and uncontroversial. If you have a story you'd like to tell, fine. But if you want to engage Greg on particular items of which you have knowledge, the best place might be his own comments section (which seem to come and go as his site format and capabilities change daily). Sorry to be wimpy on this, but I'm just a civilian jamoke running a little limited-interest blog. Anonymous (including my own) criticism has its limits -- the First Amendment doesn't protect all speech -- and my own etiquette in this regard is a lot more conservative than you'll find in some other sites, including, I suspect, The Hammer's.

slinky said...

This is a little touch on THL segment I caught today. They were dicussing Coal Miners Daughter, and how some people at that time maybe dated and married out of their age demographic. Now as far as I know, Doo was a good father and husband and I think they're still married...I think. So, I guess if Corby and Danny had their way, ol Doowy would be a registered sex offender!

i'm gonna fix it, I'm gonna fix it said...

I will say this about GW's new blog: it's full throttle. It's also telling when a known serial liar (one that tells whoppers of the highest order--per his own admission in The Hard Lie article) starts accusing others of lying. Red flag city. A big, bright, full mast, red flag.

I've also noticed how his writing style varies from entry to entry. Sometimes newspaper reporter-ish, other times confessional, then it's antagonistic, and other times it's barely coherent. The only constant is his use of curse words and vulgar expressions. Both of which have been ramping up with each new entry.

Dunno. Weird yet compelling stuff. GW has more issues than all of the years of Cracked and MAD put together. They're all on display for the world to see in his blog.

DA said...

It digresses into that talk. Today's "Mike's Mind" segment was originally about the George Jones/Tammy Wynette music venue in Ellis County. I would not consider it a "theme park" as that Old Plantation location in Lakeland, FL (which Corby and Danny caused the derailment) was actually summer a Jones home with land for an outdoor music venue.

As for TC, he still is TC. Too reliant on scripted items since on IJB, he crutches on the "um/ya know/I mean" words as much as ever. He needs to work on-air daily in a lesser market, which bakes good cakes, for him to improve.

And the Cumulus $$$ worry rumors continue from the weekend as they seem to want to dump Rush from 30+ stations and replace them with their own show hosted Huckabee. NYC/DC/CHI/SF are all Cumulus markets which carry Rush. Even if Huckabee is cheaper, can that show equal ad revenue as Lew Dickey still blames Rush for the 2012 drop? Heck, Michael Savage may also be their replacement .

The Plainsman said...

GW: "Here's my resume, here are some clips. I was on the most popular program on the most popular broadcast station in the US for almost 15 years. I've had some issues in the past, but I'm clean and sober now. You can look it all up, it's all true, and I'll pee in a cup for you right now or anytime you want."

PD: "Um . . . Mr. Williams . . . do you have a . . . blog?"

Anonymous said...

TC reminds me of the early days of Psycho Dave. Dave grew on me, TC not so much.

WBAP sounds as bad or worse than KTCK does. The morning crew there has been as vocal if not more so than any of the host at the Ticket.

There may be rougher days ahead at BAP than the Ticket.

Anonymous said...

Only problem is he's not clean and sober....

The Plainsman said...

As nearly as I can tell, there remains no way of leaving comments on Greg's new posts. Every time I hit the site, it looks different. There have been times I've been there where some of his entries have had a comment or two and a link to click to leave a comment, but now those (the comments and links) seem to be gone. Sometimes there are blanks to leave a comment, but no indication that any comments have already been left, which seems unlikely.

So as things stand now, I don't get it. Actually, maybe I do. He's out to stir the pot, he's doing it, and building a community of communicants is not a priority. Although I do believe he has a name or two for them, The Cafe Clan or something like that.

I'm asking myself whether content that raw can be monetized.

Anonymous said...


Care to elaborate?

DA said...

@The Plainsman,

FYI, there was a federal court arbitration decision in favor of Michael Savage on Monday. Look it up as it regards to radio talent who were fired under contract in terms of syndication. Since you have had syndication dreams for the last 18 months, this ruling can mean a lot in terms of others for future negotiations.

The Plainsman said...

Saw that, DA. Interesting. I read the court's decision and I'm doubtful it will have much impact in the typical case. The controversy centered on Savage's syndicator's (Talk Radio Network) "right to match" other offers. Savage (whose real name is Dr. Michael A. Weiner) took another offer to them. TNR elected to match it, but, according to Savage, the new deal based upon the matched offer was not a true match. In addition, TNR stupidly began to withhold part of Savage's salary in anticipation that it would win an arbitration against Savage and be awarded money in excess of what it was withholding. The arbitration panel (affirmed in yesterday's federal district court decision by an Obama-appointed judge, no less) ruled that the withholding breached Savage's contract, allowing Savage to terminate it with the result that TNR's right to match was voided. Savage got all his money back, rights to his old tapes, and other relief.

The decision in no way voids noncompetes in media contracts or prevents "right to match" provisions. In fact, the arbitration panel held that TNR had properly invoked the "right to match" provision. TNR's problem was that it unjustifiably docked Savage's paychecks -- I hope whatever lawyer told them this was a good strategic move, or even legal, has a salty malpractice policy -- and that blasted any contract argument TNR may have had right out of the solar system. The circumstances here were pretty unique and I am skeptical that it will have any effect on syndication of radio talent.

I note that TNR says it will appeal to the Court of Appeals, but I'm not expecting a different result. Part of the issue here is that arbitration awards are almost impossible to get turned around by an appeal to an actual court, and I would expect that the district court's decision yesterday will hold up.

The Plainsman said...

Greg Williams has his comments fixed. Govern yourselves accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Good gravy, the comments sections over at Greggo's Cafe have already begun to devolve into the GBL realm of com boxes.

After having read all three installments of "Why Or Rather How II Was Fired And Who I Think's Responsible For It," I have to say that everything I thought about Greggo has been confirmed. And my thoughts aren't kind.

I can guarantee that this blog will flame out soon enough. As soon as it either leads to a new media gig (which is why he's doing it, and I don't blame him for doing so) or he realizes that it's not going to lead to a new media gig it will fade away.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant GIML, not GBL.

The Plainsman said...

Now you know why I'm so grateful for the quality of our comments (and commenters).

Birdie said...

I was thinking the same thing. There are a few well thought comments and questions, but 95% of the rest are straight off a GIML sort of comment section. Though I don't know what your thoughts on GW are, I too had the same reaction after reading the 3 entries in succession: for better or worse (I think the latter) GW bared his backside.

I find the way in which he seems to brush aside RaGE's consistently awful ratings as a legitimate reason for being fired. At one point in his "trilogy" he becomes angry that ratings were brought up after he had been fired. While I understand that he's upset that he was fired after supposedly being told on a few occasions that his job was safe, surely someone as industry savvy as he's presented himself as being would know that what he experienced is, for better or worse, a part of doing business in such an industry. There's a lot that I find troubling with Greggo's opus magnus.

For example, his leaving out the possibility that the product he and RW put out wasn't good enough. He also left out the fact that The FAN/CBS poured a ton of money into the show--with little to no positive results. He also failed to mention that CBS sent them to every major sporting event, regardless of the sport (from the NFL to boxing to Spring Training to NASCAR to you name it) every year they were employed. It's as if he's completely forgotten just how much was done for their show in hopes that it would succeed. And the way in which he discusses his special Greggo Rules speaks volumes about him. There's not a bit of gratitude in his words. You get the sense that he believes that's the way things ought to be; that he is special, above it all, and it's quite obvious that he should be treated as such. Yet in the next sentence he's either playing the wounded animal or coming off as humble. The whole thing is a mixture of bar stool and keyboard bravado, vulgarities, childishness, confession, and one-sided, willful blindness. In sum it's an exercise in mania.

I'm gonna fix it said it best: Red flag city. When someone keeps saying they're just "tellin' it like it is" and alternates between self-exaltation and a prima facie suspicious humbleness, it's best to bear in mind that there's another side to the story. A side that probably makes a helluva lot more sense; a side that comports more with the reality of the situation.

And my goodness. The "Daily Look" section. The shirtless offering. Speechless.

BBQ said...

Great insights, Birdie. Here's a line from the latest installment that I think backs up what you say perfectly:

"I sat wondering how someone like this pussy would be responsible for ending my radio career (and it will.) I had been fired from the three DFW all-sports stations in six years. Who in their right mind would hire me?"

In the same breath, he accuses the new PD of ending his career and lays out the actual reason why this firing will end his career: namely, his own actions. He even begins the post with a I'm no angel, here's a short list of my shortcomings statement. Personally, I always look at something with reservation when that sort of qualifier is put forth. It's like saying "I'm a huge fan of Corby but......" It's a smokescreen, a cover or a shield used to crouch behind in order to throw rotten fruit at someone else and still get to say "I criticize everyone, even me."

Anonymous said...

Yeah it's like Greggo thought CBS was gonna go on forever shelling out an ass load of money for a daily appearance on a tv show, tv ads, billboards, trips, 6 figure salaries, and having special anything goes rules, a ton of extended absences, a ton of single day absences. . . . . . . . AND for over 4 years come in mostly a very distant 3rd to the top show in your shift. I mean could he really think that? It kinda seems like it. Then top it off with how poorly the entire station does in the bigger picture, and how could he not think that CBS was gonna start chopping heads and making changes and bring in a new PD for that exact reason? If I were him I'd be thankful I got to keep my 6 fig gig for as long he did. Those dudes were given every tool in the box to succeed for a long time and couldn't do it. It didn't work. They weren't very good. The ratings show it for sure and they don't lie. Just cuz you have a nice little Twitter following of people who kiss your butt doesn't mean you have the ear of the city.

Stay Hard Greggo. Get your s together, wake up to reality and hopefully find another radio gig.

ausgang said...

On another note (as I'm done with Greggo related stuff), today we were treated to an extended Wake and Jake via the Morning Musers. Any thoughts out there? I thought he did a pretty good job. Though I actually preferred TC's work, yesterday morning. TC seemed less, oh, I don't know, nervous or jumpy than Jake. Which surprised me because Jake has his own show. I am finding it interesting watching Jake's views evolve. He's sounding more and more center leaning; it seems like only yesterday he was flying the hardcore leftwing flag high and proud. Ah, the sweet bird of youth is fluttering away from our young Jake.

The Plainsman said...

I didn't get to hear as much Jake as I did T.C. yesterday, but I also thought he was real good. I thought his comparison of rap with C&W was very interesting. Although I'm not sure that an argument that the form of music you like is comparable to what is one of our least, if not the least, sophisticated musical forms gets you very far. Although his point, lest we forget, was that he was picking an imaginary bone with George -- hence, the C&W comparison.

In any event, good work, what I heard.

pDubLahey said...

Knocking em outta the park as usual, Plainsman.

I completely share birq's thoughts concerning T.C. Succinctly put.

As I'm going down the list, I haven't anything else to contribute other than:

I love you guys,

and babyarm.

Scott said...

Listening to THL, Corby just compared Kim Kardashian to a Sherman tank. And that is why I am more nad more out... Corby, used to be one of my favorites, is now a beating.... And I would bet $1000 that he can't tell a Sherman from an Abrams. So entitled, so indignant, so above us all, SO CORBY!!!

I am done now.

The Plainsman said...

Greg did say something in his last screed that got my attention. Although this has not been a big theme of this site, I was pretty sure that most Confessors were underguessing the compensation of the main hosts on the Ticket, at least the drive hosts. In the past I've urged a guess in the upper six figures, and Greg confirms this -- assuming we are crediting some of the details of his account -- with the following statement: "I was at the Ticket negotiating a new deal. The money was insane, and by insane I mean more toward seven figures than six."

That sentence actually freezes my brain, because for something to be "more toward" seven than six figures, it would have had to have been eight figures, since a six-figure salary would have been exactly six, which is not "more toward" seven than six.]

Anonymous said...

Jake's obsession with George DiGianni has finally paid off! His prank calls are an instant Ticket classic bit! Nice work, Jake!

Notice how all mentions of attention paid to Rosen Rosen has gone from near daily to almost zero since his 'prank'. There seems to be a concerted distancing from him since the 'April Fools' retirement.

Anonymous said...

I do wish Jake had called out Junior for his claim that he could perform rap music. After all, it's just talking, so anyone should be able to do it. Can't think of any other jobs like that.

cactusflinthead said...

I suppose I should make peace with TC too. He used to irritate me more than he does now. Maybe it was the Top Ten meltdown that got him some leeway with me. Shrug. He hasn't left yet, might as well get used to him.

Allow me a brief call back. Somewhere back a few postings there was some debate about whether or not Mike paid his dues for taking off to the cabin on the campout. It was stated today on THL that his adventure with the power hour was his penance. I said it then and I will say it again. City boys. They were talking today of how the temperature is somewhat cooler in the country. Imagine that! No great big blob of concrete to soak up heat and radiate it back at night and it is cooler? Wow. Amazing. Pardon my sarcasm, but do they EVER get outside the loop of 635? I mean of their own volition, not because there is a road show in the town of the cow. I keep wanting to mention to those guys to steer clear of a couple of places in Mingus, but I doubt they ever venture into town.

Jake. I like Jake better than TC, but Jake makes TC more tolerable so...maybe we are watching chemistry in action. I missed a good bit of Jake in the morning. What I heard I liked.

Ok, Lew Dickey and Rush. Gonna lob the grenade. Lew sees the writing on the wall. Rush is costing him money. Advertisers are leaving Rush, blame it on Sandra Fluke, dirty hippies, aging demographic or whatever you want. He has become a liability and not an asset. Lew sees that. He isn't running for office so he can say whatever he wants about Rush, he has no primary to weather. Rush wants to quit Cumulus before they fire him? I can hear the phrase involving door and hind parts in my head. While the man from Arkansas might not fire up the base like Rush does, he also does not run off advertisers, as of yet anyhow. What would happen if they cut Rush loose or he left and replaced him on those stations? Would advertisers return to Huckabee? I suspect that they would. Yeah, he pisses off the hippies too, but he is not nearly as much a lightning rod. The money could quietly slip back in on those stations where it has been noticeably absent. Michael Savage is a distraction. This is about Rush, advertisers and Lew Dickey saying enough is enough.

Been reading along on GW's blog. Waiting for something really juicy. Lobbing mortar shells at the old place is pretty normal. He has hunkered in his bunker and is chucking stuff around. Maybe somebody will pick him up, maybe he twists in the wind. Dust hasn't settled yet. The most striking fact to me is the disconnect between him and RW. RW is treating him like a leper. Distancing in full effect.

That'll do.

Anonymous said...

Greggo was on Pugs' internet show today and they talked at length about the whole thing and man, Greggo sounded awful (either drunk or worse). Pugs asked him if he was still clean and Greggo admitted to having a few drinks every now and then. Overall, the interview reflected what he wrote in the blog but it was just pretty messy, even for Greggo's standards.

YOKOYOLO said...

I noticed that about RW as well, cactus. There's a pattern here that's about as obvious and subtle as Corby's self-confidence. GW seems to poison the well just about everywhere he's employed. RW doesn't want to be tethered to him. Why would he?

Greggo is a rather easy guy to figure out. Although I could, I'm not going to sit here at my keyboard and spell it out. Why? It wouldn't be a flattering read, at all. In fact it would be paint a picture that no one would want to have hanging on their walls. I will say this: GW is both troubled and Trouble. And yes, I meant to capitalize the second "t."

Anonymous said...

Well, it's starting to happen. He's now beginning to throw ex-colleagues under the bus. See below.

Ryan Miller ‏@rynalan 5h
@TCUWhiteTrash Are Mickey Spags and Fisher part of the CBS/Cowboys arrangement? They NEVER criticize the team or ownership, no matter what.
GREGGO ‏@TCUWhiteTrash 14m
@rynalan...both Mickey and fish are contributions to the problem..they are both paid and registered for..much collecting from county store

Anonymous said...

Sorry to keep reporting on Greggo's doings. Last one, ever, I promise. But you have to check out what he just posted up. It's unreal. It's just unreal. And the line about an Arab is, again, unreal.

blergoyen said...

Plainsman, that " was insane..." statement caught my eye too. I took, "closer to 7 figures than 6" to mean, on a scale of $100K - $1M, the offer was closer to $1M, as in $999K. In his infamous Observer article about GW's firing, I remember RW mentioning GW made $500K/year at the time he was sent packing. I can't imagine corky, Dan and especially Donny making anywhere near that, but I've had several corky fans drunkenly scream at me "He's got one of the anchor positions so The Ticket definitely pays him the same money Greggo was getting." I really don't know what to think about what those guys get paid.

The Plainsman said...

The comments to Greg's latest screed are beginning to take on a worried tone.

I'm hopeful that people who care about the guy will make their voices known in a way that will get his attention.

In the meantime, I have a thought about the blog I'm considering for a piece. I said above that I didn't want to get into any blog war with the Cafe, but what's going on over there does touch on topics we mull over on this site. I may take at least this one stab at what I hope will be perceived as an impersonal observation on what's going on.

On the other hand, I might just bag it.

There's your thoughtless tease for the day.

Anonymous said...

Listening to Norm and Mike Doocy this morning. They are great together. Doocy's humor is a great fit on the ticket. I look forward to the next couple of days listening to them.

The Plainsman said...

Agree very much. And for y'all who think Norm is washed up -- I don't get it. I find the guy very entertaining and sometimes quite witty. He may be an fussy, crumb-strewing prima donna in-house, but he always puts on a good show and there's both hard-core (if occasionally eccentric) sportsiness and humor in the bargain.

And by the way -- Mike Siroi = gigantic asset.

It's a pleasure hearing Mike Doocy broadcast without having to fend off Gordon's constant baiting.

In fairness, however, I must report that to my ear, Gordon has cut way, way back on his Doocy-baiting in recent months. And the Doocy appearances with one or the other Muser have been much more enjoyable.

The Plainsman said...

Proofreading is a skill.

Make that "Sirois."

Anonymous said...

Shan from the Fan morning show all but confirmed on twitter that B&S will start Monday. I don't see how they can make any more of a dent in the Hardline than RAGE considering they couldn't even beat Elf & Slater.

Anonymous said...

What did Shan say? Was this during their "ask us anything" segment?
Skin tweeted a picture of Ben in a studio yesterday recording show open songs. I can't wait personally.

If you read some of their comments online, I think they felt very restricted by ESPNs "sports only" mandate. If the Fan lets them do their thing, I think they'll do well.

I am not one of the "hardline is lazy" crowd, I dig that show, but I'll bounce between THL/B&S.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if the Fan will still make it 5 hours like RAGE, which was not a good idea.

Just Another P1 said...

If they felt constricted by ESPN's agenda, things will get interesting if Greggo is telling the truth about Spittle's 90% sports-talk edict.

the radish said...

So today we got to listen to what THL might very well be like in a few years. Honestly, and I can't believe I'm about to say this, I thought Corby did a great job. And again, I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I thought Danny was a dud. He's not anywhere near ready for a gig like THL. He struggles enough to fill what is supposed to be a 2 hr show but really amounts to about an hour and 15 minutes on The Orphanage. What's worse, that show only airs about 65% of the Saturdays in a given 3 month period. And out of that 65%, Danny misses about 15%. I'm not saying he can't become ready for a full time host job, he's just not ready by a long shot right now. It's easy to be the well-liked good cop when your on air time consists of drive by and hit and run one-liners, maxims, and aphorisms. It's another when you have to sustain the thing for long periods of time. Deep Dish needs to woodshed.

Greggo: Well, he's an idiot. If you ever wondered why Rhynes and so many others will not take him back, even as an acquaintance, just peruse that new blog of his. From the photos, to the "something-induced" junior high kid trying and failing miserably at imitating Bukowski and Thompson screeds to making it painfully obvious that he's heard of a word and yet doesn't know its meaning or how it's used in a sentence to the ever growing list of qualifiers that are designed as a force field for dummies and sycophants to utter incoherence to out and out contradictions within the very same paragraph. It's all there for the world to see.

"Cocaine is a helluva drug." --Rick James

slinky said...

blergoyen, I get your little jab at Corby. You can't even capitalize his name, even with "corky" LOL! Hey, I'm certainly not the Corby fan, but like radish, I'm going to give them some credit. I actually enjoyed todays show. Caught myself laughing a few times. Could they do this everyday? Probably not. For on thing, you're not going to have Charles Ramsey radio gold everyday.

slinky said...

...also, on Greggo, you guys are taking a lot of his stuff way too seriously. A lot of his comments are tongue & cheek.

The Plainsman said...

When entire paragraphs are uttered with tongue in cheek, what comes out of the mouth is not comprehensible as English.

I am getting really interested in the comments on The Cafe. The way-to-go-Greggo stuff is starting to fade, and the head-scratchers are starting to take over. They'll make room for the critics soon enough if Greg continues to take this tack.

However, now that he's done for the time being with the event of his firing, he may be leaving the burning bridges in his rear view mirror for awhile, and he will turn his creaky rhetorical howitzers on sportsy stuff.

Here's a Sports Radio Observer Question for you: Does any of this make you feel any more kindly toward Richie Whitt?

Anonymous said...

Interesting you should pose that question about RW, Plainsman.

I will say that it does in two ways.
1. He's been out of the public eye, unless you follow his Twitter feed, so as the saying goes: out of side, out of mind. Which in RW's case is a good thing. However if you do pop by his Twitter feed you'll see one douchey dude on display for the whole world to soak in and sweat out. He is an asshat.

2. When you see that while GW has been ranting, burning bridges, tossing people under the bus, spending entire days modeling hats and taking photos of himself modeling the hats, and writing a bunch of garbage.......RW has been out job hunting, making public appearances for some company, and attempting to start up a pizza and beer delivery business, well, at the very least you see that the guy doesn't quit and is a fighter. Whatever you think of RW, you have to respect that aspect of his otherwise extremely off putting personality and ways.

Anonymous said...

I have the feeling that once the atta boys come to a slow drip, Greggo's Cafe of Carnage will fade off with the sunset. Something tells me that his hangers on/posse and that Jenn chick write a lot of those comments and post new ones under different names.

GJW said...

I welcome B&S back the airwaves , hopefully the FAN will let them grow , their show works , it will take time for some of us older guys ( me ) to get the hang of their delivery , their unique approach and delivery makes me look at the sports world from a younger if not stranger viewpoint - I will surf between them , GAC and some HL , I can navigate around Corby's shallow & inexperienced understanding of the world around him . I have cut him a bunch of slack over the years hoping he would mature in his narratives about music . He just doesn't get it - he is surrounded by musically gifted hosts and reaches way out of his " cool " zone to create a hip segment .
Bad radio has grown on me and I find it to be time well spent . Dan does infuriate me at times with his Closed minded Ohioan Hash induced warped perspective - I can't imagine how growing up in Cleveland , watching the Cuyahoga river burning would negatively impact the development of the human brain - Thank God I was raised in Texas , with my own homegrown Texas issues !
The day wouldn't be complete without a greggo comment , having never paid much attention to his social inadequacies over the years , I am comfortable in assessing him as a self absorbed , low self esteem guy who wants to be BMOC - ( not taking a shot at him per blog rules ) , I acted the same 20 years ago - The massive mood swings and anger on his Blog should be of concern to those that are close to him .
I promise not to mention him next week or thereafter as he slides into the abyss of unknown DJs .
BTW : Who is Jenn ? His chief enabler ?
B&S should be the topic of the Week , next week !

Anonymous Ron said...

I'm not inclined to cut RW much slack because of his chest-thumping "we're going to beat the Ticket's ass" bragadocio.

atlanta rhythm section said...

Jes spent a cool 1/2 hr on Greggo's blog. Dang me, hang me, if that isn't one messed up yama mama. To be putting on that kinda dog and pony show at his age is somethin' else, peoples. I hope things get better for the dude, both on the physical and mental sides of the aisle. But brutha oh brutha home slice got some probs of the highest order. Sho nuff wouldn't want ol' Hambonita on my payroll, and dats da fact Jack.

Keep on rockin' Plainsman. And you know Ya mo be there.

Shaggy said...

radish nailed it all.

I also thought Danny was very weak yesterday. I just don't buy his sports points AT ALL, especially when he tries to go deep. Listening to him try to break down Mitch Moreland's swings mechanics and approach at the plate was painful.

Anonymous said...

@the radish Nailed it, brutha. Both on yesterday's presentation and on Greggo.

Danny's greatness but no, he's not ready for a full time on air gig. No doubt he could be, but he needs some serious work. @shaggy I too was cringing at the Moreland swing breakdown. He just flat out didn't know what he was talking about. Or if he did he sure expressed it poorly. To me it sounded like he'd heard or read it somewhere and didn't quite remember how it went. Man, radish, you described Greggo's blog to a t. What kills me is that the dude is in his 50s and he's throwing down that scene. Damn.