Saturday, November 17, 2012

Train Station and Other Extremely Quick Hits

--  George DiGianni is doing a show featuring (among other things) genital herpes with a Dr. Cockerell.

--  George can make fun of himself.  His GenoStim ads now feature drops from his show, and today he remarked in the course of the keep-locker-rooms sanitary discussion that he always goes home to shower because, among other reasons, "I don't want to see a bunch of swinging sausages."  Then he paused; then said he was waiting for his engineer/op to make it into a drop.

--  Kevin Turner with Tickerman duties today.  The Mitchell Kerasik Watch is on hold.

--  A commenter on the last thread observes:  "From the comments made prior to and during the letter of suggestions from a listener that Corby read, it's pretty obvious that Rhyner doesn't care for listener input or opinion, period. Which leads me to believe that if he is aware of this site, he must loathe it." 

I think this is probably correct.  Of course, we would all like our favorite hosts to like us.  Even though this site is mostly highly supportive of The Hardline and worshipful of Mike R's legend, it's the slice that doesn't fall under the "mostly" part of the pie that probably rankles.  And who could blame him or any other Ticketarian who doesn't like MTC?  Would you like someone commenting on your job performance every few days, slicing and dicing your every inflection, and anonyously to boot?  No.  So I've never introduced myself to any Ticket host and probably will keep my distance from the larger specimens of that group for the forseeable future.

--  So, are we about to experience another Greggo eruption?  There is some suggestion that he has been mysteriously absent from RaGE the last couple of days.  Dare I type those legendary words: 

Where's Greggo?


Anonymous said...

If I had to host with Richie, I think I would be mysteriously absent too.

blergoyen said...

Rhyner has always been defiant and/or defensive in the face of competition and/or criticism, so yeah, he probably does loathe this site.

I'd love to read Greggo's contract. I don't know what's customary in the radio business, but I'm curious to see what riders were added by both parties.

What happens every week day around 6:59am when the reception goes from very bad, to a brief moment of static noise, to much better reception? Is there some giant switch the flip at that time?

birq said...

Broadcast stations (particularly AM radio) have a nighttime power level and a daytime power level. Because AM signals travel better at night, the transmitters are required to broadcast at a lower power output at night to keep them from stepping all over each other. What you're hearing is probably the switch from their night level (5,000 watts) to their day level (25,000 watts).

ausgang said...

First off, that's the most normal looking, sane, healthy photo of Greggo that I've seen since the early 00s while still at The Ticket. He looks absolutely silly and insane these days. Take a drive by the Fan Sports Show one evening and you'll see what I mean.

Someone on the last thread posted something to the effect that Greggo's probably sick, like half the metroplex is right now. I did laugh out loud when I read the "puppy faces, Cat" line. Don't know if you were around during that time, Plainsman, but it's from a fake Greggo calling Cat to tell him he's sick but to NOT tell Mike (who was still Rhyner). Whenever Expo would play it as the opening, you knew Greggo was out and that someone else was co-hosting with Mike. And when it was Gordon, look out! But more often than not, as the absences occurred more and more frequently, it was Corby who stepped in. Who knew at the time what was really going on behind the scenes! Whatever is going on with him these days, I hope he hasn't fallen back on his old ways. But if he has, and it costs him his job, I have a feeling that said job is on its last legs anyway. I'd be willing to bet a nice chunk of change that The Fan is going to go through some serious changes come the new year.

I agree that Mike probably does loathe this site. Then again, I'm not too sure how appreciative he is of the listener in general anymore. He appears to me to be on cruise control. And he has been for a long while now. I guess that's what happens when you're on top for so long, and with no competition to keep you on your toes.

DiGianni is a weird guy. Period. Sometimes I think he brings to light topics that are affecting his own life. I say that because of the randomness of some of his topics and guests. While there is a coherent thread with most of his guests and topics, he keeps throwing in off kilter things. Things that, oh, affect guys his age. A guy like George. I think Jake once said that if GD had a reality show, it would be must see television. I must say that I agree. GD is a weird, off-putting, yet compelling guy, to say the least.

East Texas P1 said...

Those "accommodating young men" over at The Unticket deserve all the credit.

I had to listen three times this morning and chuckle every time.

Get Off The Sick - Fake Greggo

P2 in MI said...

This was posted recently. Sorry if someone previously already posted this link:

ausgang said...

I just listened to the entire 49 + minutes of Greggo's last day on air at The Ticket. I have to say, he sounded fine to me. If anything, it was Mike R. who was acting as if he was out of it. Mike was all over the place; he sounded lost and bumbling for more than half the time. Conversely, Greggo was making sharp little quips and call backs (ones in which Mike didn't get at first, until Greggo reminded him of what he was talking about). Greggo was even doing his own drops while calling in from his car's gps system. One thing that was interesting was hearing a useful What's on Mike's Mind; you remember, back when there used to be things on his mind other than The Rolling Stones and Neil Young. I can't believe all this went down 5 years ago. A part of me thinks how could it have been that long ago, while the other part of me feels like it took place 8 years ago. So much has transpired. And yet, when I listen to WTDS from 5 years ago, it could've happened this past Friday. It hasn't evolved one bit. But when it comes to WTDS, that's OK. However I do wish The Hardline show proper would evolve. One last thing, I don't care what anyone says, the show was better when the Hammer was on. I can't do it justice with words, but somehow, someway, Greggo kept Mike honest; he made him have to be the pilot; he forced him to be engaged (even though this particular WTDS and the first two segments show a less than coherent Mike).

Around 42:34-35. You hear Corby, thinking he's off-air, say to the effect: "Do we know where he is?" or the likes. After that, no more Greggo. Wow. Who knew the fireworks that were about to ensue.

The Plainsman said...

Interesting reactions, ausgang. I remember that day. With respect to your thoughts on who was sharp and who wasn't, I suppose it's all about context. The Line was dealing with Hammer's increasing drug use and decreased participation in the show. I recall that I'd have been OK with Greggo's departure at any time during the prior six months -- it was clear something was amiss with him, and I did not attribute it to any nefarious plot on the part of Mike/Corby/Danny to freeze him out of the show (which he has since claimed).

That particular day, they were dealing with another Greggo late arrival, probably high. Have you ever tried to talk to a drunk, even a lucid drunk, when you were sober? It's hard to do. And, of course, Mike was dealing with Jeff Catlin at CTO HQ about the situation. A certain degree of distraction is understandable.

Here is Richie Whitt's account of that day from "The Hard Lie":

"On Friday, October 12, Williams claims he innocently overslept. In between his workout and lunch, he dozed off and didn't arrive for The Hardline's remote at Addison's Blackfinn Restaurant and Saloon until the middle of the first segment. During a commercial break Catlin called and ordered Williams to immediately take a drug test.

"'I can't take a drug test right now,' Williams told his boss.

"At 9 a.m. the following Monday at the station's offices across from Reverchon Park, Williams met Catlin and Dan Bennett, vice president at Cumulus Radio, which owns The Ticket. 'They knew, and I knew I couldn't deny it anymore,' Williams says. 'I told them I couldn't take the test...because I couldn't pass it.'"

I truly hope Greg is OK and that his recent absence has an innocent, non-health-related explanation. A couple of weeks ago I asked whether Greggo was having absence problems lately, didn't get any response. I wasn't aware of any -- I don't punch over very often, but when I do he always seems to be present and accounted for.

Anyway, if I get any news I'll let you know.

The Plainsman said...

No Mitchell K on Tickers today, either.

Anonymous said...

Jeez a whiz. I really dig MaSS. Scot just keeps getting better with every week. And I enjoy Matt's sports opinions and analyses. But dammit, man. The gas station restroom/feces story was WAY OVER THE TOP. It didn't need to be aired. But if you felt compelled to air it, then there's a more tactful way of describing it. Good gravy. I don't know, man, but Cat or someone needs to have a sit down with Matt and tell him that he's gotta locate his internal governor and learn how to use it. I know the dude is on the strange side, he admits it himself, but WOW. LIke I said, I'm a fan of Mass. I'm a fan of Matt's. But dude, you need tap the brakes, big time, on your personal life. Because, with all due Norm 'please don't take this as a criticism,' it makes you look pretty crazy. And at times, like the crap about Luby's, not so bright. Which sucks because you seem like a pretty smart guy.

The Plainsman said...

1014: MaSS has indeed been a sneaky weekend hit, really hitting the right notes (for me) on a Sunday morning. I'm on record thinking that Scot H could be a weekday star of the future when that sad day of prime-time realignment finally arrives.

I must say, however, that I also sympathize with your Matt comments. I wasn't as revolted as you were, and I could do without the TMI personal-life stuff as well, but yeah, it does get a little squirmy sometimes.

However, sometimes it's gold. In the pre-MaSS days there was the alien visitation thing that was fascinating in a trainwreck kind of way -- wouldn't want to miss those segments if he had to tone things down.

But yeah, MaSS is pretty good stuff for the weekend, and pretty good stuff any old time.

ausgang said...

Plainsman, I was only going off of the URL provided here. Trust me, I was around during those times, and I remember many a segment, many a moment where Greggo either dropped out completely, or was audibly wobbly. Have you listened to that last hour of Greggo's broadcasting career at The Ticket lately? If not, and you can find the time, I suggest you do. It's very interesting on a several levels. I also think that if you listen to it without any prejudice/foreknowledge, you'll agree with me that it was Mike who sounded discombobulated, not Greggo. (As an aside: yes, I've been around many functioning -some highly functioning- alcoholics/addicts.)

I really do wish that you were around here during the early to mid years, before Greggo started to slip. The Hardline was truly, truly special. There was a reason it became (and to some extent still is) the flagship show of the station. In those early to mid years, everything revolved around The Hardline. The Musers didn't serenade them with "Sweet Hardline" during the first few Ticket Time Wasters sessions for nothing. All fans (Ticket Heads and Ticket Chicks *prior to actual Ticket Chicks*) and all other hosts bowed down to The Masters of Hardness. The O.G. (Original Greatness), that was what The Hardline used to be. Alas, it is no more. And what is more, it will never be. There was a dynamic present when Greggo was co-host (again, prior to his downslide), that, to repeat my last comment, forced Mike to take the helm. Mike is at his best when he's at the helm. Otherwise, he seems bored and content to let others do what they will. I wish they could have found some way to work things out. Who knows, a 6 month rehab retreat with mandated N.A. meetings and counseling? Again, who knows? It might have taken a long, long time to get past certain issues, but I do believe that given enough time, they would have. And we, the listeners, would be reaping the benefit for years.

Anonymous said...

Rhyner still posts occasionally at Remove Rowdy dot com under the username "fruitdog"

The Plainsman said...

No intention to be critical, ausgang -- in fact, I assumed that your account was accurate. I was just trying to remember for myself why I was entirely OK with Hammer's departure from the show that day. It wasn't his first tardy.

Yes, I regret that my Ticket baptism was delayed until 2004. Wish I'd been a day-one. Thanks for the reminiscence.

The Plainsman said...

1156: Really? I went back and read some fruitdog posts. Sure never would have gleaned that it was Mike R. Surprising that he'd spend time on a babyarm site. Actually . . . maybe not.

ausgang said...

I am loving Cowboy Theater 1310!!!!!! I almost spit my lunch out when Fake Greggo made his appearance. Veiled references were abound. This is the best. Reminds me of the old days when the hosts would call or sit in on each others shows. They'd do it often. Ah The Ticket. This is a bit of a taste of how it was in the early days, Plainsman. And it's the reason why the station built up such a fiercely loyal following; it's the reason it became the juggernaut that it now is.

The Plainsman said...

Anyone listening to Kowboy Komedy Theater 1310? I was going to switch back and forth between them and Brad/Babe, but I could only sync up the HD TV with one of them, so I picked B/B and didn't hear a lot of KKT1310. From what little I heard, it wasn't as chaotic as some of these things usually are where everyone talks at once; sounds like not everyone is on mic at the same time. So it sounds like it might be good; kinda sorry I'm missing most of it.


The Plainsman said...
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The Plainsman said...
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Anonymous said...

You triple posted the same thing Plainsman. You made the wrong call by not synching up with The Ticket. I can barely breath from laughing so hard. Fake Doug Free might be the best thing since I don't know what. "Is green a different color than red?"

I can't believe a guy like you would've chosen Brad and Babe over the once a season -if even that often- Ticket Cowboy Theater. Dang it, pal, you've lost some credibility in my eyes. How do you host this site and not listen to it? As Corby says "whatevz."

The Plainsman said...

You're right. I erred.

However, I've heard these things in the past where there seemed to be too many guys on mic at the same time and it ended up sounding like the incomprehensible Fight Night call.

Lesson learned.

atlanta rhythm section said...

Come on, MAN! You have a blog called My Ticket Confession and you decide to listen to The FAIL broadcast instead of the greatness of Cowboy Theater 1310??? All because sometimes voices get jumbled on remotes like Fight Night???? Are you kidding me?!?!?!? THIS is why you don't know half of what goes on at the Ticket. It's not because you've only been listening for 8 years. Your Ticket Confession should be that you find the Ticket interesting and like to spout out opinions ever so often based on very small sample sizes. Damn Plainsman. Either get on the bus or hand over the wheel to someone who knows how to drive it.

Anonymous said...

Cowboy Theater was spectacular. Simply awesome. My girlfriend even came upstairs to listen for a while (she was downstairs watching another game but kept hearing my laugh loudly).

alvinintexas said...

Sorry to dogpile on you, Plainsman, but I think the criticisms are for the most part well-founded. I can't understand why a guy who runs a blog like this would make a choice like that. And then have the nerve to ask your readers to give you updates.

"So it sounds like it might be good; kinda sorry I'm missing most of it.

To quote over-emphatic Norm: "Really, man? REALLY?!"

Seriously though, Plainsman. Really?

Methinks atlanta rhythm section's assessment of your actual interest and listening might be more accurate than not. It seems to me that you like the scuttlebut, the gossip, and the possibility of shake up more than you actually like the on air product.

While you didn't lose a listener, you did lose credibility where your articles are concerned. No matter how well written they might be. Thankfully you have commenters that do listen, often, and are die hards. Those are the people who have something to say worth thinking about. Well, OK, if it comes to some potential non-compete contract stuff, you seem to know your stuff. So I'll go to you when it comes to those issues. Hopefully no one leaves, and I won't have to.

P2 in MI said...

I don't want to dog pile, but that is a pretty poor choice for someone who heads a Ticket Blog that posts on a regular basis. Especially considering this was a one-time only shot during this football season.

You have talked about it before, but maybe you should consider letting others submit some posts? As moderator, you would still have final approval over what is posted/accepted, but it would allow others who may listen more/longer to post. Just a thought from someone who probably has one post in themselves, but not enough to start a whole new blog.

Anonymous said...

Bad decision, Coach. Bad decision.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. What's the deal? Did you smoke um a peyote laced peace pipe with some injuns out there on the frontier Plainsman? I can't believe you had the choice and went down that route. Like Josh Howard said, tha ball do crazy thingz. Crazy man. Crazy.

T4 In Rockwall said...

Man! Rough crowd...

birq said...

Rough crowd indeed. I don't think Plainsman has ever pretended to be anything other than a Ticket fan who doesn't get to listen as often as he likes. We have no idea what's going on in his situation or scene.

Speaking from my own experience this past weekend, I was stuck in the car during the 1st half of the game and tried listening to CT1310 but without the context of seeing what they were seeing, it was disjointed and hard to follow. I listened for the duration of my drive, but I had to keep switching back to Babe and Brad to know what was going on in the game. I'm sure I missed a lot of the gold because of it, but there were stretches where it was chaos and out-of-context remarks, so I don't think it was as great an experience on its own as some are making it out to be. It's like the audience in Rocky Horror without the movie.

Anonymous said...

The idea of it is, birq, is to follow along while watching it. The promo even tells you to turn down the sound of the game and turn on The Ticket. If not, it'd be like watch Mystery Science Theater 3000 without the video...yeah, there might be some moments, but most of it wouldn't make sense. So your comment is a bit on the lame side, sorry. I don't think anyone's being too rough on the Plainsman. He does run a blog about the freaking Ticket doesn't he? He chose, on purpose, to listen to Brad and Babe rather than Cowboy Theater 1310, and knowing that it was a once a year thing. How did he know it was a one a year thing? Because every single promo said it was. Besides any listener knows that it is from previous experience, anyways. At least any attentive listener. If you're not an attentive listener, no matter how much you listen, then you probably shouldn't be running a blog about the station. Sounds about right to me.

birq said...

My lame point, Anon, was that I didn't have the benefit of a TV, so it didn't mean as much to me. It was unrelated to Plainsman's experience or anyone else's. People are touchy around here lately.

Anonymous said...

Don't think it's a matter of being touchy, I think it's a matter of making sense.

birq said...

You're right, Anon.

I'm done. Lets tawk goff.

ap said...


Rough crowd, lately. Folks, The Plainsman has openly and freely admitted in the past that he lacks the time to be a full-time P1. I have the game recorded as well as the theatre, so I hope to give it a listen and see what happens. I will say that previous ticket theatre 1310's haven't gone as nearly as well as this one seems to have, though.

Regarding Mike R's views about this site, and about the Unticket as well -- I asked him about it a while back via email, and was very pleased when I got a lengthy response. I won't post the email verbatim, since I don't know if he'd appreciate that, but it was written in the classic Rhynes style of a single run-on sentence with zero captilization or punctuation save for the occasional trail of ellipses.

From talking to DP, and hearing the occasional pre-victory-move comments, he didn't like the little Un much at first - probably because of all of the photoshopped pictures painting him in a negative light. But, he wrote that was very thankful for the Unticket during the rough enco-less patch after the move, because we had amassed so much audio over the years and could help salvage what was thought to be forever lost.

Regarding this site, he expressed a sort of bewilderment that something he'd created had spiraled into something so popular that a site like this (and others) could even exist, let alone have a healthy audience. He did however say something to the effect of "good god man, you guys spend way too much time analyzing things!"... which is completely true, I suppose.

So, in summary, I wouldn't say "loathe" at all. More like "bemused".

The Plainsman said...

Fascinating, ap. Thanks. Given The Ticket's cultural significance in DFW, I'm surprised there aren't several more sites like this one, I really am. (The many recent calls for my retirement also suggesting that the market is there for other non-Grubes/Leader-type sites.) I had hopes for The Ticket Tribute, which got off to a great start, but the last post there was July 23. Ticket Tribute Guy seemed to know his stuff.

But Mike is being disingenuous. The hosts strive to create a personal relationship with the listener (and succeed), and Mike expresses bafflement when listeners buy into it and care viscerally about what goes on at The Little One and what their on-air friends think about each other, themselves, the competition and the P1. (Not to mention The Rolling Stones.) He should worry about the day when people stop overanalyzing the joint. (I've heard from more than one Ticketarian that much of what appears here in posts and comments represent very good guesses.)

And while I elected not to defend myself against charges of insufficient fealty to The Ticket by choosing Brad/Babe over Kowboy Komedy Theater 1310, I have indeed listened to it in the past and found it not worth foregoing knowing what is actually going on in the game. Perhaps this time was an exception. In general, I have many spare-time moments that I choose not to listen to The Ticket, and I appreciate the recognition by some commenters here that I'm not the Jamie Newberg of The Ticket. I'm a pretty average -- maybe even below-average -- auditor of the station, and it's not my intention to maintain this forum as an authoritative clearinghouse for everything that goes on at there. I get a tidbit, I pass it along. I have a thought, I spill it. But I don't study the joint and my memory for bits and segments isn't particularly keen, since I'm usually doing something else (working, dodging semis) when it's on.

(The "rough crowd" comments are par for the course anyway. If you're going to blog with open commentary, it goes with the territory. The criticisms, while rather harsh, at least didn't stoop to name-calling and vulgarity. I'm OK with people loathing me or the site for their own reasons.)

As for the suggestion that I let other more loyal listeners write articles -- I've begged readers for articles and, with one exception, gotten zero, and I mean absolutely no, response. I sometimes do it by force, making comments into posts. You got a take you want posted as an original piece? You have some compositional skills? I'd be delighted. Here:

If you can remember anything else, ap, I'd be grateful to know it.

Scott said...

Plainsman, I believe the reason you don't get more articles is the twitter world influence. While I have an account, I use it mainly to follow. I think I have posted twice on twitter, I am more of a FB guy.

But, I think folks get worked up, or have brief commentary, and go to the immediate posting of twitter for their musings.

There may also be some trepidation about posting. As evidenced in this thread, folks may not want that type of criticism. We deal with it at work, home, or wherever, and the cyber world is an escape. I am not sure people want their escape to be negative.

Those of us who do post thoughts online, whether twitter, FB or blogs are probably worn out from the election. I know I expended tremendous amounts of energy with online comments of political nature.

Lastly, there has not been a major Ticket shakeup recently. If we were to wake up tomorrow to some unexpected absence or online feud, maybe it would heat up.

I am curious, what have your hits been like lately?