Sunday, July 10, 2011

OPEN THREAD: Ticket Coverage of the Rangers Tragedy

It's an open thread because on the day after I had very little time to listen to the radio.  What I heard seemed  pretty good.  There wasn't a lot to report on, but these guys managed to fill up an entire broadcasting day (I'm guessing -- every time I caught a few minutes that was the toipc) with reasonably coherent and interesting talk about this awful incident.

A special tip of the hat to The Soul Patch.  I'll be writing more about that show later, but I think it's got something.  Both Taylor and Harrison seemed to be trying to find some new angles and keep the discussion fresh without being disrespectful.

No such thing as off-topic.  Please comment on anything that's attracted your interest lately.

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James said...

The Sturminator choked up when discussing the little boy. Keepin' it real.

Jeremy said...

Does it seem to anyone else like there's an epidemic of dumps on the Hardline lately? Seems like every day there's an awkward pause followed by Corby laughing maniacally while everyone follows up and chuckles about something we didn't hear and have no idea what the fuck happened. It's getting annoying.

The Plainsman said...

Brilliant comment, Jeremy. In fact, I have noticed, and think I'll post on it here in a bit.

BTW: We do hear from Big Strong Jeremy once in awhile -- I assume you are not big and strong?

Jeremy said...

Nope, I am not BSJ.

Anonymous said...

It's just words that can't be said or they'll get fined. No big deal really. It seems like Danny is pretty good about telling the listener in code what the dirty word was.

Little Weak Jeremy said...

I don't know, man, I guess the times I listen there's very little reset; they just keep going on with whatever conversation they were having without letting the listener know what was so hilarious. Which makes me feel left out. It's better if they can later replay the exchange and just bleep the offending word, but that doesn't often happen.