Monday, November 19, 2012

Anyone Interested?

Been on my mind for awhile. 

Thinking about having a party at some swell centrally-located spot for readers.  Set a time and place, make sure there's enough room for a group,  remind people about designated drivers, lay down the plastic, talk Ticket -- maybe even tahk gawf -- and say thanks. 

Is this the sort of thing any of you would be interested in?  Not sure I'm going to do it, but just checking the interest level.  If you'd prefer to email me --

Have a lovely Thanksgiving, all.


ausgang said...


birq said...

I'm interested.

charlie0712 said...

I'd be in if I still lived in Dallas but being in TN it ain't an option for me.

Jonaessa said...

If it's the right place and time, I'm in. The sooner the notice, the better. (I don't think any sane person wants my little P1 weighing in on any issues, though he is pretty darn cute.) No one at my office talks Ticket, even though roughly half of the 200 employees are of the targeted demographic.