Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Happy Thanksgiving to All Confessors

Especially thankful for you this time around as, alas, my posts have been fewer and further between over the past several months and you guys have kept the site interesting and fresh.

Please stay safe.  Hands at ten and two, as Jason Garrett told the 'Pokes on the flight home from New York City, although according to something I heard on The Ticket today, we'd all be better off with the mitts at nine and three.  Although don't most modern steering wheels have stuff  attached across that diameter?

I digress.  Watch the booze, be thankful, forgive your friends, and keep it on 1310 AM and 96 7 (no "point") FM.


Gopher said...
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Gopher said...

birq said...

Happy TDay, everyone.

This is the 2nd weekend in a row the FM signal is blasting Mexican Dracula. I'm not sure what to make of that.

blergoyen said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

It looks like the "Wheels for Wishes Dot Org" kid is back. I guess I'll just have to power through that for the next 6 weeks. Every time I hear that voice it makes me think of Junior's crush on Billy Gilman.

East Texas P1 said...

Happy Thanksgiving MTC-ers.

Funny note about the 967 signal on my way home and what happens when I get out past Greenville Texas on my trek home on I-30.

When I am east-west bound the Ticket signal comes in pretty good. But when I exit and travel in a north-south direction I get Mexican Dracula.

(This has happened in two different vehicles.)

The Plainsman said...

Upon mature reflection, I'll be taking down all future comments re Junior's marital status. I know this stuff is of interest to the people who care about the Ticket guys, but this time around I'm exercising bloggish discretion to, as Barney Fife used to say, nip - it - in - the - the bud. Same re comments on why I'm doing this.

Which is why I took down BBQ's post, which had some other very good stuff in it, and here it is:

From BBQ earlier today:

Anonymous BBQ said...
Happy Thanksgiving to all MTCers and to Plainsman himself.

Right now I'm both frustrated and enthralled.

Enthralled because THL is on during its original time slot. Frustrated because the show is fantastic. Frustrated because if "this" Mike would show up for work more often than not, THL would still be my favorite show, by a mile. I've come to the conclusion that it isn't the case that Mike is lazy, has checked out. I believe it has to do with the size of the booth. What happens whenever there's a roundtable or a NFL Draft panel (when he's asked to be a part of one) or anything that involves more than two people? He clams up; and when he does open his mouth it's almost always an inanity--said on purpose. When was it that many have said Mike began to go on cruise-control? When Corby became the third host of THL. When was Mike at his best? When it was just he and Gregg. When do many of us claim Mike seems to be fully engaged? When it's just he and a plus one. See the pattern here? The man doesn't do well in groups. Anyone else other than a single co-host, Mike becomes a wallflower. I think that's also why when Mike S filled in for Danny (who is now a third co-host), Mike R was so compelling.

Anyway, everyone out there have a safe one.

East Texas P1 said...

to BBQ

I only got to listen to a little bit during / while cooking, cleaning, getting ready. And then a little in the car.

What I heard was radio gold. I will probably go to the unticket tomorrow and listen to the whole thing.

BBQ said...

Plainsman, understood. But I do want to make it known that my comment was in no way gossipy, critical, or praiseful. I only inquired about a comment you made and later deleted. Because it was related to the topic at hand, you chose to edit out that part. Like I said: understood. Again, I only want it known that I didn't make some snarky or gossipy comment. Hopefully you won't delete this.

East Texas, by all means go back and give it a listen. I recommend anyone out there who missed it and wasn't around for the halcyon days of The Ticket. It's about as close as you'll ever get to it, at least these days.

BBQ said...

Shoot. I meant to say I recommend listing to the pod of today's HL/it is about as close we'll get in these the teens to the halcyon days.

Anonymous Ron said...

I got to listen to about the first half hour of THL and it was great. Hope the whole show was captured by the Unticket.

I seem to recall when I was doing parent-taught drivers ed with my son that they no longer recommended 10 and 2 on the steering wheel because of the air bag.

The Plainsman said...

@BBQ: You are correct -- nothing wrong with your comment, just wanted to avoid the reference. Thanks for understanding.

blergoyen said...

Alright, alright. Enough with the sappy apologies and clarifications. Let's get back to, and give thanks for the real reason we all listen to the Ticket. "...Got a couple jet skis, I can cane-pole fish, I can run a trot line, went to prom on a 3 wheeler. I know Rusty Greer. I'm doable if you're not picky. But if ya got big boobs, let me hear from ya. Sweet Greggo, out. Beep, Beep. Hello Ladies, Sweet Greggo again...6-60, blind,crippled er crazy...""

Anonymous said...

Gotta say that Greggo was never the reason I listened to The Ticket back when he was on. It was Gordo's bits and Rhyner's feel for the thing that hooked me from day one and kept me coming back for more. Don't get me wrong, I like probably everyone else back then, loved me some Hammer. He might very well have been the reason some of the older or more country listeners back in the old days tuned in and got turned on, but for a, at that time, a younger guy, it was the bits and sports talk that sounded like my old man, but with insider clubhouse knowledge. As things developed, Hammer became first a caricature of himself and then, well we all know the rest of the sad story. I haven't been to his blog in months and I unfollowed him long ago on Twitter. So I have no idea what he's up to. I can't imagine it's anything special. Hopefully, whatever it is, it isn't harmful to him or others. Which sadly seems to be what he became best at in life.

blergoyen said...

Yeah, if you thought Gordo's bit was an homage to Greggo, and not an homage to the caricature of Greggo, it pretty much flew a mile or two over you head.

Anonymous said...

Yo blergoyen.

If you're referring to Gordo's Fake Greggo bit, I'm with ya. Because all that stuff you wrote are Fake Greggo sayings. Not the real man. Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Gee blergoyen, the air must be quite rarified where you reside. Multileveled, deep thinking humorist and thinker, you.

cactusflinthead said...

All right, you all play nice. Pman will delete you when necessary. I applaud that. Lest I get accused of being a sockpuppet again, I say this of my own free pixlated freewill.

I like me some hockey. Friday was a good day.

Yes, I agree Mike unfettered is better. He does get beaten down on a regular day by Danny and Snake. Jake should ally more with him and attack the other two. Stand up for the old man. Jake, attack Danny in the Seat of Fun. Use the power. Goad the Snake at every turn. Be relentless. Makes good radio.

Looming large is the white elephant.
I look forward to it and dry dock sometimes. I know some of you all hate on Radz and the JV but I like the change of pace.

Did you all hear what the hated and despised Snake said the other day? Did you all hear that?
I want the scorners of THL to listen large.
They steal from us. Every day some minion, some underpaid intern is listening to some transcript or the whole feed on his computer of your station that you punch out of constantly because it just isn't what it used to be.
Yeah SA and Houston want to be the Ticket. Really really bad. Pretty please Mr ratings wizard make us the littlest of Tickets in DFW. yeah them.
They steal from us. Our name, our bits.
And it doesn't seem the same. It doesn't work.
Oh well, thanks for trying.
I like John Lopez. I sort of listened to and read him a while when he was on the Chron and down there in Htown.
Look, keep trying. You might get it right.

Bob. Planet Bob.

Anonymous said...

Wowza, cactus. Been on a 2 day run and gun have we?

Did Snake actually say "the station you constantly punch out of because it isn't what it used to be"? Or is that you sort of scolding us? If the latter, whatevs. If the former, that's fairly significant. If ya don't mind, which is it?

The Plainsman said...

Did Corby address listeners on the subject of punchouts? Can anyone elaborate on the context?

cactusflinthead said...

The one Corby brought to the table was Repro man. It was the Wednesday show. I did not catch entirely who was responsible for it. Dan Patrick stole Homer call. Flat out stole that bit entirely. How many stations are there around the country that go by the name "The Ticket"?

I'd like to see a run down of what gets stolen by SA and Htown. But, that would mean I'd have to listen to them and that ain't happening.

Anonymous said...

Cactus, I don't know why you can't answer the query directly, but I take it Corby didn't address punchouts and good old day syndrome? That he was talking about others stealing Ticket bits and lingo?

Anonymous said...

I didn't catch the beginning of the segment but don't believe anything was directed at listeners. He just played audio of some broad doing the repro man bit. Didn't catch who it was or where.

cactusflinthead said...

Sorry if the poetic license got a bit Faulknerian. No, Corby did not mention punch-outs. That was a dig from me at the all too ready members of the commentariat to dismiss THL.