Monday, October 21, 2013

96.7 -- The Dawn of a New Sunset

This is the most important day in Ticket history next to the day it first signed on.  More important than any of the acquisitions.  More important than any of their physical moves.

The Ticket finally has a long-pants signal, 96.7 FM.

This instantly renders 1310 AM irrelevant, except perhaps in certain pockets south of the metro.  And from their discussion of the inauguration of 96.7 FM during Muse in the News this morning, you can tell that the Musers, at least, know it.

Alas, Your Favorite Website did not receive the acknowledgment it was due for sparking demand for this precise change starting in 2011.   They all laughed  .  .  .  .

The signal was clear as a bell all the way downtown -- and, as Junior said, in the parking garage and in my high-rise office.

I do wonder if Cumulus will take a run at the Mavericks when their 103.3 contract is up, since The Ticket may now be heard at night throughout Cool Metro.  I suppose the the Local Management Agreement (LMA) Cumulus has with ESPN for 103.3 plays into that decisionmaking somehow.  Can't see them going for the Rangers -- too many day games.

Would Jerry consider a return to The Ticket for the Cowboys now that it has a long-pants signal?  Mm, guessing no, but Jerry is a practical man, if not a farsighted football man.  We'll take a look at the technical considerations some other time.

Smokin' FM
Who is the happiest guy in Cool Metro today?

Gotta be one T.C. Fleming.


Shaggy said...

I feel like I've heard or read references to The Ticket being quite happy when their time as the official station of the Cowboys was over. Like perhaps it was a money-losing proposition. I'm far from certain about that though.

The Plainsman said...

Shaggy, I heard that too. I suspected it, though. Like trashing the pretty girl that dumped you, claiming she really wasn't all that.

But sure, I could understand how the rights would be expensive. I could also see how The Ticket could charge more for ad time on the most-listened-to radio broadcast in DFW if it might actually be heard in all the local counties where Cowboys fans might be found.

I'm sure some market-savvy guy will tell us why having the Cowboys radio franchise is undesirable.

James said...

As an Arlington listener, the 97.7 change is very welcome. But it's not just for the reasons mentioned here and in the announcement this morning.

Even on days when I can hear 1310 pretty well, it's still problematic when they play a clip, for example, Homer Call, or when Corby plays audio that he recorded. or a movie clip. I would always try my best to hear what is being said, and then I couldn't make it out, and then you'd hear everyone laugh, and I'm shrugging my shoulder, wondering what I missed.

Finally having a clear FM signal will take care of such things.

James said...

Obviously, I didn't mean to type 97.7

Eric said...

I'm pretty sure I remember Mike talking about how much money they lost on the Cowboys. The rights are mucho $$$, and the Cowboys get a significant cut of the ad revenue.

On Greggo's blog (yeah yeah I know), one of his first posts outlined the business arrangement between the Fan and the Cowboys in more detail. It's a pretty one-sided deal.

"Official Station of the Cowboys" has some cache, for sure. But I don't think our little Ticket really needs the help.

The Stars and just niche enough where it works and doesn't disrupt regular programming too often.

Although if the rumors are true that Ralph and Razor are out after this season, that could be part of a larger Stars-broadcasting shake-up too.

MoronDog said...

So, how will the ratings work now for The Ticket? Will they combine 96.7 and 1310am together?

I could see the AM signal taking a hit, though 1310am stills comes in much stronger in my office than the 96.7fm signal on my trusty little walkman radio.

MoronDog said...

I'm in North Garland, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Eric, where are you getting those R&R rumors? Ralph's contract runs out after this season, and it hasn't yet been renewed. But Razor is good standing, contract wise. What are you hearing?

Eric said...

Maybe it was just Ralph....

I remember a DMN article, right before hockey season started, that mentioned Ralph's contact situation and that new ownership may want to put their own stamp on the broadcast after this season.

And doesn't one of the new pre and post-game hosts have significant play by play experience?

I could be making this whole thing up....just vaguely remembering what has already been reported.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Eric. It's always been my thought that we'll eventually lose Razor to a bigger hockey market and/or media outlet--e.g., TSN or a team like the Maple Leafs.

Anonymous Ron said...

Maybe it's the car radio, but I lose 96.7 in the Woodall Rodgers tunnel.

Anonymous said...

Today was one of the greatest days ever. I always had to listen to the Fan while driving around the metroplex, b/c the 1310 signal was god awful. Today I didn't have to listen to the Fan once. The ticket guys sounded crystal clear. It was weird, I had never heard them that way before. It was like they were in my car talking to me.

CBS can not be happy about this. Although the Fan has been getting abysmal ratings, it's only going to get worse for them.

Anonymous said...

It was amazing to hear the broadcast on 96.7 today. Not only were the voices easier to hear, I actually heard small nuances and sounds on ticket tickers, traffic reports and other "lead in" sounders. Great move...only took 20 years to address it.

T4 In Rockwall said...

I heard the back end of Cat talking to THL on the air. Something about the signal not being clear and possibly picking up a Spanish station out of Houston. Driving from Rockwall to Dallas (75 and 635 area) was horrible this morning and I was picking up this Spanish station. Didn't know it was coming from Houston until Cat mentioned it. He mentioned that if you can't get it on FM, to switch over to AM and you're bound to pick it up strong with one of those. That's not what I wanted to hear. I missed most of their conversation so maybe it was indeed weather related and the signal might get stronger? For the most part I'm happy with the change, but hopefully driving to work doesn't always such though.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's as big of a factor as people were saying, although I live in McKinney. Losing 104.1 was pretty devastating to me. There was definitely a lack of quality on 96.7 than compared to 104.1. It's probably a location thing though.

Gopher said...

Weather conditions this morning were right for the FM signals to "skip" off of the clouds with the cold front moving in. This will happen several times a year. Usually as it warms up the problem goes away. 104.1 used to catch skip from another station in Tyler. When the conditions are right you can hear stations out of Waco and Oklahoma City better than the Dallas stations.

I was in parts of Grayson, collin, Fannin and Hunt counties today. The new FM signal was better in all of them than 1310.

The Plainsman said...

It's interesting to hear the accounts of the new FM listeners. I would say 99% of my listening since 2004 was on 104.1 FM even to downtown, but I was probably fortunate in having my business and personal travel in Cool Metro rattling around in the 104.1 signal area most of the time.

So sound-quality-wise, things aren't all that different for me, except (1) no drop-outs, (2) audible under unfavorable conditions (parking garages, buildings), (3) perhaps a very marginal uptick in overall clarity, although I may be imagining that, and(4) no C&W from Tyler.

Yep -- for most terrestrial radio listeners, 1310 AM just became brand nostalgia. Huge day for the P1, not to mention new P1's gathering by the channel for the first time.

Dan said...

T4, when did Cat talk to the HL? What time was it?

p Dub said...

Thanks P-Man, this place has been keeping me expertly informed -- like always -- through this emotional transition.

My adventures generally take me through a vast swath of the Metroplex. I guess I had been just involuntarily toggling between 104 and 1310 when the signal would start to dip. never really noticed it.

I live near Apogee in Denton, and while the 1310 signal has always been a whipping in Den-tron, its straight up inaudible on my block.

This is a BFD for The Little One; I was an extra proud P-1 yesterday.

-Stay hard Confessors

MoronDog said...

@Dan - It was pretty early on in the show...maybe during What's on Mike's Mind of the 3:50 segment. He did say that the point wasn't to get coverage on both all over the area, but if you tune in and one is inaudible, then the other one should be really clear and strong.

Shaggy said...

You're correct. Cat came on at 3:49.

T4 In Rockwall said...

Came in crystal clear this morning. We live in Texas so we shouldn't have too many weather issues...��

A Potamus said...

Norm's lip smacking and Dan's "eating on the air" now completely free from static. I may be sticking with 1310, at least in the car at lunchtime.

East Texas P1 said...

Funny moment when Chief David Brown and Omar Villafranca are exchanging (somewhat) heated tweets and Shoopy steps in and invites them to Chili's.

Anonymous said...

Now if someone will start doing ratings on exactly when the discerning listener switches off the Ticket on to...well anything else.
Gordon has to be the leader in mid segment switching!

Anonymous said...

I'm probably in the minority to care or notice but I really don't like "listening to 1310 The Ticket AND 96.7 fm" that they are now having to include.

Arlington P1 said...

There is a completely dead spot In Arlington at the intersection of Pioneer and West Green Oaks. Nothing but static in the afternoon, and it would drive me crazy. Clear sailing with the new signal.

So happy to have this option. I wonder if it will reach any further down i35 and i45 when I make my drives down to houston or Austin?

slinky said...

Ok, I'm wanting to be thrilled about this new signal, but there has been several times I've gotten better signal with the AM.

Anonymous said...

"Now if someone will start doing ratings on exactly when the discerning listener switches off the Ticket on to...well anything else."

I'll tell you what makes me punch out for a segment. Ranch Reports, The Tom Greive Show, The Jason Witten Show, Gay Not Gay. Snooze fests to me.

Shaggy said...

this has the makings of a new topic.

Punchouts for me:

George doing any kind of Red Dirt talk.

Norm's show.

Midweek (T-Th) Ranch Reports.

Musers and Hardline "Around the NFL"

Hardline College Football roundup.

Most hockey talk. (Sometimes I'll do Razor with the Musers, sometimes not)

Shaggy said...

A couple more:

Homer Call is becoming a punchout for me too.

Monkey News

Aggressiveness audio (thankfully BaD hasn't done this lately)

Anonymous said...


Anytime Tom Gribble speaks.
Norm interviewing a new guest.
Corby political talk.
Corby music talk.
Corby travel talk.
Corby name-drop talk.

Anonymous said...


Any interview
Any time they talk Cowboys
Any time they talk NFL
Any Corby specific segment
Any music talk

I obviously don't listen much in the fall

Gopher said...

Anonymous.......I take it you are a 105.3 fan.

Arlington P1 said...

I dig the HL music talk since my tastes are similar to theirs. One of the main reasons I can't relate to B&S is I can't relate to their musical preferences.

I don't watch many of the same TV series as the Ticket guys (who has time to watch that many TV dramas and sports?), so a lot of that is a punch-out for me.

Homer Call of the Week is starting to get old.

I've never been a big fan of the P1 football picks against the Musers. At the very least, I wish they would drop the HS portion of the segment since its primary purpose is Junes shtick.

Tomfoolery said...


-musers and HL around the NFL
-homer call
-just about any athlete interview
-ranch reports
-evan grant
-and dear sweet, clean lord...the jason whitten show. His monotone, cliched nonsense takes up almost 40 minutes of BaD on those days. The worst segment in the history of the Ticket.

Gopher said...

Tom: Worst segment from a playerman was anything Martellus Bennett Spewed outof his piehole.

slinky said...

My punchout is when I hear Rhyner say..."and when we get back from break, the Snake will tell us about his trip to...." can't punch out FAST enough!!

Anonymous said...

I almost punched out yesterday when sensitive, tolerant Corby went off on that "hatemonger" Ted Nugent.

HaflCat said...


-Ranch Report

-Any Musers charity function

-Homer Call

-THL music talk

-BADD game shows

-Any BADD segment or story that takes eternity to set up

-Did I mention Ranch Reports?!

Werewolf of Frisco said...

Norm's show
Race Week
Any wireless segment
Homer Call
SMU Football
Stars Hockey Live
Almost anything the amazing badly educated Corby says
Mike when he is clearly bored and not paying attention to his own show
P1 Football picks...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of FAN "fans" are checking in. If they aren't FAN "fans," then why is it, exactly, they even listen to The Ticket? As it seems nearly every segment of every show that isn't a Gordo bit causes them to punch out.

Josh's broken said...

What's going on with good ol KT? Heard the musers talking about him kinda this morning. Is he not with B&S anymore?
Been in Vegas for a week and boy howdy was I happy to fire up 96.7 on the way out to Weatherford yesterday. Works like a champ, in the office this morning I tried it..but had to switch it over to 1310.
Tune outs:
Homer call
Fart game

KT said...

I'm doing great. Actually, I heard that this morning. I actually talked to the Musers a few times at training camp, because we stayed in the same hotel. I thought it was more of a shot at the station than a shot at me. Just having fun, and in obvious distress that Gordon's hand picked successor doesn't work at the chicken anymore. jk everybody.

To the previous question, yes i'm still producing Ben and Skin and doing great. It's nice to be able to pay rent without stealing from distant family members. Take care everyone.

Anonymous said...

Well, the station is an absolute joke. Glad you can pay rent on your own though. Good luck to you KT.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 5:07

The station isn't an absolute joke, it's just not as good as the Ticket. What is?

KT, I understand completely why you did what you did and I would have done the same thing. You have to do what's best for you, even if it's hard. Keep up the good work on B&S!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, KT, smart of you to stay on good terms with everyone at The Ticket. If KScott and old Followell can leave the confines of the bosomy Mothership and return, I would imagine so could you. Because I can't see the station as is, much less B&S being around this time next year. Not saying it to be a jerk or a wiseacre. Just saying what seems to be obvious. The ratings for all shows keep going further and further down. Unlike RAGE, the station neither hyped up nor (more importantly) sunk a bunch of dough into B&S. Translation: a much shorter rope. Then again, to reiterate, I think it's the whole station, not only the show you happen to be on. I do think you do a real good job. The show hosts, eh, not so much. Same old thing for those boys at every stop. 'Cept now their friend of athlete thang is even more pronounced, and more off putting. So, yes, I do listen. Or at least I've tried to on many occasions and for prolonged periods of both segments and days in succession. And double yes, THL has become so underwhelming that I now have no qualms with not listening to it for segments and even days in a row. I will be giving the Cowlishaw/Mosely gig a healthy shot. I hope I dig it. Else it's mostly punching out from 3:45 to 7:00.

Anonymous said...


Any interview that involves an athlete
Troy Aikman interview
The Ranch Reports (all of them)
Any segment on the Hardline where they get on their high horse and make fun of a certain type of music they think is stupid or certain types of clothes people wear they think are douchey

Best Segments:

Muse in the News
Fantastic Friday Fan Feedback (really any segment that involves getting P1's to call in)
Junior's Top 5, Bottom 5 lists
What's on Mike's Mind

Corby Has A Small Wiener said...

My radio never leaves The Ticket. I'll listen to whatever they throw out there and rely on my internal filter to sort the crap from the gold.



First and foremost and above EVERYTHING else - Cirque de Sirois. They might have more nothing than Ben and Skin. Maybe.

Superlative Corby talking about music he likes or music festivals he's been to. Makes me want to punch him in the face...more than usual.

College football talk - Can't get into it. I've tried. Can't.

Intentional Grounding - I like Wilonsky on Christmas Eve, but that show is just terrrrrrrrrrrible.

Race Week - Cars. Going in circles. Out.

NBA talk - That league has really, really sucked since about 1988. Too many gangsta hoopstas, and they never call traveling.

The Jason Witten Show - Dude has all the engaging personality of a bowl of cold oatmeal.

The Tee Box - Aside from the occasional RosenRosen emergency brake, I just don't care.

Ferrall On The Bench - If I have to explain this one, I can't help you.

Alternately, my *MUST* listen shows/segments:

The Orphanage - Their seething middle aged bitterness makes me so very, very happy.

Anything Ralph and Razor and/or Stars - They're so great and not enough people appreciate that.

Homer Call - I understand why some think it's a little stale. They still occasionally mine gold with it, though...AND THERE AIN'T NO FLAG!

Diamond Talk - Sean Bass does a great job. Also, the post-game show on the Rangers' flagship station is completely unlistenable.

Emergency Brake Of The Week - Listening to them all kick each other in the sack makes me so happy.

We can do what they do.

They can NOT do what we do.

T4 In Rockwall said...

To the 10/25 7:00 pm comment.

You never turn the channel and listen to what is on the station, but your "punchout" list is longer than anyone else's. What is your definition of a punchout?

Tomfoolery said...

Maybe we should start a favorite segment list...

-musers 5:30 / Bad 12:10 / HL 3:30 & mike's mind
These segments are all what made the ticket great...just dudes sitting around talking and being entertaining



-gordo's corner

-muse in the news


Looking at my lists and reading the other lists on here, I realized nobody likes the sportsy segments. I think most people like the segments that are "ticket-y"...

KT said...

@Anon 601

Thanks for the nice words. I will say that the station is in great health, and actually gaining some steam. I don't really care or worry about the ratings too much. i see them and am aware of them, but there's also more to the ratings than what Richie blogs. I've never met Richie, and actually think he's a decent blogger, but he has a personal issue with how things went down on his departure so he continuously takes shots at the station.

The station will be around. We're not going away. With G-Bag now in middays we've got a great lead-in show. It's tough going up against the end of Bad Radio and the HL, but Galloway leaving and Rangers day game ratings going away should help us quite a bit. We'll see. I don't lose sleep over ratings though. Probably first off because i'm not a host, but second of all because I really believe in not worrying about things that are kind of out of your control. Do a good show and the ratings will show up eventually I think. The Lil' Chicken is a beast though.

slinky said...

You know, people really want to rag on B & S, but I catch myself going over there more and more. They're not that bad. I wonder if Galloway will get, or even wants, another radio gig. Love Homer call and pretty much any Gordo bit.





Corby Has A Small Wiener said...

@T4 in Ya-Rockwall - Actually, my punchout list isn't *that* long.

A few spare weekend shows, Intentional Grounding and overnights shouldn't count, because nobody's listening then anyway. And I like to think that we ALL have enough intelligence to tune out Superlative Corby each time when he proclaims *THIS* year's version of Oklahoma football or some stupid jam band he likes to be the best ever in the history of Jesus.

Punching out on Jason Witten, NBA talk and college football talk isn't that much, really. A few segments a week, maybe?

So a punchout definition for me is when I know by the pre-segment tease that it's going to be eight to ten minutes of content that I'd rather spend with my radio muted instead.

And no...I won't be flipping over to ESPN or The Fan in those moments. That's like asking me if I would rather have a steaming turd casserole or nothing for dinner. I'd rather just go hungry, thanks.

Oh, and 10/26 at 10:42AM: I'm guessing that was for me. Thanks for that. Looks like you missed the parts about where I said I like The Orphanage and Diamond Talk and so on, though. But thanks for the nostalgia of an all caps response.

T4 In Rockwall said...

@ Corby has....

I'm just busting your balls because you said "My radio never leaves The Ticket. I'll listen to whatever they throw out there...". No hard feelings.

Anonymous Ron said...

I'm not such much a punchout as a walkaway. I am an all day P1, but I will find other things to do for a few minutes. Guaranteed walkaways:

Football picks against the P1

Around the NFL- previews and reviews

Any soccer

Any golf, any tennis, particularly from you-know-who (The Musers are an exception because I count on Gordon to toss a monkey wrench)

I try to catch all the bits because you never know what will happen.

So yes, the observation that everybody's punchouts are sports related is right on the mark. You can get scores and stats anywhere. It's the bits and all purpose guy-talk that make the Ticket the Ticket.