Monday, July 25, 2011

Sportsy Question

While I'm trying to decide what, if anything, to report on my week of drive-time BaD Radio, a question for you NFL experts:

This question is suggested by something I heard a bit of on Sporting News Radio on Sunday afternoon:

In view of the new NFL collective bargaining agreement that reduces the hitting during training camp: 

Does anyone know if there is a correlation between tough training camps and NFL success?  One can point to Jimmy Johnson and Bill Parcells as coaches who ran rough camps and who had success, and to Wade Phillips as a coach who didn't and failed.  Is there a consensus on this topic?  What kind of training-camp coach was Chuck Noll?  Bill Belichick now?

And is it also the case that players who play for hit-during-training-camp coaches have shortened careers? 

And if both of these things are true -- I have no idea, but if -- then does it not present a staff and players with a dramatic question: 

Would you trade a shortened career for a championship?

Going back and forth on whether to write on BaD's drivetime week.   But you are always welcome to do so -- no such thing as off-topic at My Ticket Confession.

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James said...

I am curious how you come to the conclusion that Parcells was successful here and Wade was not. Parcells was exactly 2 games over .500 in 4 years. Well, 4 games if you don't count the two playoff losses, but that highlights the fact that those were the only two playoff games, period, during Tuna's time here.
The revisionist history regarding Parcells has been amazing.

The Plainsman said...

Didn't claim he was successful here, although (rightly or wrongly, I think more the former) he does get credit for their rebuilding and success in Wade's first year, the decline thereafter being some evidence contra Wade. Parcells won two Super Bowls and took another team. I think he was the first or second coach to take four different teams to the playoffs. Parcells is rightly regarded as a successful coach, despite his lack of championships here.

Although I see that I did name all Cowboys coaches, so I can see how you could have gotten that impression. Should have been more precise.

Anonymous said...

A nugget to consider: The Chiefs practiced in pads more than any other team last season. They also had the fewest injuries. Coincidence?

T4 In Rockwall said...

Not sure how relevant this is to what you're asking seems like when the Cowboys do training camp in the heat, they might wear out sooner in the middle of the season, which is why they probably do half in San Antonio and half in Oxnard.

Little Weak Jeremy said...

Re: the BaD Radio Wire Interview Series,

Wonder how many P1s have actually seen The Wire, and how many tune out instantly when hearing that BaD is interviewing "[insert no-name actor], AKA [insert stupid character name] from The Wire"? (At least Does anyone who has not seen The Wire actually listen to these interviews? Even for those that have seen The Wire, are these interviews really that interesting? I'd love to see some poll results.

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to figure out why you would ever listen to Sporting News Radio

Anonymous said...

You listen to Sporting News Radio? ON SUNDAY?


The Plainsman said...

I repent of listening to SNR. At any time.

But you're in the car, you turn the key (yeah, I have one of those old key-turning cars), the Ticket-tuned radio comes on.

And there it is.

You want me to switch away from The Little One? Under any circumstances?

Shaggy said...

They have these things called iPods/iPhones that play music now

The Plainsman said...

What you mean, music?

In any event, the Conestoga does not have a dock to play music off of those newfangled devices, and I won't drive with stuff in my ears.