Sunday, August 6, 2017

(1) Welcome back, Monte, and (2) PROGRAM NOTE: Sunday AM Country Force

Wish I'd known Justin Montemayor was going to be returning to Monte + The Machine yesterday morning, I'd have tried to catch more of the show.  I thought he sounded real good -- a little rough, a little tired, but pretty darned good little broadcast, what I heard.

Machine seemed happy to have him back as well.  His account of he and David Mino visiting Justin in the hospital where he had his leg tucked back under him -- giving the appearance that he might have been relieved of that limb as well -- was pretty amusing.

So was their talk about the Golden Chick empire being built on the music of Ronnie James Dio.  You had to be there.

I didn't hear the first of the show so if he delivered his package of his account of his hospitalization, I'd appreciate it if one of you would fill us in.

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A long, long time since Country Force with Ty Walker and Eli Jordan got a slot.  Good to hear those boys this morning.

Grocery-cart talk very welcome.

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Liking some of these new Ticker guys.  Caleb seems like a zero-BS guy.


Anonymous said...

More Myrna Loy pics, yo. CF was great. I wish Cat would give them a regular slot. Any respite from TSJ is welcome. I'm also interested in hearing about Monty's tale.

Anonymous said...

One possible answer to the question of why they sent the Hardline to Canton. Corby got to go to a golf tournament in Akron. Get ready for golf segments.

As to the matter of Fake Spaulding vs Fake Marinelli, give me Fake Spaulding.

East Texas P1 said...

Re Canton - Mike and Corby were relating how they met up with Rich Dalrymple before the trip and told him they would see him up there. "Fix this S..." Rich was incredulous and asked how. M & C said the Hall of Fame was paying their way. Rich argued (?) but let them know this has never happened before. The HOF has NEVER paid for a local broadcaster to attend the ceremonies.

A few conspiracy theories

1. The Hardline is being truthful and the HOF paid because THL is a kick-ass show. Forgetting for a minute that of all the shows on 96.7 / 1310 they are the lowest-rated.

2. The station paid for it and the announcement vis-a-vis HOF is propaganda.

3. Jerry Jones told the HOF to do it. (HOF may have asked "What can we do for you?)

4. Jerry Jones actually paid for it but told THL to keep it on the down-low


The Plainsman said...

Changing subjects: A few days ago, Gordon reported in MITN that Jim Marrs had died.

Jim Marrs wrote "Crossfire," one of the main sources for Oliver Stone's "JFK," and a major Kennedy conspiracy work. He was also a big UFO/Illuminati/Alex Jones-y conspiracy guy on many fronts, and rather prominently so. I believe he taught at UTD for awhile. He was born in Fort Worth and lived hereabouts, in Wise County at the time of his death.

So he was kind of a major dude, if not one belonging in the front ranks of contemporary historians. (I'm with Gordon on the subject of LHO, but I've read probably a dozen conspiracy books, including "Crossfire." Nope.)

But I can't find a single reference to his passing in the Dallas Morning News. The Star-Telegram had an obit, but I can't find anything on the Dallas Paper of Record.

On the other hand, I find the website difficult to use and useless to search.

Anyone know if Big Bob's paper carried anything about Marrs's passing?

The Plainsman said...

Clarification: Marrs did not teach at UTD, he taught at UT-Arlington. According to his website, he taught a course on the Kennedy assassination there for thirty years, 1976-2007.

He worked at the Star-Telegram for awhile, but hard to believe the News would snub him for that reason. The Houston Chronicle carried his obit as well.

Anonymous said...

I avoid DMN because of paywall.

Jim Marrs taught his Kennedy assassination course at UT Arlington.

Anonymous said...

I paid for full access to the DMN site. Congested, difficult to navigate, ad\pop up laden, a useless search engine, and mostly fluff and I'll thought out op ed pieces disguised as news stories.

If memory serves, Big Bob oversees the online edition. If so, he's turned it into The Dallas Observer, which is not a good thing. Just awful.

The Plainsman said...

I really like Robert Wilonsky on The Ticket and other places I've heard him and his written work.

But the website is a mess, difficult to find what one is looking for, too spread-out on its home page (lots of scrolling required through the gigantic, irregularly-placed lead stories), klugey to navigate, and, as 246 confirms, a poor search function (either that, or there's nothing to find, haven't decided which).

Too bad. Dallas is, like, a big city and all.

slinky said...

I stopped down on THL today for the first time in months. I kind of wanted to hear their take on the Jerry party weekend. Well, I happened on a Corby windbag segment....or should I say "wind-brag". I had forgot what a good ol-fashioned "Corby-Barry Switzer is my big buddy" humble brag beat-down was like. Man, that guy droned on almost as long as Jerry's speech. I guess that's the last time I'll check in on THL, I guess, until Jerry gets inducted into another NFL HOF.

Anonymous said...

Confidential letter to slinky:
We all know you don't like Corby. Perhaps the issue is that you don't feel heard, so you continue to repeat yourself. Let me assure you: we hear that you don't like Corby.
It's annoying to you to hear yet another Corby story that ends with kick-assery. But imagine how annoying it is to all of us to hear yet another slinky story that ends with "I can't stand Corby." Read this script before, thanks.
Love to hear your views on the ticket. Appreciate and support your right to not like Corby. But let's try some fresh takes, shall we?
I'll hang up and listen.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

@12:01 Hi Danny.

James said...

Put me in the minority who didn't mind Corby and Mike's story about the Jerry party. They said at the beginning of their 3-segment account that they knew they didn't belong there. For Mike to say that, him being a hall-of-famer himself, says something. Once they established that they ha no business being at the party, they proceeded to tell stories of some funny interactions they had, and those stories were worth telling. I heard nothing in Corby's tone which sounded like boasting.

Anonymous said...

The worst day of the year segment is quintessential Junior Miller greatness!! The craziest/funniest peron at the Ticket.

Rhinosaur said...

Not sure Wilonsky has any control over how the website is structured, but is in charge of content. Not sure...just guessing. Web admin/design and content are two different animals most places.

Anonymous said...

The content is horrid. He turned it into The Observer.

The Plainsman said...

1233: Thanks for that link to the Marrs obituary at

Interesting that it appeared late yesterday, six days after Marrs died.

Obits editor must be a Confessor.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Wilonsky still has the so-called web editor gig that he had when he moved over from the Observer. I think he's more of a contributor now, but I could be wrong.

I'm a fan of Big Bob, as well as Illegal Receiver Downfield. But the DMN website is a loser. LOSER!

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, Plainsman.

Smuwilld said...

I distinctly recall months ago, someone discussing with Corby about a travel package to the hall of fame induction. I think Corby flat out said they would pay for THL to go there.

Anonymous said...

@12:01 Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes.

Loved the hardlines hall of fame recaps. Stories and tid bits like those are what makes the show great. They knew it was a big deal and treated it as such. And the friendliness of coach Switzer and the boys has been nothing but a positive over the shows tenure.

debased said...

I found it pretty telling yesterday that Corby teased & led entertainment news with something like "a huge Hollywood divorce" or "Hollywood's favorite couple getting a divorce", yet he could not think of 1 thing that Anna Faris has been in.

Anonymous said...

@2:21 Hi Mike.

slinky said...

@ anon 12:01am....I do understand and trust me, I try! Sometimes Corby can ruffle the feathers so badly, you just need an outlet. This may be off topic, but I would LOVE to see some of the "better" JV" dudes get a shot. I so wish they would move BaD to drive [even tho they would go kicking and screaming], groom some JV team for 12-3, and then groom another JV team from 7-10. I'm sorry, but it's time for THL to pack it in.