Friday, March 16, 2012

And This Is How the Ticket Welcomes Me Back

So I'm away all week in rough meetings. I had a terrible day of travel yesterday.  Got into DFW at 11:45 on American, of course the Conestoga is parked at the other American terminal, TravelLink wasn't operating so had to call them up and have them come get me (and others who'd gotten in late).  Took them forever to come and they were surly when they arrived.  Impossible signage out of DFW to get on the right road with all the construction.  Head didn't hit the pillow until 2 AM.   Mrs. Plainsman had let the dog sleep on the bed all week and it missed me, so it refused to go into its crate and now I have a large furred mammal braced up against me like an All-Pro Foundation Repair pier as I try desperately to grab a few hours of sleep before an early day today.  I get up and discover that the latch on my catalogue bag is stuck so I can't get to any of my stuff, including my laptop and all pertinent documents.  I'm facing deadlines and hours behind and no idea how I'm going to get my bag open.

Ah, The Ticket!  Always a bright spot.  I run the razor back and forth along the strop so I can get a nice close shave, lather up my face, and reach over and turn on the Crosley.

And what do I hear?

Three hours of Gordon's desperate and apparently unreturned man-love for Mike Doocy.

Big Gordon P1 here.   I've got a pro-Gordon piece in the hopper.  And he's even toned down some of his guaranteed stop-down habits over the past couple of years.  But this one  .  .  .  .   he just can't quit Doocy.  I've noted his unslakable schoolgirlish crush on Doocy in the past as evidenced by his constant schoolboyish teasing. (Gordon mentioned my observation on the air one day, although without attribution.)  

Apparently the same team ran the Muser show on Thursday, so perhaps my being away paid some dividends after all.

Mike and Gordon Return from a Certain Mountain
(taken without permission from The UnTicket, at this posting)
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Hey, Confessors, great comments while I was away.  My thanks for your careful stewardship of this site.

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The Plainsman said...

Nice to hear The Hardline again. All is well.

Anonymous said...

Doocy is the only host I've ever seen that knows how to handle Gordon. He doesn't let him get away with his h.s. debate team b.s. tricks. Doocy turns it right back around on him. It's a beautiful thing to listen to. Maybe Jub was by the channel; and hopefully he learned a thing or two. I love some of Gordo's comedy bits. Although reductive to the point of insults, rather than roast-like praise, his imitations are hilarious. But the man likes being the smartest guy in a room full of middle school minds, way too much. Nice to see someone not only not sit there and take it, but also give back better than he got.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to you piece on The Great Gordo, Plainsman. I know there are a lot of HSOs and STDs about Gordon on this blog's comment section. Some I agree with in part, some in whole, and some not at all. He might be the biggest lightening rod at the station. Though Mike R might have something to say about that. Anyway, get that sucker written and posted up!

The Plainsman said...

You Confessors are getting awfully demanding. I suppose I should be flattered. I'll move my Gordon thoughts up on the list.

T4 In Rockwall said...

Just wondering if you have a sponsorship with All-Pro because the following clip from your original post made no sense otherwise.

... so it refused to go into its crate and now I have a large furred mammal braced up against me like an All-Pro Foundation Repair pier as I try desperately to grab a few hours of sleep before an early day today

Sorry, not trying to be a troll, just thought it was odd that it was mentioned in that sense.