Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Few Quick, and Pretty Weak, Hits

Owe the Confessors an apology -- the last few articles have been pretty lame.  Excuse:  Time, haven't got it for the more provocative and interesting pieces, but trying to get up some new content for the increasing number of MTC addicts.  (Whenever I'm off for a few days, they let me hear from them.)   Got some OK topics coming up, but for now, here's some fairly lightweight observations:

(1)  Latest punch-out:  Gingerbread man commercial.  I don't even know who it's for.

(2)  Hitched up the Conestoga around 1 pm Friday, fired up the Philco, and when the sports talk came on, after a few seconds I said to myself:  "What's Corby doing on the air middays?" 

Of course, it wasn't middays and, shockingly, it wasn't even The Ticket.  It was The Fan.  (I must have punched over during a gingerbread man commercial before exiting the wagon the last time.) 

And, of course, it wasn't Corby.  But it was a guy who sounded just like him.  He talked a little faster and he wasn't offering Corby's more reptilian content, but the timbre and even the little break in the voice was startlingly Corbylike.  It was him and another guy, neither of whom I recognized, and neither of whom was Mark Elfenbein.  I tried to hear them call one another a name, and the only thing I came up with is that the Corby-guy might possibly have been named Kevin. 

(3)  All right, this one's way, way out there. 

You know that ad for Bar & Book at Lone Star Park in the form of a news report where all of the anchors and the chick on the scene are astounded that wagering might be taking place there?  (The one where the chick says "Uh, I don't have the angle" and they end up calling the lawyer who says that betting at Bar & Book is AOK and probably fun, too.) 

I was listening to Alexis doing a traffic report and I was startled at some vowel-consonant combination of one kind or another and I thought -- where have I heard that funky sound before?  And I realized it was the Lone Star Park reporter chick.  Now I know, I know that Alexis's traffic reports don't sound like the reporter chick, but if Alexis hammed it up for a voiceover, maybe? 

And anyway, it gives me an excuse to run a picutre of Alexis, which is always good for some Google image-search hits.

Hope to have something better for you soon.  Not better than Alexis, just better MTC content.

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Anonymous said...

You might have been listening to either Josh Lewin or possibly his replacement (?).

Anyone listening to IJB's debut? Pretty solid, I must say. I wasn't expecting much, but I am impressed. Good job, guys. They're already an improvement on CdS. Even though Jake and TC are younger than Mike and Cash, they are much more focused and noticeably less ADHD-addled.

Jer said...

I've always been amazed that people don't complain more about the RaceTrac gingerbread man spot. As soon as that comes on, my headphones manage to jump off my head. By contrast, the Sweetjack spot is nice and soothing and easy on the ears.

I'm guessing it doesn't play on the stream as often as Sweetjack, since that's where the majority of ad comments come from.

East Texas P1 said...

I know it's been unusually warm of late, but why does the Hardline continue to use "The Pool Party" intro into a segment.

The jingle is "Hey guys, summer's here.....". Is this an example of the "give up" that has been mentioned on occasion? If the Soul Patch can consider changing their name how hard is it to create a new segment intro?

I never really listen to commercials; have the timing down on the PC mute button. Never heard the Sweet Jack or Green Sheet commercials until mentioned on here. (Green Sheet may have been discussed on air; reference to Danny.)

I will have to listen to the Gingerbread spot.

Anonymous said...

Remember the Race Trac "This is the Rooster" campaign? Ugh. Whoever is heading up their ad department needs to be water-boarded.

Anonymous said...

It was the K&C Masterpiece filling in with Elf on Friday. They've been running in different people each day. Bascik, Fisher, some of their younger talent, etc...

The Plainsman said...

(1) I liked those Race Trac "Rooster and the Mornin' Barn" ads and also the one with the overcaffeinated guy. I hated the Race Trac ad with the union guy who was complaining about Big Gulps.

(2) Who is the "K" of "K&C"?

(3) I only heard the beginning of It's Just Banter and then the tail end. Glad to hear it was worthwile. The part I heard, Jake was doing most of the talking. My opinion of Jake's work on The Top Ten has grown. I only heard maybe 6-7 minutes top and at that point it was mostly Jake doing intro and outro.

My only suggestion to IJB is: Don't run yourselves down and talk about what a lousy show it is. Both of you are experienced Ticket guys at this point -- be proud to be there, obviously you've been given the slot because someone thinks highly of your work. No reason to be self-critical on the air. Will look forward to your next fill-in assignment or permanent slot.

Speaking of which: Why not give IJB the Joe Morgan slot The Ticket has inexplicably scheduled on Sundays? A step backwards for weekend programming, which has generally trended upward the past couple of years.

Anonymous said...

Simple explanation Plainsman,

Same reason there is no evening or night programming: it costs money...talent, board op, producer, ticker guy etc. they don't have to do it to be number one so they don't.

TheDude said...

Wait, is CdS out of the rotation on Saturdays now?

As for the Pool Party intro, it strikes me as one of those things that they just continue to roll with even after the initial splash. Kinda like Fax Fodder wasn't about "the miracle of the facsimile machine" for quite some time. (Which makes me really wish they could have somehow kept up the use of one of my old favorite intros, "Technology Technology that Greggo Won't Embrace")

Anonymous said...

Cirque Du Sirois is not out of rotation. They are in for Norm this week.

Anonymous said...

That wasn't the question, Chief Kunkle. The question was: is CdS still a regular Saturday show? Not if they are still on The Ticket. Man I wish people would take the time to actually read the comment they are going to comment on.

T4 In Rockwall said...

Anon, The Dude's question was "Wait, is CdS out of the rotation on Saturdays now?", which the following Anon answered by saying they're not out of the rotation. How much more can that question be answered?

ap said...

CdS is regularly scheduled for the two hours after The Orphanage (by the way, mixes between those two shows never seem to disappoint). However, they'll be ousted from their timeslot every now and then for scheduling reasons, e.g. SMU, Stars hockey, Saturday Cowboy pregame shows, TicketStock, or in the case of this week, they probably wanted a little bit of extra time to prep before their show this week.

Looking deeper into your comment, it would seem that you are somewhat disappointed by the level of Team Havin' Fun on KTCK airwaves. I would concur in this assessment - the move of CdS from Sundays to Saturdays was supposed to give their show a bit more weekend stability, but they are quite frequently preempted for reasons beyond their control.

Also, Mike went to REM over the weekend and Cash hung out under a bridge or something.

The Plainsman said...

I've generally supported the CTO's efforts to bolster local content during the weekends. Certainly makes the station more listenable over the syndicated national feeds.

So I was disappointed to hear that they've scheduled Joe Morgan on Sunday middays. Never found him interesting as a color guy or otherwise, but in fairness I must say that I have only caught about 20 seconds of his show. I picture him flapping his elbrow against his rib cage while preparing to ask his next question.

dp said...

re: Alexis

Someone called her "Alexis Texas" one time during WTDS and she turned instantly serious: "I said to never call me that." Oh, it was wonderful.

Best traffic chick ever, Barb Smith's extremely contagious giggle/laugh notwithstanding.

The Plainsman said...

A joyous MTC welcome to you, dp.

If I'm not mistaken, this is your first post, and if you are the justly celebrated dp, then our joy is compounded. Thanks for checking in, hope to hear from you often. ap is one of our stalwarts.

The Plainsman said...

And by the way: Pretty sure that's Alexis on the South Africa ad.

Anonymous said...

Them K&C boys at the fan are pretty good. Heard they taught TC everything he knows.