Saturday, May 13, 2017

PROGRAM NOTE: It's an All-Eli Saturday!

(1) It's starting right now on The Teebox, where Craig Rosengarden is expressly showcasing Eli Jordan in partial expiation for Craig "Junior" Miller's failure to include him in his just-published Ticket Tier Chart (see below).  Always good to hear Eli on The Teebox.

Eli was talking about how long he's been at The Ticket.  I couldn't quite parse his entire account, but he's been associated with the station a lot longer than I thought, not always in an on-air role.  This is his second stint at the station.  He said he's been on-air for three years -- I wouldn't have thought it was that long, but the old memory ain't what it used to be.

(2)  Country Force starring Eli and Ty Walker will be subbing for the Kickaround this afternoon.

(3)  From 5 to 6:30 today, Country Force will be conducting a special pre-MMA show.  I believe they will be broadcasting from The Plaza, so stop by.

*     *     *

Now, as to Junior's Ticket Tier Chart, published yesterday on Twitter.

Here it is:






     Big Strong Jer
     M. Sirois


     Cray Trey
     C. Sirois
     Carlos Leal
     DJ Mark


     Anyone whose name I don't know





*     *     *

Note the omission of the aforementioned Eli Jordan and also David Newbury.  Surely an oversight.  And surely a bit.

Other than that, I don't think I have much of a quarrel with this chart.  I would move some guys up or down depending on my likes and like-less, but in terms of the actual real objective station pecking order, I think Junior's has the right peckers and peckees.

And the biggest peckers are in Tier One.


"But  .  .  .  but Cat, you  .  .  .  you told me you were Tier Zero."


Michael said...

More Eli, please.

I don't care for MMA or boxing. I don't like wrastlin'. I don't like Country music. I don't even like Korby's Country Music?! segment.

But Eli has talent and is very good at what he does. He has some interesting takes and wish he would chime in more.

So... more Eli, please.

Anonymous said...

Considering Danny is named as a part of THL in every Hard Line promo, you'd think he'd be Tier 1.

Total crime Eli was left out.

More Eli. More Ty. More CF.

Anonymous said...

Logan Gourley getting married. Nice to see he has landed on his feet after being dismissed by the Musers.

The Plainsman said...

Hearty congratulations to the Bro. Seemed like a pretty good guy during his brief Ticket tenure.

However, I've heard several facially reliable -- and consistent -- accounts of his departure from The Ticket and none of them involved the Musers.

The Plainsman said...

Yesterday on Cirque Cash went off on the Craig "Junior" Miller Ticket Tier Chart.

Among other things, he thought Danny should be in a separate sub-Tier 3A, and Fernando 3B. While he did not object to being in Tier 4 himself, he did object to being lumped in with, and perhaps regarded as even lower than, some fairly obscure names in that Tier.

And he was especially agitated at Killer's banishment to Tier 7.

So he announced that next year he would be leading an assault on the Campound to avenge the slighting of Killer and all others slighted by Junior's pecking order. What he planned to do with the Tier 1 hosts he intended to capture was unclear.

Also, I'm not sure that announcing his plans was a sound strategic move.

Shaggy said...

On Friday Norm mentioned that he just agreed to a new 3-year deal.

Anonymous said...

Just heard the 4:00 am rerun of Fri top ten. The first was the E brake, and one was Danny not listening to Corby while the show was going on. Don't worry Danny, you're not the only one.

Shaggy said...

I definitely don't think leaving off Eli and Newbury was a bit. He just forgot about them.

nonononever said...

Didn't recognize Logan with his shirt on.

Anonymous said...

Junior revised his tier list because he said he forgot to include Becca and Eli. Pretty fair comedy:

The Plainsman said...

I was out and about this evening and thought, hmm, I'll just duck into this Dickey's BBQ next to where I was visiting and pick up some Dickey's BBQ, even though it is low down on my list of good BBQ. Last time I got ribs at Dickey's, they were inedible. But chicken -- I'll snag a spit-roasted half chicken, surely that shouldn't prove fatal in the usual case. And I'm sorry for calling you Shirley.

It was not to be. This Dickey's BBQ was -- cue fake Michael Irvin -- closed. There was an eviction notice on the door reporting that Dickey's owed over $20,000 in back rent. Also two signs taped up cheerfully advising potential customers that Dickey's would be back soon!

East Texas P1 said...

Listening to the Rangers game Sunday afternoon. During the 7th inning stretch "God Bless America" was sung by someone named John Little. Great chops! Wondering if this is the same John Little recently of The Ticket, currently doing traffic on KRLD.

If so, definitely can see how he gets his on-air voice. Tried looking for a video but could not find one in my <5 minute search.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that is indeed the same John Liddle.

nonononever said...

As much as THL have derided the Eagles forever, they sure do fall over themselves when talking to or about Don Henley.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering how many P1's share the same music taste as Corby? I'm sorry but the reunion of some mildly successful band from the 90s doesn't interest me in the least.

Anonymous said...

@nonononever...they fall all over who ever pays attention to them. If Scott Ferrall had not gone on their show, they would be making fun of the guy left and right. And Polyphonic Spree was the biggest waste of a band ever.

ellislives said...

Superlative Corby is nothing new and I can’t blame anyone, regardless of your thoughts on the Eagles, to be star-struck in the face of Don Henley. I have run into him a few times at the Magnolia. The guy is a legend.

My questions are:

- How long until Corby starts to refer to Don Henley as “our buddy”?
- How can Corby have 200+ plus concerts in his top five?
- How many segments are going to be burned talking about the planning, the execution, and the aftermath of Hangout Fest?

I am hoping someone can help me out with this one. I don’t mind listening to tourist talk from any of the Musers. Even the travels of Donny and one pair of undies Norm spark my interest. Bob’s philanthropic trips don’t even bug me. For some reason, listening to trip talk from Corby and Sirois is the ultimate testicle guillotine.

slinky said...

ellislives....could not agree more about Henley! The dude is borderline god! Watching those vids from the seventies playing the drums while singing with that voice. Frey was the smooth voice while Henley just had that "edge"! Why the guy was wasting his time with Corby is beyond me. Seems like I remember Rhynes having some kind of a car ding issue with him back in the day. He told the story back when Greggo was still on the show. Wonder if Henley remembers that....

slinky said...

...another thing I agree with is the Corby travel talk. That's one of the main reasons I tune out. I would rather have a wood rasp up the rectum than listen to that. Corby's story telling reminds me a lot of Expo. Back in the day, Rhynes and Greggo would try to get Expo more involved by coming on and telling about his personal endeavors. About two minutes into his story, we would all be looking at our watches and thinking "ok, thank you very much. that's...that's enough!" Greggo once told Expo he bogged down worse than a stagecoach in a mudslide.

The Plainsman said...

Re Henley: They did review the Mike-door-ding-in-Whole-Foods-parking-lot story on Monday. In fact, he said he had driven that vehicle to the studio that day, and it still bore the evidence of his encounter with Mike.

Yeah . . . I do like Danny and Corby almost all the time, like 'em a lot, but it's pretty tough to take all the snottiness they've thrown the Eagles' way in the past and then hear them turn into drooling fanboys when the guy drops by the studio.

I'm OK with Corby travel talk. Not my favorite, but usually not a PO. There isn't that much of it. The fact that I don't have a kickass life doesn't mean I can't enjoy accounts of the kickass life of another.

nonononever said...

As mentioned on here, while THL (at least Danny and Corby) have put down the Eagles before, I did enjoy the interview immensely. I would have enjoyed it more if Corby wasn't allowed to ask a single question, but it was still awesome. Hearing him talk about Glenn Frey's passing was something else - I didn't think that subject would be allowed to come up. I have found it curious that as much as the history of the Eagles starting out with Linda Rondstat comes up, they don't really mention her current state. Especially in light of the guests that Henley will bring to his show.
I bet Chris Holt never thought he'd get to play at the AAC. Good for him!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else hear Corby slip up yesterday while they were talking about the Henley interview from the day before? He mentioned that Gordo had brought his daughter up to the studio to meet Henley, and then he quickly realized he revealed too much and it got a little awkward. Gordo is so beyond private it must be known up there not to reveal anything about him and Corby forgot for a minute.

James said...

Anon 5:54: I have no problem with THL talking about the reunion of Tripping Daisy, because there is a lot of interest in it. I doubt that you, or anyone, is interested in every single topic that is talked about on the Ticket. I myself can do without hockey or basketball talk, but I don't express a desire that they never talk about those things, because I know a decent number of people are interested.
Likewise, the Tripping Daisy concert was obviously deemed newsworthy by both the Star-telegram and Morning News, not to mention Delkus, the Observer, and the 3000 people who showed up Saturday. So yeah, it's worth a segment.

Anonymous said...


Does anyone know if the Can Academy spots are tax write off for the station that they use when the air time is not sold ? It seems like a large budget for a not for profit enterprise to run that many spots ? If it is a tax write off do the personalities get paid for the spots ?

Just wondering......

The Plainsman said...

I assume someone eventually revealed where the Campound took place. Where was it?

Anonymous said...

James, hockey and basketball are sports. Believe it or not, KTCK is a sports station. So....

As far as Tripping Daisy and 3,000 attendees goes: Tap the brakes. TD was not the only band. Moreover, it was as festival, not a Tripping Daisy show. TD has never played their own show to that amount of people. Polyphonic has in Great Britain and Europe, but those too were festivals. Though they have come close to that number on a few occasions when playing London. But those days are long gone. TD was a regional band who got some airplay in the region and a bit more locally--especially on Q102 when Red Beard and Andy Lockridge were trying to save the station by playing local hip bands. If you can't figure out why Delaughter, Rhett Miller, etc, are on THL by now, you haven't been paying attention.

Shaggy said...

It was at Lloyd Park, same as last year. Craig revealed it on Friday

James said...

Anon 1:52: Your points are all valid, but you still fail to explain why DeLaughter wasn't worthy of a segment just a couple days shy of his band's 1st appearance in 18 years. If the local papers thought it was worth their time, then why not THL?

Anonymous said...

I must admit I continue to be shocked that folks cannot figure out the Campound location the last few years. The station continues to be sponsored by the City of Grand Prairie, they announce it at every big station event. Loyd Lodge is owned by the city of Grand Prairie and they have offered up its use for the Campound ever since it opened! The pics that come out of the Campound are the same every year--broadcast table in the corner by the 2 wooded windows; big stone firepit with everyone sitting in rockers around it, etc! The most shocking thing to me is that half the area's P1's are not sitting out there with them when they arrive every year.

Anonymous said...

I didn't say they weren't. Again, they're a regional phenomenon whose greatest impact was felt in a mostly 50 mile radius. You'd have to understand the nature of local music writers to understand why the reunion would get so much play. There's not enough time in the day for me to explain that one.

James said...

I took this original comment:
"I'm sorry but the reunion of some mildly successful band from the 90s doesn't interest me in the least."

to mean that the reunion concert wasn't worth mentioning, or devoting a segment to. I still think that comment appears to say that.

For the record, I am very familiar with the local music critics from the Tripping Daisy era. You don't have to explain anything. Most local critics didn't like them. DMN's Michael Corcoran did, but Gilbert Garcia, who was the Observer's main voice at the time, hated them, and Robert Wilonsky was very dismissive of them, as well. Q102 did, in fact, choose to find a local band to play, and listened to Bill, and felt that Blown Away was worthy of air time, despite the band's preference to push Lost and Found, My Umbrella, and On the Ground.
I liked them quite a bit back then, though I felt each CD was a little worse than the one before. But I'm certainly glad I went last Saturday, and certainly glad Tim came on to talk to THL a couple days before.

Anonymous said...

In a world of perpetual HL and Corby bashing let me take a moment to say I think Corby and Danny did a fantastic tribute to the GREAT Chris Cornell. I know many on this board will meh Cornell or the subject matter and yearn for the good ole days when all content was just absolutely brilliant but I think the tribute was excellent. It also brought to light that Mike's Dark Period is more than just a little bit they frequently reference. The fact that Mike, a musician of all things hadn't heard 90 percent of the mega hits Corby played.

He really was in a cellar as Danny said.

Anonymous said...

Hey James, you got me (152 and 1155 anon) confused with 554. I didn't write "I'm sorry....doesn't interest me in the least." BTW, Wilonsky was absolutely not dismissive of them. In fact, while Big Bob likes to portray himself as a Deep Ellum guy back in the day, he was attending the early TD shows on Dyer St. (now SMU Blvd) and at frat house shows. No man, he championed them. Garcia did not, true enough. But what I'm talking about has nothing to do with who dug them them and who didn't. So there ya go.

Anonymous said...

Just to add on....TD was first an SMU band, then they started getting Clearview and Trees gigs. They then gained a larger and larger local following. That wasn't uncommon back then. Jack O Pierce is another good example of a band that went that route. Now JoP, that band Bob did openly express dislike for. Same with The Rev Horton Heat. The Rev fought back, though. Telling him to the effect, "hey dude, I know the scene, you're a recent "convert" to it. So don't write that crap how you've been around and seen such and such shows. That's a load of bulsh." The two eventually made peace. Anyway.

Gopher said...

All the concert goers left us with a gift for today and Monday. Danny with Bob and Dan and Donnie with Mike on the Hardline.
This should be interesting.

nonononever said...

I've called out THL before, but I agree with anon 6:32. I thought Corby and Danny did a great job with the segments on Chris Cornell. The only minor thing I disagree with was when Corby said that the Temple of the Dog song, Hunger Strike, was what broke open Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. PJ started to hit with Ten and then MTV started playing Hunger Strike after that. I know there's some articles out there about this that may confirm that.

Anonymous said...

Both SG and PJ werebp established bands prior to TotD. SG already had a major label release under their belt. I wish Corby wouldn't speak, on anything.

Boo! said...

Agreed, the Chris Cornell tribute was great by Corby and Danny.

As an early 30s fella who caught Chris Cornell's second wind with Audioslave it was good to hear what Death Metal Danny thought of Soundgarden. As a major Cornell fan, this one is a doozy.

Anonymous said...

How nice it is to hear Mike actually talk. Actually bring up points, expound upon them, and then react to his partner's points. All done without being dogpiled upon the first time he says anything that isn't perfectly articulated. This is how THL used to be in the halcyon days. Note to Cat: Get Corbles his own show and give Mike an actual cohost. This is the kind of radio I can listen to everyday, and not punch out as soon as WTDS ends. Like it was in the old days.

The Plainsman said...

I understand the family is disputing the "suicide" verdict on Chris Cornell. Don't have any idea, of course, but man -- you go back and listen to "Superunknown" and the thing is shot through with depression/suicide imagery.

Wikipedia: "Lyrically, the album is quite dark and mysterious, as much of it is often interpreted to be dealing with issues such as substance abuse, suicide, and depression, with running themes of revenge, annihilation, seclusion, fear, loss, death, and discovery. Cornell was inspired by the writings of Sylvia Plath at the time." Plath, of course, a suicide poet.

The Plainsman said...

Of interest to Cornell/Soundgarden/Audioslave fans:

slinky said...

My god....get Danny on BaD! Loved it! Also, being a snake free day, I stayed around for a lot of THL. Loved Mike and Donny together. Got one question tho; I had to leave right as Mike teased with "There's something I've been wanting to talk to Donny about. It's about basketball, but has nothing to do with players or coaches."...was the subject Lavar Ball?

Boogers McSnootley said...

Give Corbles his own show? Are you serious? The only way I see some PD being crazy enough to give Corby his own show, would be if it was some late, late nite circle jerk time slot. Kind of like the Rant minus the talent!

Anonymous said...

Dear Boogers,

2014 called. It wants it's "Mc" fun times nickname back.

The Plainsman said...

Hey, I liked 2014!

Anonymous said...

Is everyone ready for Hangout talk! Actually only Corby will beat everyone down during the week, but the weekend shows will give you your fix.

Anonymous said...

Couple observations from the last several days...

1. Loved hearing the Orphanage reunion Saturday. Danny and Dave are great together. Just doesn't seem like to me that Machine and Monty have that kind of natural chemistry.

2. Ty and Eli filling in for Cirque was great too. I love me some Cirque, so maybe the Catman can find Country Force a permanent slot Sunday after Shake or weeknights from 7-9 and then run the Top Ten from 9-11. Good to see Ty getting a chance to do something other than Diamond Talk.

3. Doocy grows on me every time I hear him on. He's a funny guy. Enjoyed him sitting in with Sean Sunday morning.

4. The Musers visit with Bush 43 this morning was GREAT. One of the best interviews I've ever heard them do. Bush seems like a great man who has really taken to retirement. Good to see him enjoying himself.

James said...

I particularly agree with you on point 4. President Bush's segment was greatness.

Man, in a few weeks, we've seem the Little One have David Hasselhof, then Don Henley, and now George W Bush. That's a pretty strong lineup of guests.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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The Plainsman said...

I turn my back for a couple of hours . . . .

Come on.

darkiguana said...

Someone getting political?

East Texas P1 said...

May 22, late afternoon, a dark day for the Tongans.

Who is planning to go to Doggr this Thursday at Oak Highlands Brewery?

Anonymous said...

I am pretty much on the opposite end of the political spectrum as G.W. Bush, but I'll be damned if he isn't one of the most genuine, sweetest human beings. His sympathy for others and overall interest in the person in front of him, regardless of political leaning, is 100% evident in every interview I've heard. My oh my, how different times are now (repubs and dems both).

Rhinosaur said...

I interviewed G.W. a couple of times before he announced his presidency (still governor). He was a great, funny guy...but then it came time to talk politics. He would recite clearly pre-rehearsed pablum devoid of any personality...kinda like all politicians do. I wish he could have been more "himself" as president, and I think while nobody would have seen him as perfect, they could see him as more of a likable human.