Thursday, July 28, 2011

OPEN THREAD: Random Thoughts Listening to Ticks-on-Chicks Softball -- Yours?

(1)  Great fun.  Mike is an entertaining play-by-play guy.  I don't know why, but I'm always surprised by how funny Norm is when he has the mic on these Ticket games.

Norm was funny tonight, but his voice sounded a little weak and gravelly and they seem to have released him from his duties.  

Filling in are Gordon and Dan when they're not playing.  A couple of others chip in.

Oops, Norm's back.  Not sure where he's been.  Voice still gravelly.  I suppose I should be tweeting thoughts this insubstantial.

(2) Interesting:  Mike's speculations on the delta between the esteem in which certain Ticket personalities are held by the public on the one hand, and by Ticket management on the other.  He first asked this question about Grubes, who he adjudged to be universally loved among the public, suggesting something less than universal love among the Cumulo-Ticket Overlords, although why I cannot imagine, unless they tell him not to play naughty drops and he does.  (Since he apparenly doesn't actually require a job or advancement owing to his fortunate family financial circumstances, perhaps he doesn't come to meetings or adhere to other CTO directives.)     There were similar questions about Rich Phillips, whose management role rendered the question a little self-contradictory.

(3)  Surprisingly close contest.  It surprised the Ticket promo production guys, who created ads referring to the "human sacrifice" and "humliation" that was expected to be visited upon our lads. 

(4)  Surprisingly clean broadcast.

(5)  Is this victory testimony in support of the absolute centrality, if not the exclusive significance, of pitching in girls' fast-pitch softball?

In the words of the late Harry Caray -- lemme hear ya.


Anonymous said...

Are you trying to impress people with your wordsmithery? Using "big" words and tortured (but technically correct) syntax is not impressive. You must be a delight to convrse with.

Excuse me....

You must be delightful with whom to which converse upon.

Anonymous said...

You'll get used to it, Anonymous. He makes some good points, some inane points, and some downright odd observations; but, yes, more often than not they are done in a tortuous and at times circuitous (though on the whole syntactically correct) manner. Having said that, the ratio of good points to inane usually makes the blog worthy of at least a bi-weekly stop.

"Hollywood" Matt Shannon said...
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"Hollywood" Matt Shannon said...

Anon #1:

Are you trying to impress people with your trolling? Trolling behind a computer doesn't impress people.

That is all. 8-)

The Plainsman said...

Ah, you can't please everyone.

Part of the issue with the tortured syntax, to which I plead occasionally guilty, is time. I'm a speed typist and sometimes I just have to pour this stuff out to get anything done at all. The clauses do tend to pile up under those circumstances. I hit the "publish" button with little or no proofing or editing.

If it will help, just think of me as the blogging equivalent of Bob Sturm.

The Plainsman said...

PS: I missed Norm's pitching performance or I would have known where he went when he wasn't in the booth. Sorry.

Did any of you guys go to this thing? What was the reaction of the women -- who, I gather, were not exactly the "all-stars" advertised -- when they lost?

Anonymous said...

"I hit the "publish" button with little or no proofing or editing."

Maybe you should do a little self-editing. All good writers do.

The Plainsman said...

No! How do you know that?

How could anyone possibly know that?