Friday, January 21, 2011

Someone Needs to Tell Me What to Think

I was in my jalopy early today so I heard the beginning of Why Today.   I forget how Greggo came up -- it wasn't by name, maybe Grubes played a Greggo drop, maybe there was a casual mention of the competition, and Mike took a direct shot,  saying something very close to:  "I already checked it out and he wasn't loaded, so there's no reason to listen." 

I chuckled.

But I wondered whether it is prudent for That Certain Hardline to take these shots.  (Confessors have reported others, some veiled, some direct.)   When I heard Mike's jab, my first reaction was to switch over and listen.  (With that particular jab, he implied that sometimes Greggo is loaded during the RaGE, which also would tend to make one curious to listen.)

I don't mind the sniping from a Hardline-content point of view.   My only question is -- is it good for the Hardline?  Doesn't it tend to elevate RaGE by acknowledging it as something worth sniping at?  Doesn't it make the back-and-forth  a kind of game that would tend to lead to curiosity about what RaGE is slinging?

I really don't know.  I think there may be some danger in treating RaGE as something that The Hardline is even noticing.  Anyone have any thoughts?

(PS:  My RaGE listening is rare and usually brief.  Depending on what one thinks about the cause of Hammer's endless laryngitis -- I guess I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt on that one, although Ticket guys clearly do not, nor did Jagger -- I've never heard him incoherent or obviously affected by anything.  Anyone out there heard anything during the RaGE showgram suggesting drug/alcohol/nacho abuse affecting Greg's broadcasting these days?  Personally, I have not, but if any of you heard anything peculiar (I mean other than Greg's inherently peculiar ideas) issuing forth from Hammer, please let us hear from you.  Come to think of it, there was the unexplained disappearance in the middle of Cowboys post-game show, but this was during the claimed laryngitis battle.)


Anonymous said...

I like the fact that Mike takes his shots. It's what the Hardline does; it's what they've always done. The early years were rife with shots (and most were direct hits) against their competition. They were ballsy. They still are. After all, Mike - and now Corby and Danny - are the Hardline. They don't f around. If they ignored RaGE's existence, ignored RaGE's pot shots and digs (mostly from Greggo), they would be inconsistent and soft. However, the motto is: Stay HARD, brother! And so they do.

The Plainsman said...

By Jove, Anonymous! I think you've already convinced me of the correct position to take.

But I still want to see lots more comments.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind the level it's at right now. But if it ever escalated to more of a constant thing, then I'd tune out. For the same reason I don't watch Jerry Springer.

Anonymous said...

I was going to type everything first Anonymous said.

Well done, Sir!

-Anon B

Douglas Sutherland said...

I agree with anon for the most part, but they do seem to do it more and more, so I'm wondering just like Plainsman if there is more to it. That said, all of Mike's haymakers are "oh, snap!" moments.

On a slightly related note, I took a venture across the Metroplex today so I listened to The Fan a bit more today, and I heard a couple promos.

(paraphrasing but I think most of the wording is right)

1: "We have 100,000 watts but not nearly enough listeners. Tell your friends we don't suck nearly as much as we used to."

2: "Remember Greggo? The guy who was on The Hardline but then started doing all that stuff and lost his job (cut to Greggo soundbite sarcastically saying "Oh yeah, it was all my fault.")?... Tell your friends Greggo's back, and he's on The Fan. Part of our goal to suck less."

Like a mix between Ticket style self-deprecation, Ticket runoff, and desperation. Kinda weird.

Anonymous said...

Plainsman and Anon B,

I only said what any P1 knows to be the truth.

We know our boys falter from time to time, but we also know that at the end of the day... both the Hardline and us P1s have each others' collective back.

It's what makes the Ticket like no other.

Scott said...

I think Mike's shots are fine. I do like the fact that they speak their mind on something. Their sports analysis has faltered, with the exception of Danny who has picked it up a bit.... Oddly...

I think Mike, and the other guys for that matter, harbor a lot of hurt feelings and frustration over all that happened. And, like most of us, they probably don't deal with their issues in the most efficient ways. SO, they do what they are good at. And, that is what we want.

Although I have admitted many times, my favorite fake character is Gordo doing a range of Greggo bits.... I can deal with him on the Fan. In fact, I hope they can do better than ESPN. That push and "threat" has made The Hardline better recently, and may be something good long term.

Jonaessa said...

I compare Mike's jabs at Greggo to the bitterness one feels after a bad breakup. Actually, more like the fifth or sixth breakup. While funny and understandable at first, the more he comments about it, the pettier he seems. It would be great if Mike didn't mention Greg at all. First, it would show that he is taking the high road and being the bigger guy. Second, he would really be sticking it to Greg. After decades together as friends and then co-workers, Mike doesn't say one thing about him? Almost like he doesn't (or didn't) even exist? Ouch. Talk about moving on.

I know taking shots at everyone else is what the Hardline is all about (for the most part), but when that's the only thing they're doing these days, I think they are going to lose some listeners that way. The Hardline was the first program I invested in after being turned on to the Ticket. The chemistry between Mike, Greg, and Corby was phenomenal. Once Greg left, there was still such a great dynamic with Danny in the mix. I spent many a drive home laughing hysterically in my car while the guy in the next lane looked on in bewilderment. Lately, though, the bits are few and far between and they're just not that funny. Or edgy. Or abrasive. I'm hoping that picks up soon because my XM subscription just expired and there ain't much else on the radio.