Sunday, March 6, 2011

QUICK QUESTION: Who was the Mello-Tone Guy on with JJ Taylor and (I Think) Stewart Cedar Mid-Morning on Sunday?

I was able to listen for about a half-hour but did not catch any names.

Nice to hear Taylor on again.  I think he has something to offer.  Strikes me as a guy who needs the right co-host.  Really knows his stuff, and offers a very different sound.  A good sound, very conversational, Ticket-ready.

The long-promised second STD (a two-parter, look out!) will be up on Monday or Tuesday.  Thanks for your patience.


Anonymous said...


Stu was producing and chiming in from time to time. JJ's co-host is someone new. Unfortunately I cannot recall his name at the moment.

The Plainsman said...

I had no particular problem with MelloTone, but he had a very un-Tickety sound. (I'll hyphenate that to distinguish the adjective from "unTickety," i.e., "of, pertaining to, or resembling the (incomparable) UnTicket.")

Scott said...

I too was a little shocked yesterday. I thought we were taking national Sportsradio broadcast until I heard JJT.

He was not bothersome. He wasn't great. JJT is good, so, overall, I give a B... not bad for Sunday morning.

BTW, driving to San Antonio yesterday, I had the Fan all the way through Waco. So wish we could get a new frequency.... Oh well, maybe today I can listen to RAGE until I get in range of the little one....

Anonymous said...

New guy is Scott Harrison. Don't know much about him except he is a nice guy. More of an old school radio voice.