Monday, August 23, 2010

As Long as We Have to Have Fight Night . . .

.  .  .  I have a few suggestions.  Yes, it's true I don't like Fight Night, but I had these gags kicking around, so thought I'd dig them out of the scrap heap. 

     --   Dr. William Boothe v. Dr. Gary Tylock

     --   The CEO of D and M Leasing v. the CEO of AutoFlex Leasing

     --   The battle of the Smiths -- Barb v. Alexis

     --   George DeJohn v. the KFC Double-Down Sammich

     --   Fake Jerry v. Real Jerry


P1 Steven said...

The problem I have with the Fight night is the actual commentary. too many people yelling & screaming. It might be funny to hear "There is blood everywhere" or "There is AIDS everywhere", but it wheres me down to hear it for EVERY fight. My favorite bit was the basketball game. Maybe next time the guys can play a local Juco. Obviously, they will lose, but the innuendos* (i hope that is right) wont be so uncomfortable to hear.

The Plainsman said...

Agree completely, P1 Steven. Fight Night is not a lot of fun for the listener. I almost made the same point you made in your comment, but it was sort of off-point to my general point that the whole enterprise seems pretty risky to me.

All we hear is the overwroght reaction of the guys who are watching the fight as fans would watch it, not as a commentator would watch it. They ought to just have Norm and maybe one other person (Junior or Gordon would be myu choice) for color, and that's it.