Thursday, December 11, 2014

Confucius Say

All things in moderation.

In the beginning, the only people who read this site were me, Michael Gruber, and a few others.

It grew a little bit.

Then Barb Smith dropped off a couple of comments after she left The Ticket.

And some guys linked to me.

And it took off.

And a lot of cool folks started following the site and left thoughtful comments.

A few jerks, but not too many.

Then a whole lot more people heard about the site and started reading.

A lot of cool new folks started commenting.

But more jerks, too.

Too many jerks.

The responsible Confessors urged this site to adopt comment moderation.

Good idea.

It was a headache for Your Plainsman, but not a big one.

But after awhile, Confessors said -- we don't like moderation; not spontaneous enough.

OK.  I listen to the Confessor. No moderation.

But as time went by and more people discovered the site, more jerks.

Way too many jerks now.

I really don't want to do registration.

I really don't want to disable comments when things get out of hand, only to re-enable them and watch the whole stupid cycle start over again.

So we're going back to moderation.

Let's keep this site a place where thoughtful Ticket listeners can come and have some fun, throw out some thoughts, engage in irresponsible, but not scurrilous, speculation.  If you remember from the earlier moderation experience, almost everything got through, but it sure got rid of the dils and the guys who were posting notices for the next unlistenable bit on The Fan.

I'll get to stuff when I can.   That may not be more than 1-3 times a day.  If there's breaking news I may dump moderation so people can check in with timely updates, but my guess is that this will be more or less permanent.

Sorry, but I'm keeping this site safe for grownups.

Promise I won't shut this joint down without saying goodbye.


The Gerry Todd Show said...

God bless you, Pman. Thank you.

Cody Patterson said...

Thanks confessor. You're a good-good. I hate weeding through all the crap in order to find the good comments. I'd be ok with registration. I believe that all comments should have a "face". If you have something to say on here, don't hide behind the anonymous tag. Peace!

gunther said...

TC strikes again. Ragonk Force. Funny shit.

Ragonk Force said...

Gagree Gerry. Sorry P'man that we can't be responsible with our toys and need adult supervision. If it keeps the riff-raff down and we can get back to our own brand of fun, then well done.

The Plainsman said...

Just so everyone remembers: Moderation is not intended to stifle dissent or criticism of the Ticket or this site or other Confessors. It is intended to keep the conversation civil.

You don't have to write an essay or be a legacy Confessor to get through. The one-word comment will be approved if it isn't a bad one. Personal insults directed at other Confessors -- observations on intelligence and other personal traits as opposed to "I disagree because" -- and angry or scurrilous remarks will result in comments being sent to the ether.

But otherwise, I'll try to be pretty generous with the "publish" button.

Anonymous said...

A new IJB hit last night featuring none other than Mr. Davey Lane. It was an interesting 2 plus hour marathon that hit a little upon the early history of the Ticket. Good stuff IMO

Anonymous said...

I laughed harder at "force" than I ever did "ragonk." I hope TC takes it in stride, but I feel a meltdown is imminent.

Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

It'll be a sad day if you ever shut it down. I played the Chris McKinley bit for my wife and she said you're just laughing so much 'cause you know those guys. She meant 'cause I'm laughing at the dynamic of the bit (Junes laughing, Jub commenting while Chris is singing). I realized she's right. Some of the bits may get old, but it's still our boys. Keep it going, P-Man!
P.S. Ragonk Force!

Bob said...

It absolutely is to stifle dissent or criticism of The Ticket. You are holding out hope that your little website will you to meeting or becoming a part of the ticket world.

As many people have said before this isn't a site where all opinions are welcome. It's a site where opinions that fit your pathetic agenda are welcome.

By the way Elmer Wayne is a beating and so is The Plainsman

Bob said...

And nobody cares about IJB. Jake and TC are hacks. GXD is greatness and must have better things to do than talk to those fools.

Carl said...

Censorship? Very American of you PM.
You need a life.

The Plainsman said...

What keeps guys like Bob visiting My Ticket Confession and taking the time to offer comments like these? He has nothing but contempt for the site and for me.

I'd ordinarily decline to publish bile like that, but I'm bile-curious.

The Plainsman said...

As far as the merits of Bob's evaluation of my motives and the purpose of this site:

I've been doing MTC for five years and still haven't met or spoken to a single Ticket guy, nor tried to.

If I were interested in being a part of The Ticket World, do you think I'd allow some of the spew against the Ticket that some readers broadcast? Or criticize hosts in my own posts?

Reading is a skill.

And, of course, it's my site, and if my agenda is pathetic, well, it's my agenda and all are free to put up sites advancing their own brand of pathos. Until then, you're stuck with Your Plainsman.

gunther said...

Funny how he says " many people have said before..." when those "many" have been only him with many different handles, such as "Carl". Loser and I'd be happy never to see a post from him again.

deezy said...

Ragonk Force-

Better to need adult supervision with our toys than to need supervision with our adult toys.

Rock me!

Anyway, Plansman, I too thank you for this, but I hate the overhead that it places on you. One of these days we'll have that beer together and maybe be able to discuss "options" more at length (if you're open to it).

BuffaloPrinter said...

To revisit an interesting topic from earlier this week...
BuffaloPrinter's Top 5/Bottom 5 Ticket Bits (in one confessor's opinion only)

1:30 News - great showcase for Dan's humor
Concert Calendar - I'm a sucker for music talk and the Reconsider Lounge acts
BaD Radio opening segment
Fun with Country Music - still fresh, believe it or not
Musers Discussion (non-sports 8:15 bits)

Cowboy Monday
The Anus game P1 submissions
Homer Call (the most tired bit on the Ticket)
Peter King
Any Corby segment that begins "Are people really like this?" Example: "do people really think World Cup soccer fandom is un-American?" These always come off pompous and narrow-minded.

deezy said...

I noticed yesterday that using my phone (Windows Phone 8) I had the option of replying directly to comments, whereas using my computer's browser I only have the option of posting a new comment (and therefore have to address the commenter whom I'm replying to if I want my reply to make sense).

Case in point: in my phone I saw T4's "wish this site had a 'like' button" comment nested directly under the comment by Pman that he was replying to (Pman's defense of his sense of fart humor). Then, back in my computer's browser, I read the thread and I cannot tell why T4 wishes there were a "like" button, as the comment isn't threaded.

Anybody else experiencing this? Is there a setting that I'm missing somewhere?

Charles Golden said...

Fairly new to MTC and enjoy it, so hopefully it won't get shut down. I'd also be ok with registration, for what it's worth.

I really enjoyed IJB this week too, listening to it right now as a matter of fact. I wasn't an early day Ticket listener and don't listen much on the weekends so it was very interesting. Also not sure I'd really heard TC explain why had such a problem with Ragonk before this so it makes more sense to me now.

Celery said...

How can the Musers support signing Garrett and then turn around and pick Philly? Seems like THAT coach is worth having.

Anonymous said...

Today has not been kind to TC.

I do have to say that was the hardest I've laughed during WTDS in a long, long time though.

Anonymous said...

"Celery said...
How can the Musers support signing Garrett and then turn around and pick Philly? Seems like THAT coach is worth having."

Pretty simple. Garrett is about the best coach we can hope for here. But Chip Kelly is a better coach. For that matter, Philly is probably a slightly better team. I don't like it, but I live in a reality-based world, and I'm not going to Homer it up.

Gopher said...

Slightly OT but greatness:

money for nothing, chicks for free said...

Agreed. T.C. sure took it in the nuts today... more so than usual, which is saying something. I've never been a T.C. fan. His half-assing the green man suit bet payoff turned me off on him a long time ago; and the way in which he left for Florida did not help to soften my stance. However. Since his return I think he's made great strides. So while I have been cracking up over the T-Rex Ragonk remix and a few of the others, I do feel for the guy. I have a feeling the whole Ragonk thing will peter out soon enough. Usually by the time these things start to get overplayed (which I think Ragonk is) it often times means its legs are weakening.

One thing I heard T.C. do on Wednesday made me cringe for thinking how bad it could get: he began to stutter at the opening of a Ticker. I was hoping no one caught it. Thankfully they didn't, or if they did, either T.C. or Cat put the kibosh on it. That could've gotten ugly, and quick.

Well today marked a new low for Corby and to some extent, Mike. While pontificating on the Sony hacking situation, Corby thought he'd throw out something along these lines: "You just know that those guys are going try to get out of this [the leaked e-mails making fun of Obama and other minority and female celebs] by saying 'we're persecuted too, we're Jewish.' You just know those little Jewish guys who run it all are going to try to get out of it by using that forcefield." To which Danny, wisely, backed way the hell off... to which Mike "oh yeah'd" Corby in agreement.

Wonderful stuff, Corby and Mike. Just peachy.

Can't wait for tomorrow's maiden voyage of the full-time Kick Around!

Anonymous Ron said...

I'm guessing ragonk will start to peter out after all the shows return from the holidays.

But it will always be part of the Ticket lexicon.

cactusflinthead said...

Gonk gonk Ragonk Force might be around a while. It has certainly entered the lexicon. TC can embrace it or not. At this point it is more fun to think he doesn't like it. May the Ragonk Force be with you as you brave the crowds of shoppers.

Moderation doesn't bother me one way or the other. If it keeps the bus between the lines, fine by me.

Looking at the Pman's chronology I tried to remember how I stumbled into the place. Can't. Sorry for partying.

On the Kick Around and soccer in general:

I played. Was even on a select team for a while. Saw Kyle Rote Jr over at SMU. Had a Texas Tornadoes Tshirt. Went to games and played. It disappeared and I was all about football and never went back to the pitch when it was painted differently. Lost interest and was dismissive towards the sport, but not openly hostile. I did not see the demand for the sport exceeding supply. I think NBC and EPL has proven that wrong. That Bundesliga and others are available on the magic box means there is a demand. That FC Dallas has maintained a foothold and grown it also proves me wrong that there was very little to no demand. Surely it is a niche market much like hockey, but there is demand and a market for it. I have now come full circle and looking for an EPL team. It is so strange to be looking at a sport and having no innate rooting interest. I was born into being a LonghornCowboyRangerStarMaverick. Where do I look for a team in the EPL? What about Barca? I like the fact that they are owned by the fans themselves and if their board sucketh they are fired and new board members selected. I like their history, in particular how things went during that civil war. None of this rebirth of soccer in my sports consciousness would have occurred without the World Cup. I can't say my nationalistic pride for my own team diminished my desire to see players from my own country do well in the leagues around the world. The little Ticket was in integral part of why my interest in the sport was reborn. I suspect I am not alone in some these events.

Ty Walker chicken is gonna be a dad. Congrats bub, get some sleepy while you can and start buying diapers. No, it is not too early.

The Gerry Todd Show said...

I'm probably biased due to my love for soccer, but I sure am digging TKA. Peter is such a pro. The set up and flow of the show is excellent; it's as if they've been a regular show for years.

Fantastic first show, Peter and Andy!

The Gerry Todd Show said...

Right on, Ty Walker Chicken! Congrats and three huzzahs!

Welcome back to the pitch, cactus. The Bundesliga will be televised on FOX Sprots1 and 2 next year. Perhaps you might follow one of those teams? Although, with the exception of Bayern Munich, sometimes Borussia Dortmund, and a surprise team or two, it's really not a competitive league where the top 4 teams are concerned. EPL: my suggestion is Everton or Tottenham. Both are good to great depending on the year; neither is akin to picking the Yankees; and each have a shot at playing Europe in any given season. Barca: All your points are well taken. But they are like rooting for the Red Sox (Real Madrid being the Yankees). And La Liga is more competitive than, say, the Bundesliga. After all, Athletico Madrid won it all least year.

Anyway, that's my hay-penny's worth of what passes for advice.

Stay hard, keep jammin', and we'll see ya. (And don't forget to watch and respect video.)

Shaggy said...

Anxiously awaiting someone to say that wasn't a big win for the Cowboys tonight.

Anonymous said...

That wasn't a big win for the Cowboys tonight.

gunther said...

It was huge but next week becomes that much more important. They gotta win out.

CDD said...

Hate to admit it but, obviously the 2014 Cowboys are different. Drives me crazy because I do not want Jerrah to be happy but, appears this team is heading to the playoffs. So guess us non Cowboys fans will have to continue to deal with Dez over celebrating and running his mouth & Romo complaining every time he's touched. Have to give credit where credit is due. Linehan and his calculator on the sideline appear to be the difference. Garrett can't be trusted to run things alone.

Let's go Colts.

Anonymous said...

Justin Montemayor is awesome on tickers. The Champions League updates are especially wonderful.

He's so much better than the Thomas Charles. It's not even close.

Guessing The Plainsman won't post this since it doesn't contain rainbows and unicorns.

Anonymous said...

The Ragonk parody songs may be the best thing to happen to The Ticket in 10 years. The songs they played on WTDS on Fri have me rolling at my desk. Brilliant. Glad they found something TC is good for.

Cody Patterson said...

Justin was pretty solid this morning. He's come a long way since being an intern. Great job on your tickets Justin.

The mood of the Musers seemed different his morning. Gordod wasn't as crazy as he normally is. It was great to hear him actually talk normal about the Cowboys game other topics. He wasn't his crazy self that he is when Georgio is around. He seemed very normal with Jake and TC on White Elephant as well.

Chris K said...

Has anyone noticed a little more "shock Jock" from the HL lately? I wonder if they are responding this way bc of the ratings drop or if it's all my imagination.

Atlanta Rhythm Section said...

First off, once upon a time, long time. It's so rippin' to have MTC back to being itself, and not GIML Jr. Even the schmo who singlehandedly brought about the reinstatement of moderation can post comments as long as he does so with a bit of intelligence.

It's been a long long long while since I checked in. But I've never stopped stopping by at least once per week.

Anywho. Love ya, Pman. Great to see you've cleaned house.

Note to the latest red on the head. . . . . I'm so into you I can't think of nothing else...

Anonymous said...

I enjoy TC's tickers the most out of the 3 shifts. More often than not he has a stat or bit of info that is unusual and interesting. Whereas I feel like the other regulars (and formerly Rich), essentially regurgitate news headlines and information we're already familiar with.

I know the tickers are meant to provide 'sports-credibility' and intended to be straight-forward, but they should still be interesting and TC's bring much more substance to the table compared to anyone else's I hear.

Shaggy said...

Is she a dwarf?

cactusflinthead said...

"Before Uber..." Jake put a halt to that line of comedy or tried to. BaDD still managed to get at least one joke out of it. "I rode Bike"

I drove bus.
I rode bike.
I plowed tractor.
WTF! Who in the Sam Hill signed off on that copy? Did some forward thinking person decide this is what the potential future Uba driver speaks like? It strikes me as insulting and demeaning. And from the sound of it Donnie Do agrees.

Oh and brace yourselves for drydock. The aforementioned Bone Brother will be around tomorrow for the early shift. I have to confess I will miss Black and Quack.

T4 In Rockwall said...

Nah, just a birdseye view.

T4 In Rockwall said...

Nah, just a birdseye view.

Gopher said...

Does the new, edited UBER commercial drive anyone else nuts? The original told a story of the driver getting out of the navy and getting a CDL and driving a bus. Now it just says "I drive bus." Very sloppy editing.

T4 In Rockwall said...

I think Gordo has to change roles when it's him and one other. He doesn't have time for shenanigans and still has to help lead a top sports show, so he steps up. Should be a good show tomorrow with Donnie Doo.

Anonymous said...

Scattershooting while wondering what ever happened to K-Tel...

TSJ is regressing. Jake's sports acumen and presentation is getting stronger and stronger. I cannot say the same when he gets off the sports page. My guess is that Sean is a wonderful husband, father, and friend. Sean the broadcaster grows more insufferable by the week. Is there no subject matter that he hasn't the final word on? From the half-laugh / cocky sniff to the faux sports analytics expert to being a Texas Rangers and MLB expert and arbiter of who is and who isn't a "real" fan to not only knowing better than industry wide respected journalists/analysts like Goose Gosselin (only for said Goose to be exactly right) but also to make fun of their outdated, un-analytic sports views to etc., etc., etc.

All in all, TSJ is regressing. I thought they were picking up steam. Specially after they stopped sniffing the butts of local bands they wanted to be "friends" with (a la the same thing the Observer "music editor" du jour does). They're not. I think the problem stems from the pairing. Jake and Sirois were fantastic together on the pre pre. Sean does OK with Ty on Diamond Talk. I think he does OK because Ty seems to be fine with deferring to Mr. I Gotta Be Right. Sean and Jake are not a good pairing. Frankly, I think Sean might be best in a solo host situation. Again, I'm sure Sean's a good dude and all that. His Tickers are spot on, pro as all get out. His hosting, however, needs a lot of work. Starting with him stepping back a bit and tapping the brakes where his "I got this" attitude concerned.

THL is better of late. Mike is engaged, and that's always, always, always a positive thing. I did catch Corby's antiSemitic remarks the other day and Mike's knowing nod to them. (H/T money for nothing, chicks for free for being the first to point this out.) Corby is a privileged cool guy a-wipe who has no idea that he spewed such vile crap. I guarantee he didn't. It's like most of what he and many of the Ticket folk do: soft racism, antiSemitism, misogyny, you name it. "I mean, hey, it's me, you know me, you know I'm not that way. I'm just joking, I'm making fun of those who really mean it." Blah blah blah. It's no different than the Gangsta or Pimps and Hos themed frat party where half of the guests are in black face and all the rest. "No no no, we're progressive!!!" "It's all in good fun, making fun of the real culprits." Again, it's a load. So is Corby. At least in this regard he is.

TKA is promising.

I think I'm ready for BaDD to be BaD again. And the D I'd like to see stay is Donnie, not Dan. I've grown weary of Dan. He saps the life out of the listener and constantly bogs down the show. Donnie has gotten better and better over the past few years. He stopped taking knee jerk, untenable, and oft times moronic stances, and started thinking first. His football and basketball knowledge has grown exponentially. Having said all that, I'm more ready for The Bob Sturm Show than BaD.

Musers keep on trucking and that's fine with me.

Norm is the perfect post game host. His daily show game has slipped considerably, and understandably so. I know he won't go until he either dies at the mic or is forced out, but I would like to hear a fresh voice during the weekdays.

blergoyen said...

I woke up this morning STILL in disbelief that the Cowboys have won 10 games in one season. I'm happy, but still reserve all the "There's something different" talk for after their first playoff win. I hope Murray's broken hand doesn't have a serious effect on this.

@9:07 Your wife is right. But people laugh more at comedy after they know better the people doing the comedy. I don't think this reaction is specific to the ticket.

Dan's Voice said...

Top 5:
1. Muse in the News
2. Musers 5:30 segment
3. Any wireless segment
4. Bad Radio Cowboys Monday (when Dan doesn't speak)

Bottom 5:
1. Hardline Country Music segment
2: 1:30 News
3: College Football Blowhard
4: Picks with Computer
5: Georges swim Coach, Elmer Wayne, or any of Gordon's give-up voices

Anonymous Ron said...

Doing some sports channel surfing last weekend I ran across a high school football playoff game and sampled the fine work of one Doogie Anderson.

Responsible for one of the all-time great Ticket drops.

Anonymous said...

Agree. Station wouldn't miss a beat if Dan, Jake & TC disappeared. Donnie is great. He and Junes together today is awesome to listen to. Junes can work with anyone. He's a true broadcast professional.

I think Gordo has given up. He has no new material. The Obama Kenya joke series is very tired.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch Mike's comments on TC during Ragonk talk on CDS?

He made a mention of TC not paying attention to Norm's show and it irritating him. He also sort of joked about the same thing during the knucklehead of the week segment last Friday.

It feels like TC has stopped jumping on air as much as he used to.

Friction between the two?

Mike also alluded to TC feeling as if he was above certain people at the station, especially when it comes to interns making ragonk songs.

Anonymous said...

In fairness to T.C., how would you feel if you were a full-time, on-air presence who, despite a couple of lost months at another job, has been a long time employee...only to have recent hires who are below you on the food chain instigating and perpetuating a personal "attack"? I say "attack" because that's too strong a term, but I think you get my point. It's one thing for guys who have been around, who know T.C. for more than a cup of coffee, and who in many cases are higher up on the food chain to go Ragonk crazy. It's another for the latest hires to try to make an impression on the main hosts and major players by relentlessly going after an easy target. So I don't blame T.C. as regards this.

debased said...

Sirois didn't seem too impressed with how TC was handling the whole thing.

gunther said...

TC has lived up to the rep he gained when left. He's a thin-skinned, self-important, not terribly bright, little victim who has a lot of growing up to do.

If he would embrace this stuff and learn self-deprecation, he could be one of the most beloved members of The Ticket. Can't believe this obvious fact escapes him.

Anonymous said...

There is nobody below TC on the food chain. He's the bottom (bottom). I take Sirois in any conflict with TC. One contributes, the other doesn't. I hope the Ragonk shaming continues until it drives him to The Fan or ESPN Radio where he belongs.

Anonymous said...

I'd say some interns are quick studies on how to get noticed at the little Ticket.

Nobody got dogpiled as much as Greggo, and he was willing to embrace it, as opposed to copping an attitude.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for me the endless Ragonk montage on Friday's BAD show was like Fonzie jumping the shark - over and out and time to turn the dial. Once is funny, twice makes me smile, the endlessness of it is aggravating.

Anonymous said...

Well, for what it's worth, I'm not too impressed with how Sirois is handling early middle age. He speaks like a smarmy teenager shopping with mom's Macy's card. So there.

Today's Weekly Jub was a gut buster. Though I was surprised that no vaginal slice born-borns made their way on air.

Hypothetical: You have to choose one host to get drunk with, one to interview, and one to write a book on. Which hosts do you choose and why? It must be a different host for each category.

Me: Jub (drunk), because he seem like he'd be a good time Charlie who also would start letting you in where all the bodies are hidden; Dan (interview), because I'd like to ask him questions that would evince his actual opinions, and not schtick stances for the sake of radio; and Mike (book), because his life is the very paradigm of the "accidental tourist."

Anonymous said...

Just listened to the IJB where they discuss being reduced. TC, in hushed breath, insinuates that Craig Rosengarden is a cartoon character not even 5 minutes after saying he doesn't want to be viewed as one.

Hey dude, get a grip. You don't get to have it both ways here. If you're going to dish it out, you better be able to take it.

Anonymous said...

Drunk: Junes

Interview: Mike

Book: Norm

Derekson Robertson said...

It's amusing to hear The Ticket running a spot suggesting the Cowboy flagship The Fan puts a spin on their sport talk. There are no bigger homers in DFW sport radio than the guys on the ticket. Especially The Hardline.

Go Colts.

DA said...

Been sitting on this one for a while, but I better post before the new year (or this site closes up shop).

If one thought that TC was really ready to host a show in a Top 10 market, or even Pensacola, White Elephant Day should have given you the indication that he is not. We can treat you in your words, “like a real human,” but I am not going to treat you as a real broadcaster. I still would really like to know why he was removed after ten weeks.

There was little which TC brought to the table and it was even more glaring as he was protected by an in-studio guest (Drew Magary), Jake conducting “Enews”, and Killer handling the majority of the wireless segment.

Then I heard the “15 for 15” and Jub summed it up the most as he interrupted a National Moment of Silence. If you cannot take being in the “vortex of publicity” by working in major market media, then it is time for you to rethink your desires career.

I hope TC never hears some of the items which Dan LeBatard's cohost, Jon “Sutgoz” Weiner has had to deal with in the last four years with is Soundcloud page.

Or their gameshow segment in which ESPN's Tim Kurkjian has to guess what he was attempting to say or the youtube page with a year of his botched words.

As the year ends, note some of the changes in radio which Cumulus (aside from their current debt) will have to respond to
1-CBS is shedding radio stations via swapping with Beasley and rebranded their Outdoor unit as “Outfront Media” which may assist in its sale.
2- Entercomm is buying 15 stations from Lincoln Financial in major markets (Atlanta, Denver, Miami and San Diego)
3-iHeart (formerly ClearChannel) just sold $400MM in radio towers, is planning radio personnel layoffs, and may shed the billboard unit.

HAppy Holidays to all.

Anonymous said...

Being forced to sit through the Dallas golf ad even when there is programming currently airing by the updated ticket app is pretty annoying. Yes, it seems to have replaced the wounded warrior psa, which the last few weeks had me missing the first few minutes of a ton of segments just to ensure i would never have to hear costner again, but still...

If you would've asked me my favorite of the JV crew a year ago I'd have said Jake in a heart beat. And while I still enjoy his take on local Dallas sports fare, now it's Sirois all the way. I'm now a cds p1 and besides victory mondays on badd I look forward to it more than any other show on the little one.

Also, count me in with the folk who are now absolutely beaten by the ragonk phenomenon. As someone commented earlier; the first few times? Hilarious. A week or so later? Still chuckle worthy but begining to wear thin. Now? When I feel a 3 to 5 minute ragonk joke series coming on I flip away from the little one. I can't remember the last time a gag was run into the ground as much as this one and I've been a strong p1 for 15 years now.

Anonymous said...

The station has always taken jokes too far. Sometimes it goes from being funny to a beating back to funny.

I agree on CDS. Easily my favorite show on The Ticket AND Mike has made Norm's show listenable. Nothing against Norm but dry sports talk is unbearable to me -- luckily Mike has come around to inject some comedy.

Cody Patterson said...

I was listening to the Top 10 this morning and noticed that Fahey (sp) wasn't ranking the clips. How long ago did they stop doing that?

The Plainsman said...

They quit doing that quite awhile back.

Very much enjoying the Donovan/Joonze teaming this week.

Brad Gilbert said...

I think the Donovan/Craig pairing in the morning shows what professional broadcasters they both are. If you were new to the station and turned them on, other than the promos/intros, you would not know they didn't normally work together. This speaks well to the future of the Ticket. Changes always come: people move, get fired, unexpectedly retire, etc.

Along those lines, it seems as if Norm would be the first to retire. (BTW - unlike most I am a big fan of Norm's show) But I expect Norm to be a team player and give the station some heads up. Who knows, he could have already and told them that this past contract was his last. I just don't see the CDS replacing Norm because the other brother just started his own media company and seems to be doing well making Mavs and Cowboy videos, etc. But I could See Mike C and Donovan teaming up.

Norman Elizabeth Ragurkle said...

I think it boils down to what Norm is more passionate about - traveling or sports talk.

The idea of packing it in and becoming a full time traveler might appeal to him. But if I had to bet, my money would be on him dying behind the microphone.

Michael Hawk said...

Can someone help me with something? One of the newer ads on the little one has been bugging the crap out of me, not because it is annoying or overplayed, but because I honestly don't get it.

I cant recall the company but I think it is some sort of Credit Union and the ad goes something along the lines of (paraphrasing)

"clean the house, take out the trash, hang christmas lights, grab a beer. Put up the christmas tree, decorate and hang stockings grab a beer"

The ad says the phrase "grab a beer" several times and I am not sure if they are saying it to sounds "relateable" or what? Any one have any idea what I am talking about? The ad itself short circuits me because I have no clue what point it is trying to make.

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, they are selling you on the idea that you can deposit your check via their app without having to leave the house.

Colorado P1 said...

December 16, 2014 at 6:40 PM:

Guhgree 100% on the new City 6 golf ad. There have been several times in the last couple days when the ad randomly plays in the middle of a segment and then it jumps right back to the segment. Just odd. It continues to amaze me how Cumulus provides such a crappy streaming and podcasting experience compared to other radio stations. Also I'm still getting the Costner WWP ad mixed in here and there, and I'm not sure if that's better or worse than the new City 6 ad. They are both freakin annoying

Drydock George said...

Props to Donovan for working a double this week. He's on the air and solid for almost 8 hours. What does he do from 10 to 12? Sleep? Mainline Red Bull?

Brad Gilbert said...

Agree on the "updated" Ticket app. It drops the stream, buffers, then the stupid Sallas six golf courses. Plays a few minutes, then it does it all over again. May go back to the iHeart app.

Anonymous said...

As mentioned previously, really loving the Junes and Donovan pairing. For whatever reason they have great chemistry together. Sirois in as yuck monkey this morning is also an added bonus.

Cody Patterson said...

That was a great 8:40 bit from Mike!

Cody Patterson said...

@Brad, I listen on TuneIn Radio and don't experience the same problems I had on the SportsDay app.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, that hospital kid bit that Mike did today was greatness.

Really hope CDS takes over 10-12 whenever Norm decides to call it quits.

Anonymous said...

The audio is up from the Sirois 8:40 bit

Anonymous said...

Junes and Blonovan have been great together this week. Great chemistry. They continue to prove they can work with anyone. Blonovan is wasted on BAD Radio. He deserves better.

Will be glad when Cowboy season is over so I can go back to listening to The Ticket more often. The constant Cowboy ass kissing just beats me to death.

Final episode of Serial Podcast today. Fascinating show. Can't wait for season 2.

Anonymous said...

...and yet another regonked ticker from professional broadcaster Thomas Charles Fleming. Seems someone forgot to turn up his headphone level.

Someone explain to me how this guy has a job still?

Brad Gilbert said...

As much as I tried, I can't get the TuneIn app to play in the background.

Anonymous said...

I continue to believe that he has pictures of Cat with farm animals. Only explanation why this clown got rehired. The great J Montemayor should've been given the job.

birq said...

I liked Joonze and Donnie together yesterday and really thought Joonze, Donnie and Mike Sirloin were great this morning. I've never heard Donnie not be a great +1 and Mike is extremely strong in the producer/3rd banana role. I'd love to see him producing the Musers. And like a couple people have said, Mike's 8:40 bit was golden.

Anonymous said...

So we get Jake today in Mike's absence?

Vomit blood.

Ragonk Rondo said...

I think TC turned down his own headphones so he wouldn't have to listen to the Ragonk 15 on 15.

Very professional.

debased said...

I can't pinpoint what's different, but Donnie has definitely grown on me the last few months. Just an observation.

cactusflinthead said...

Brad Gilbert said...
Agree on the "updated" Ticket app. It drops the stream, buffers, then the stupid Sallas six golf courses. Plays a few minutes, then it does it all over again. May go back to the iHeart app.
December 18, 2014 at 8:24 AM

Hate to tell you but ifart has the same problem.

I've said it before in the discussion of TC's butthurt that no one on the station has provided more fodder for drops than Norm. Is there any doubt that him saying "crotch rot" will appear on the list of things he has in his underwear? Does he get mad about it? No, he keeps cranking out radio drops gold and eating his jar of olives.

How much money is TC leaving on the table? He could start selling Ragonk Force T-shirts, koozies and whatever other swag he sees fit to produce. All he has to do is let it happen. But, I'll say it again, as long as he hates it and the more he distances from it the more we the dirty P1s enjoy hearing the nut-kicking. They will eventually find new toys to play with that displace ragonk but it will continue to be a part of the lexicon.


Anonymous said...

And TC wins the e-brake for his dead air ticker.

Hasn't he figured out the more he tries to distance from ragonk the worse the dog pile is going to be?

Anonymous said...

I could sit and listen to Robert Wilonsky talk about movies all day. The man is brilliant.

Doocy is always great when he fills in on The Ticket. He's even better when he doesn't have Gordo kicking him in the nuts the entire show. Good chemistry between he and Norm.

Think I'm a fan of the Rondo trade because Jake doesn't like it. Since he's wrong about everything I think it will be a good deal for the Mavs.

Go Mamericks!

deezy said...

The stream drop-to-Dallas Six problem is also common for us TuneIn users (I had it happen about six times yesterday). Talk about annoying.

Also, before the Dallas Six ad, at least the Wounded Warrior ad would only play at startup if the station was already in commercial, not mid-segment. In that case it would wait until the next commercial. What we have here is horse s.

Colorado P1 said...

Anyone have the current streaming address for TuneIn? Muchas Gracias

Dan's Beachtowel said...

@Colorado P1

Also, I record the Ticket with
Then I play back on RSSradio app
Typically I am an hour or so behind real time but I never miss anything and I never hear one commercial.

Colorado P1 said...

Thank you, Dan's Beachtowel. Very helpful. And thank you, Plainsman -- this is just one reason why I love MTC.

I'll be back in DFW for the holidays and I am looking forward to being able to listen to the little Ticket "live"

takeiteasyonme said...

Anyone else besides me think we've been listening to the not too far in the distance future of THL?

Anonymous said...

The 'press' part of press conference is so that they can report on the important stuff said so we don't have to sit through the whole thing. I will never understand why Cat thinks it's a good idea to take time away from high paid on air talent so that we can listen to a boring ass, generic statement filled press conference.

Anonymous said...

@ Dan's Beachtowel

Very fitting you record the Ticket using Dar.