Saturday, March 14, 2015

bubba begs somewhat to differ

Confessor bubba had some thoughts at variance with Larry in Mowry's.  I'm not sure they're contrary, but bubba does pitch matters a little differently.  He thought they might work as a post, and I did too.

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I'm hopeful to have Larry in Mowry's exegesis on ESPN's offerings sometime soon.  

I have edited bubba's text very lightly for cleanup and clarity.

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Back to Larry's main comments re: the Fan/Fail (to be referred to as the ‘F’ in this post for ease) and the way it has so effectively ripped from the Ticket as to make it their own  --  I disagree. And by that I mean no disrespect.

Yes, they have done a decent job of the whole "guys talking guy stuff in addition to sports," but their station totally lacks the thing that makes the Ticket so unique (and nearly impossible to copy):  a steady, long-term relationship with its listeners.

Maybe they will get there at some point, but that rapport takes years to build.

Just look at this blog and others (unTicket, reddit etc) as an example. What other radio station (anywhere) has enough dedicated listeners to put together multiple sites in which all they discuss is all things related to that station? We’re like a bunch of women gossiping about "The Bachelor" or some soap opera for heaven's sake.

And the ways that relationship was built will not be easily duplicated (by the F or anyone). The inside jokes that take months or years to get up to speed on as a listener, the vast library of drops, the way you feel a kinship with each host in some personal way (which requires a steady hosting lineup over long periods of time), the way the hosts and the whole station laugh at themselves and celebrate their own mediocrity.

I truly don’t think we will see another station/relationship like this in our lifetimes. Which I guess is kind of distressing in itself. What will we turn to when/if the beloved Little One is no longer?

Does the Ticket have problems? Absolutely. I don’t disagree with what people are saying about their complacency nor the need for Corby to back off/Mike to step up and for the web site to get out of the 90s. But to worry that the F will be able to supplant the relationship the Ticket has with its P1s seems a bridge too far (though why doesn’t someone at the Ticket use some version of the ‘F text’ during shows? It would be easy to do and it’s a great tool).  

The main thing the Ticket needs to worry about is NOT the F or ESPN taking their place. They need to worry about staying relevant and bringing the next generation of P1 into the fold. Because if they can’t create a relationship with the new P1 like they have with us, then all they have is "guys talking with guys about sports," and THAT’S where the F and ESPN could have an in. In fairness to Larry, he hammers this point home as well.

I am pretty comforted by the fact that BaD could easily take over for THL when Mike hangs it up, and there are several good choices to fill after noon (TSJ, Sirois). Norm is virtually irreplaceable from a knowledge/chops standpoint, but his time slot isn’t as important and can be filled with current talent. But when the Musers hang it up, especially if it’s near Mike’s retirement, then we’ll really need to hold on to our butts. Here’s to hoping things change organically enough that the Little One remains relevant for us and the next generation of P1 long into the future.  

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KP in Plano said...

I am catching myself turning off THL more and more, though I usually go to music or KERA instead of the fan.

Corby's sweeping dismissal of things he doesn't know anything about really, really gets to me. If he does it on the things I know about, I assume he is doing about the things I don't know about.

Mike did seem more engaged this week, and no matter the reason, it shows that Corby doesn't bring out the best in Mike. Bringing out the best in your co-host should be what that job is about.

Anonymous said...

No Orphanage at the St. Patrick's Day Parade is just wrong.

Anonymous said...

It's a relatively small detail, but not having the Orphanage at the St. Patrick's parade is pretty indicative of how little the station cares anymore. It's usually around this time of year too that the compound and campout were announced. Guess we're not getting any of that again this year. We did get to hear about all the hosts kickass Spring Break vacations or upcoming vacations though, so there's that at least /s

pk said...

Bubba's first paragraph is so on point. I told a friend about this site. He asks "so you talk sports and the ticket? I said no, only about the Ticket (although I noticed you let a lot of comments about the Cowboys in last week). He thought that was pretty funny - a website devoted only to speculation about what goes on at the Ticket. So yeah, bubba's right. The other stations have years to go to build a relationship like this with their P1s.

Gopher said...

There have been two other stations in the history of Dallas radio that come close to the relationship the Ticket has with it's fans.

The first would be the relationship between the fans and KZEW. That station was/is the grandfather of KTCK. ZEWworld was the father of Ticketstock and the turnouts were huge. It would fill the big hall in the Convention center downtown and did so in the worst of weather. Same with the free concerts at Fair Park and various other parks around town. It even had it's own competition with Q102, very much like the lines drawn here with 105.3

The second would be Ron Chapman and KVIL. They owned the Mad Mommie in a mini van and stay at home wife crowd for most of the 80's. Chapman ask the listeners to open their checkbooks and send him $20. No reason why, just do it. In a manner of days they raised $225,000. The FCC gave the station a hard look, but since nothing was said about what was to be done with the money they let it slide. It was given to local charities.

Had todays social media been around you very definitely would have seen as much or more said than about todays Ticket.

Mike and his money men drew heavily on those two stations when putting the station together.
KZEW did get stale in the end and the money men sold it off for a profit. Chapman was in effect, retired and shuffled off to KLUV. Still popular, but never as much as at KVIL.
History does repeat itself.

pk said...

Ahhh, the good ol' days. I probably listened to Q102 more than the Zoo, but did prefer Rhyner to the sports dudes on Q102. Redbeard used to drive me crazy with his name dropping. Still remember when he said, "Not feeling too good, Jimmy Page and I were out pretty late." Still listened all the time, though.

Jay-g said...

I think BaD radio should get more credit for staying, because I really believe the Fan would've had something with BaD as the anchor.

Anonymous said...

Gopher, I would add KLIF before the Big 570 fiasco.

Gopher said...

Anonymous 9:34

While KLIF had a large and loyal following I don't think it approached what the Ticket and KVIL had.

The Big 570 fiasco is proof of what happens when people like Dan Bennett listen to Consultants and start making radical changes to a popular radio station. Big 570 had to be announced at every opportunity and the host had to all talk about the same subject every day. (sound familiar?) It was not a good fit for some. The station was in a big battle with Rush Limbaugh and made these wholesale changes. It drove listeners away and was the beginning of the end for KLIF as a talker.

I hope Bennett learned his lesson about listening to Consultants, but from some of Mikes comments, I don't think he learned the lesson.

Rock Me said...

Bubba said:

"The inside jokes that take months or years to get up to speed on as a listener"


"They need to worry about staying relevant and bringing the next generation of P1 into the fold."

Maybe the next generation of P1s doesn't want to spend years getting the inside jokes. I've listened since 1995 so I love hearing them, but I can understand why a Millennial wouldn't bother to stick around long enough to figure it out.

WD in Fort Worth said...

Long time reader, first time poster:

Over the past year, I've found myself tuning out during the Musers and The Hardline and going to the UnTicket to listen to the segments that they post throughout the week, and then listen to old "Greatest Hits" segments from years past.

I don't think I'm alone, as since the ratings have dipped, I've noticed that the UnTicket seems to post less individual segments the day after airing, and are instead posting the whole shows 72 hours after airing. The exception seems to be the E-Brake.

Maybe this is a behind the scenes command from Cumulus, as I believe what the UnTicket is doing is technically illegal, its just so beloved by the P1 that Cumulus looks the other way.

Anonymous said...

Scattershooting while wondering how Musers get on their high horse about OU whilst still playing Ed Carter. It is not apples to apples but he Gordon rides a very fine line.

Also wondering what is the draw to being in on these inside jokes/stories. So something happened 5 years ago that is still funny why does someone new to the station care? Most people from out of town I have met and younger sports listeners (I am late 20's) don't have the same connection as more established P1s. A lot of out of towners I have to alert about the ticket due to ESPN name brand. 105.3 the fan has its faults but much better than when they started. GBAG nation built a loyal following with their late night radio.

I have always wondered why the Ticket can't put some real broadcast on at night instead of just replay the day. Like when they had Dan Patrick at night talking about stuff going to happen during the day, yet it already happened. Meanwhile ESPN and 105 are running live and mostly local broadcast. Why can't the ticket do the same?

P1 - 7 am to about 3:15 PM

Not Bartolo Colon said...

Nothing better than a Mike or Danny screw up followed by a loud Corby dolphin laugh. Still cracks me up every time.

Great e-brake candidate from Danny just now. Roberto Colon? Wow.

Anonymous said...

It has finally come to this. I am seriously considering taking a break from THL. As I type this, the ski trip segment is about to start, and I am not going to listen to it.

Earlier, I was treated to a recap of the Robert Durst case that left me scratching my head. They must have seen a different version of the documentary than the one I saw. According to THL, Durst got off twice because the prosecution blew their cases. The documentary I saw showed that there wasn't enough evidence to meet the burden of proof. Of course I didn't sit through the whole trial, but if I had been on the Galveston jury I'm pretty sure my position would have been that he was probably guilty, but there wasn't enough evidence to convince me beyond a doubt. They are going to do a full segment on Tuesday, and if you want to get caught up on the case, DO NOT listen to THL version. Watch the show and draw your own conclusions.

Add to that some self-righteous blather that put me on the verge of anger last week, I think I've had enough for awhile.

cactusflinthead said...

Anon136. Yeah I want to see some JV efforts in the off hours. They can get that local music thing going any time now. Or sports or IMAGINE this, Rotten Radio gets killer reviews from all of us, what better way to draw in the gullible and unsuspecting utes.

Yeah I miss the campout too.

don't sleep on What is a Mino. Gut says he found the new Vivaldi. It was awesome listening to the rest of THL gig Plantation Corby.
And that on the heels of a recommendation for Billo's book on Lincoln. Did that makey for some cognitive dissonance? I wonder.

"We can do what they do, but they can't do what we do."

I am not sure that is absolutely true now. Better or not, questionable. Goading them with lively banter? I hope so.

I honestly can't remember what the heck the Orphanage boys did to piss off sales so much they are forever banned. Maybe they can do some penance or something. There should have been Danny, Davey and whoever they could convince to come talk to them overlooking some scenic view. This should not ever happen again. Make peace gentlemen and let us move along.

Seriously I have tried listening to the other stations. I keep coming back. If it isn't the little ticket i am usually listening to music.

Second the Zoo Freak. I am in that group too. Let me say that Ted Nugent is a political grenade wherever he may be found. Also there are a lot of kick ass stories of concerts seen. Videos too.

What other station has an Unticket?

I like the commentariat blogs. This is cool. Carry on.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the Orphanage get in trouble for remarks at a remote that offended people who were in earshot of the PA? There must have been some serious blowback to station management, because this has been one hell of a timeout.

Anonymous said...

It was over car sale. The patrons demanded The Orphanage banned, if they were going to buy the car they were about to buy before D&D said what they did. The dealership banned them, told Cat or whomever in charge, and that killed their remotes to that dealership. They still do some remotes. They still did the Patty's show. Why this one didn't happen, who knows? I bet it was just a screw up and nothing more.

Rock Me said...

Who thought it was a good idea to have Danny and Dave selling BMWs anyways?

Snake Corra from 2004 said...


Is it me or is THL coming back from break sooner rather than later during their first extended break after WTDS? I used to click pause and listen to Sirius during their 25-minute commercial break to avoid all the commercials. Now, when I click play at the same time I used to they are already five minutes into their show. To this I say hmmmmmm.....

T4 In Rockwall said...

They are ending WTDS early and coming back about 9 minutes later. I've noticed it too.

Grady Kneeblow said...

Jerry Brown's mother has forgiven Josh Brent. Y kant Junior Miller?

Anonymous said...

Since when did Junior become the moral police?

He spearheaded the crusade against Josh Brent.

Last week, he wanted those OU frat boys to be punished for the rest of their lives for a bad mistake they made early in their college career.

Now he questions the possibility of the Cowboys signing Greg Hardy based on a case that at least casts some doubt on the seriousness of the situation.

I usually love Junior, but if Junes is our moral compass, no one will ever get a second chance.

If our sports teams live by his standard they will never be any good. If our society lives by his standard, a lot of lives will be thrown away because of one or two mistakes made in youth.

I hope he is just grandstanding, but his no second chance rhetoric is troubling to me (however, he has more legs to stand on with Brent). Maybe it even ties into the narrative that our hosts are growing old and becoming out of touch with the audience. Or maybe I am just out of touch and most of ya'll agree with the Junes.

In any event, I don't think the Musers should be immune from criticism on this site. Their show and bits often feel stale. I am in the minority here who likes the interjection of youth on BaD. It could be argued the Musers would benefit from some youth too.

The Plainsman said...

I agree with Junior.

Whatever happened to "no more"?

Who says The Musers are immune from criticism on this site?

The Plainsman said...

I respectfully request that each one of you hold yourself in readiness for a Plainsman STD, coming up soon on this site.

[For newcomers: STD = "Scorching Ticket Disquisition."]


[End of tease.]

Anonymous said...

Bring it, Pman!

Anonymous said...

"No more" exists more now than ever before.

Now a video follows you forever and can be played over and over.

Now you criminal record is electronic and passed state to state, country to country. One can no longer move, make a new name for hisself, and become a changed man with a better life. Your history is now set in electronic stone, good bye second chance.

One mistake, one youthful screw up (or false alligation) and you are out.

No more redemption. No more opportunities to learn from mistakes. No more chance to grow and improve. Instead you are marked with an "A" from here on out.

This is what Junes is advocating. I feel he is out of touch.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. But I'm the orphanage way they managed to bitch about not being there and bitch about how much the parade/block party sucks. #thissucksthissucksthissucks

Anonymous said...

Hopefully your disquisition will neither include ALS nor a the topic of your March 16, 2014 confession.

Belated happy anniversary on that one P-man!

birq said...

I'm completely with Junior on Josh Brent and I've been surprised that everyone else has been able to let it go so easily. I had a hard time watching the Cowboys after Brent was reinstated. What he did wasn't a one-time transgression by a young, stupid kid. It's the latest in a string of stupid choices by a stupid adult. Not only was it not his first alcohol-related vehicular incident, it wasn't his last, even when he was on probation. He's sorry for what he did, blah blah etc., but if not for his size, his money, the people he knows and the fact that he's slightly better than mediocre at football, he'd probably still be in jail. And I think it's just a matter of time before he's picked up again for DUI or something similar. Hopefully he doesn't kill anyone this time. I don't think Jerry had any business lobbying so hard for him and bringing him back to the team.

The Plainsman said...

Coming up on 700 posts on ol' MTC. I judge myself to be entitled to more clunkers than I've actually had.

Yeah, I sure did think T.C. was going to do a lot better than he did.

Of course, according to him -- he did.

anonymous said...

The multiple segments bad and thl are contributing in regards to the jinx is a bit overkill, no?

F The Cowboys said...

Greg Hardy is a Cowboy. What a perfect fit. A violent sociopath signed by the biggest scumbag in pro sport. Hardy & Josh Brent should be great teammates.

No doubt the Cowboy sheep will give Hardy a standing ovation the first time he sacks the QB.

Just another in a long list of reasons why I'm no longer a Cowboy fan.

Doesn't matter what a miserable human being are if you can play "We need ya!"

Anonymous said...

my new favorite term may be "ween bros" thank you Danny and Corby.

Charles Golden said...

Wondering how many of you guys have flipped back and forth between the Ticket and the Fan the past 24 hours and been surprised by the stark contrast in how the Hardy story has been covered. THL, and especially Danny and Corby, were extremely critical of even talking to the guy, calling him basically a trash human being. I jump over to the Fan though and they're basically sounding totally comfortable with welcoming this guy to the fold saying they 100% trust that the front office did their due dilligence. Basikic even went as far on Twitter to call out the woman in this scenerio as being somewhat respnsible.

Maybe I just haven't listened to the Fan enough, but it's the first time where I've heard a pretty blatant agenda by the team's flagship station. Am I way off base here?

birq said...

This thread showed up on the Ticket Reddit yesterday. I remember talk of the Ticket TV show but have never seen any footage of it before. "Good" isn't really the word for it, but it's entertaining and at least they were trying to engage the P1 back then.

Anonymous said...

Yo Pdazzle, where's that STD?

bubba said...

Charles Golden, not that I want to give any more attention to the F (good or bad) I have noticed the stark contrast and been amazed by it as well. They (the F) have said how muddy the situation is, how it's not clear that there was a payoff by Hardy and whether he was even at fault. They are questioning whether he would or even should have any suspension at all.

I heard the F afternoon boys yesterday question whether the NFL should even have the authority to lay down a punishment if the 'law' has not. As if any employer doesn't have the right to discipline an employee with or without the legal system's consent. Strange

Anonymous said...

Got a little uncomfortable during WTDS when Mino played a Mexican Corby drop. Couple of weeks ago it would have been high comedy.

Colorado P1 said...

I, for one, am about done with Dale's sermons. I appreciated the one on gay marriage, but the latest on Hardy is just crap. I was 100% on board with Hardy's suspension while his legal case was pending, just like I was 100% on board with Adrian Peterson's suspension while his case was pending (and I am a Vikings fan from birth, unfortunately for me). But, once the legal cases are concluded and once the NFL has imposed its own punishment -- and the commenter who noted that private employers have the right to discipline their employees, regardless of what happens in the legal system, is absolutely correct -- I think it is asinine to suggest that someone should not be given a second chance in their chosen profession. Particularly if they do not even end up with a criminal conviction on their record.

cactusflinthead said...

@Anon852. I thought it involved the cars. Sounds about right.

Did nobody else hear D. Moore this morning say the reason why other teams were passing on G. Hardy was the fact he was wanting a one year deal? He has to re-establish his value to the league after that the line forms to the right and left. Situational ethics abounds. Might as well get used to it. What is market value for a guy that averages about a sack a game? We can take the moral high ground and be all outraged but there is going to be somebody out there willing to play him. He rehabs his on the field character and stays out of trouble for a year and this ceases to be a problem for the NFL owners. Well, yeah sure there will be protestations and he will still get paid.

Yeah, color me un-amazed that the flagship station is unwilling to be critical of this decision. They know which side their bread is buttered on.

I was kinda tired of it by this afternoon though. Most of THL yesterday was occupied by it and largely the day has been the same thing over and over. Did Norm talk about anything but G. Hardy? After he went down the run sheet I switched over to tunes and didn't come back until BaDD started. Going to see what the F had to say about it was not even considered. Glossing over it or victim blaming would have been intolerable.

Oh and paying off the victim happens. Probably more than we would like to admit. If she is satisfied with her money to go away I can be too. Which one of them said that the NFL is suing NC to get the files? Can't remember. Those things got sealed and not being a lawyer I have no idea what their chances are to get their eyes on them.

Remember this is not new. What is new is that we are talking about it and guys are getting punished for it. When I was a kid there might not have even been a story about it. There would have been no 911 call record, money would have been exchanged and nobody would have known. I seem to have a vague memory of a quote from Ball Four about this subject. Understand this is not to defend G. Hardy nor the Cowboys in this decision. It is more a resignation to the fact that it does exist and this is the world we live in today sports.

If the girl had shown up to the trial what would it benefit her? As it is she walks away with a sack full of money and nobody hammers her in the witness stand. Testify and she gets to relive the events and walks away with zero dollars in hand. I can't say I blame her.

Anonymous said...

Media talks about Hardy. Media then talks about other media talking about Hardy. Segments are killed. Listeners are bored.

T4 In Rockwall said...

Thanks birq, I watched the YouTube video from the site...some good nostalgic stuff there.

Gopher said...

The F boys have to walk a fine line. They can't really be too critical of Hardy or Jerry because of their position as the Flagship radio station. The Ticket didn't during the Parcells/Owens years and it cost them the broadcast (that and no signal)at the end of the contract.

I have seen tweets from Babe being rather critical of this move. Hope he doesn't end up as another disgruntled ex-Cowboy radio analyst because of it.

BuffaloPrinter said...

Is it time to retire the Fake Billy Tubbs? I guess I don't get it because I wasn't living here during his heyday. I had to do a Wikipedia search to find out his peak years were in the 80s with OU? Then he had a retirement gig with TCU in the 90s? Relevance, your honor.

Maybe a fake Jim Nance instead?

ATX said...

I've been listening to the Ticket for 6-7 years, and streaming anywhere from 2-5 hours a day for the past 5 years.

Can someone explain the Billy Tubbs bit? I've never quite understood it.

Anonymous said...

Fake Billy Tubbs is still a top 5 character. In fact may be #1. Hillarious.

Anonymous said...

Add me to the list of finding Corby intolerable. His rant yesterday about Hansen calling out his lil buddy Garrett made my ears bleed. I think I will go elsewhere for my drive home sports talk, or radio in general. THL is no longer is a must listen especially when all I care about is hearing Baseball Jesus be granted a couple of seconds to talk about the Rangers.

Donovan on the other hand sure is a great asset to have. It's been rather enjoyable to hear him with Junior.

gunther said...

Gotta say, I'm am totally out on fake Billy Tubbs, never even crack a smile at him.

But Marg yesterday was tremendous. Side-splitting funny!

Anonymous said...

Hold onto your butts.

Rhinosaur said...

Re: Fake Billy Tubbs

Yes, Tubbs coached TCU in the '90s I think. He's an odd-looking guy who talks funny, so pretty much putting it on a tee in terms of parody.

His constant references to "Chuck" is because he think's he's talking to Chuck Cooperstein.

He's an old bit, but one of my favorites. He doesn't show up much anymore, which I understand due to relevance, but maybe I like it as much as I do because he's heard from infrequently. Fake Jerry and Tiger don't really move the needle for me anymore.

Anonymous said...

From the Dallas Morning News about the latest ratings book: Note of interest: The Fan did not lose a single hour between noon and 4 p.m., which includes three hours of GBag Nation and the opener of Ben & Skin.

What gives? People have been bailing out on BAD radio?

Shaggy said...

Dang, G-Bag beat BaD in every hour from 12-3. So hard to believe.

T4 In Rockwall said...

I've never understood the relationship between him and Chuck Cooperstein but it's had its great moments over the years. I do agree that now it's a little dated. I have to give it to Gordo though. He has to come up with something new just about everyday for the 8:40 bit. It's really a piece of art if you think about and how much time has to go into each segment. I say let's put up some suggestions (like Jim Nance, good one). I know these guys have to read these Ticket sites...give them some suggestions. I've said in the past that Fake Michael Irvin was greatness. Maybe they listen?

Anonymous said...

Wow the line 4 guy song was terrible. May be time to retire the time wasters.

deezy said...

I've been listening since '99 and I never really got the Fake Tubbs bit myself. I think the closest I've come is actually today, when Craig said "Chuck isn't here anymore" - I assumed that meant that Billy Tubbs was interviewed by Cooperstein LONG ago when he worked there.

I personally think the bit has run its course, btw.

The Plainsman said...

Very interesting.

So it's not that a weak Norm is dragging down BaD.

It is comforting to see the improvement in these numbers. I do not have the historical stuff handy, but this "victory" is still far from the dominance The Ticket used to exhibit, when in every category its numbers beat the competition combined. Now it leads, sometimes comfortably, sometimes less so, lags behind for some period of time.

The "trends," if they can be called that, are still being played out. Next book BaD could rule, who knows.

gunther said...

Does anyone know why Horn doesn't link to the data he reports? Even a sort of high level chart would be helpful. As it is, we essentially have to take whatever his interpretation of the numbers might be when in fact, they may tell a different story. I need to see the numbers to assess myself. Not that I don't trust him but numbers can be interpreted in a lot of ways and he is a media member, as such, I have an innate uneasiness reading his take.

Some kind of radio secrecy stuff?

debased said...

In response to the ratings (and not just piling on an old topic), but for me the emergence of one "ragonk" does have me bailing on BaDD. I was already tuned out for Norm, never really been a fan. I'm not switching to another sports talk station, just usually end up listening to music.

Anonymous said...

WTDS - birthday request for Mexican Dracula was unfulfilled.

The Plainsman said...

Thanks to everyone who alerted me to the Twitter hack. Sorry for any concern.

The Plainsman said...

I think the hack was widespread. I first became aware something was wrong when I got a Twitter message from former legendary Traffic Twist Barb Smith claiming to alert me to some kind of nasty post about me. I assume you all got something similar from me.

DA said...


Barry Horn and other media are prohibited from giving detail into Nielsen ratings because it it copyrighted material. In fact, Nielsen has specific publishing guidelines in how their data can be used.

Search "nielsen ratings + copyright" and you will be directed to what can be used and how.

Anonymous said...

I vote thumbs down on the new arc between weekend shows.

Anonymous said...

Geez, Pman, where's that STD you promised?

gunther said...

Thanks DA. I figured it was something like that but they do publish TV data so a little confused why radio operates under different guidelines.

T4 In Rockwall said...

I'm confused why it's privileged info also. If it's common knowledge then it would seem like it could be used to keep the facts straight. Usually those facts are speculation because people are always asking if they're accurate or not. Just post them freely for everyone to see. They seem to think others will someone benefit unfairly from them.

DA said...

@T4 in Rockwall,

Not every station subscribes to Nielsen (both radio and TV), so by publicly distributing all their hurts their bottom line. It would also hurt the stations since the public would know a greater sense of the audience data, which is still a small sample size to begin with.

As the the US and Texas "browns", the data will really be show the changes.

Case in point(s), while pundits want to talk about how great NBC/NBCSN's coverage of the EPL has been gamechanging and gave The Ticket "The Kickaround"...Mexico's Liga MX is the most watched soccer league in the US and even the younger audience watches it.
Plus, there are many cable networks which do not subscribe to Nielsen: Big Ten Network, CBS Sports Net, SEC Network.

Lastly, FOX owned stations, like KDFW/FOX4 moved to drop subscriptions about six months ago due to an agreement with a new competitor, Rentrak.

Barles Charkley said...

So BaD Radio loses to the fail? Wow! Wonder why? What's changed on BaD? Oh yeah they added a new producer & new ticker guy that couldn't make it in Pensacola. Coincidence? I think not. Get rid of those 2 and I'll start listening again.

WMd in Fort Worth said...

Just because the Ticket went back to the top of the sports talk ratings doesn't mean that things are back to normal.

The Tickets ratings are down 40% from September 2014 compared to the present. (See below, numbers from Barry Horn.)

As massive P1's, we like to discuss how tinkering with shows could make them better, but the cold reality is that hosts will more likely be moved around of fired based on one thing.

$$$$$$$, advertising $.

All the Ticket hosts are top dollar talent, and barely beating the other two stations will be ok in the short term, but if things don't swing in the other direction sooner than later, I have no doubt change will be coming.

MARCH 2015
In that key demographic weekday from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. when the high-dollar local talent works the breakdown was: Ticket (4.0); Fan (2.9); ESPN (2.7)

In my favorite category, men 25-54 weekdays between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. when the high-priced talent is on the air, it was The Ticket 6.7, KESN 2.4; and The Fan at 2.0.

Anonymous said...

So what are they up to in the Ticket laboratory?

I have noticed that the cross-pollination of shows didn't last very long.

Anonymous said...

Barles Charkley. NAILED IT!!!

Anonymous said...

Carlton Maxwell = top 5

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't imagine Sunday night radio is a big draw but I felt bad for the Paul Slavens show as apparently he was struggling for content going up against The Local Ticket.

Anonymous said...

Marge's e-brake was absolutely brilliant. Laughing uncontrollably at my desk. Oh my.

Anonymous said...

Barles Charkley is right...time to address this

The Plainsman said...

The Plains call. Out of pocket for awhile. Will keep an eye on comments and try to post sometime soon. STD baking but on hold until I get back. Might put up a one-liner just to start a thread.

Thanks, Confessors.

KP in Dallas said...

I'm a little late on this but I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who never liked Fake Billy Tubbs. I've always hated that character and it's the same bit rehashed over and over again. Plus I can't imagine the majority of P1s even know who's the real person the character is based on.

Marge, however, was awesome as always.

Anonymous said...

The Local Ticket would have been better with ANYONE but Mark hosting it.

Gee, let's have a show about local artists and start (predictably) with The Old 97s. Yawn.

Oh look, an interview shilling The Toadies. A band that no one outside of Dallas cares about. Even in high school at the height of the popularity I knew they were lame. Get over them, it's been 20 years.

Also, for a "local artist" show it sure didn't take long to start playing national acts like Viet Cong, Courtney Barnett and Future Islands. Ugh.

Great idea but wrong person hosting. My dog has better taste in music.

Anonymous said...

The political crap to actual funny content ratio is getting more and more out of whack on THL. I fear 2016 election cycle.

Anonymous said...

OK, Danny, we get it. You're anti-Greek. Don't pop a vein.

And as for Corby, I suspect that of all the college buddies he stays in touch with, more than half are fraternity brothers.

Anonymous said...

Couple of ratings related thoughts:
- Dan has been alluding to the ratings wars on WTDS frequently
- Dan stated on Monday WTDS he didn't think they would make it to the end of the year in reference to what day it was on the Julian calendar
- BaD boys frequently quip that they need to attract a younger demographic
- Considering that BaD LOST all 3 yours to GBag Nation (horrible program) in the latest books I have to wonder if they second guess their decision not to jump to the Fan back in the summer of 2013. Had they jumped they would have been widely credited for leading the Fan to prowess but now ironically by perhaps hanging on too long at the Ticket they may become the fall guys for the demise of Ticket supremacy.

Any thoughts on this?

Scott said...

I have to agree with many of these thoughts on the Fake Billy Tubbs. Anyone think it sounds just like Fake Chan Gailey?

blergoyen said...

Did anyone catch the "Mike Sirois to Hitzges Norm" Ticketstock tune sung to the melody of David Bowie's Space Oddity? It's pretty awesome. "...take your boner pills and put your headphones on..."

Cash tweeted a link to the youtube post here:

Anonymous said...

Loved the Danny anti-greek rant. Danny doesn't conform. That's what makes him great. Those tools in SAE deserve the grief they are catching.

The Junes segment on McConkey this morning was fantastic. Junes may be the best at taking control of a segment and controlling it. He's a great story teller. Can't wait to watch this documentary.

The Ticket daredevil at 8:40 was hillarious.

Anonymous said...

Interesting point @5:42. Bob and Dan would have been credited with the rise of that other station if they jumped ship. You're exactly right. Now, their loyalty and allegiance towards "younger" members of their show may cost the little ticket dearly in the long run. Could a minor shake up to BAD provide a ratings boost? This individual thinks so.

WMd in Fort Worth said...

In response to Anonymous Ratings thoughts:

- I caught Dan's comment on the ratings as well. He seemed to be poking Rhyner as well about the Hardline not being around either.

- I'm not a Fan listener, but but a follow whats going on at all three local sports stations. GBag Nation started as a 7-10pm program and grew a cult following, which is when it was promoted to mid-days.

(If you remember about 6 months ago when the Fan was running TV commercials, it was for GBag, not their drive time shows, which is where the most listeners are.)

I'll bet big money that within a year, it will be their drive time show.

I find it funny that the first show to take down a Ticket slot started in after-hour programming.

It's been said many times, but it still baffles me that the Ticket doesn't do full weekends and late night programming.

T4 In Rockwall said...

I agree with after hours programming for The Ticket. I grew to like Gbag Nation when it was 7-10. I have to admit I don't listen to them since they're on middays but my listening time does open up more often after hours. they should put something there. It's a huge give up my The Ticket.

Anonymous said...

Jub of the Week!!!!!

Anonymous said...

IIRC, "will we make it to the end of the year?" has been a running joke on WTDS.

Does it make anyone else tense when Bob and Dan ask for the wacky radio liner? Even after all these years I worry that someone won't want to do it (which would make for radio gold, so I guess it's a win-win).

Anonymous said...

Still enjoy the Musers and Norm......BAD is what it is, meh...... THL are starting to get really stale though, way too much snake but I stiil listen....The only time I dont listen to the little ticket is if that awful Sirois show is on, truly unlistenable....

Anonymous said...

Fake Dirk is still great. One of the better 8:40 bits.

The segment on ticket laughs was great also. Jub has one of the more underrated laughs on The Chicken. Corby's dolphin laugh still #1

Anonymous said...

I stayed through Corby’s attempt to spin a yarn about the flying machine that swarmed his neighborhood. Good Gawd Almighty, the further he went, Mike and Danny’s disinterest was palpable. Pay no attention to the police, the workers and the pilot- Listen to your neighbor Stringfellow Hawk, who use to fly helicopters and could throw a football over those mountains over there, He’s clearly violating FAA regulations and breaking helicopter landing code rule 22a. If this is what they’ve decided to do to combat the competition, it’s All Things Considered and ITunes for me. I’m out on this nonsense.

blergoyen said...

Stringfellow Hawke, LMAO. I noticed that too, although I figured it was more of an Ernest Borgnine doppelganger.

Just moments ago on THL, there was a very unbiased review of the new Sunday Night Music Show - The Local Ticket. Rhyner (I don't give an EFF if he's dead) used the segment to make the claim, "Once again, we can do what they do, but they can't do what we do." Hmm, I wonder if he was also referring to
The Little Einstein segment that's going on now. I can't imagine there are any other radio stations that can do that segment.

Brad Gilbert said...

I live in NE AR & listen to the Little a Ticket via app. We came to town to visit family this Monday & and made the DFW signal area around 3pm. With my kids in the car, I knew I couldn't listen to the Hardline, so I turned on the Fan. Maybe because it was a Monday packed with interesting sports stories, but I really enjoyed the sports talk. I have continued listening on and off this week and have a hard time distinguishing the different voices, but I'm sure that would resolve itself after continued listening. It has made me realize that the radio scene in DFW has changed since I left 10 years ago, & I could see myself no longer being a P1 if I still lived here.

Shaggy said...

This hasn't been discussed in a while, but I wonder how much the terrible signal (both AM and FM) is playing a role in losing ground to The Fan/ESPN. I was in Dallas last weekend and decided to tune in. The FM was full of static on 635 on the SE part of town. The AM sounded awful as well. I lasted less than a minute before I switched back to just streaming on my phone.

So if you're a newcomer to Dallas and you're looking for a sports talk station to listen to, I can't imagine that you're going to fight through that crap when there are 2 better sounding options available.

kmclain3 said...

re: the signal I was shocked a week or so ago on a trip to Wichita Falls. I listened to IJB on the way up but when I got in the car to head home and flipped the radio on, 96.7 was coming in loud and clear. This was right by Midwestern campus. I am taking a trip to Lawton tomorrow morning...we'll see how far it reaches.

Barles Charkley said...

Anon - 9:43 a.m.

Dude you're wrong. Danny & Mike were both very engaged in the segment regarding the helicopter landing in Korba's neighborhood. Some of you just don't like the snake. That's fine but, just admit it. I'll take him over anything The Fail rolls out anytime. They have no originality and when they steal schtick they suck at that also.

Now I'm definitely out on BaD Radio. Haven't listened in a week and don't miss it one bit. IJB has totally ruined that show for me. Sooner they get rid of those 2 sooner BaD Radio will start to beat The Fail in the ratings again.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Right after Corby says that some people are too stupid to understand that Girl Crush is just about jealousy, he says (emphatically) that they knew EXACTLY WHAT THEY WERE DOING when they wrote it. So now you're saying the song was written to be intentionally ambiguous?

And could you tell me where one of those Girl Crush record burnings is going on?

Boo! said...

I like Corby but on The SAE Kid press conference thing I thought he was taking a weird stance. Did I miss something?

birq said...

This has been bugging me for a while but I keep forgetting to ask about it here. In a promo for the Mavs postgame show, there's a line that Followill "flies in the face of a reason". What does that mean? What are they trying to say? I've heard of flying in the face of reason, but A reason?

Also: Note to The Hardline (especially binary Corby) - Not everything is black and white. Life is gray. Life is messy and complicated and very few things in this world fall into neat categories like "good vs. bad" (or "fear vs. love" if you're Jim Cunningham). Furthermore, not everybody that disagrees with you is wrong. I can listen to the Musers, BaDD, Sirloins, Shake, anyone else talk about random crap all day long because they all understand that there are shades to every discussion. It's mostly Corby, but Danny and Mike to a much lesser degree, but The Hardline can't have an open-minded conversation about hot-button topics. It's all absolutes and hyperbole. It happens most days, but the segment today about the SAE's apology speech really highlighted it. It was hard to listen to.

Gopher said...

Corby is towing the Greek party line here. The SAE Kid is also protecting the chapter. Neither will say he was taught that/those tunes by his Big Brother/Pledge Leader.

I was told stories and witnessed things in a college in East Texas in the mid to late 70's that make this incident look like a normal day in kindergarden. Black/white, male/female, social/business frat it makes no difference and the whole Greek community is praying this dries up and blows away before some dirty little secrets see the light of day.

Anonymous said...

The press conference and the kid's statement gave Corby an opportunity to throttle back a little on his overreach of righteous indignation. He stands to look a little foolish next fall if Adrian Peterson is playing for the Cowboys and Joe Mixon is playing for the Sooners and he's still calling for this kid's public crucifixion.

Danny's the one who was being ridiculous. When did he go from being the Black Cloud to being such an a-hole? Even when Mike woke up and got into the conversation Danny was having none of it.

Anonymous said...

Those Kingsford Grilling ads are killing me. Those guys are just assholes. Calling up a "friend" and giving him shit. Who wrote those ads and thought they were good?

Barles Charkley said...

Totally disagree. Thought Danny's opinion on the SAE dude's apology was right on. He's a rich kid. His life will never be "ruined". He'll skate like most rich kids. Remember the guy that killed several people while driving drunk? He got off on "affluenza". SAE boy has the best PR staff $ can buy. He read a prepared statement. Don't want to hear that he gave a "heartfelt apology". Bottom line the guy is sorry because someone was rolling tape & he got caught.

Well done Danny for sticking to your principles.

On another note, IJB continues to ruin "new news news news".

Tangent said...

A few words from someone deeply involved in the "frat life" while attending a large Big 10 school in the late '80s. I was a member of Sigma Nu, an organization with a rich southern tradition, founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1869.
I saw a lot of crap, but I saw zero institutionalized racism. No racial slurs, no songs, chants, cheers of any kind towards blacks. As a matter of fact, we spent time with the traditionally Black Fraternities/sororities both socially and from an educational standpoint. I learned some very important lessons about people of other races at that time. I can't speak for anyone else, and their experience, but I just didn't see it. Fortunately, college tends to be a very inclusive kind of place. Everyone is looking for a friend. I think the "frats" are being painted with a very broad brush and I'm attempting to share a different perspective that at least 1 person had. I'd also like to point out that "rich" doesn't equal "racist", and poor doesn't equal "not racist", and I heard a lot of that assumption coming from Corby, and Danny in particular.

On the other hand, the Greek system, at that time had a huge problem with alcohol, and disrespect for women. Alcohol fueled harassment, abuse, and flat out rape...that stuff happened, and was largely condoned, unfortunately. Educational programs to end that crap were being instituted at the time I was there, and I can only hope that they've made major progress. All the young men and women out there, need to be careful, take care of themselves and take care of others.

pk said...

Agree with Anon 10:54 about the Kingsford ads. That part about "that had to be the dumbest thing you ever did".... Those ads sucked last year. It's like Koobie is in the ad talking to one of his frat pals.

Anonymous said...

The Hardline / Corby bashing on this site is quickly reaching TC levels. People are really stretching to find ways to complain, it seems.

Anonymous said...

There's been a lot of discussion about how/why THL is running out of steam and losing ground to the Fan. "Corby bashing" is just pointing out why that may be happening.

Biz said...

Danny & Davey just hit it out of the park with the OU segment. Air-fives.

cactusflinthead said...

gonna say something to make it a nice 110 comments.

@birq. I think I gagree. It sounded good anyhow.


must be new around here. howdy. Yeah i was among the GDI. I knew a lot of frat guys. Not all of them bad, some of them were. I don't like how they all get painted with the same brush either. As was said earlier, there is a lot of gray in this world.

Ok on to the next.