Saturday, August 28, 2010

Confessor Nation: I Respectfully Request That You Tune in to "The Orphanage" on The Ticket, 10 AM to Noon, Saturdays

I know I don't have an Oprah-like influence on your life, but I do recommend that you tune in to the Danny Balis/Dave Lane Saturday morning show.   All orphans deserve our support -- well, they're not really orphans, they were just given up for adoption and have since tracked down their very-much-living mothers -- and lately the boys have taken to discussing the lack of promotional support for their showgram and their correspondingly dismal ratings.

So I thought I'd chip in for The Orphanage.  Thanks to P1 Steven, I've had a couple of spikes in readership here (he linked to Part 1 of my massive BaD Radio Trilogy from a couple of weeks back durng the live online chat with Dan McDowell a couple of days ago -- I'm sure Dan appreciated the broader dissemination of Your Plainsman's uncertainty over Dan's broadcast value).  So as long as I have a few more of you clicking over, I thought I'd exercise my vast invluence to engage in some special pleading for one of this site's favorites.

Yes, the show is suffused with a certain degree of cynicism and ├╝bercoolness as would any showgram anchored by Danny.  But it's a lot of fun, very smart, and when they do talk sports, it's about as astute as what you hear on The Hardline and most of The Musers (except when Craig is delivering himself of one of his close readings of the record, which is just about the smartest sports talk I've ever heard).  Also some of the best listener calls you will hear on The Ticket.

So give it a spin:

WHAT:  The Orphanage
WHERE:  1310 AM or 104.1 FM, and I guess some HD channel I don't remember
WHEN:   Saturdays, 10 AM to Noon
WHAT ELSE:   Become a fan on their Facebook page
ANYTHING ELSE:  Become a fan of Dave's new Facebook page (OldWaver) and check out his music blog (



P1 Steven said...

This is my favorite show on the ticket. I catch all or most of it every week. I think Danny is one of the brightest/estute* sport minds on The Ticket. He is a very good observer, and you know when he watched a game. The show is funny and has its own bits. For example the long running obsession of the poem "Footbrints". On a segment of the show they read the poem while Danny played an upright base. The callers are funny as well.

Anonymous said...

This is also my favorite Ticket show, aside from the Hardline (and I probably wouldn't like The Hardline if it weren't for Balis' presence.)

That said, it's on too early. I almost always miss it because I'm almost always sleeping in on Saturday morning. Let's face it - The Orphanage's demographic probably sleeps in on Saturdays, too. And I believe this is why their ratings suck.

They need to move it to the noon slot on Saturdays. I mean, who gives a #@$^ about the crap show that comes on after it. (The Replacements? The Losers? I can't even recall the name right now. Wait - The Scrubs!)

P1 Doug said...

Yes!! Orphanage is greatness, maybe the only listenable show on Saturday outside of Sports-Sat. Tee Box is okay if you are way into golf, but MacLaren and Newberry are amazingly bad. Maybe the worst show in the history of 1310. God I miss me some Rant.

The Plainsman said...

That appears to make it unanimous.

If I had one suggestion for the showgram, it would be to spend less time on how unpopular they are with management and with the population of Saturday AM radio listeners. They've only got two hours.

By the way -- why not expand the show to three or four hours? I have some thoughts on The Scrubs I'll post at an appropriate time, apropos of P1 Doug's comment. I applaud The Ticket's efforts to provide more Ticket-generated content on weekends, and it would be a simple matter to expand The Orphanage and move The Scrubs to mid-afternoon Saturdays.

P1 Doug said...

Why move the Scrubs back later into the slot of ticket sports saturday? That show has been around for a good number of years now and serves a good purpose when rolling around on the weekend. I'd rather get the score to a college football game or a Ranger game, instead of listen to those two spares.