Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy 17th Birthday to the Little One and the Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven, present at the creation, being:

Mike "The Founder" Rhyner
Craig "Junior" Miller
George "For Some Reason, Called 'the Commander'" Dunham
Gordon "Gordon" Keith
Mike "Fernando" Fernandez
Steve "Cactus" Pryor


Rick "The Immortal" Arnett

Thanks for everything, gents.


James said...

Who is Cactus Pryor?

Anonymous said...

Long time (like last 15 years) production director. The guy responsible for all the commercials.

Anonymous said...

I thought Gordon jumped on in year 2 or 3. No?

-Anon B

cancer monkey said...

I enjoy hearing the guys' strolls down memory lane on this day each year. For the past couple years, the Hardline has played the audio of Skip's first moments, which is fun.

I'm not a day-1 P1; I've been on board since roughly '98 or '99, but I'm still emotionally all-in with this thing.

One thing that Rich said this morning made me think of Plainsman's point about turnover -- he said he's been around for 15 years and he's still somewhere around 10th on the depth chart longevity-wise. That's truly remarkable, and a little disturbing.

cancer monkey said...

Junior is collecting favorite moments in Ticket history on Twitter this morning. "Do you like this gig?", Gordo's arrest, "COME ON!", "moron dog" and Spare Wars are all way up there for me. There are so many good ones.

P1 Steven said...

My all time Favorite Ticket moment? The REAL nolan Ryan tells his snow monkey story...

Anonymous said...

Anon B,

Gordo has been there from day one. He did "bits" for Skip Bayless. I say "bits" because Skip would barely allow them to be aired.

Happy birthday Ticket!

Jonaessa said...

What I love about Ticket birthdays or special events are the stories you hear about the first days of the station. The "What's on Mike's Mind" segment had some pretty juicy tidbits about Skip Bayless (and an elusion to someone else on the station who acts the same way). Did anyone else hear anything throughout the day that will help the late bloomer catch up on the innerworkings of DFW's first sports radio station?

Anonymous said...

I hope ap over at the Unticket posts up today's "What's on Mike's Mind." I missed what sounds to be must-hear radio.

cancer monkey said...

After listening to some old Hardline audio that the greatness of The Unticket posted over the weekend, I've decided I really miss The 2 Minute Drill. There were long periods of spare that went on there, but there was some gold there, too.

Christy said...


I don't know what to make of this, but today's the second time I've heard Corby have a HOT sports opinion that's 180 degrees from what most others are saying, including his compatriots on the station.

Today, he defends Jay Cutler and rips anyone who's questioning Cutler's injury/demeanor during yesterday's play-off game. Last month, he defended Tashard Choice for getting Michael Vick's autograph, dismissing the whole incident as a nothing matter.

I know Mike Rhyner agreed with Corby on the Cutler point (although it seemed like Danny was holding back from getting into the fray with his own hso's on the matter) and I didn't hear The Musers's take, but I'm taken aback that he's seemingly the one dissenting opinion on this polarizing point on his own station.

Is he the one rational Ticket host? Is he doing a bit? Is he being extremely crafty and smart because it's causing dialogue, which is all that matters? I don't know (man), but something to look out for, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Another off-topic question: Did anyone listen to David Faraday on the Musers this morning? If so, is it just me or did he sound scattered and frazzled. He's usually quick-witted and thinking. Additionally, he went into his personal life in a way that he never before has. While he's always been open about his alcohol and pill dependency, this morning he went into his psyche medications and whatnot. In truth, he sounded like someone who either is adjusting to a new medication or did not take them.

Any thoughts, Confessor Nation?

Anonymous said...


Who knows what goes on in Corby's head. He's libertarian on some issues, conservative on others, and yet politically progressive. I think he goes more off of his feelings and what sounds good to him than reasoned thought. Anyone who makes the amount of superlative claims that he does ought not to be mistaken for a/the voice of reason. Especially when 90% of said claims pertain to subjects of which he knows little or nothing about.

While Corby's not nearly as annoying as he used to be, he's still that frat-boy who sees the world through "he's a sharp guy; she's hot" glasses.

By the way, word has come down that Cutler's injury wasn't as bad as initially reported.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have a problem with Corby if he would just stop shouting for no reason. It takes almost nothing for him to start hyperventilating and bring out the Pterodactyl. I've been trying to listen to what he says without being driven crazy by the screeching. He's often not necessarily that wrong, it's just so annoying to listen to him when he flips out.

-Anon B