Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Internets Are a Big Places

In checking my referrals this morning, I saw that I had a couple of people checking into the site coming from  When I followed the link back, I discovered an interesting discussion involving some of our fine regulars here.  I think this link will get you to the general vicinity, although I confess (of course) to some perplexity in navigating that site.  There are some quotes from past comments to these pages remarking on differences between this site and GIML.

Before I started this site I checked out GIML to see if it were a place I might like to park my STD's.  I concluded it wasn't, but not because the site wasn't a good site -- just wasn't my kinda spot, although it obviously was the kinda spot for a very large number of P1's who enjoyed the more rough-and-tumble aspects of Internet debating.  I'm glad GIML is around.  I'm surprised there aren't more Ticket-related sites, including more blogs like MTC.  It's like T4 said -- you go to the different sites for different purposes.  That's the kind of freedom the Internet has given all of us.

So today:  GrubesIsMyLeader, son of Friends of the BaD Radio Experience, I salute you.

Let's keep comments civil, folks.  My thanks.

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The Plainsman said...

And by the way: A Happy Birthday to T4 in Rockwall, whenever it was and wherever you are.

Anonymous said...

Well folks, the Sweet Jack ads are officially in their waning days. The ads are now only played in a shortened and speed up form. Three Huzzahs! Now if only The Hardline promises not to talk politics until next year... Sheesh, that's hard on the ears. Stick to guy talk and sports, fellas, politics ain't your game.

normalguyguide said...

By the way, I clicked the spam folder of my gmail account the other day. Surprise, was full of SweetJack emails.

Anonymous said...

Anyone catch Greggo on the Fan Sports Show on Channel 21 tonight? He sounded good. But holy moly, the look he was throwing down was out there! He looked like Bob Denver's beatnik character on Dobie Gillis. Either that or Expo's Twitter account avatar dressed like a caddy from St. Andrews in 1920.

The Plainsman said...

The Fan has a teevee show?

And that sports bar, of course.

No gadget is going to get P1's to change their listening habits if the on-air product isn't worthwhile.

But what if you're new to the market, or just coming into sports consciousness?

Folks, I gotta tell you -- I listen to The Fan even less than I used to, but it is OUT there. It's not just sitting around waiting for the next book.

We (and The Ticket) can sneer at The Fan we want, but somewhere in the CTO inner sanctum someone, every once in awhile, is looking over his shoulder. I betcha.

Anonymous said...

Here you go...!/thefantxa21

Anonymous said...

The Fan is definitely not sitting around on their arse. I'm not a Fan fan (as they say), but the station and its, ahem, talent (OK, Elf and Josh are talented) are becoming more and more visible/present in the local sports scene. And doing it on very visible stages.

Scott said...

RE: ads... any one else think that Texas dining ad was a bit until you heard it again? Really sounded like a Gordo bit to me.