Friday, May 17, 2013

A Hardline Quick Hit Prompts a Larger Thinking

It was pointed out in a prior comment that Jake had a busy Friday, filling on-air roles for The Musers and The Hardline, and board-opping midday.  Don't have any thoughts on his board-opping, but his fill-ins went real well, I thought.  He wasn't intrusive, he was ready when his segs came up, and he held his own when everyone was talking.

One thing I did find interesting on The Hardline:  With the team dispersed and in different roles, there was a notable disruption in the rhythm from time to time.  People not quite sure when to talk, when to stop talking, when to cut off a line of humor that was too inside, when to stop and let the other guy talk.  Didn't screw up the show, just some passages of mild confusion.

Which brought to my recall that there's more to a successful show than strong, distinctive personalities who are enjoyable to listen to.  (Yes, I enjoy Corby, as I do Jake.)   There is that ineffable quality known variously as "comfort level," "familiarity," and "seamlessness," and probably some other words and phrases that aren't coming to mind.  One of the thing that makes all of the shows on The Ticket great (and, I'm sure some would say, sometimes makes them stale) is that their participants have been doing it with one another for a long time.

It's not just the yuks -- we're drawn in as well by the cadences and rhythms of guys talking who talk -- and listen -- to each other a lot.  The almost imperceptible undersignal to The Ticket's hilarity and chaos is on a frequency of old friends, and old friendships.

That's a gift, grown over years, and it renders counterprogramming almost futile.

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Fake Norm said...

Lads I'm pretty sure they were dealing with a 2 second delay all day on Jake's end. He mentioned it sometime between 4-5 pm today. May explain the problems.

The Plainsman said...

You know, I did hear them mention a problem with a delay. Which would explain some of the awkwardness.

But I'll stick with the thought it prompted.

Thanks for the reminder.

Tommy Lee said...

Jake > Corby

terry tynsedale said...

What you're talking about is the very reason why The TIcket is the success that it is; and why its imitators are a mere shell of what the real thing is like. It's the long term, real life friendships these guys have. And the fact that the support crew all grew up as Ticketheads. That's why Danny and Grubes (RIP) and Jake and Sea Bass fit in so well, so seamlessly. They, in their cars, at work, and at home, were co-hosting the shows right along with The Musers and The Hardline, just like we all do. The listener IS a part of the family. Okay, sure, it isn't to the extent it used to be in the halcyon days. And I totally agree with those real deal D1P1s who say as much. I'm a D1P1 myself and I can attest to it. But it's still amazing. It's still better than anything else out there by a mile, even on its worst days--which are few and far between, contrary to what the, at times appearing as orchestrated, Hardline/Corby dog-pile might say.

I love The Ticket. It's been oft quoted on this blog by many but I'm going to do it again:

"Once this thing goes away, there will never be anything like it ever again." --Michael Rhyner

blergoyen said...

I tuned in yesterday after a THL haitus over the past few months. Politics aside, and acknowledging the ratings don't reflect my absence one iota, if they went with the Mike/Danny/JakeZ lineup permanently, I'd be a THL regular listener again.

BTW, I do think the current THL ratings result from the same social psychology as Rick Perry being elected for a 3rd term in 2010.

Brad Gilbert said...

I listend to most of the show yesterday, and it seemed to me that the delay was causing most, but not all, of the awkwardness. They would talk over each other, realize it, then pause, and then all start talking again. Near the end of the show I thought Jake said something about being told this would be the normal set-up for future remotes, too. If so, you will probably hear less of the voices back at the studio when the host are on remote.

Anonymous said...

Was any of the angst over Corby's absence genuine or just a dogpile?

cactusflinthead said...

A long delay for remotes? That sucked! I thought it might be a one time engineering glitch, but if this is a permanent feature of remotes it kills chemistry.

Barry Green said...

Jake is going to be a star. I tracked down the It's Just Banter podcast a few years ago because of TC and grew to appreciate Jake.

A couple of months ago, someone criticized him for acting like he's the smartest man in the room. News bulletin: He is. By far. But I disagree that acts that way -- you just know he is.

And I'm a 51 year old Day 1 P1.

Anonymous said...

Barry Green, if you really are 51 years old, have no personal relationship with Jake, *know* he's going to be a star, and also *know* that he's the smartest guy in the room, well sir, If I were Jake I'd be afraid of you. If I were your neighbor or co worker I'd be afraid of you.

Thems some claims, bro.

So no one else heard this morning that Danny is no longer on The Orphanage? I guess this means either Davy is getting another co host or it's kaput. Personally I'd rather see the latter happen so some other talented and deserving JVers get a shot. The Orphanage went past its due date many moons ago IMO. The bigger question, of course, is, what's next on Danny's plate? Is this move being made because his bar is about to open? Is this the first move toward an eventual leaving of THL due to said bar opening?

Anonymous Ron said...

I turned on the radio this morning and when I heard the golf show I assumed Danny and Davy both had conflicts so they gave the Orphanage the week off. I didn't hear any announcement that Danny had packed it in. If it's true I will miss the show, but I'll get over it.

Shaggy said...

The angst was a bit and the orphanage is not going anywhere. It's like you guys have never listened before...

pDub Lahey said...

Given the topical nature, I'll take this space to express how refreshing the Corby-free broadcast was yesterday.

It seemed to me that the hiccups in cadence and rhythm were noticeably due to that delay.

I agree with Plainsman that the intangible chemistry and report developed through camaraderie is a paramount reason for the Ticket's success.

Bob and Dan have the Felix/Oscar thing down pat. Craig has the uncanny knack of knowing how and when to be the good cop or the bad cop. Even Sirois and SeaBass can coral Norm when he's having a senior moment. Mike and Danny have worked with and been good friends with Jake for the better part of a decade. However, the dynamic of THL has been tainted by Corby's increasingly bullying nature.

After the post-Greggo power shift, Grubes kept Corby as honest and humble as one can, thus maintaining the precious balance of power. Also, Mike wasn't on the wrong side of 60 back then.

Just a side rant about Grubes. It's been 13 months since he left us. Like him or not, that dude is perhaps the greatest muse the show has had. He is extremely well-liked; his fun-loving philosophy and unbridled enthusiasm for all things Ticket was often infectious in the studio. BaDD has trudged on valiantly without him, but THL leaned on him too much and has never recovered over the past 13 months.

I thought Friday's show flowed a little bit better for the last 45 minutes after Gribble left (the only undesirable element of BaDD) and was replaced by T.C. We even got to hear how gay Jake thinks space is.

That said, I agree Jake is one of the smartest people at the Ticket; I also think he's beginning to get a grasp for his on-air personality, and that has seen young Jake Z become less condescending over the preceding months.

I like the chemistry sans Corby, especially considering by the sound of things, this whole Cobra-less show wasn't planned out too much. Sure the show lagged at moments, but I listened to the whole thing and I never considered tuning out. In the last few days, I bailed on THL during the Corby's Stevie Wonder segment and another time when he was trying to read off a Maxim magazine top 5 hot famous women list and bullying Mike (it's so easy to flip on B&S)

There seems to be a good deal of P1s who feel similar about Corby, and as an impassioned P1, this whole Corby thing is my only hot button issue.

Stay hard.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Shaggy, but Danny is no longer going to be a part of The Orphanage.

the radish said...


I think you greatly exaggerate Grubes' influence on Corby. By that I mean that he had zero influence on Corby. How could he? How in the wide world of sports could he keep him humble and honest. Corby might be annoying to some; he might be a lot of things; but I've never heard him be purposely misleading or dishonest. Furthermore, Mike and Danny might have known jake for perhaps 10 years, but for the most of those years he was an intern and off air behind the scenes guy. A much younger one than they, I might add. If you think Mike has been cultivating a friendship with Jake all these years, sorry, but you're totally misreading things. Corby, on the other hand, has a friendship with both Mike and Danny; has had one for many many years; and surprise, they do things together outside of the show. Their extra curricular activities with Jake are a recent thing; they're also an infrequent thing. But back to Corby. I'm not a Corby guy, but I don't see how he bullies others. If you want to see bullying, check out some of Gordo's work when he gets on a roll. That is bullying. Corby has an overabundance of unwarranted self-confidence, for sure. But he doesn't bully.

Grubes was greatness. In retrospect (NO, I'm not trying to draw him offsides here), i do wonder if he thought through leaving for school (which he has since dropped out of again) to the degree that he perhaps should've before making such a decision. But whatever. He'll be just fine. The point I want to make is that if you have a show where the board op is THE lynchpin, and that without him the show suffers to such a degree that it can't fully recover, then you probably had a weak show to begin with. That's not the case with THL. Their ratings have only gotten better since Grubes' departure. But guess what? That has ZERO to do with Grubes. Their ratings kicked ass with Expo and with Psycho Dave too. Indeed, it was Expo that paved the way for Grubes. He was the first board op drop master and mixer.

I too think Jake is a smart guy. One of the smartest guys at The Ticket? I mean, how do you measure that? For me, I need a much larger sample size before I could make such a claim. Moreover it really doesn't mean squat to me anyway. Smartest in what way? I'll take wisdom over IQ any day of the week. IQ gets you JS Mill, wisdom gets you Charles Dickens. Jake is young, green, needs a lot of work, but only keeps getting better. He's got a bright future ahead, I'm sure. But let's not put the cart before the horse (mostly talking to Barry Green right now).

The Plainsman said...

Man, a guy runs a few errands and the joint blows up.

pDub: Bob and Dan as Felix and Oscar -- that's genius, my friend. To the extent I wish I'd thought of it.

Agree that Jake has continued to grow into his increasing roles. Seems to me that he's dialed back on things that have annoyed some Confessors in the past, and, while those things never bothered me, I can hear increasing comfort and "on-air maturity" in his presentation.

The Plainsman said...

As for Danny: I heard most of Cirque today (good show) and my first thought about their several -- really, throughout the show -- referneces to Danny leaving The Orphanage was a bit. But then there was a reference to "moving on to better things" that somewhat alarmed me. The TeeBox had an extended run today because of The Nelson -- that's been teased for several days -- and it made sense to bump The Orphanage for another hour of Cirque. Didn't think a thing about it.

But several times one of the Cirques (sorry) urged listeners to tweet Danny to find out what was up with him. I just checked his Twitter lineup and didn't see any reference to it, but I am not the most accomplished Tweeter in the digisphere. We know he's got the new venture going in Deep Ellum and Confessors seem divided on whether his role will require a dialback of his Ticket activities.

I hope not -- count me as a continuing Orphanage fan, partly BECAUSE of the giveup attitude on lazy Saturday mornings -- and anything beyond that would be truly tragic.

Danny is one of the more interesting characters on a station full of them. Smart, both funny and witty, and a needed counterbalance on The Hardline. But those brains need to make money someday. I haven't the foggiest notion of how a guy like Danny is compensated by Cumulus, but I'm doubtful that it's a handsome paycheck. The man has ambition, contacts galore having little to do with his on-air exposure, and many talents. I hope we can count on hearing him for some time to come, but I can see a day when he's a major entertainment impressario in these parts: venues, artist management, production, promotion, performance.

The Plainsman said...

Not to mention a leading Audi critic.

Anonymous said...

I think that was Mike's way of getting back at Danny for the Facebook Ben and Skin prank last week.

The Plainsman said...

Which was . . . .

Anonymous said...

So I take it you didn't hear that Sirois left his FB page open and Danny posted some less than friendly comments on Ben's FB. Which caused much confusion, many additional comments to that comment by others and a Cash Sirois "like" on the same comment. Mike vowed revenge on Danny. My guess is that this was it. Or at least part of it. Then again, it wouldn't surprise me if Danny has moved on.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Plainsman, Cirque was solid today and I'm pretty sure anything Orphanage related was a bit.

cactusflinthead said...

"Indeed, it was Expo that paved the way for Grubes. He was the first board op drop master and mixer." radish/509

That drop of Corby saying "FAT ASS!" that was directed at our tribe member Expo. I would still like to know what got him canned. That is one back story I never did hear about. Some of my favorite moments on THL have been when the board op gets Corby's goat. I am waiting for the day when Jake goes gunning for him. It would be extra good if Mike and Danny goad him into it affording him some cover You think Corby has a big head in need of an ego deflation? Poke him with drops and watch his composure go to shreds.

Thanks to Dick Hicks for closing the Nascar CD with memories of Dick Trickle. Smoking a cig in the car. Classic. Rest well sir. You might have been a punch line at times, but you were part of the sports landscape and that counts for something. So do 1200 wins on the short track. You did what you loved and went out on your own terms. Not the path I might have chosen, but to each his own.

Yeah, I think the Orphanage's demise was a bit.
@ Plainsman
M. Sirois left his FB page logged in on a work comp. Danny hijacked it and made some scathing comment on Ben and Skin's page. (was it a collective page? that part wasn't clear) They talked about it in the mix last Saturday. The unticket should have it.

Anonymous said...

Expo didn't get fired. He got burned out and decided to move on.

pDub Lahey said...

Mike Sirois did declare fb retribution for that prank, so that would make sense.

My point about keeping Corby honest was meant as keeping his ego in check not deliberate dishonesty. Sorry to be confusing.

Yes, it is impossible to quantify how smart Jake is just like its impossible to quantify how good of friends everyone is with each other.

The ribbing and ball busting has obviously always been a tremendous source of humor for the station; however, in my subjective opinion, Corby crosses the line into bullying (mike about being old and uncool) to the point it doesn't seem funny to me. He doesn't have that internal governor to know when to let up (sometimes a well placed drop can take care of this). Gordon is absolutely a bully, but the difference is he'll always be the third wheel on that show. He will always have Craig and Jub to keep him in check.


Anonymous said...

Not saying you ever claimed you were, cactusflinthead, but I do get a chuckle out of those who say they're D1P1s, and then don't know basic Ticket history. Expo's exit is basic Ticket history. Just like Grubes and Psycho Dave before him, he got his own segment to explain why he was leaving and to accept the accolades of THL proper. Just like Jake will when he moves on.

Expo had already earned a B.S. in mathematics from UTexas when he began to man the board and in turn invent the job of drop artist. He was true greatness.

cactusflinthead said...

Anons 9earlier and 9later

Thanks. I missed his goodbye. I think it was about the time I was heading to Aggieland. A dark year in my sports radio history. There were a few bright spots down there, but I missed it up north.

I always sort of suspected his leaving was sort of ok. He was/is a sharp human. Didn't know he was a math head, makes sense though. He and Big Strong really have put a mark on the position of board op. Grubes picked up the mantle. I think the chair of fun scares Jake sometimes. BaDD probably has him a bit cowed about that and when he is on with the Musers you can sense the respect he has for them, even wild ass Gordo, the arsonist. If he stands a chance of learning the well placed drop it is with the Hardline. Well, that clears up that question for me.

Grubes said...

934, I've been reading forums related to the Ticket for over a decade and my least favorite thing about them might be "I'm a better P1 than you" posts...Especially when they're wrong. Expo and Psycho both got fired. No goodbye, no explanation.

Myself and the great Justin Neeley (HL board-op 2004-06) got to say goodbye, but we're the rare exceptions. Off the top of my head, Cat, Followill, Doyle King and Alexis also got to say goodbye. Everyone else got fired or went to a competitor and didn't get a goodbye segment. Radio is a sucky business like that.

pDub, I don't think I had any sort of impact on Corby, but I do appreciate the kind words about my skillz.

And no offsides from me, radish. While being a dropout within less than a year of leaving wasn't part of my plan, I still don't regret it. I left in an attempt to better my situation.

Luckily, within six months of leaving, I got the FSSW gig and it's awesome. I still get along great with all the guys and if a situation ever arose to return that wouldn't affect my status at FSSW, I'd certainly look into it. But realistically, it's very unlikely and I'm okay with that.

As long as I'm still friends with them, it's all good. They really are all amazing and great people and I can't say that enough.


The Plainsman said...

Grubes, it's after midnight. Time for a young man like you to be in bed on a Saturday night. But thanks for checking in anyway.

And thanks for the corrective to the "I'm a better P1 than you" theme.

slinky said...

blergoyen, man, you couldn't be more dead on...specially on the Rick Perry!! Grubes, I know Expo got fired [love your little "hangin round Denton], but seems I recall Psycho kinda wanting out of the gig. Didn't he pursue a gig as a dispatcher of some sort? However, you would certainly have more insight than I.

Anonymous said...


I know you have a great relationship with Ben and Skin (and KT)

What are the chances you would ever grace your voice to 105.3 if invited by those guys?

And count me as a Jake P1 who agrees he probably is one of the smartest guys at the station - I agree with the confessor that said he is going to be a star.

Grubes said...

Slinky- Psycho did want out and looked into being a dispatcher. He tried looking for a couple other jobs while at the Ticket, but time basically ran out for him as he became less and less engaged in the job. Luckily, he got a job at CTX Mortgage pretty soon after that and now is actually back in radio. As sucky as the business is, radio does get in your blood!

941- I probably wouldn't turn down a chance to pop on with them, but I don't think I really have anything to offer as a guest. And as much as they love me, I'm guessing they feel the same way. Even though I'm technically a radio free agent, I think my affiliation with the Ticket is still too strong to possibly open that can of worms with management of either station.

Grubes said...

And sorry for using "job" so many times in the first paragraph. It's early.

the radish said...

I'll never go against Grubes, but I do recall Rhyner and Greggo talking about Expo's leaving due to burn out from the job. Maybe they left off the being fired (for perhaps being burned out)? But I don't recall Expo getting his own segment to explain himself. The one thing I distinctly remember is towards the end of his tenure, Expo was getting into more and more confrontations with hosts and co workers, over the air. And you'd also hear off the air confrontations referred to as well. So maybe that's why he got fired? He was burned out, like THL said, and because of it, snapping at others (?). Whatever the case, the guy redefined the board op position and paved the way for the greatness of McGrublestein.

I have a feeling if Jake reads these threads he's gotta be uncomfortable with so much discussion about his intelligence. Personally I don't see how anyone knows a damn thing about it. He comes off as a smart, educated, opinionated guy. So do most of the hosts and peripherals. Some have certain strengths and knowledge about some things, others have the same about different things. This whole "smartest guy in the room" stuff is a load of crap. And quite frankly it's more than a bit creepy. Just let the guy grow into his career and cheer for him. Stop it with the "star" and "brilliant" tags. I'll guarantee you he'd ask the same.

Barry Green said...

"I have a feeling if Jake reads these threads he's gotta be uncomfortable with so much discussion about his intelligence. Personally I don't see how anyone knows a damn thing about it. He comes off as a smart, educated, opinionated guy."

I agree, Einstein. My belief has no basis other than listening to him and coming to the conclusion he's "a smart, educated, opinionated guy." My bad. I should have asked for a copy of his transcript before I posted.

I don't know the guy. Never met him. But just like you can appreciate a band, a comedian, or a scholar, I think you can appreciate a new voice on the radio.

Anonymous said...

Jeez, Barry. 51 going on 17 is more like it.

GJW said...

Plainsman , You seem to have hit a hot topic with Jake , Corby , Danny and the HL .
All I know is the average lifespan of a Bar in Dallas is a little under 18 months . Hopefully Danny will have the right stuff to make a go of it .
I can comment 0 as to the intelligence of all the behind scene workers . Being in the right place and the right time and being prepared for that opportunity when it presents itself is a key ingredient to success . Or marry the owners daughter ?
It would be unfortunate to see pranks being pulled on B&S - let them go do their thing , make no mistake , all these guys may be Buddies , but , this is " all in for B&S " I doubt they will let any shenanigans get in the way of their success .
Besides , who can really keep up with the board ops , I don't .
Jake may the most informed not the smartest . Corby may be the smartest just as he is also the most unaware guy of the world around him !
I have always considered the weekend shows a proving ground and KTCK Lab for newbies and up and coming hosts . Doesn't really matter whos coming and going on air - will listen while doing weekend stuff with family .
Does anyone realize that , The Train Station Fitness with George may be the longest running weekend gig ?? I know George , too know him is to love him while not fully grasping what makes him tick !!!

Anonymous said...

GJW, if you really know George DiGianni, you MUST offer up a few stories!!!!!!

the radish said...

@359 Don't know if I would've been as direct as you were, but I think you might be onto something.

"Einstein." Whatever floats your boat, Barry Green.

Did anyone catch the bonus, post Byron Nelson, Tee Box show today? Really good and insightful stuff for us golf fans. At least for this golf fan. My only gripe is that at the onset Rosengarten tried to catch Rick in a misspeak. He didn't, though. You could tell that Rick wasn't having any of it and wanted to present an all business side of The Tee Box. I sometimes think all that Ebrake gold Rosengarten has crapped out over the last several years has warped an already warped mind even further. Still, I dig The Tee Box.

GJW said...

The issue with telling stories from the past is that the tables can always be reversed , George is a good dude , i trained with him when the premier club first opened !!! Funny , I remember seeing a chubby greggo trying to do something , he never worked out , would walk around then hit the steam ....
I will tell you George did a bit part on Walker Texas Ranger - talking with him about it back then you think he was getting an oscar ....
Its scary tonight watching Cabrera hit two dingers off dutch , then they bring Lowe , and Lowe hasnt got a pitch anymore ..

Anonymous said...

THL is so much better without Corby, he is the Rick Perry of The Ticket.

Corby and Gordon are both bullies. Their humor is derived from bashing or generally making fun of other people. All of the humor those guys use is at someone's expense. That is not funny, and it's not hard...anybody can make jokes by ridiculing others.

The Ticket would be better off without them, but there are so many "D1P1's" that can't see the forest for the trees.
Just because something was once great, doesn't mean that it stays great.

Anonymous said...

The Ticket would be better off without Gordon Keith? Just because you say he/they aren't funny doesn't make it true. It is true for you. To me, you wouldn't last more than a week as PD if you got rid of Gordo.

Anonymous said...

You crazy, man. Totally crazy. I think seeing the bigger picture, sorta what 1136 points out to you about being a PD, is seeing the forest for the trees. I'm a D1P1 and I think I can see it. Nope. I think it's you who can't see the bigger picture. Too blinded by Corby and Gordo hatred. The one thing I'll agree with you on is that nearly all of Corby's attempts at humor are based on ridiculing others. And about 85% of Gordo's is ridiculing. His used to be a lot higher, but as he's aged, he's mellowed a bit.

slinky said...

Yeah, they could probably lose Corby and not take too bigga hit, but not Gordo. Gordo's just a jokester. Don't be so sensitve. I remember once, a long time back, Corby pranking someone on the phone from Miami. Of course he was joking, but made the comment something like "all the smelly Cubans" The man on the phone got pissed and hung up. Naturally Corby laughed. I was thinking; boy Corby, that was just real funny there. Gordo actually knows how to pull that kind of humor off and really be comical without being too insulting....most of the time.

The Plainsman said...

IMPORTANT NOTICE: I am not accepting any comment, pro, con, or otherwise, on Greg Williams's blog offering titled "A Boy's Life."

Nor any on this decision.

Thanks for your cooperation.

-- P

Anonymous said...

Is everyone ready to hear endless segments on Corby's vacation stories?? Lord knows I am!!! I'm sure lots of interesting things happened filled with intense drama!!

Autocorrect said...

bravo. The Rick Perry analogy couldn't be more right on. Big Jake fan here, can't say I'm a Corby hater, I can deal with him but there are a lot of times when I wonder what the hell I'm doing listening to the guy. When Rhynes was out getting his stone situation taken care of, I punched out on THL for the day. Even having Whitney Drolen couldn't save it(ok that's a lie, I did tune in for her but had to tune out because Corby was ruining it for me.)

GJW said...

BaDD radio was an enjoyable listen today , Corby & the HL are starting off OK , all seems well in Ticketland .
I would like to see Fowler do some of these golf shots downtown today ?
Plainsman - Thanks for keeping your house in order .

slinky said...

@ Autocorrect, there is a term for the "I wonder what the hell I'm doing listening to the guy". There called "empty segments", and Corby is chock full of them.

Anonymous said...

This is no comment on "A Boy's Life."

It is a comment on Greggo's blog.

I believe if it is to succeed, he needs to lose his (I'm sure well meaning) self-professed inner-circle chum and newly-minted co-blogger, Riggs. The here's my life story, my story as a rocker, my story as a small time wresting promoter, and the let me tell you how it is and what I'm about as I try to emulate my hero GW theme was tiresome from the get-go. After a week or so, it's only become that much more tiresome. In all honesty, I don't see this blog thing going on for much longer. Franky that might not be a bad thing for Greggo. I think one of his main issues is that he always has too much time on his hands, and with that time he mostly thinks about himself, which causes problems. Problems for everyone. I hope he gets it together. I really do.

By the way, the captcha was in Greek. I kid you not. I had to refresh it.

Anonymous said...

The ticket would be better off without Gordon and Corby.

They have absolutely made their way in radio with childish pranks and ridiculing people. If these two guys suddenly found themselves without a daily mic in the face...they would soon be forgotten.

My office, and I'm sure everyone's office is full of ass-hats that make jokes at the expense of others. That is not talent, that is plucking the low hanging fruit.

Not too mention that both of them are self-appointed judges on what is "right" or "cool". These 2 guys exemplify everything that the ticket claims it isn't. The ticket is suppose to be a collection of the everyman, remember they are just like us, only on the radio. Corbitt and Gordon are so in your face with the kick-ass life of a smalltime local celebrity that there is no way they are anywhere close to being just like us, the listener.

Having said that, there is little in either worship them or see there ever present flaws and they drive you crazy because there is a legitimate fear that they are slowly ruining the greatness of the ticket.
For me Corby is worse because Danny and Mike are so ill-equipped to rein him in. At least Gordon is tampered somewhat by Craig and George.

I realize that I will get hammered with several disagreeing viewpoints, and you are entitled to yours as I am mine.

Anonymous said...

So you're saying that The Ticket would be better off without Gordon because you don't like his style and he's mean in your opinion?

Anonymous said...

You don't think Danny and Mike aren't arbiters of what's cool?

Let's see: What's the one thing, outside of the industry proper, that The Ticket is known for? Hmmmmm. Wait a second! I remember! Gordon's fake Jerry. Ya know, Joe Buck extolling the greatness of FJ and stuff. But you're right, The Ticket would be so much better off without Gordon. We're all entitled to our opinions, but yours sounds like a personal beef. I think you and many others that comment are so much in the minority where Corby is concerned that it's not funny. Many more people like him and enjoy his work than not. You don't. Cool. But to say that either he or Gordon are in danger of ruining The Ticket is ludicrous. Especially when you're talking about Gordo. He helped make The Ticket what it is today. He defines so much of what it is. His bits, sayings, and off the wall at times demented attitude are what drive the station. I think you vastly underestimate Gordo's influence and importance. Corby comes off as the jerk ex frat boy you couldn't stand in your 20s. I get that. But in no way is he going to contribute to the demise of The Ticket as we know it.

This reeks of yet another orchestrated attempt to foment controversy by some peoples with an ax to grind. Probably some peoples who work on the FM side of the dial, and who think that these silly "covert psych ops" are some sign of Ticket-like bunker mentality. Which is funny, because it's all just another way of trying to emulate The Ticket. What's funnier is that this orchestrated feel began right around the time Spittle became PD, again, at The FAN. The same Spittle who ripped off The Ticket so hard in Houston, it made even his own employees who were benefitting from it wince from time to time.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that people who are down on THL lately are often accused of being CBS operatives... Like they're double agents with earpieces and sunglasses, running psy-ops. Could it be that a lot of people are just really getting tired of THL and Corby in particular?
I didn't hear any of his stupid festival stories today and haven't heard much of THL at all in the past week. I gave B&S a chance and they're winning me over. I'm not trying to convince anybody of anything, I just want to point out that CBS may not have a room full of Men In Black hunched over computers, implementing the master plan. Some guys just have differing opinions.
As plainsman said before, it will all come out in the ratings.

The Plainsman said...

I truly, truly do not think the anti-Gordon/Corby talk is orchestrated by anyone or group, much less by a pro-Fan cabal. We've been hearing these comments about the two of them for a long time.

I do tend to agree that the anti-Corby talk we hear here overrepresents the anti-Corby faction in the general listening population. (Wonder why this site attracts them disproportionately -- hmmm. I guess because it gives a forum for criticism, and it's more fun than praise.)

Sure, Corby can grate -- but why has Mike introduced him as the most abrasive guy in radio for years now? Because he is. Folks, Corby is not ruining The Ticket -- he's part of what The Ticket is.

I'm not entirely sure about the Rick Perry analogy, but try this one on for Corby: Howard Cosell. Annoying? Bully? Funny broadcast voice? Capable of insight? Entertaining?

And again -- we'll see how many people really migrate to Ben & Skin. Maybe a lot -- then we'll hear from both Hardline critics and RaGE critics -- Hardline vulnerable for the usual reasons (lack of prep, nose-thumb to the P1, etc.) and RaGE was poor competition.

Hey, DA and our other radio guys -- how many quarters does the industry usually give a new show (or old show in a new slot) before they would expect to see any changes in the rating? I'm thinking not one or two. I'm thinking three or four.

Gordon: My thoughts about Gordon are more complex. I've been threatening to do a Gordon piece now for awhile, maybe I should move it up on the stove.

The Plainsman said...

And a warm cuddly MTC welcome to Autocorrect, another Confessor name I can't remember so I'm assuming it's new.

HalfCat, you've been with us a little while, but if I neglected to note your arrival, a hearty handshake of welcome to you as well.

Anonymous said...

Give us your Gordon goods, Plainsman. We could all use a diversion tonight, considering the terrible weather related events.

GLW said...

I don't get a negative Gordo thread on MTC and he is a much needed counter balance to offset George/Craig's delivery on the Musers .
While I have been critical of Corby , he has done well while taking over as cohost from an established personality in the middle of a firestorm . Corby just needs to mature on air while also finding a niche on air , that's gotta be tough .
Corby provides the HL with value just as Gordon does with the Musers , I have never supported lopping their heads offs to make the Ticket better , quite the contrary , I want Corby to grow , which only makes the Ticket better , Gordo is Gordo , take him for what he is . Besides , I am a graduate of RHS way before him , and they never asked me to be in the RHS Hall of Fame ! Not that I knew there was one , plus there are many more larger than life RHS alumni in and around Dallas much more worthy that Gordo to be in the RHS Hall of Fame . There is no point to my RHS comment except its a thread that gives Gordo street cred in my world .
Gordon was born about 40 years late , he would have made an excellent Beatnik , not a Hippie , but a suedo intellectual beatnik dude not afraid to think differently and explore different approaches to life . He goes a little too dark sometimes but it's only momentary .
THL will need some on air muscle as Mike gets less interested , but , that will happen , no need to rush judgement on how it will happen .
You just never know ....

GJW said...

BTW -In my humble opinion Corby gets more grief on MTC because more bloggers are fired up after a long day , then ending with the HL . We've pretty much forgot ton Gordos over the top antics by the end of the day .
I do like positive feedback and productive viewpoints on these guys - " just can 'em " doesn't do much to stimulate alternative viewpoints .......
I like posting on MTC as I am a day 1 P1 and the ticket has brought many a chuckle into the DFW sports world .
If your old enough , you will remember a time when it was Brad Sham from 5-7 ? And Galloway on 820 blowing smoke from tarantula county - that was it ......
I appreciate what the Ticket as built and the tremendous impact they have had to create a nationally recognized sports talk platform with good competition in DFW.

slinky said...

I nearly ran off the road today at Dan's "knocking doughnuts" comment about Brittney Griner! Hilarious!

BBQ said...

I agree that the majority of the Corby ruins everything crowd are merely folks who have a shared distaste for most if not all things Corby. But, as I've commented on before, there does seem to have been a few threads where the dog pile had a funny smell to it (as a dog's pile usually will). So yes, I believe there is a person out there who does, from time to time, and for whatever reason, posts multiple times within the same thread repeating the same Corby sucks meme. Is it by a FAN employee, commanded to on high by the PD? Well, I'd like to think not. Then again, if we're to believe certain "truth tellers" and other "in the know" people, something as moronic and fruitless as "infiltrating" a blog's comboxes in order to gin up controversy in hopes of a mass exodus from one show to another isn't such a far fetched business.

Honestly, I do hope Plainsman posts up his Gordo article. We could very much stand for a change of topic around here. I'm Corby'ed and most definitely GW'ed out. On that note, @640 (5/20) I think you're right on the money about Greggo's Clan Cafe. His partner does him no favors, on any level.

cactusflinthead said...

Still wound up from the weather.

Captcha went Greek huh? I wonder how they generate those things.

Are we really getting trolled by Fan operatives? I sometimes wonder about that too. Kinda pathetic if they do.

Gordo used to be a broke ass nobody too. Don't forget that fact. Corby didn't have anything either. I don't begrudge them any of what they have. Do they make me cringe sometimes? Yep. Would I rather they not be there? No.

Not sure what to say about Greggo. Not sure I can say anything. Will leave it at that.

Shakespeare McStudly said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Starting to get too GIML around here for my taste. I'll check back in a couple of weeks and see where we're at.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, the over-criticism of the over-Corby is an attempt to make the show better. We can be certain that our comments are being heard by the Ticket. Bringing about some sort of change show is all I think most of us are looking for. And the Ticket must realize that, with the arrival of B&S, they gotta do something to keep us as P1's.

If we honestly didn't want change then we would just change the dial to "generic" sports talk and become "Fan Fan's" (I laugh when that is uttered.)

THL would be easier to listen to without over-Corby but it does need Corby.

@The Plainsman- Thanks for the welcome and the blog. This is a good outlet for me!

blergoyen said...


I wasn't specifically comparing corby to rick perry as you implied, but then you turn around and compare corby to HOWARD COSELL? corby, as in corbett davidson??? What's next dane cook = Bill Hicks?

deezy said...

slinky: IIRC it was "bumping donuts", not "knocking" - but you're right, it was hilarious. As in, "I remember exactly where I was when I heard it, I'd just dropped off my wife at the airport and was coming over the bridge off 183 to 360 southbound" hilarious. You know it's funny when your brain takes a snapshot of it!

Anonymous said...

I missed the Griner segment, please explain.

The Plainsman said...

Actually . . . on this one, let's not have an explanation of the joke, which I didn't hear either. 1101, let's assume that Dan was commenting on the Griner-is-lesbian situation and imagining a certain potential configuration of girl-on-girl action. That will do for now. Tweet Dan if you want more.

Autocorrect said...

Thanks for the welcome @Plainsman. I've lurked a while and left and come back etc., found the site again in my bookmarks and got caught up.

3 points. First, do I think Fan personnel are here trolling? I doubt it, probably what's happening is some over zealous guys that for whatever reason just don't like the Ticket and pull for their guys over anything else.
Second, Gordo is greatness. Does he go over the top? Yeah, in an uncomfortable way that is cringeworthy but what he has done, nobody can really do. He's an artist and even though they give him a hard time for not doing anything, he has side projects that he does writing or working on tv or whatever. Wtf does Corby do when he's not on THL? The successful guys at the Ticket have a drive of some sort. George does music, Junior bikes, Gordo does music, blog, tv, Bob overtwitters, church, memorizes sports, Dan masturbates a lot, Rhynes is a musician, Danny-musician, Corby....... um, get back to me on that one.
Third, my dislike of Corby is pretty strong right now because I know he can do better. His radio sucks right now at trying to go over the top--all the time. The guy can be serious when he wants to, but lately I get more of just juvenile humor more than anything else that I would expect out of my teenager. I can't call him a yuk monkey anymore because I can't remember the last bit he's orchestrated. I can't call him a co-host to Mike because if it doesn't deal with golf, tennis, or OU sports, he doesn't initiate the talk.
And fourth, can we fit in maybe another sports segment or two instead of music talk everyday? I might be in the minority on this but it's an instant tune out for me.

ausgang said...

I have a question that perhaps someone might have an answer to or some insight on:

I can't remember the last time David Feherty was on with The Musers. He used to be a semi-regular guest; especially so during the Nelson and the Colonial. I don't recall hearing him during the Masters either, which is unusual. When I think about it, it's been quite some time since I last heard him on The Ticket airwaves.

I've always enjoyed his exchanges with The Musers. Does anyone know why this is? It's quite possible that he has been on and that I missed him. But he's usually Top Ten material; and I know I haven't heard him there in a very long while.

slinky said...

LOL! Yeah, you're rite! It was "bumping donuts"!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Feherty on with the Musers just recently?

YOKOYOLO said...

I wish you were never invented!!!!!

Your point about a few less music segments is one that resonates with many commenters. Not most, mind you, but many. I'm one of them. I used to love me some HL music talk. Back when it wasn't a thrice daily event. I too would prefer another sports seggy or two mixed in throughout the presentation. Barring another trip to the WS by the Rangers, I don't see it happening. But like George Costanza said to Jerry when Jerry told him his parents thought he was dead, "They could use the break!" I could use a music seg break.

Bitching about Corby is like bitching about too many music seggos: it feels good while you're doing it, but it ain't gonna change a dang thang. If THL's ratings were to begin to fade and/or a competitor began to actually put up a challenge, then maybe, MAYBE Cat or some other CTO would take notice of the chatter

Anonymous said...

Not at all referring to any particular post on Greggo's blog, but as I read through it, I can't focus on what he's saying because his writing is so horrible. Typos and misspellings are part of it, but it's more than that.

Autocorrect said...

Look jackass, I've been to Wrigley, have you?

Yeah I'm with you, the constant here is nothing will every change because noone will ever knock them below an 8 in this market.
Most of the people on this board will change jobs 1-5 more times before Rhynes retires.

Two things. 1, the ppm model, anyway you do it, seems so outdated. Wouldn't you think there'd be enough technology now that since your radio can tell you what song and artist is playing, that there could be a way to ping back that you're listening? Obviously for ratings leaders you wouldn't want anything to change, but I guess I could never see the ratings in this market ever changing because it's like you're giving the diaries or ppm devices to the same people every time, so how would the ratings change at all?

2nd, I'm glad I found out about Zombie Len Bias again through this blog. I've enjoyed Jake's blogging, he's been really good in his critique of Game of Thrones. I did a lot of my growing up in the 80's so even repeating Zombie Len Bias is like nails on a chalkboard, but it is what it is.

Anonymous said...

Zombie Len Bias is Machine, friends...not Jake.

The Plainsman said...

David Faherty was on with the Musers yesterday, complaining of the disclocation he felt when he tuned in recently and heard Norm in that time slot.

Autocorrect said...

Oops, what an IDIOT I am. The Machine is solid. F Jake then.I take back everything I've said and he's dead to me now.

ausgang said...

Thanks for the skinny, Plainsman. I've been out of the MTC and Ticket loops lately, I guess.

Anonymous said...

507, what is there to say about it? Nothing. Plainsman already said that if you wanted to discuss it with him, send him an email. Is that so difficult? You obviously read the post saying he'd delete al comments on it, so I'm pretty sure you also read about the email option.

Why don't you comment about it on GW's site.

Anonymous said...

How about that Gordo piece, Pman? Interested in reading your thoughts on the Student of Eros.

The Plainsman said...

Quick question, anyone: Was The Hardline on remote today? I don't think it was, I don't recall them mentioning it, but does anyone know? I didn't hear the beginning of the show. Thanks.

The Plainsman said...

I see I spelled David Feherty's name wrong. Apologies.

DA said...

August 1 may be an interesting date for 103.3 and their schedule. 103.3 is wholly owned and operated by ESPN

Paul Finebaum has signed on with ESPN and they will distribute/syndicate the program.

There were rumors two weeks ago that Dan LeBatard's radio show would also be picked up by ESPN too, however his radio contract is with Lincoln Financial, not ESPN.

@The Plainsman,
You asked about how long a new program may get. I know that CBS Radio gave their eight month Tampa FM station little time. Todd Wright and his co-host, a former Buc, were split after a few weeks and Wright was released after six months. And in Boston, the Glenn Ordway/Michael Holley pairing for Entercom in Boston lasted just over two years before they fired Ordway.

Anonymous said...

THL: A wife of many years.

In the beginning it was true love. How we used to understand each other. . . Oh THL, how I used to enjoy coming home to homemade quality broadcasting, hard hitting sports talk, and funny bits. But now you just lay around all day in sweats. You don't cook or clean, don't put on makeup, and you've gotten fat and lazy. You spend all day talking about washed up rock bands, the 70's, and telling me stories about your uninteresting life. It's clear that you don't care anymore and you're just going through the motions. And lately when I tune in, so am I.
But I met this new girl on the FM side of town. She appreciates me. She's young, funny, and exciting. I've been spending a lot of time with her lately. I think I may have found a new love.
THL, you know I'll always love you, but if you don't hit the gym, lose some weight, and get yourself together I'm outta here.


The Plainsman said...

Very clever and well done, 954.

Still looking for anyone who can tell me if THL was on remote today. Apparently no one heard the show.

DA said...

THL was at Rangers Ballpark this afternoon.

blergoyen said...


I know this is your blog and you can type what you want, but seriously, the corby/Cosell comparison? If your weren't kidding, that warrants a HUGE troll. Was it a joke? Phillip Phillip does not equal Springsteen ya know.

The Plainsman said...

blergoyen, what on earth are you trying to say?

I gave several (one word) reasons for drawing the comparison. Obviously I'm not trying to say that Corby LOOKS like Cosell.

Assuming we have that understanding, specify your disagreement.

@DA: Thanks. The show sounded absolutely awful -- worst remote yet, not counting TeeBox remotes from Crest -- and I switched to Ben & Skin.

Anonymous said...

DA, that would make sense if you play into account the upcoming rumored Galloway retirement.

blergoyen said...

Plainsman, my point is that the differences far outweigh the 5 generalized similarities. Now if corby LOOKED like Cosell, you might be able to make a case.

East Texas P1 said...

Sometimes my musical influences take me into place I rarely venture. For some reason my psyche decided to listen to some stuff out of the vault.

And that brought to mind this...Carter A.

and this

Sorry Plainsman, a few drinks in and remembering times past. To be clear, I never met Carter but he was a part of the "old" Hard Line which to so many seem to be a thing of the past.

Thanks for allowing me to vent/share.

The Plainsman said...

No issue ETex. Things a little slow around here, and even if they weren't, I liked it.

slinky said...

Guys, I had to post this, because the Cosell/Corby comparison is not unprecedented. There was a book published a couple years ago specifically about the Ticket. In the book, the author tells history of 1310 and dedicates a chapter for each host. In Corby's chapter, he speaks of how alot of people were not big fans of Corby. Corby sez that Rhyner told him not to worry about it, and that half the people are going to love you, the other half will hate you.[paraphrasing]. Corby responds with "you know, there were alot of people that didn't like Howard Cosell" YEP! Corby compared himself to Howard Cosell!