Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I’m Not Sure I Want an Answer to This Question

What does “Bloody pants means I love you” mean?
It’s the tag line to the ad for the Stars-sponsored blood drive and an appearance by BaD Radio to promote it.
First of all, am I hearing it correctly?  (I’ve only heard it in my car at low volume, so it is not beyond imagining that I’ve got it wrong.)
I thought it must be a pop culture reference I was missing, a movie line or something, but nothing comes up via Google.  Then I thought maybe it was a Ticket inside thing with which I was unfamiliar, but I haven’t seen or heard any other reference to the phrase.
I am hopeful that someone can convince me that this is a whole lot less vulgar than it sounds, and that it bears some reasonable relationship to convincing people to engage in the altruistic act of giving blood.
Otherwise, it’s close to a recent low for The Ticket.   I hope I’m wrong and that someone will take me severely to task for misinterpreting this.  I hate to write negative things about The Little One, I really do.  So Confessors, have at me.


Anonymous said...

I think it goes back to The Rant days.

The Plainsman said...

That's encouraging.

cancer monkey said...

I'm pretty sure it's "bloody pants says I love you" and I'm pretty sure it's an old Gordo thing. I guhgree it's disturbing.

The Plainsman said...

Which reminds me: The Hardline had an interesting discussion yesterday about "resetting" in connection with Mike's "What's On Mike's Mind" report about an inside joke he used in his Twitter transmission that many of his P1 Twit correspondents didn't "get."

He seemed surprised.

A recent commenter mentioned that part of the fun of The Ticket is listening long enough to figure out inside jokes for yourself. Agreed. However, some are so obscure, and so infrequently invoked, that a reset now and then would be welcome.

If this is from The Rant, then it's old. As popular as The Ticket has been for as long as it has been, it has squillions of new listeners as its popularity continues to explode. I guess I really don't want them explaining inside gags all the time, but some of these archaeological artifacts are just puzzling.

The Plainsman said...

C-Monk -- I think you're right about "says" rather than "means." Thanks for the correction.

So it's about as distasteful as I had imagined.

No blood for these guys.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch it yesterday when Rhyner, congratulating TCU fans, ather quietly said "except for one"? Obviously referring to Greggo. It was one of those "whoa" moments.

Scott said...

It is definitely a Gordo thing. I have never heard it from anyone else. I was thinking it was from The Rant or from one of his Halloween bits. Either way, since it is a Gordo thing, I am pretty sure you can take it at its worst and most shocking meaning, since the goal of Gordo is shock and uncomfortable humor.

However, there is also the Junior quote about blood and Corby's old Lance Nix song ending in, "is that blood?"

Just gotta take it for what it is.

Plainsman, I too was listening to What's on Mike's Mind. Oddly, even having been a P1 for 10 years, I was unaware of he thing he was referring to.

Anon, I did hear that yesterday. And, Gordo just took a couple shots at Greggo... It just tells me that no matter what anyone thinks, it must have been bad behind the scenes. I do think it has gotten more interesting since Greggo has been on The Fan, maybe it was out of sight, out of mind. Since he is in sight again, the gloves come off.

Overall, I am thrilled with Gordo doing it. My favorite character is fake Greggo... The Star Wars parody from years ago still makes me cry I laugh so hard...

ap said...

There is also a related drop from a female caller where she ends her call by saying "I love your blood-pants Gordo, buhbye!"

Not sure I was around when that actually occurred live, though.

Anonymous said...

Plainsman, I supported you on toning down the obsessive women's genitalia "jokes," but this is a big nothing-burger. I wonder if you're just too sensitive for The Ticket. I hear there's a "Ticket-Lite" now on the FM dial! Perhaps you will find that more to your liking.

Speaking of Ticket Lite...

(Wow! What a segue!)

Greggo is in direct competition with The Ticket now, and using as much of his old schtick as possible. Even worse, his current employer has clearly decided their best course of action is to copy The Ticket as closely as possible; even going so far as to hire away as many of their people as possible.

The copying started when Williams came aboard. And for that, he is now fair game. I'm pretty sure that's how the Ticket hosts see it. They pretty much left him alone, but now, he's after them. Why shouldn't they fight back? Especially after all the crap they had to put up with him.

-Anonymous B

Scott said...

Anon B, don't get me wrong, I am ALL about them pulling out the big guns. I think they are absolutely right to do it.

And, I do think it might yield more fake Greggo from Gordon.

Douglas Sutherland said...

Anon B, I agree that The Fan is copying Ticket stuff very frequently now, but this is nothing new. When The Fan first started, they rolled out with Ticket drifters Ben and Skin, Pete Stein, Kevin Scott, and I believe others that I can't think of off the top of my head.

And Plainsman, I think the recent Ticket low was the promo talking about the Skins game referencing small pox, reservations, I think the Trial of Tears, etc. Even I was taken aback by that. If I wore a monocle, it would've fallen out. I was glad BaD called attention to how shocking it was and how at first Conrad refused to read it.

cancer monkey said...

That reminds me: I need to go buy a monocle so I can drop it from my face when I'm surprised and/or shocked.

T4 In Rockwall said...

To Anonymous:

I didn't catch the comment made my Rhyner, but I caught the reaction by Greggo over on the Fan. Man, he was pissed and mentioned if he ever wrote a book, the things that he would reveal that Rhyner has in his closet. Sounds like there's a nice healthy on-air argument going on now. It'd be nice to at least see Rhyner respond to that last claim, but he really has nothing to gain if Greggo wants to air dirty laundry. Serves him right though because they've being doing that to Greggo for the last year and a half, or however long they've had the rights to talk about "he that must not be mentioned).

This would make a good future topic or comment section on it's own if it goes anywhere.

And BTW, not to bag on Rhyner too much, but that bit, "Rhyner's dead" is extremely old and I'm so tired of hearing it. It's like the old fart wants to bring attention to himself.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like we know who got T4 in the divorce...

Anonymous said...


If you can get a hold of that audio (Greggo calling out Rhyner), please post it/a link. I'm sure many of us Confessors would be interested in hearing it.

T4 In Rockwall said...

Sorry, I was in the car and don't know how to get audio for those kinds of things anyway.

Anonymous said...

The Hardline is addressing Joel Jinesta's death.

The Plainsman said...

Anon B, we must respectfully agree to disagree on whether I'm overly sensitive.

Perhaps we've been talking around what "bloody pants" is suggested to mean, in context. If it means something other than menstrual or post-virginal effluvia, please advise.

If not, then the burden is on bloody-pants supporters to justify it as an acceptable image in an station-sponsored ad that probably runs a dozen times a day over a two-week period -- no pun intended.

Having said that, I say: More Anonymous B!

Anonymous said...

Started on the rant, migrated to his halloween card 'bit'. He (GK) might not have used it this year, but it was a running gag for a couple of years.

And this overanalyzation (is it a menstratution reference?) cracks me up. Catman, the OD and Cactus (the promo writing crew) are probably sitting back rubbing their hands together and laughing their aces off.

Y'all are discussing a promo- their job has been done. Successfully.

The Plainsman said...

I freely accept charges of "oversensitivity" on the subject of Ticket vulgarity. I don't agree with them, but hey -- big tent. Anon, I don't detect any disagreement with what the reference actually means.

But I will say this: The Ticket doesn't increase its audience by one additional listener with references like this and some of the others I've mentioned in recent posts.

But it does lose listeners. I know some who have tuned out, permanently, for this reason.

And the promo -- which is for a blood drive, for Chrissakes -- is not successful in my immediate vicinity. I wouldn't go near the damned thing. (Neither would I call for a boycott. Please donate if you're so inclined.)

Switching topics slightly -- I have a very vague recollection, subject to utter and complete refutation, that the announcer prior to Conrad quit because he refused to read some of the raunchier copy. Anybody remember?

Anonymous said...

I agree this is over-analyzation. But hey, I certainly haven't minded. To get really analytical and baseless here; I really don't think the "bloody pants" comment is a menstruation joke. Maybe I would be turned off if I thought it was.

As I've alluded to before, I'm a writer of sorts. I can only speak for myself, but in that capacity, I like to employ phrases that have some kind of "hook." Sometimes they mean something, and I ascribe that meaning post-facto. Sometimes they mean nothing, but you keep them anyway, because you believe it just has some kind of pull. Basically, you're looking for something that grabs the listener and piques their interest.

I think that's what Gordon does a lot of. He's just got a big word stew in his head and he pulls stuff out kinda at random*. He likes to take a phrase and swap words that have similar, but not entirely identical meanings - but have hugely different connotations. I'm strug-ga-ling to think of an example**, but I know he uses the word "human" in this way a lot.

Anyway, that's why I don't think "bloody pants" is offensive. I think it's just a random phrase (I'm assuming Gordo's) that sounded weird and was extracted from the mind of a Ticket nutjob and thrust into the Aether of Radio and eventually our branspaces.

-Anonymous B

*Yes, a lot of the bits in Gordon's brain stew refer to female anatomy. I think that's because they are words that 1) have some kind of intrinsic shock value (and that's his job, like it or not), and 2) he's kind of a horn-dog.

**Got one: VSBB. Duh.

Irving Cares said...

Irving Cares says I love you.

Michael said...

It is indeed a Rant bit...Click here: http://www.theunticket.com/audio-files/rant-audio/ and scroll to #55 (Wedding Talk)...Rick got the ball rolling with it around the 4:00 mark, and of course Gordo takes it to the next level. But listen to the whole thing if you can fight through blood talk. :)

Anonymous said...

This is pure and simple grade a, unadulterated BULLSH:
"But I will say this: The Ticket doesn't increase its audience by one additional listener with references like this and some of the others I've mentioned in recent posts."

You don't have any idea whether or not the station is gaining or losing listeners. None of us do, and even Arbitron has enough statistical wiggle room that no one can accurately say whether promos like that are gaining or losing the station listeners.

Or to put it another way, for every person who says 'I'm tuning it out because of filth like that' there could very well be a listener (or listeners) that says 'hey that makes me giggle, I'll keep my dial here and see if they make me laugh again".

Quit projecting what you think as if it was actual fact.

And yeah Plainsmen, the old voice guy, Doc Morgan, got dropped because he wouldn't play along with Ticket schtick. And in the last 5 years ratings have gone up and the Ticket has had some of it's best revenue years ever. To quote another ticket promo 'Coincidence? We think not"

The Plainsman said...

Ah, the always temperate Anonymous. In the words of Ed Norton: "Sheesh, what a grouch."

Look, I'm not talking about guy/sex/human effluvia talk in general -- I'm talking about the absolute worst of it, both here and in my previous post on this topic.

People who like naughty guy radio are already by the channel. I'm one of them. I'm sure you're right that creeping naughtiness has driven some increase in listeners.

And whaddya mean: "Stop projecting what you think as if it was actual fact." Do you think a single sentient reader believes that I have an atomic radiometric space modulator that can see into the mind of every listener? Would you enjoy this site more if I began every sentence with "I think . . . "?

Well, just pretend.

And in any event -- it's my fracking site and I'll fracking project anything I fracking well please.

Having said that, Grumpy Anonymous -- I do appreciate your very extensive inside knowledge of The Ticket and hope you will continue to favor us with pertinent poop (!!) relating to the topic at hand.

(Grumpy Anonymous's post reminds me -- Given the vast popularity of The Ticket, and our growing Confessor Nation, I'm surprised we haven't seen more sites like this popping up competing for the Confessor dollar, perhaps one that appeals to different (e.g., Grumpy Anonymous) sensibilities. Does grubesismyleader count? Both my brain and available time are too tiny to figure out how to get around in that site, but maybe that's where the more dyspeptic listeners hang out. I dunno.)

T4 In Rockwall said...

If you want to talk Ticket without getting jumped on, you come to My Ticket Confession. If you want to comment on other topics, and also a tiny portion of Ticket related topics, go to grubesismyleader. But know that you take the chance of never being taken seriously and mocked to no avail.

I rarely go there anymore, unless I want to talk Survivor. If it's Ticket related, I know where I need to be!

The Plainsman said...

Thanks, T4. We try to run a respectable joint here.

Yeah, I had a hard time figuring out grubesismyleader for actual Ticket-licious commentary, although it certainly seems very popular.

I'm just hoping my imagination doesn't fail me and I run out of stuff. With a growing group of knowledgeable commenters, however, I'm optimistic that I can keep this up for awhile. The increased visibility of The Fan, I think, will stir the pot some.

Thanks again, and Thank You for Shopping at My Ticket Confession

cancer monkey said...

Is there any chance of including a forum along with your blog? The blog format is good for you getting out your HSOs, but it makes it harder to keep good single-topic discussions going once the next post is up.

The Plainsman said...

Cancer Monkey: You're right. I'm aware that putting up a new post sometimes squelches promising comment threads from earlier posts.

Coupla things:

(1) I don't think Google's Blogger ("blogspot") supports that function.

(2) Because I'm (we're) cultivating a fairly civilized tone here, I want to keep a fairly close eye on the content. So far, so good. Unforch, I would not have the time to monitor forums. It's my understanding that those kinds of things can be set up on grubesismyleader.com, and there may be other sites.

(3) I have absolutely no problem with off-topic comment threads going on as long as anyone wants to post.

(4) I tend to return to common themes, since I only comment extensively on the two drive shows, with a sprinkling of other attractions from time to time. If a particular topic hasn't been exhausted, just wait a little while and it'll pop up again.

I do appreciate the suggestion and if I could find a way to make a living at being The Plainsman, I'd probably take it.

Christy said...

I sure hope people are still paying attention to this post's comments thread (the e-mail follow-up function is very useful in that regard) because I'm listening to the Rant audio, and I still don't get it. It's as if Corby quoted a movie line or was referencing something the way he built up to the delivery. "Let's just issue the line and get it out of the way."

But I'm glad this was brought up and cleared up because I was thinking it was a crack at rape. Man, listening to The Ticket has really warped my sensibilities.