Friday, May 10, 2013

It's Kevin Turner

Think about it, Confessors.

The online scuttlebutt is that Ben & Skin are poaching some Ticket talent for their Fan show.  A Confessor to the last thread said that it was a young woman named Tara Artho who appears to have some Cumulus production duties.  Ms. Artho may indeed be moving, but I'm getting a rumble from the radio underground that it's a more familiar name.

Let's consider the Ticket JV:

Jake Kemp
T.C. Fleming
Ty Walker
Sean Bass
Mike Sirois
Mike Fernandez
Kevin Turner
Jeremy Moran
Killer Kellison
The Davids don't count
Danny Balis doesn't count
Tom Gribble

Maybe a couple I'm leaving out. Mitchell Karasik.

Every single one of these guys is very, very good at what he does, so don't any of y'all take any of this wrong.

Of that list, who has:

First, some producing/board/on-air chops, and

Second, the most to gain and the least to lose by departing The Ticket.

Jake's up-and-coming on the Station; Ty, Sean, Mike S, Mike F, Jeremy, Killer, Tom are all very established or already have shows, and a couple don't give off a producer vibe.

That leaves T.C. and KT.

T.C. has a lot of exposure already and, I think justifiably, believes that his day may yet come on The Ticket.

Leaving Kevin Turner.  Hardline whipping boy, all-'round scamp, and an insidious charm.  Lowest on the totem pole, least likely to find a slot for greater exposure.  Not to mention the fact that as I mentioned in a post a day or so ago, The Ticket is looking for a weekend Ticker guy.

Kevin, best of luck to you.  Hope you will drop by from time to time.

And if I'm wrong (imagine!) -- well, then, welcome back, KT!

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Anonymous said...

Mike Marshall

The Plainsman said...

Yeah, I knew I was forgetting someone. Not a bad guess at all, for some of the same reasons. He's even got a fun wacky radio name. Guess I'll stick with KT based on the weekend Ticker vacancy.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Well done, sir.

Anonymous said...

I think this is the first thing you've been remotely right on...

She said She said...

I know what it's like to be dead..

Shaggy said...

The Tara Artho reference was to the traffic girl named Tara. I have heard her call herself Tara Bailey, but anyway...Tara was not referring to someone possibly going to the fan.

Shaggy said...

Ben and Skin on the Fan right now. They will go 2-6.

Anonymous said...

Congrats TC (assuming it's true). I'm sure you'll have a good time with Ben and Skin although it will likely have a pretty limited shelf life. I think you'll make their show considerably better but I'd still be pretty shocked if the show is able to outperform RAGE, let alone THL.

Anonymous said...

Congrats KT... that's what I meant!

Anonymous said...

RAGE is mad!

GREGGO ‏@TCUWhiteTrash
Good deal for Ben and Skin..worst kept secret ever..I remember when people didn't have to stab people in back to land a gig..

Richie Whitt ‏@richiewhitt
Here's wishing @BenRogers/@SkinWade much success @1053thefan. Here's also hoping the guy that hired them falls down a flight of stairs.

Town of the Cow said...

Have you seen my baseball?

Anonymous said...

KT confirmed on his twitter account btw.

GJW said...

GW & RW continue to blame everyone but themselves for the failure of RAGE.
It just business Greggo , a sound manager in any industry takes responsibility for the companys assets and delivery of their companies product .
B&S didn't have to stab you in the back , you threw yourself under the Bus by being late , unprepared , incompetent and unable to get along with your co-host . RW should not wish bad things on a guy who was forced to do his job , I say GW & RW owe the FAN a Thank you for keeping them on air a year longer than the ratings dictated - Guys - your show was not that good and a good business decision was made by the FAN management team .

KT said...

Who let the cat out of the bag? Yes, it's me. I'm the one. Gordon's hand picked successor had to make a move.

After 3 years at The Ticket, less if you don't count the internship, I was offered the job to produce B&S.

To produce a drive-time show in Dallas with some good dudes is honestly really flattering and kind of surreal right now.

I love The Ticket. Always will. Some really good people in that building.

This is a great opportunity for me. I was able to quit my day job working at an oil company. It's pretty obvious, that any super awesome full-time opportunities at The Ticket just weren't going to become available to me for a long time.

Maybe someone named The Claimsman will start something like this for The Fan. Maybe you'll give us a shot. 2-6 Monday through Friday. We're going to have fun. They're going to let me do bits. It's exciting, and I hope you can all tune in as much as possible.

Good luck with your bottoms. Much love.


GJW said...


BBQ said...

Congrats, KT! I wish you the best of luck. And here's to you guys giving THL a run for their money... It'll only make both shows better. Which, of course, is a win-win-win.

cactusflinthead said...

Well well. Will check them out during the interminable break after WTDS and see what they have. If it is 90% Cowboys Koolaid drinking, see ya. And congratulations to KT for getting the gig.

Anonymous said...

All sorts of Ticket ex-pats are doing good things. It looks like MaSS is now getting TV airtime down Bama way. From what I hear, they've become Birmingham's Hardline.

Good on you, KT. Hope you still stop in here every now and again. I second what BBQ said about challenging THL. THL needs it. We all need it.

As for B&S: Fellas, don't let Greggo's b.s. bring you down (as if it is or could). Both he and his blog will be out of here sooner rather than later. I mean that I think he'll move away. I honestly am a bit taken aback by the way in which he's handled this whole thing. From his three part "Why I Was Fired" series to the vitriol he's been throwing B&S's way on Twitter today to whatever the hell his promised "I'm gonna tell ya'll the TRUTH about the hiring of B&S" blog entry will say---which no doubt will be as scorched earth as the rest of his "catalog."

Anonymous said...

Richie Whitt ‏@richiewhitt 12h
Friday means 2 thangs: 1. Another day closer to being able to tell my side of the RAGE story; 2. A little Hot/Not refresher pickmeup ...
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I'm interested in hearing his side of the story. Notice how he said "my side." I think that's pretty telling. \

Cristobal said...

I'm happy for KT, but hate to see a member of THF leave the little Ticket. I don't know that I'll fully make the switch to Ben and Skin over the Hardline, but they're definitely getting a shot.

Steve said...

KT going to B&S gives me some hope that their show will improve (at least enough to be good commercial filler for THL). Hopefully, they let him be a regular voice on the show!

I've never been a B&S fan so I really hope this means they're making meaningful changes to their presentation.

Congrats KT!

KT said...

Thanks for all the supportive comments guys! Steve, the idea is that i'll have an on-air role on the show. Bits ahoy!


Anonymous said...

KT, I think I can speak for all Confessors when I say that we all wish you the best. Thanks for all the good times. And I'm really glad that you read, correctly, the writing on the wall and have taken a chance on yourself. Good for you, Kevin Turner. I'd like to tell you that I'll do my best to be a P1 B&S listener, but that would be a lie. As much as they piss me off, I'm a THL PM Drive kind of guy. But I darn sure will give you boys more than a fair shake.

Now, to, ah, "bring it back down." I have to say that KT's astute producing aside, I honestly cannot see how B&S will, for the now 3rd time (4th if you count their weekend stint on The Ticket) make it count. I can't imagine them changing the game enough to (1) turn heads and (2) to be anything other than what they are. And there's nothing wrong with what they are. But what they are isn't prime time. It's a cool podcast. Sorry. That IS what it IS. A cool podcast. A cool podcast about Mavs basketball. Man, I dig Jeff Skin Wade on the Mavs broadcast. Honestly. I also dig Big Benny and the Jets Rogers when he spouts off on the Rangers like a young Galloway. But the two of those men together, as much as they and obviously Gavin Spittle, now twice, and ESPN think it can work.........doesn't. Why? They got the Sirois disease. They sound alike. That's the deal. They finish each others sentences. Just like CDS. You don't need the two, only one. Pick which one is best and run with it. That's why the B&S point-counterpoint segment failed. It was too staged. Why? Because you dudes agree on everything!!!! As long as B&S go down that street, it won't work out like they want it to. Hell, like I want it to for them.

Steve said...

Awesome KT. Good luck buddy!

YOKOYOLO said...

" Lets see this thing through. Not sure how long it’ll last, but lets ride till we’re bucked off."

Uh, looks like Greggo is already setting the table for his exit from blogdom. He says he's posting up his most gut wrenching entry.......EVER, at some point today (supposed to have been at noon, but that deadline's come and gone). Though I'll read it, I can honestly say that I'm not looking forward to it. Whatever it it's about, I really really really hope that it isn't a plea for pity and/or a pity party.

Anonymous said...

You make some fair points about B&S. I share in your hoping that they do well, despite the mountain they have to climb. However, I don't think you're considering how bad of a show RaGE was. B&S, IMHO, will greatly out perform RaGE. I also think they'll put up much better numbers against THL and sooner rather than later leave GAC to a distant 3rd. No, I don't think they'll become serious competition for THL, but I do think they will put THL on notice that they aren't the only game in town. You have to believe that after two attempts at big time local sports talk, and especially now that they're getting a third try and at a station they already were on, that they have made some adjustments. They certainly have had the time off to rethink, reconnoiter, and revamp. I'm betting on those boys to succeed. What's more, at least for the foreseeable future, I can't imagine their bar being set any higher than a solid second place in the ratings. That's more than doable. I think they'll do it.

Smokezilla said...

Plus, from what I hear, KT's mom is pretty hot.