Sunday, March 13, 2011

More Teebox Journalism from the Nation -- or at Least the Part Controlled by Casey Millen

The Nation is aware that Your Plainsman has a soft spot for The Teebox.  Saturday morning, 8 to 10 am.  Rick Arnett -- one of the original Ticket Seven -- and his colleague Craig Rosengarden talk golf and a lot of other things.  To my ear, very entertainingly.  A lot of P1's sleep through it, but if you're up going for a jog or starting your errands or waiting for The Orphanage, give it a spin.  I'm not a golf guy but I still like the show.  Nice, easy, frequently funny.   Just a a real  nice sound to start the weekend.

Confessor email correspondent C.S. applauds the recent contributions to that showgram of one Casey Millen.  Now, I must say, I suspect C.S. is a female and may have an intimate correspondence with Casey, so there may be some special pleading here.  But even discounting the comment for this possibility, I think his/her remarks are of interest:

"The up and coming Casey Millen seems to be getting a lot more attention from Ticket fans for his blue one-liners and irregular bits. Today Casey performed a bit of high comedy on the Tee Box and I’m a bit confused on what to think.

"The bit featured his creation called “Golf Metal” which was wildly inappropriate for the venue (duh). I think it was a stroke of comedic genius that played like an Andy Kaufman bit because Craig and Rick didn’t seem to understand the gag.

"I attached the audio. I think this Millen kid has something, and I look forward to seeing where it goes. I’m curious as to whether any other P1s heard this bit, and what they’re thoughts were.
"Either way you look at it, the Tee Box has become a bit cooler due to this guy’s shtick."


Many thanks to C.S., Millen intimate or not, for the clip and the comment.

I think The Teebox is getting better as time goes by, too, and I agree that C. Millen may have a little something that the Nation should keep an eye on, C.S.'s special pleading notwithstanding (if I'm right that this email is something of a plant).

I do think that Rick and Craig basically got the bit, but since it was about 12 seconds long, there wasn't much they could do with it.  They also mentioned a creative "open" to the show that Casey had done.  I'm out of town and missed the showgram today, but I would welcome the Nation's views on Casey (or the Teebox).


Anthony Pauls said...

Ok.... First off let me say for the record that I find Casey Millen highly entertaining and a breath of fresh air in today's stale radio personality world. He is witty, random and honestly a genius that has a bright future in Radio. Keep it coming and I can't wait to hear what he will do next. I see him doing bits on the Howard Stern radio show doing sports talk or interviewing Hollywood types on the red carpet. That's how good he is! If you have not heard him yet.....You need to tune in. He is hysterical and brilliant!

Anonymous said...

I don't really get the "golf metal" bit.

Anonymous said...

Anthony Pauls, are you Casey's agent? The kid's funny, but come on, your post is a bit much and more than a bit premature. But you are entitled to your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Anthony Pauls, are you Casey himself?

Anonymous said...

This whole thing is out of control. I agree Casey is funny, and does a solid ticker but Anthony’s post is a bit much. To the initial point; I think the golf metal bit was very funny. There was some mention of the theme song bit reoccurring. I wonder where they’ll go from here.

The Plainsman said...

I think the hyperbolic Mr. Pauls may have been having us on, offering an ironic commentary on my emailer -- possibly a Millen affiliate -- who had the kind words for Casey.

Hey, I wish I had anonymous admirers myself. No big deal.

Anonymous said...

Casey Millen needs to learn to let the game come to him....due has Antonie walker syndrome. In fact all of the weekend Ticker guys need to tap the breaks on what they deem as 'comedy'. See Krenek's terribly poor joke in regards to the death of Mike Tyson's 4 year old daughter.

There is something to be said for a news anchor being good at their job before trying to jam-pack a ticker with bits.

Anonymous said...

I disagree. The weekend schtick is a nice change of pace. It wouldn't work during the week, but Millen and Krenek seem to make it work on the weekend.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'll be the first to admit I'm far from a complete broadcaster and have a long way to go. But at the same time, I don't think it's such a bad thing for me to put a little bit of my own personality in my writing. If you like it, great. If you don't, that's cool too.

And I'll try to keep up with what Anonymous defines as comedy. I didn't realize they were the last words on what is funny and what is not.


Aaron said...

People don't tune into a ticker for bits. Sometimes news is enough.

The Plainsman said...

I had no idea Tickermen were so controversial.

Michael K, thanks for checking in. Hope you will feel free to comment on non-Tickermen topics as the spirit moves you.

I hold with those who like their Tickermen to throw in a gag now and then. I think the Nation has figured out that I don't care deeply about sports to begin with, so -- no offense, Tickermen -- I could do without Tickers entirely. So I like a little showbiz along with the scores.

In my judgment none of the Tickermen overdoes the bits, even Millen. For one thing, they don't have long to cram in all the news, so they can't be doing schtick that calls excessive attention to itself, and I don't think any of them are guilty of that.

And I agree with Krenek on antother point. The Ticket is a personalty-driven station, so I got no problem with a Tickerman establishing an identity with a joke now and then. I assume that most/all of them would like to move up in the broadcast world, even at The Ticket (and some do), so showoasing themselves as unique broadcast personalitiies seems to me to be part of what being a Tickerman is about.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the dissenting remarks of the Plainsman. I would also note that not all ticker guys are controversial, but Millen and Krenek seem to have made people love/ hate them in a short period of time. Surely there is something to be said for the way they have established their identities while only being heard once a week for 5 minutes per hour.

Wonder how this plays out with management? The controversial nature begs the question because these guys are a far cry from the weekday guys.

Aaron said...

The weekend guys are weekend guys for a reason. Krenick struggled filling in last week, and Millen seems attention starved. They need to slow down a bit and be better at their job.

I know the Plainsman doesn't care for tickers, but for some of us who do like sports, we don't want any BS mixed in. Especially if you have trouble reading the news already.

I am sure Plainsman will also hate to hear me say the TeeBox has sucked since Corby left.

Aaron in Carrollton

The Plainsman said...

Couldn't care less which shows Confessors like or don't like. I only ask that comments be moderate in tone and, if possible, give a reason for your position. If you can't, that's OK too -- but keep it light. I like The Teebox, some don't. Some love Corby, some don't. Big tent, but a nice tent.

Aaron said...

Ok. The TeeBox is awful because Rosen-Rosen is arrogant and has so little in his bag as a broadcaster it hurts. He is on that show because he is the editor of Avid Golfer. Outside of a verbal gaffe he is pretty useless.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn’t say Krenek struggled at all. I would prefer him over Sean Bass any day. Sean is a solid broadcaster in an ESPN-like format, but he doesn’t do much for me on BAD radio.

And are you attempting to put down a radio personality (Millen) for being “attention starved?” They’re all desperately seeking our attention, even the big dogs. I’m not sure why it would be a bad thing to try to get noticed.

I say we don’t rule on either weekend ticker guy just yet.

The Plainsman said...

Delayed response to the Anonymous who critiqued The TeeBox.

Craig Rosengarden arrogant? He seems like a very pleasant guy to me. That's part of what makes this site fun to do -- we all hear the same thing but have different reactions. You may well be right with what I assume is your suggestion that Avid Golfer purchases the time for the show and that's why he gets airtime.

But judging the product by what comes out of the radio on a Saturday morning, to my ear Rick and Craig have a very nice chemistry. The show is clearly planned segment-by-segment.
There's some respect for the listener there, even though it's on the early Saturday morning Ticket wasteland.

ap said...

Plainsman - I trust you also caught the Teebox's praise for you and your site last week?

The PLainsman said...

AP, I did not! That may be the only TeeTox I've missed the last couple of months or so.

I was sitting waiting for a flight to California during the TeeBox. Interestingly, Mrs. Plainsman and I were listening to George DeJohn on our way, and the show was just about over when we parked the Conestoga.

If I'd known, I'd have canceled my vacation. Actually . . . since it Mrs. Plansman's and my tenth anniversary, I probably woudln't've. But I'd at least have snagged the Internet feed in the terminal.

To my knowledge -- other than the occasional P1 Steven shout-out -- that's the only mention Your Website has had on The Ticket.

Thanks a lot for letting me know. I assume The TeeBox is not a big draw for The UnTicket faithful.