Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Perfect Ending to a Perfect Day

Aren't all Ticket days perfect?

The Hardline had just finished its final segment.  The 6:50 ads were coming on and I reached over to punch over to Underground Garage on Sirius XM until Jake Kemp's 7:00 p.m. Ticket Top Ten comes on around 7:18 or so.    How many times do you need to hear Mike's identical daily farewells to the P1?   The show was over, right?

I pulled up.  Of course not.

What, I wondered, would that Nice Young Michael Gruber have cued up for us after the Hardline Theme today?

And then it struck me -- I've only been listening now for almost eight years, so y'all probably caught on to this a long time ago -- those slices or archival gold that he runs after Mike signs off are not only welcome repeats of good stuff from the past, but it keeps you tuned in through another couple of SweetJack joints and the Ticket All-Pro Foundation Repair Chorus Mass Endorsement Oratorio.   Turns a sponsor wasteland into something you purposely leave turned on.

A spot of genius, that.

Not only are the replayled bits usually fun, but they frequently answer questions listeners have about where certain inside references come from.  I didn't know what "Stand back, Burrito" meant until Grubes played the original bit at 6:59 back a few months ago.

And yesterday there was an extra reward:  A rare mention (although not the original) of one of the most mind-melting concepts ever slung on terrestrial radio, by one Mike Rhyner:  Green Tail Shiner (originally reported here), my obsession with which will doubtless someday destroy me, and this site along with it.

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Little Weak Jeremy said...

I'm going to ask a question that might make me seem like a total rube here...

What is the song that the Hardline theme rips off? I heard a song with the exact same riff on classic-rock radio the other day. Had never heard it before, but I assume it's something fairly well-known...

birq said...

Those minutes after the Hardline, along with Drop Page Radio and Rotten Radio are (were) all filled with high quality diamons surrounded by poo poo. I really miss Drop Page Radio. I'm glad the Unticket guys have gotten on the kick of uploading old Ticket CDs. That's some gold there.

Anonymous said...

The Hardline theme is an original piece of music.

Little Weak Jeremy said...

I know that the Hardline theme is an original piece, but I swear to God I heard some old song on the radio with the EXACT SAME riff, might have been by some AC/DC-type band. Really, no one knows the song I'm talking about?

Doug said...

Author - The Great Kerry Crafton