Friday, March 11, 2011

Where Did that Danny Parody of "The Boxer" Come From?

Michael G played it as The Hardline outro yesterday.  Never heard it before.

Like many if not most Ticket parodies -- musically/vocally good, lyrically dashed-off-sounding.


Anonymous said...

You mean "Like Simon and Garfunkel"???

When Rocco was there, he once thought a Guys Night Out theme WAS the Beatles. Then backtracked by saying it wasn't the beatles, he just thought it was LIKE the Beatles.

That spurned a cottage industry of Danny cover songs, all being advertised as Like The Beatles, Like Simon and garfunkel, etc...

Christy said...

The Hardline just said they've heard rumblings about the Chuck Greenberg break-up mere weeks after the sale went through (back in August). They didn't believe it/didn't want to believe it and so never mentioned it. However, all the other Ticket shows have been floored by the news. Norm wouldn't put a theory out as to why the Greenberg resigning happened (you'd think he'd be pretty keyed in, himself) and Dan said he was very surprised.

Also, according to a comment on, RAGE hinted last week at a Chuck Greenberg break-up happening.

It's interesting the different sources each show has...

The Plainsman said...

Christy, I saw the first post come through on my email, and also your attempt to re-post the material. I assure you I did not remove any of your comments, but neither one of them are here. It's somewhat lengthy, but I am going to cut it out of the email and attempt to repost it next. Sorry, no idea what happened. Hope this works, it was a good comment.

The Plainsman said...

Christy left this comment (twice) earlier and for some reason it didn't show up, or disappeared. Here's Christy:

Off Topic:
This sorta goes back to your older posts about The Ticket putting out insiders information. The Ticket rarely provides anecdotes or (legit) rumors to its audiences. Ben and Skin love to talk about their times in locker rooms and their interactions with players (almost too much). In fact, some huge prank went down between Michael Young and Elvis Andrus this week and Ben and Skin were in the same room as it happened. Our boys in Surprise, Arizona, on the other hand, heard about it and asked Ian Kinsler to relay it. And now with the big Chuck Greenberg news, a commenter on said this:

I listen to the FAN (because I live in Waco and don't have another real choice) and Richie and Greggo brought this up last week that is was a real possibility that it could get ugly real quick. Greenberg has a desire to be like Cuban and Jones and was he was ruffling one too many feathers.

If this is true, The Fan/RAGE should get some credit for breaking this story first. Just saying. But the reply to the above comment is probably the normal response from most:

You have my pity!

Christy said...

Thanks, Mr. Plainsman, for re-posting it. This has happened at least once before, but it seemed unlikely you'd delete them - happens way too quickly! I think the website has trouble with all the links I insert in my comments or with the length. I don't know, but, thanks again!

Off Topic:
- Interestingly, we had a little of the Danny as a co-host line-up this week as TC has been sitting in to play assistant producer at the Mother ship.

- I find it odd how our sports talk show hosts don't know where to find sports games streaming on-line...or perhaps, they don't actually want to watch the games. The Hardline and BaD Radio didn't see the Mavericks games while they were on the road because Canada and Arizona don't show Dallas basketball for some reason. But both SB Nation blogs for our b-ball and hockey team link to streams every game. I'm watching the Dallas Stars on-line right now!

- Finally, TC, if you're reading this, perhaps you should steal the Musers bit and develop a fake Jon Daniels character. If IJB does take over Saturday nights permanently (have they already?), it couldn't be better timing with baseball starting up. You already have the voice - maybe exaggerate it even more - and now you and Jake just have to come up with content. How hard could it possibly be, right? Wink.

ap said...


"The Hardline and BaD Radio didn't see the Mavericks games while they were on the road because Canada and Arizona don't show Dallas basketball for some reason."

I can't tell if this was a tongue-in-cheek comment or not, but I can offer a non-Dallas perspective.

Unless a major network is carrying a Mavericks game, nobody outside of Dallas and their sanctioned viewing area is going to see it without an NBA package (which aren't offered in most hotels). I've heard Followill ply his craft about half a dozen times when the NBA channel randomly decides to broadcast Mavs games after my local team has finished playing (and even then, it's contingent on which team's local broadcasters they choose to use). The same applies for just about every major sport.

Online streaming is probably far too bandwidth-hungry for these guys to use, and why bother with a low-quality, intermittent feed when they've all got recorded HD versions waiting for them when they get home.

Christy said...

Haha, thanks, AP, for the outsider's perspective! I never thought about the low quality, intermittent stream they'd probably encounter and probably wouldn't suffer through. It's my only option so I'll take just about anything.

Btw, what's your story? As a Canadian, how'd you find The Ticket? Did you try to meet up with Bob and Dan as they went on their hockey trip and try to shoot their wheels off?

Ooh, have you ever thought about going to a hockey game that they were at, finding the bathroom Tom's in, and doing a bit on Tom's Gabby Urinator's bit? Hmmm, it'd probably be impossible to execute...finding them would be an ordeal...

ap said...

@Christy - Wrong part of Canada :) I was suckered in by the Jason Witten show when the Ticket was the flagship radio station of the Cowboys.

I've already decided that if I'm ever on the receiving end of a Gabby Urinator bit, then the only appropriate response would be for me to turn and face Tom and answer his question with a calm, straight face...and without interrupting the stream. That alone should firmly entrench me in the annals (the ANNALS?) of Ticket history, right?

charlie0712 said...

Just found this site a week or two ago and am bored at work so reading back and yes living in Chattanooga, TN I can only see my Dallas teams games if they're on national channels or at a bar with the special packages. I do enjoy this website though!! Between this and the Unticket, I can stay caught up with what I miss during meetings.

Christy said...

@charlie You can stream on-line:

The Plainsman said...

Charlie, welcome.

I'm deeply honored to be mentioned in the same sentence as The (Incomparable) UnTicket as a source of Ticket-related pleasure.