Monday, January 14, 2013

The Connection of This Post to The Ticket is that I Am Listening to The Ticket Every Time I Drive Past This

This sign is on I-45 but it is identical to the Honeybaked billboard a  little south of the Galleria on the southbound Tollway.

Who's designing Honeybaked's ad campaigns these days?  Georgia O'Keefe?


Dave Hoekstra said...

There is one of these just south of Northeast Mall on 820. I thought of the exact same thing. I probably spend too much time on Reddit.

MoronDog said...

Wow. That's an intense billboard.

Did anyone else notice the chemistry on the Musers this morning without Craig "The Joonz" Miller? I thought it was definitely hurting without him. George is great, don't get me wrong, but I think this morning shows you what Craig brings to the show (or Doocy when he is filling in). A few times it felt like George was hanging out there waiting for someone on the show to respond (Gordo, Dick Hicks) and no one was talking until Fernanda chimied in on Cowboy talk.

And, the Gangnam Style Ticketstock bit has officially worn out its welcome.

Anonymous said...

According to The Orphanage, as sick as we already are of the Ticketstock song, they hosts and crew are even more done with it--they can't turn the sound off or the dial. Poor guys. Jeez. ATTN: Cat. Get rid of that spare show. Yay. 40 somethings talking about the things that 20 somethings value most. Once you get into your 30s, if you're still talking trash about musical acts and spitefully goofing on some band's song, well, something has gone horribly wrong with your emotional intelligence. But yeah, I'm sick of the Ticketstock song too.


To be honest, I've seen that billboard many times and it's never hit me as such. But now that it's been pointed out, I will never again see it with the same eyes. THanks a lot, Plainsman.

Steve said...

I need to start listening to the teebox:

atlanta rhythm section said...

Don't stop there, make sure you listen to at least the last 10 minutes of George DiGianni. The mix between the two shows is brilliant. I would love, even if just for one segment, have DiGianni and Rosengarten do a show together. No other voices but theirs. Oh, and with Mitch the Mauler doing Tickers, of course.

Pretty harsh assessment of The Orphanage. Some truth there, but also a lot of what sorta smacks of animosity. Davey's not bad and Danny's damn good. I also scratch my head at the sometimes venomous spewing over some band. But overall it's a good show. I switch between it and Ed Wallace's "Wheels." Man, if you want the straight skinny on the economy, oil, politics and policy, he's da man.

birq said...

That billboard makes me so hungry. So very hungry.

The Plainsman said...

@Dave H: Are you by any chance the same Dave Hoekstra who used to ply his journalism trade in Chicago? Whether or not, my cordial welcome to the distinguished corps of Confessors.

The Plainsman said...

Yeah, I'm not sure where the outright hostility to the Orphanage comes from. I still enjoy it. I don't mind the music talk, nor do I mind the talk that some thing are age-inappropriate for D&D. In fact, I enjoy it too much -- if I'm in the office on Saturday, when I have it on I find I'm listening to it and chuckling and not doing what I schlepped up to my sweatshop to do.

The Plainsman said...

I believe I used "schlep" incorrectly in the previous comment. It does not mean "to travel," it means "to carry something from place to place." So perhaps I should have said "not doing what I schlepped my ass up to my sweatshop to do."

Although . . . now that I stop to think of it, the lyric (which you can hear at the beginning of the Train Station Fitness Show, of all places, so there's a Ticket connection) goes: "And away he'll schlep on his elephant Shep/While Fella and Ursula stay in step."

I learned everything I need to know from Jay Ward cartoons

Anonymous said...

I learn everything I need to know from George DiGianni. And Drs. X and Salmon.

Anonymous said...

Is Yahoo Sports a division of CBS? After the headache inducing Ferrall show, the station goes back to the Yahoo Sports overnight feed. If not, then what's the deal with Cumulus partnering up with CBS? Why spend any money on a show that no one is going to listen to? Why not just go to Yahoo, assuming you're already paying for it, after the Top Ten ends? I think it's obvious by now that The Ticket/CTO has no interest in doing local weeknight programming. (Something tells me that Intentional Grounding will not be back next football season. ) Else by now we would've seen more of that sort of programming.

Dammit I hate to say it, but The Hardline officially sucks. It's boring as hell. The only thing that interests those guys is music and Hollywood bulsh. It's just painful to listen to one senior citizen and two middle aged f's talk about celebrities like TMZ does. Their sports talk bites too. They sound like guys at the bar. Just a bunch of "gut" opinions with no thought whatsoever put into them. No preparation. It's the worst show on The Ticket. It used to be the best. By far. And no, it has zero to do with that idiot Gregg Williams. In fact, I blame him for the way those guys behave. He was the blue print for no prep, concerning yourself with anything but sports, and being an overarching self concerned ass.

Anonymous said...

I'm just curious how the station higher ups think having the Ticketstock song, the "What about eggs" love song and the Ferrall show all on at the same time is a good idea.

Tomfoolery said...

Is it just me or do Sean Bass's tickers seem like they last about twice as long as the other ticker guys'? I would think tickers would be a standard length, but I really think his go about 30 seconds to a minute longer than everyone else's. Is this just an attempt by him to get more air time?

ausgang said...

Say what?

I think they're on a strict time limit. Maybe he squeezes more into them than others because he doesn't feel the need to inject his own standup routine in them, like most others. Thus he gets in more sports content, and so they seem longer.

Anonymous Ron said...

Why is construction talk so damn funny?

Anonymous said...

@12:51 I can't say i disagree with you on the Hardline as far as their sports "takes" go. However; just about all hosts everywhere do more prep than you think. Whether it's the day/night before or hours before the show. If they're not compelling AND sound like they don't prep, that's a bad thing

Tickers: there is a deep system of checks and balances that keeps ticker guys from doing what you suggest. #1 rated talk shows..harder to manage

Yahoo: Not a part of CBS

BBQ said...

I'm ready for the Joonz to return. I don't like it when Gordo and Jub play nice nice with each other. Gordo is Jub's foil, and Jub is Gordo's compass. Plus, without Joonz's perfectly timed and measured responses to Gordo's bits, they somehow don't seem nearly as effective. All that and the fact that I'm always interested in what he has to say about anything sports. Specially now with Lance Armstrong's Oprah blush and Cubes finally, sorta, admitting he took the wrong route after winning the Larry O.

Slim_Shakey said...

New guy on the block.

Love contractor talk, have no idea what they are talking about, but I can see myself asking those questions and getting those answers. I laughed a lot this morning. Just another example of we can do what they do, but they can't do what we do.

I miss The Junz too, but I also like the mix up from time to time, kinda like WED for me. Junior had an awesome tweet today, I thinks he will be back tomorrow.

The Plainsman said...

Love George.

Love Gordon.

Get well soon, Junior.

Shaggy said...

Hardline really slammed weekend programming today, in particular Mitchell Karasik

Some highlights:

Jake: "...and Mitchell Karasik..."
Mike: "Who's that?"
Corby: "He's a ticker guy who can't read."
Corby: "We hired a ticker guy that during every word, it sounds like he's about to swallow his tongue."
Danny: "He got every singe word wrong."
Mike: "This (talking about weekend talent) sounds like a totally different scene. This sounds like a completely different radio station. This doesn't sound like the Ticket I know."
Mike: "We've hired our first official retard for the ticket tickers."
Mike: "So watch out for that, CBS."

Shaggy said...

I reposted this on the new blog entry, so comment there if you wish to continue the conversation.