Friday, January 27, 2012

I'm a Guy. It Was Night. I Went Out.

Hitched up the team and headed north to far Frisco to visit Guys' Night Out.  A few quick hits:

(1)  Sharp-Dressed Men.  Bob and Donovan in ties, Bob with a suit coat, Donovan in a vest.  At first I thought -- nice show of respect to the P1.  Then I thought -- maybe they lost one of those BaD Radio bets to Dan somewhere along the line.

(2)  Better-Looking in Person.  Bob.

(3)  Largest Concentration of Middle-Aged Guys.  The broadcast area.  There were some younger guys crowded around watching and listening to the presentations, but the more mature demo was disproportionately represented in the gathering around the couches and directors' chairs where the guys were broadcasting.

(4) Auddest Audio Phenomenon.  While Donovan could be heard just fine on the radio, his voice barely dribbled out of the speakers at the bar.  Something about it -- it simply couldn't be heard live on the scene, but listening on the radio -- there he was, as usual.

(5)  Audio Engineering Tip.  Do not cover up the JBL speaker with the life-size cutout of the Cowboy player.

(6)  Worst Look for Cute Chicks.  That black two-piece Tailgaters outfit they make their generally attractive wait staff wear, the super-tight/short black skirt and black sports-bra top thing.  Really cheap-looking and unflattering on most of them.  Very few even hot girls have good tummies.  Even though it was the first night, bar staff seemed on the ball and the place was ready to go.

(7)  Funniest Moment.  The interview of the 38-year-old-woman with the good skin and large natural breasts who claims to have made upper-six-figures in Las Vegas and a four-figure tip from some unidentified celebrity, which explains why she moved to Frisco to work at Tailgaters.

(8)  Most Interesting Broadcast Posture.  Mike likes to stand at these remotes.  I was at one other one awhile back where he stood and swayed and wandered a bit whilst broadcasting.  Wonder if he does that in the studio.

(9)  Comportment.  I didn't see any host big-timing anyone.  But I wasn't paying close attention to where they wandered off to when they weren't broadcasting.  Saw George talking to a group of P1's, and Mike talking to an earnest woman.

(10)  Always Amazed.  These guys can talk sports and other stuff in their usual natural way whilst being watched by large groups of people and lots of noise in the background.

(11)  Best Thing About GNO.  No SweetJack commercials.


The Plainsman said...

They're having a terrible time with audio on The Musers this morning. The fiasco with callers is one thing, but they're having trouble with just regular audio. It's been fading in and out all morning. George just did a spot that was almost inaudible.

Question: Are other Cumulus stations who've moved to Victory Park and who broadcast live (WBAP?) having problems this severe?

Anonymous said...

Never made it out to a GNO, or any event for that matter. The closest I ever came was about 13-14 years ago. Me and a buddy pulled into the parking lot of I forget what Chili's type of bar in Arlington for what at the time passed as a GNO of sorts. Once we pulled up (and it was a full lot), we looked at each other and decided that we'd rather not. We'd rather not go in and have our little Ticket World (where we truly believe these guys are our good friends) potentially shattered by jerk or aloof behavior; thereby, having a meaningful piece of our lives taken away. I wish we'd have left the car that night.

The Plainsman said...

I wasn't aware of Mark Cuban's tweet during the round table on Lamar Odom last night. The substance of which was that he (Cuban) was listening to The Ticket, and that the round table participants (Bob, Corby, Junior, Norm) were "idiots."

I was in a position to fly by BaD Radio today and heard Bob and Dan interview Cuban. Very, very nice job. I'll let you catch it on The UnTicket, but the gist of it was that Lamar is not unhappy to be in DFW and that he's working really hard to make his game better. BaD treated him gingerly (he still seemed a little steamed) but I thought hit all the right questions.

(Cuban also said he tried to call in on his hotline number last night, but, can you believe it, it wasn't working.)

But here's the main question. Uh . . . which one of you guys is going to tell Junior that (upon being asked by Bob to rank the idiocy of the participants) Cuban said that he was the biggest idiot?

I'm guessing Craig may have the courage to respond on Monday.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ridiculous technical on-air difficulties. Mike's mike does not work and Corby can not hear Grubes or Danny back at the station.

rockyroad said...

I think even the drive by listener gets it by now...due to the move, the station has been experiencing loads of technical difficulties. So shut up, hosts. Stop whining about it. When things take a bad turn, like they did around 4pm today, go to commercial, get it fixed, then come back on explain/apologize to the listener. The constant bitching and moaning is tiresome and unprofessional.

Anonymous said...

EPIC MELTDOWN @ 5:21, this is wild. Makes you appreciate how technical/complicated all this stuff is since you know the technical engineers behind it all are experienced professionals.

T4 In Rockwall said...

Thanks for laying that out there Plainsman. I've never been to a GNO before, or any other heavily populated event, just a small remote the Hardline had at a golf range in Rockwall about 8 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Anybody hear the concert calendar today? The reconsider lounge bands all took jabs at Ticket engineering.

All week the hosts have been subtly taking making cracks at a certain person. Not sure who they are talking about, but this has happened plenty of times this week. It sounds like they are fed up.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with rockyroad. Enough of the complaining. Just fight through it and tell the listener what the situation is when need be. The constant bitching sounds bad.

The Plainsman said...

@T4: My pleasure. I'd never been to one, either. Well-done, I thought. I've been to remotes where the program could not be heard in the saloon, but here you could situate yourself in a way where you could hear everything, except Donovan.