Tuesday, July 19, 2011

While We're on the Subject . . . I'm with Junior

In the comments to the prior post on showgram vulgarity, one commenter (and there have been others in the past) have mentioned a certain anti-female bias in Junior, especially when it comes to women's sports.

I don't agree that Junior is anti-women generally, but this morning he went off on a rant about the U.S. Women's soccer team.  The framework for discussion was:  "People were interested in the Women's Soccer World Cup Final; but did they really care about it?"

Junior's answer was "no," and among his evidence, mentioned by others, was that their miserable performance got a near-total pass in the press.   Few, in their heart, took it seriously as a major competitive sport.

Junior went on to make the larger point that women's sports in general are over-praised and over-celebrated, and that women's sports gets a pass from serious analysis of for reasons of political correctness.  (That "PC" phrase have been George's contribution, but it was in support of Junior's point -- George, however, did report getting involved in the "story" of this particular team.)  This is a point we have heard from Junior before, when whatever-women's-basketball-team-it-was coached by whatever-his/her-name-was had won more consecutive games than the previous recordholder -- was it UCLA?  Pardon me while I Google  .  .  .  yeah, it was UConn women's basketball breaking UCLA's 88-game winning streak.  Except that no thinking person (like Junior, and you, and me, and anyone else not driven by a barren ideology) would find that datum even slightly interesting -- it's like saying that that basket of apples is bigger than that basket of oranges -- and, more, would say that it is fundamentally untrue that ULCA's record had been broken.

That doesn't make Craig a misogynist, and cramming stuff like Title IX down out throats has done nothing but distort the economics of college sports.  (Craig didn't rant about Title IX, but I will.)   Junior's point is that this was a story of passing interest, that few took it very seriously, and that it is consistent with his larger point that no one regards women's sports with extreme seriousness because these days it's hands-off on serious analysis of women's games. 

He's right.

All I've got to say is:  Craig, good luck in your first at-bat a week from Thursday.  Make sure your helmet fits nice and snug, and you might consider a cup.

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Jonaessa said...

I'm with Junior. Some may think I am betraying my gender, but I don't like women's sports, and I HATE female broadcasters. They bring nothing to the table and are just reading from cue cards anyway. You know who else reads from cue cards? The cast of Sesame Street.

James said...


"Hollywood" Matt Shannon said...

Time for me to go on a bit of an HSO rant, but the finish to that US/Japan women's soccer game was a complete joke and reminded me why I'm not a serious soccer fan and just limit my fandom to playing the occasional soccer video game(hey, I'll give credit where it's due!). But seriously, what other sport do you know of that allows a losing team to have "extra time" to tie the game, much less steal it. And don't give me this crap about "Well, it's time added on for when play was stopped but the clock kept going while a player was injured," because that is exactly what is wrong with soccer. In other sports where a clock is in use, when someone gets injured(or in the case of soccer, "injured"), they stop the clock and wait till they get the injured player off the field/court/rink, then resume play. And we all know how much soccer players goldbrick to buy up more time at the end of the game to give their team more time to score, which is a complete and utter sham. My rant brought to you by beer and cookies(long time Ticket listeners should get that old school beer and cookies reference).

ap said...

Dammit, Matt, I have to admit that I don't get the beer and cookies reference. I humbly ask you to explain it to me...

The Plainsman said...

Me either.

"Hollywood" Matt Shannon said...

No problems, guys. I'll try to explain it to the best of my recollection. Way back in the early days of the Ticket, every now and then, Craig Miller would go on a rant about whatever had gotten him hot under the sports collar. After his rant was over, they would play a drop of Gordon in a fake announcer voice saying "Craig Miller's rant, brought to you by beer and cookies!" Thus, the reason I tag my rants by touting beer and cookies as their sponsor(and I don't even drink beer! haha!) Hope that clears things up. 8-)

Anonymous said...

i have long thought that junior is closet gay.
i still believe that.
i mean the guy was genuinely pissed at those HS basketball girls when they were beating team ticket.
furthermore, all the "gross" words on his list can be used to describe the female vagina.

call me insane, but im sticking to my guns on this one.
junior miller is gay and that is not ridiculous

BTS said...

What gets me isn't when people bag on women's sports. They often have a point. I'm more concerned with the way people like Juniot talk about women when they try to think or talk. He devotes a semi-regular segment to people recounting cherry-picked stories about women saying uninformed-sounding things about sports. It's pathological with this guy.

Unlike the anonymous poster before me, I don't think Craig has got the gay, I can just easily picture him making his wife weigh herself before she leaves the house.