Saturday, December 20, 2014

This is Very Disturbing

Some topics for a holiday weekend:

(1)  Cover Story.  After five years, I hope I have earned the trust, respect, and affection of the Confessor.  Oh, there are those who loathe the site and me, and why they keep returning to disturb our merry discourse I will never know.  (See item 5, below.)  But in general, I sustain myself with the thought that on the Big Subjects, the Confessor and I would manage to find some common ground.

Bart's cars salute as he passes.

 But now, I'm not so sure.

I'm becoming intrigued with those Reagor-Dykes ads.

The ones that start with the high-production-value brassy fanfare and an actual radio voice-for-hire booming in sparkling hi-fidelity:  "REAGOR DYKES AUTO GROUP -- KEEPING IT REAL."  (May not have the wording entirely right -- next time I hear it I'll make a note and come back and correct.)  Followed, however, by the same phoned-in-from-Arcturus spiel from Bart himself, demonstrating the ways in which he keeps the car-buying experience real.

I confess (of course) that this calls my judgment on other matters into some question.

But I find myself kind of getting sucked in to the aw-shucks sincerity.  I find ol' Bart's persona likable.

And anyone who will spring for the high-quality intro but won't take the time or spend the money to get himself into a studio to cut a decent-sounding spot -- there's just something quirky about that that sort of draws me in to Bart's World.

Don't know that I'd buy a car from the guy.

But I'd let him give me a lecture about leasing.

(2)  Gushing.   More ad weirdness:  Those oil-well investment ads.

In the first place, what a terrible time to run an ad talking about ever-rising oil prices, at a time when the world is absolutely awash in petroleum and natural gas (hilariously contrary to the decades of predictions we've heard from the "limits to growth" crowd) and prices are plummeting and are likely to stay low for the foreseeable future.   Unless they're giving shares away, probably a poor time to invest.

In the second place, oil-well investment, like precious metals and other natural-resource investments, are home to some of the most virulent scams out there.  I don't expect The Ticket to investigate the claims of all of its advertisers, but if you are among the numerous very wealthy P1's thinking of making an investment (they usually require some minimum investment, typically but not always in the mid-five or low-six figures), please make your first call to the Texas State Securities Board to see if the investment is registered.  If it is not, find out from the investment company why it believes it is exempt from registration, and have them cite the statute or regulation upon which they are relying.  Don't invest without reviewing a complete prospectus.

In the third place, oil production revenue and taxation are hugely complex topics, and investors at your level do not take dollars off the top.   I'm not going to get into working v. carried interest, depletion, direct participation, and so forth.  If you have the dough to invest, spend an extra few grand and engage a reputable oil and gas lawyer to advise you.

Finally, don't do it.

(3)   T.C. Isn't Going Anywhere Anytime Soon.    Okay, okay, he may not be the favorite of The Confessor.   I get the criticism, but it really does seem overblown among the commentariat.  (I do not delete T.C. criticism unless it is scurrilous, overly personal, or violent.)

But someone out there likes him.

Or maybe his rates are attractive, because he's now doing advertised promotional appearances.  Sponsors have judged that he's a draw, that he'll bring people into their establishment to meet the increasingly famous Source Ragonk, and if sponsors think that, then Jeff C is probably prescient in having taken him back on.

Doesn't mean he's great -- just means he's appealing to certain sponsors.   And I'm guessing if you went to one of his appearances you'd see lots of folks shaking his hand, getting their pictures with him, collecting an autograph, and telling him to keep up the good work with The Ticket and IJB and ragonking the absolute bejeebers out of him.

And that, if nothing else, will keep him popping on.

(4)  Jake.  Sorry.  Still think the guy has got a lot and sounds good on The Ticket.

His sports talk is no worse, and, I think, better than that some of the hosts.  Wrong about everything?  Oh?  Well, if I'm recalling correctly, he was the only Ticket person who thought the Cowboys were going to be improved this year.

Yes, his voice has a Dylan-The-Argumentative-Teen lilt to it.  And I do count myself among those who wish to hear less socio-political-current-events commentary from him, but I wish the same thing about every other talker on The Ticket.   He's smart, he can be funny, he's knowledgeable.  Smarty-smug sometimes, sure.  But jeez, it's just not going to bring down the station like some seem to think.  If he proves to be a fixture on a daily show in the future, I can absolutely deal with that.

(5)  Moderation Report.   Every time I get to a screen I check the pending comments, so hope that hasn't slowed things down too much.  Certainly hasn't slowed the hits to the site, and I hope we can all agree that the conversation has returned to its historical lofty level. 

Just to be fair, let me report that some readers, or maybe only one or two, believe that I am an idiot and a bitch.  And some are unaccountably convinced that I have been doing this so I can be good chums with Ticket guys.  If so, then I am indeed an idiot, if not a bitch, because after close to 700 posts now, I have yet to meet or speak to a single Ticket employee or former employee.

Uh, Rudolph, I've got some bad news for you.
Some of the posts I get are actually amusing in their apparent lack of clarity on the concept of moderation:  profane, furious, violent, and one or two with factual assertions that are demonstrably false.  But all of them still seem to think that someone other than me is going to be reading them.  Their words live on the screen for about 1.7 seconds, most of those words probably unread by me, and they're gone.  What satisfaction there is in this effort on the other end, I have no idea.

*     *     *

Thanks for doing your Christmas shopping at My Ticket Confession, everybody, and have a Holly Jolly Ticket.


Anonymous said...

Keep doin whatcha doin Plainsman, and keep chasin that money.


Shaggy said...

Big thumbs up to the BaD crew for their Christmas songs. TC's was outstanding. Mino's was great too. Check them out, PMan. They happened during BaD from 2-240 Friday.

blergoyen said...

Great post Plainsman. I would consider it both idiot and bitch-free.

I heard that new Bart Reagor ad and my instinctual tune-out muscles kicked in. The only thing I can remember is it appeared he was going for a catch phrase reminiscent of "Gitter Done." I knew a guy that made the exact same first impression as Reagor and that guy was a slime-ball once you got past the veneer.

Another grating commercial is anything with the chick that goes full retard for Del Frisco's. She keeps coming back around the holidays like a bad case of jock itch. Unfortunately there is no over-the-counter remedy for her. I once heard about a woman who suffered seizures when she heard Mary Hart's voice from Entertainment tonight and I fully believe the Del Frisco's Dingbat would induce the same reaction.

Anonymous Ron said...

A few here may not be old enough to remember the ads from Eddie Chiles, founder of the Western Company of North America and owner of the Texas Rangers.

"If you don't have an oil well, get one—you'll love doing business with Western!"

Eddie's political commentaries on the radio sounded like a cross between Ed Carter and the fake Ross Perot.

Bayern Munich said...

My favorite part of the Reagor-Dykes 'Keepin' it Real' ads is when he says 'We might not be the biggest auto leasing company in Dallas, BUT we haven't been around that long. BUT I gotta keep it real.' I like the ads. They remind me of the old days when every market had a Crazy Eddie or the likes daring customers and/or employees to shoot his wanker off if he can't beat a competitor's price. I'm all for Bart's nutty, most likely totally disingenuous, nonsense.

The Del Frisco's ads are the worst. Nothing worse, let me repeat, NOTHING WORSE than middle aged women who think they're girlie cute. No. Scratch that. There is one thing worse: a middle aged man who thinks he's cutesy. (Actually, any man who does.) And the music bed they use sounds like 70s soft port crap. All I can think of when I hear it is some old skin flick like Emmanuel 7: Emmanuel Does Sri Lanka.

TC did himself a service by singing his own regonk song. Hoping that by the time dry dock ends, the whole regonk schtick will have pretty much run its course. Too bad he didn't embrace it sooner. Would've saved him a lot of b.s., and on several levels. However, playing well with others isn't a strong point for that young man.

Digging the moderation. I know it's a pain for Pman, but I'm thankful for it.

Agree re Jake. He has the sports thang down. The socio-politico stuff, eh, I'd rather not hear it. Also agreed that that goes for all the hosts. They are a woefully uninformed bunch. Even Gordo is, which surprises me.

Not sure if it was a load, but I recall a what appeared to be a well meaning, perhaps actually legit comment a few threads ago claiming that there was about to be some changes at The FAN. Ones that might affect The Ticket in some way. Anyone out there knows anything along those lines?

Happy Hanukkah, Happy Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all the rest ye merry Confessors!

And plus one what P1rick said: Keep doin' whatcha doin' Pman, and keep chasin' that money,.

Anonymous said...

I kind of have a problem when people call Jake or Gordo "Uninformed" when you really dont know them. It sounds more like "I dont agree with their views"

Bayern Munich said...

Well, if we're going to get all "critical thinking" up in here, then it needs to be pointed out that you have no idea if whether I know them. But I will admit that I do not. That, however, doesn't somehow invalidate my claim. I can only go off what they say when on-air. I assume that they are representing their views in good faith-i.e., they aren't "trolling" or some such. So, when I say they are uninformed, I am making the claim based on their personally voiced views on various topics. For example, when Gordon said Pope Francis's remark about evolution being in accord with Catholic dogma is a first and quite a big deal and surprisingly modern, he was wrong. Indeed, the Big Bang was discovered by Catholic priest, Fr. Georges Lemaitre in 1927. Moreover, Popes JPII and Benedict XVI have both issued the same statements-- very publicly I might add. To go on for nearly an entire segment about it, in error, is uninformed.

I can give example after example when it comes to Jake, Gordon, Joonz, and others. Again, it's not me subjectively disagreeing with their musical tastes or something along those lines; it's them being utterly, woefully, and at times shockingly, uninformed.

The Plainsman said...

Let's get on to something of actual significance:

I am extremely disturbed that Karen Borta is moving to mornings.

Anonymous said...

PMan - who is the lovely redhead?

Anonymous said...

I know Karen Borta has children so my guess is that this is a move that will allow her to spend more time with them.

Plus it gives Channel 11 a little more star power in the morning news show competition.

Or maybe this is just a temporary move before she relocates to the Fan!

Gopher said...

Other than Norm and Mike doing AM drive what other pairings are we getting between now and Jan. 5?

The Plainsman said...

I think her name is Amy Childs. She's a Euro reality chick of some kind. I'm not sure how much of her can really be called "reality."

Anonymous said...

Karen Borta to mornings huh? Methinks me sees the old let's get some fresh arse on primetime / the first step in putting KB out to pasture combo move by one CBS "Meteorologist Larry Mowry Takes Acting Lessons And That's The Way We Roll" 11.

Pete Stein is on The FAN. Glad to see he has a gig. I've never thought the same of Mike R. after he pulled that totz d*** head, cool guy, bullying, jerk countdown gag on Stein. It told me a lot about one Mike Rhyner.

I know we're getting TSJ from 3-6 for at least a couple of days. Not sure if it's for the whole of dry dock.

Here's a lil something something for ya'll's Xmas edification: BOOGER!

Anonymous said...

I think the businesses that pay for in-person appearances are really paying for the mentions of the in-person appearances. I can't imagine TC, or anybody really, bringing in hordes of people. The Hardline jokes around about how sparsely attended their remotes sometimes are. Do you honestly think TC is bringing more people in than the Hardline?

That's like saying sponsors think the 'Ticket Crew' is a huge draw when that nameless entity has an appearance. They're not. They just want their name mentioned on the air.

I know you want TC to happen PM, but you're only feeding the backlash machine when you make comments like this.

Scott said...

PM, TC is horrible, embrace it.

WTF, I am listening to hockey, and NOT the postgame after the biggest game of the year. This is why the little one wears me out. We won't bid to carry the game... we will carry the 4th sport in town. and, we choose NOT to stream the postgame after the biggest win of the year, because we carry the 4 team in town. Is it really worth it. Used to be, the Ticket decisions were made for the listener.

Anonymous said...

Love the Stars but having this game on instead of the Cowboys post game show is really unfortunate for the Ticket.

Brad Gilbert said...

How long was the postgam show on before Stars hockey shut it do,wn? Some of the Twitter reaction was funny.

Anonymous said...

Incredible comeback win for the Stars pre-empts Cowboys post-game show.

Probably just as well, since there's already too much Cowboys talk.

Anonymous said...

We talk Cowboys almost non-stop*

*Except after they win the division and make the playoffs. But seriously, we have you covered every other time**

**Unless our commitment to a hockey game three people are listening to is being played.

Gopher said...

Tis better to run the show you are being paid for verses running a show you are paying for.

Shaggy said...

Brad, there was no postgame show whatsoever. The Stars had an afternoon game.

Anonymous said...

The Stars game began at 5 (halfway through the Cowboy game) and ended at 8. After Stars postgame show the Ticket went to network.

A contract is a contract.

James said...

3:34 You are dead-on about Rhyner's treatment of Stein that day. Lost a lot of respect for him and Greggo right then.

Anonymous said...

@Gopher - The Stars PAY The Ticket to broadcast their games? I thought it was the other way around. I guess that says quite a lot about the NHL south of the Mason-Dixon. Unless your saying The Ticket gets more Ad dollars during Stars games compared to Post Cowboys show.

Anonymous said...

Jake made his Cowboy prediction because he's a homer with no objectivity and because he chooses to go against the grain simply to be edgy. He's never right. Keep hoping that he and TC will get an offer from The Fan. They would fit in perfectly at that awful station.

Before the Cowboy sheep overreact too much to the win over the Colts lets remember that the Colts had nothing to play for. They had already clinched the AFC South.

Cowboys will get smoked in the playoffs.

Mail Crimp said...

Any Serial Podcast fans need to check out the Funny or Die and SNL spoofs. Hillarious.

Shaggy said...

Pretty sure 10:20 also said a few weeks ago the Cowboys would get smoked in Philly and get smoked by the Colts.

Anonymous said...

Hold on to your butts

Anonymous said...

Alright, 1240, since Pman let your comment through moderation, I'll bite: Why ought we hold onto our butts? If you have any idea, spill the beans--or at least as much of the beans that will allow us to have an idea and that will not reveal your identity to your employer.

Scruffy said...

PM, if you're not going to delete a comment that's only "hold on to your butts" from Anonymous, what is the point of any moderating?

If I ever need to be reminded why the Musers are so amazing, all I need to do is listen to Norm fill in. I'm out on Norm at this point and flipped my opinion of him 180. His shtick is so tired to me. Gambling-muddied perspective, three minutes of pimping, promotion, and sucking up at the start of every segment, and a Fozzy Bear style of humor/delivery is a beating to wake up to.

After hearing Montemayor fill in for SeaBass, I don't know how anyone could claim TC deserved a job over him. I'd rather hear an RJ Choppy bragging montage than listen to TC.

Eli said...

well said Scruffy.

Clearly Ragonk getting the job over Justin had nothing to do with job performance. It was BAD & Jake pushing to surround themselves with their followers.

Justin knocks it out of the park with his tickers.

He got hosed for sure.

The Plainsman said...

The point of moderation is not to keep the comments absolutely pristine and free from the occasional nonsense. My policy, if it can be called that, is to let as much stuff through as I can possibly justify, and, as some of the foregoing comments attest, my standards are not all that high.

Comments that are vulgar, plainly false or fraudulent, or inappropriate in tone (baiting, angry, name-calling, etc.) will seldom get through. But your garden variety dumb comment, even if it's a childish attempt to stir something up, will frequently make it.

Standards remain hopelessly subjective and self-interested.

If I get a "hold on to your butt" every day, yeah, they'll probably stop making it through. But otherwise . . . well, 134 has already risen to the bait.

I'm hoping that those who don't like being deleted, or who just plain dislike this site, will start up another blog that reflects their own tastes.

Shaggy said...

Yep, here are some choice bits from our resident anti-Cowboy anon from the last month:

"The December collapse is going to be so funny.

Running up #'s against 3-8 teams is great for fantasy football. Lets see what happens when they play good teams. Beating TN, Jax, and NYG is great."
(Posted Nov 24)

"It's never been this bad. They over praise them when they win and make too many excuses when they lose.

Cowboys are average at best and the next 2 weeks will prove that. "
(Posted right before the 2nd Eagles game)

Anonymous said...

Ragonk backlash?

Rolando McClain's house in Alabama burned down.

Saul said...

WTDS in Chipmunk voice is a beating.

Seen nothing to change why some still doubt the Cowboys. The NFC East obviously is a bad division. Eagles are rolling out Sanchez and that will bite you in the a$$ eventually which it did.

Colts had nothing to play for and the Cowboys had everything to play for therefore, you get a blowout.

Again, once they have to face GB or Sea that leaky defense will get exposed and if Tones Romes has to make a play he'll throw it to the other team when it's nut cuttin time.

Then Jerrah will have failed smile and Vlade will be happy with that.

Anonymous said...

Folks, don't take the bait. "Saul" and the other posts are by the same doofus who basically single handedly forced Pman to moderate comments. He can't get his normal crap through, so this is the way in which he's trying (successfully I might add) make an "impact." This person is sad. He has four different troll memes going. Anti-Cowboys, anti-TC, anti-Jake, and anti-Pman/MTC. Until moderation, he was occupying roughly 70% of every thread with bile, "atta boys" to his own comments, and even "arguing" with his own comments. All of it was rather opaquely done. Yes, I know that by writing this I too am taking the bait. But hopefully if we all come to know it when we see it, there won't be anymore biting, and thus this person will eventually no longer find satisfaction in his handiwork and go away.

Anonymous said...

RE: Point Number 3...

I've said this before, and I'll say it again. No disrespect, but you don't understand how radio works. In this case, you're misunderstanding the live appearances.

Very short version: it's not like an All-Pro or Park Place Audi style endorsement where the advertiser chooses an endorser and the two parties sign a deal. And it's not like a live broadcast. Manning a live appearance is a beating, and there's a reason we usually get Ty or Killer these days. It's a function for the lowest on the pole, because the big shots can and do say no.

And if you've ever been to one of these, or even a live broadcast, even the big names (I usually visit THL due to schedule) don't draw people over to talk, glad-hand, selfie, etc. Believe it or not, even the rabid P1 can't usually be bothered.

So, all this to say, your speculation that TC's live appearance somehow means he's ingratiated himself or is in some way moving up the ladder is backwards. It means he got the short straw and he's where he belongs: the bottom (bottom).

(And I guarantee no one is patting him on the back with a "good job, good effort!", because he doesn't do a good job. Sirois played some classic Ticker disasters this morning for Norm, and I just kep thinking - we hear these every week now.)

Anonymous said...

@12:27 PM

You're insane dude. Several times PRE-moderation you accused me of being this guy. I don't know why you're obsessed with the notion there's one guy "occupying roughly 70% of every thread," but it ain't true.

Maybe you should accept the fact that there are lots of people here who don't agree with you, and don't say things the way you want to hear them.

Saul said...

12:27 - you should be a private dick. your skills are amazing.

Anonymous said...

"dick skills..." heh-heh...

Anonymous said...

@Saul@247 (which was time stamped 3 minutes after Saul's post-you are the same person, it's so obvious it's not funny.)

You prove 1227's point.

Whatevs floats your boat.

The thing I'm starting to pick up on is that, and maybe I'm alone here, there seems to be a slow and barely perceptible bubbling to the surface of some of hosts' annoyance with one Mike Sirois.

Anonymous said...

What was the deal with the guy who found the press pass at the Cowboys game?

He sounded like he was on mushrooms or something.

Anonymous said...

Annoyance with Mike? How?

Dena Roosa said...

#1: You are weird about this. They drive me nuts. :D
#2: If you have to advertise so heavily, it is not a good investment.
#3: The doughy lesbian drives me crazy too, but he has brought us Ragonk and I like my t-shirt.
#4: Jake brings much to the table. If some one hates his smugness, it is because he is incredibly smart and talented, and likely crushing it better than they are. It's okay; those of us who are smart and talented understand how we were at that age.
#5: No worries; keep doing what you're doing playboy.
And Happy New Year!

Uwe said...

I think Jake is infinitely better than most of the hosts at intelligent discussion about sports.