Saturday, March 17, 2012

Take Me Out to Diamond Talk

This site is a big fan of The Tee Box with Rick Arnett and Craig Rosengarden on Saturday mornings (actually, a big fan at all times). 

But it was great to twist the knob on the Philco this morning on the way to work and hear Sean Bass and David Newbury holding forth on All Things Rangers.  These guys do a solid job during the year and today's presentation is really keeping my interest.  (I'm writing this during their Chuck Morgan interview, which has been real good.) 

David Newbury has taken some heat from Confessors over the months for various reasons:  Fracas with Matt McClearin, an unsmooth broadcast delivery.  I think he's fine.  I do like to hear broadcasters who sound like they're not afraid of a mic, but I think David fits in well with the overall sound of The Ticket.  Sounds like a guy to me, with the added benefit of being a guy who really does his homework.

Sean Bass brings his Tickerman skills to the show along with solid diamond knowledge.  He's a legacy voice for me on the station, never a stop-down.  He also seems to be a guy who has the respect of everyone on the station.  Can't put my finger on why I get the feeling that he's a well-liked figure among the hosts and JV, but it's just something that I feel through the speakers. 

Can't wait for the roar of the grass, the smell of the crowd.

Not Sean and David; Snow Monkeys in Snow

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Anonymous said...

Listening to CdS interview Donnie Doo. Excellent job, fellas. The last segment on race was very eye-opening. I think CdS might do interviews better than anyone at The Ticket. They ask the right questions and (unlike Mr. Keith) let the guest answer the questions and be the "star." (Mr. Keith seems to find it rather difficult to let anyone outshine him.) Now let's hope CdS doesn't go and ruin the show with some helter-skelter, inside-jokey, ahem, bit of "comedy."

P1 Steven said...

I think Sea bass is solid, but can get his toes stepped on rather easily.

Shaggy said...

Have you seen Mildred Pierce?